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  1. Not a single chance Mourinho would act in anything but his own interests. Blokes poison
  2. Which is a horrendous figure in the real world but at the same time some of these clubs gave incomes if £500-600 million. So it's manageable and fixable.
  3. Have a feeling it wasn't a replay ,0-7 I think to us
  4. I believe the Premier does pass a fair bit down the line. It's not kept up in real terms as they have reduced the % but in absolute it's higher than ever
  5. Puke... It is a new format that will sustain the drama, passion and most importantly, the unpredictability that is the lifeblood of our sport,” the document claims. “We believe it will be the most dynamic and competitive sports league in the world.
  6. More from Guardian.. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/19/revealed-unpublished-super-league-document-justifying-breakaway?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  7. He's a conflicting character . Wasn't he behind an threatened england players strike when Rio missed a drug test and was penalized. Also hardly a peep about the Glaziers buying out his club with a mountain of borrowed money. On the other hand very vocal about the travails at Oldham and Bury ,where I think he started his career
  8. Not backed the manager...under Richards we were one if the biggest ( over) spenders.
  9. Head if Bayern Munich just put statement out that they played no re in the planning of the new league and will not be joining. Also it's up to clubs to manage their income now and reform player and agent fees .
  10. Used to go every year as a kid. Used to be a pitch n putt on the Great Orme latterly was converted to a toboggan run. Last night treat was always sit-down fish n chips at Tribells,which is still open , ouch, 40 plus years later. Always had a bit of class about the place Classic seaside town
  11. Morrissey bashes 'The Simpsons' for 'harshly hateful' and 'hypocritical' Quilloughby parody https://flip.it/iVSNkL
  12. Mind you ,the money might let them finish their stadium ,think it's still bare concrete for over a decade?
  13. Decision was taken on Friday. Owners unhappy with results and many of the team at loggerheads with him. Same pattern repeats,look how joyfully spurs were under Porch to then have to put up with sour Mourinho and he's relentlessly negative anti football
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