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  1. But what I'm saying is there's probably a good reason why their current club aren't extending, probably because they haven't been performing that well. So they need to put themselves in the shop window. Always a long list of players without a club come the start of a season.
  2. Be a pretty badly drawn up contract that allows the employee to think xxxx that, I'm not working anymore but where's my wages.
  3. If they've owt about them maybe they'd think if i want to get another club I'd better show people what I can do not sit on my arse. Clearly if your current club don't want to keep you there's unlikely to be another club offering you a similar or better contract.
  4. Can't think of too many professions where people will still pick up a wage whilst refusing to work. The short career argument doesn't really apply at the top end and for majority of Champ players. If they're sensible they earn more than enough to live off, different for L1 & 2 players.
  5. This 100%. On the whole footballers have really shown what they are all about these past few months, themselves (yes there are some exceptions). Can't say I'm that excited about football coming back, I'm sure I'll start getting the same emotions once it starts but i just hope this whole experience forces the game to reboot, doubt it will though as already rumours of £100m transfers.
  6. Or have refused to sign one. Their choice not to play but pack your bags and hand back all the wages you've taken over the past 10 weeks.
  7. But that's exactly the same as if it was the regular season and a player hasn't been offered a new contract.
  8. Fortunately it's not something we are going to have to deal with.
  9. I must have missed us winning those whilst he was with us.
  10. Sounds like a typical Billy Bigbollox, thinks he's too good for us. Best to stay clear.
  11. Sorry i haven't got BT Sport so I need a link to the rock, paper, scissors match.
  12. Think we wore a Wednesday kit. Hope this helps.
  13. Needs updating, can you remove Tango.
  14. Read the post again. He said Champ clubs would have to decide how to award promotion IF the Prem completed their season, in which case the bottom 3 would be set for relegation.
  15. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I'm assuming that's what the clubs voted for with the EFL.
  16. Thanks, I think. At least we'd get to see them get battered every week like the Pigs.
  17. But currently it's the bottom half teams putting up objections for completing season mainly because they will try anything to avoid relegation. So this may help as a compromise to get them all on board.
  18. Pretty sure all the teams in the bottom half would be in favour, saves them this season and potentially reduces their chances of relegation for next 2 years as will be 2 extra bang average teams in the league.
  19. Not saying it's right, but they'd only be able to play after a successful Covid test. In which case why no goal celebrations etc?
  20. Parry claimed there would be a £200M black hole in EFL finances. Simon Jordan pointed out last week that if Prem players gave 33% of their wages for 3 months (or similar, I forget the specifics but the principal is the same) that would be enough to bail out the lower leagues. Will never happen and you could easily argue why should they. It does however highlight what is wrong with football, far too much of footballs wealth is in the players bank accounts.
  21. As has been pointed out a number if times, there's no perfect solution. But if fixtures aren't completed which is looking more than likely, I'd give promotion to teams in automatic spaces but no relegation. Would only result in 2 extra teams in Prem. Then readjust by relegating 1 extra team per season until numbers back to normal.
  22. Because they can't afford to play games without matchday income. AAARRGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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