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  1. Finally someone commenting who has actually read the article. All the other posts saying good riddance to them but as you point out the proposal does not involve them leaving their respective domestic leagues, it will simply mean they will no longer be involved in the Champions & Europa leagues.
  2. Assuming fans will be allowed back in at some stage, will we be able to purchase tickets that only permit access for the 2nd half of games? Given our last 3 league games had no first half goals for either team, seems like a waste of money paying for the first 45 minutes.
  3. It's an interesting argument. Always determined by the end result so thankfully went our way yesterday so well done to Monk as that was a massive win. It does seem a fairly standard tactic to bolster the defence late on when in a winning position. I've often wondered if any analysis has been done to see if this works better statistically than keeping your shape or even putting another attacker on to exploit space left as the opposition pushes for an equaliser. Similar argument to defending corners, I've always felt we'd be better leaving a few men forward so they can't commit as many play
  4. The poster suggested swapping him for another striker.
  5. Yes but could do with a bit more North stand.
  6. Because the Scottish and Portuguese projects didn't work.
  7. If you're going to be clever, try getting your facts straight. After beating us in the playoffs they got relegated in their first season before being relegated again in their 2nd season back in the championship. You seem to be confusing their 2 stints in the PL. Surely our runs to get into the play offs were exciting? No, what about the atmosphere when we beat BHA in the first leg or stuffing Arsenal 3-0. All boring stuff indeed (tbh most of our league form has been dire i agree) but would I swap with Hull, no chance, their fans weren't even excited at reaching the playoff final.
  8. I remember our opening goal against Villa, didn't do owt special but can't remember him giving the ball away once. Thought he was going to be magic for us. Must be one of our biggest disappointments.
  9. Atmosphere at Wembley, even singing after losing and drowning out Hulls celebrations. Wonder what ever happened to Hull?
  10. How will this be voted through? Don't current PL changes need to be carried unanimously, if so the other 11 PL clubs will never vote to reduce the number of teams from 20. Clearly one of the reasons why they wish to amend future voting rules.
  11. Boooooooo! Who put you in charge? Oh hang on..........
  12. I'm pretty sure the Premier League don't arrange international friendlies. Also, is your final question serious?
  13. Watched this as well, I'm no body language expert but when answering questions of a power grab, he kept looking away from the camera. Clear sign that he wasn't telling the truth. There is no reason the PL couldn't offer this rescue package without having to restructure the voting rights. I suspect it will just lead to the big 6 getting a larger slice of tv income in future, similar to Spain where Real and Barca rule the roost.
  14. Should Barnsley be punished for fielding a player who has just received a 2 year ban for taking a banned substance?
  15. Probably something like, nothing to see here, move along.
  16. Owlstalk at its best. Intriguing post about a local rivals ethics turns into a thread about marmite within 1 effing post.
  17. It is when spread on chocolate fingers.
  18. One of their players just been banned for 2 years for taking a banned substance. Should they have all their point(s) deducted from any game he's played in? Let's see where their morals sit after being up in arms about us last season until they avoided relegation.
  19. So that's one other who could've had ffp issues during their tenure. And he was only able to keep us solvent by obtaining agreements to waive significant levels of existing debt (thank god). Think my original point still stands that DC is being judged for scenarios that didn't exist for previous chairmen/owners (except MM).
  20. Football doesn't operate like other businesses. You don't generally get your corner shop staff being poached by Tesco. Football has a fairly unique pyramid system, if we lose the bottom sections of that structure do you think that makes the elite level better in the long run?
  21. No, but we should be grateful he continues to fund the club. Would you in his position, given the increasing number of negative posts regarding his stewardship (many of which have no understanding of the true situation but simply based on rumour and speculation).
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