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  1. Think you are right with the date Huge away following some real big occasion games ..and the Green Un to read about em when ya got home
  2. Waddle when he played for Newcastle , think we won 4-2 in 85 got given plenty
  3. Never heard it called Lane end. When I stated going in 79 , called it " going on the Lepp"
  4. We played like drains first half 2-0 and lucky to get nill.
  5. I am just disappointed this thread means the main one won't hit 700 pages. Can I lodge an appeal
  6. Got Rotherham and Barnsley to play ,4 wins straight off
  7. It's a hell of a let off. It's a good slap across chops for owner, he won't want to chance his arm again.
  8. Anyone wanting is to be in league one wants thier bumps reading.
  9. Glass half full Maybe they will up the quality of player being brought in to give us a more certain chance of staying up
  10. Typical Talksport just announced it as breaking news, WITHOUT saying deferred till following season. Relief
  11. Not Newcastle but more money ,money ,money Fulham owner bought em for £200 m and has put another £250 million in.
  12. Just on Talksport. On top of buying the club they had a £250 million kitty for players and the academy. Bloody hell they had £300,000,000 in cash to buy. I guess as it approaches new season a replacement buyer is less likely for fear of relegation
  13. Heard N.Korea might be next in line, Such is the ££_£, chasing from the high ups, I bet they are actually dissappointed ,piles of cash salve conscience.
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