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  1. Hurd it went down something like this....
  2. All done 40+ games last season! Have we finally turned the corner and actually looking for player that are fit and available for selectionnot just sat on the treatment table milking us!! this has been a big problem for us for years!
  3. They were all probably given till end of play Friday 17th to accept new contracts. Team due back in Monday 20th for pre season, it was late last week Hunt resigned and news of NML and Wildsmith came to light. Luongo just probably sat on it without saying yes or no! unfortunately for him Wednesday havent hung around and signed Vaulks, Probably as his replacment.
  4. My top 5 shirts, personally I don't understand the abuse I get from some people
  5. Bloody hope not it's from last year
  6. Good we can't be held to ranson any more! We offered the best we could now time to move on. We're in league 1 now and must cut our cloth accordingly, time to get some young hungry lads in on league 1 wages
  7. Your only worth what someone is willing to pay you!
  8. Just throwing this out there....maybe DM likes Dawson but is still unsure on whether hes no1 material, maybe this is the plan .......try and get David Stockdale in as experienced number 1, loan Dawson back out to Exeter (now in Lg1) - with dont play against us in contract, see what we does in this league have wildsmith as no2. This Gives Dawson game time to progress and allows us to see if he's any good in our league.
  9. Wages might come into the equation tho. off the top of my head id say Bannan, Iorfa and Windass still on good championship contracts (luongo has ended now and probably been offered less)
  10. Source - Owlstalk Stephen fletcher Connor Wickham Osaze Urhoghide Hirst Liam Shaw Ciaran Brennan Hooper Nuhiu Hutchinson Benito Carbone
  11. Celtic apparently looking to off load Would you have him back? I personally would (if free) seemed a nice lad dedicated to fooball, keeping fit ...ect. Think he'd do well in league 1, Can't fault him trying to make it at Celtic, probably once in a lifetime opportunity. Think Darren wanted him to stay but buy the time he came in his mind was already made up. https://celtsarehere.com/celtic-look-to-ditch-last-years-summer-signing/
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