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  1. Brian the Blade on. " I am crying every night, but first I would like to talk about Wednesday" How very Blade like...
  2. All the while mocking you in a cod french accent.
  3. Forgot about that April 2019 Barton was involved in an incident which left the former Barnsley manager Daniel Stendel with a damaged tooth and was due to stand trial last summer having pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. That trial was put back to June 2021 because of Covid-19.
  4. No undersoil heating at New York stadium ,guess that's the trouble
  5. That HUGE banner behind the Brighton goal We are Brighton Super Brighton From the South
  6. Conceded excellent penalty today. No tally wacker fondling
  7. They ought to twin with Schalke in Germany on a 30 game winless run. One more for a Bundesleague record
  8. Guess Barbour does completed his first. The poor sod who got his in 24 mins ,not even a consolation prize. was an English keeper ..
  9. Seb Coes 800m record UK time from 1981 still stands
  10. This is correct. So just the worse start in last ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN YEARS
  11. It it was not him it was a retweet he did from the clubs Twitter account
  12. Leeds the season before they got promoted. His season at Marseille. And at one if the south american clubs he managed. I remember this was common talk in 18-19
  13. They are EVEN worse than us ,2 wins at home in the calendar year
  14. And the Leeds owner said something like ,it was an insult to the fans dignity what she said. Not helpful
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