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  1. It's all about levels isn't it. I'm sure back in the day, when local business men owned clubs, they probably had skeletons in their cupboards.
  2. He's just one of many it would appear from the comments on here.
  3. What a weird comment. You seem to imply DC is responsible for our formation. Pretty sure that's not the case. And why is our club not capable of playing anything other than 442? Surely that's simply down the players and quality of coaching.
  4. Glad they haven't gone to waste. Thanks again mate. If you get tickets for the final, I'll take those off your hands.
  5. Thanks for the offer, only just seen your post so a bit late to take you up on it.
  6. Wanted tickets for this but we sold out. Must be the first time in this competitions history those words have ever applied.
  7. I suspect you thought that was funny in your head before you wrote it. You were wrong.
  8. Think the vast majority were more than happy with the recruitment a couple of weeks into the season, especially given our lack of budget.
  9. For those who haven't witnessed our exceptional opener
  10. Any left? I have to wait for general sale.
  11. Didn't we play them on a Friday night when Rhodes had just signed for us. Beat them 1-0 in the pizzing rain.
  12. So how many teams can you name that go unbeaten for a season?
  13. Good grief. If some of our fans owned a football club they'd go through 20 managers a season.
  14. Excellent, you'll know its me as I'll be in a blue and white striped shirt.
  15. Excellent, can you pick me up from Chapeltown. I know it's a bit out of your way but WAWAW
  16. Will be for the Newcastle lads, get them used to getting spanked every week.
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