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  1. Wonder how much his agent will have been paid on top of this, because it won't be coming out of Mbappes pocket. I'd also love to have sat in on the negotiations and watched his face when he rejected a miserly €250,000,000 signing on fee.
  2. See the efl didn't manage to plan for one team having a far bigger following than the other. Bet there were plenty couldn't get tickets which makes you sick when there's thousands of empty seats.
  3. Just ask everyone single footballer to stop ******** cheating.
  4. Good, so she's not a proper pig fan then.
  5. Well, there's plenty of space for one.
  6. Wasn't just me that noticed that then. Which one of those two is she with?
  7. My first Wednesday match at Hillsborough (my dad had taken me to watch Newcastle a few times when we visited family) was quite memorable, Boxing Day 1979. I was 10 and we'd only moved to Sheffield 2 years before so I didn't really have any feelings for either of the Sheffield clubs. Went with a mate from school (still can't believe our parents let us go unsupervised), he was a Man Utd fan. Anyway, we were well and truly Wednesday fans by the end of the match.
  8. Realistically our targets should be closer to those 2 than about half the teams in the EPL.
  9. Hope you both have a great weekend. I vowed I wouldn't go to the New Wembley until I could go and watch Wednesday with my son. Got our wish 6 years ago against Hull. Atmosphere was unbelievable but a bad result. Still a great experience tho.
  10. Absolutely right mate. I find it unfathomable that they can't plan this properly. You'd think their primary aim would be to let as many as possible see the game. There could be kids going to their first ever match, imagine how magical that could be, would have them hooked on football for life.
  11. Will you get any more as clearly they aren't going to sell out?
  12. Well if we're going to go for a "like" appointment (and if that was what the caller to RS was pointing towards - he really wasn't) then he's an even bigger muppet, as he should have suggested we approach a Gaurdiola or Klopp like manager.
  13. Like others have said before, truly hope win smash WW in the final although that means we'll have to put up with them next season. My dad would kill me for that as he's a Geordie. On the tickets front, any idea how many tickets WW were given and are you likely to get any more? We suffered a few years ago when we played Hull, we sold out and could obviously have sold loads more. So annoying to see all those empty seats at their end when we could have used them. You'd hope the EFL could anticipate a similar event looking at the semi finals. I'm sure with your fan base you could probably sell out the whole stadium.
  14. You seem to have misinterpreted the main point of my OP. I'd love it if Dyche was our manager but the reality is that it's unrealistic that he'd drop to League 1 to manage us. Also, we're not currently in the market for one so it's pretty immaterial raising him as an option.
  15. I'd go with Brommers but maybe that's just me.
  16. I read many comments on here about tactics. They seem to imply that we should win every game if the correct tactics are employed. Well, what a load of b****x. They make no account of how well the opposition plays and are generally made with the benefit of hindsight.
  17. So who's best to judge? 1) Darren Moore, an ex professional footballer and current manager who sees players every day in training. Or 2) The_Who, either a former 70's/80's rock band notorious for their drug habits or a local keyboard warrior.
  18. Yes, but he said he wouldn't go to a club that have fans who want their manager sacking after achieving their 4th ever highest points total.
  19. Some great points being made in this debate, both for and against. I think VAR actually stops some refs making decisions as they think VAR will pick it up if necessary. On a separate note, did anyone see the Leeds sending off for Ayling against Arsenal at the weekend. Was an abomination of a challenge. Ref gave a yellow, VAR said to look at the monitor. He had to watch it about 8 times before changing his mind. I mean, if he can't see that as a red on the first viewing, what is he actually watching?
  20. Suggest you re-read my post. I didn't say "no one" I said that Dyche wouldn't drop down.
  21. Yes, but he didn't go directly from a premier league team to div 3. Neither did he prove himself as a successful Premier league manager. So hardly a comparison.
  22. No Dyche is an excellent manager. The point of the thread was laughing at someone being do delusional that they think he'd drop down to league 3 to manage up.
  23. He did but he's not gonna go anywhere near us. Will be clubs queueing up for him ahead of us.
  24. Well as many have stated on here (after every defeat) we supposedly have the best squad in the division. So why would we want to get rid of them? I'm really confused now, is it Moore that's not good enough or the players? I can't keep up on who we're meant to be blaming.
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