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  1. Not streakers but did make a show if themselves http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/6054424.stm
  2. Proper hattrick too Left foot ,right foot and header. Stunning day, got to be a decent chance if a draw now surely!!! UTO
  3. He came back with Crystal Palace the year after he left us. Was the last home game as we assured promotion and he walked on pitch before game,got a huge standing ovation and "superMac" cheer, it's on his wiki page
  4. There's a good few Owls in Edale, Wednesday Ale is often on in the Rambler. Taking of kinder struggles, it's beer barrel race next weekend. Think the record for a team of 6 carrying a full barrel from the Snake Pass Inn to the Nags is 43 minutes.
  5. Richard Hawley at one of his gigs.. So I am walking mi dog in ebdcliffe park and I see a Sheffield united season ticket nailed to a tree. I am flipping having that ,they are valuable. You can never have enough nails..
  6. edalerichard@gmail.com, will find me as I get notification that way rather than just checking msgs on here Come on you blue and white wizards
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