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  1. Apparently we interested in Conor Masterson CB from QPR https://www.westlondonsport.com/qpr/sheffield-wednesday-among-clubs-keen-on-qpr-man
  2. Apparently we interested in Conor Masterson CB from QPR https://www.westlondonsport.com/qpr/sheffield-wednesday-among-clubs-keen-on-qpr-man
  3. We dominated for 20-30 mins oxford commentators bigging us up - best team they had seen here! Oxford then wise up and change their formation to match us. Moore and his team - Oh no what the fizz do we do now???? Let's just carry on, it worked for 20-30mins might work again!!! Utter clueless management not going anywhere waste of a season and prob all our best player will move on in summer!! Cheers Moore for getting nothing out of one of the highest paid squads in the league
  4. How long is this guy going to be in charge??? Said it earlier he hasent got a plan B,C..... other teams figure is out and adapt we haven't got a clue its all out plan A and no in-game tactical management embarrassing!!! other managers would some of our players in our team what a total waste!!!
  5. This is where moore and his team are a bit suspect! yeah we have a great plan A until the other team work us out! They change system to match us and we haven't got a clue what to do!!! Time for moore to start showing we have a plan A,B&C!!!
  6. Oxford commentators bigging us up, best side they seen at home! Wednesday look strong all over the pitch and very physical boys don't fizz this one up lets get 3points from this one
  7. Hutch & Luongo make us much better they just got that calming experience and can play a bit too! Get windass, dunkley and iorfa back make us iven stronger
  8. Good game this end to end wednesday playing well so far
  9. Bit more info here https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-arsenal-transfer-breaking-22834633
  10. Now you've really done it! You know what's coming now... Chansiri "we had a buyer, a big buyer ready.....but then they have come on owlstalk and read bad things about us, now they have backed out!"
  11. 750 votes above 2nd Stoke, Still massive and I bet hardly anyone has even watched the goals
  12. Sign them all up for 10 years and wack them straight into the first team!
  13. + I noticed Darren moore went straight down the tunnel ? Dident go on pitch to shake hands or clap the fans is this normal? Or possible to do with covid (less chance of catching owt)
  14. Fair play good result overall good team performance, like people have already Said keeping Luongo, mendez-laing, windass, hutch fit is the key + dunkley and iorfa to come back but looking at the league table we really need to be ruthless and go on a winning run now!
  15. If you're just tuning in, no u haven't died and gone to heaven! this is real!
  16. just listened to it absolutely no point of it at all, just spoke the obvious
  17. As title Dom Howson due on BBC radio Sheffield football heaven 6-7pm if anyone interested
  18. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2022/january/u23-goals-owls-4-2-coventry/
  19. Long time ago that pal, we may need to reach out a bit further.......
  20. Utter deluded He's gone cos Moore and his team haven't got a scooby doo what they are doing! Bought loads of wingers to play wingback positions! Wolves want to see him develop Moore wasent playing him, and when he did it was at wing back! The kids a winger/attacker he wants the ball at his feet in the oponents half and to be running at defenders, not have to worry about marking opponents and continously have to tracking back and defend! The money think is hilarious like wolves need a few grand from MK Dons
  21. Theo Corbeanu says it was Milton Keynes Dons' "positive" style of football which persuaded him to leave Sheffield Wednesday and join the Dons. Says it all really, sinking lower and lower under this management and owner!
  22. Half the season in and know better knowing!
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