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  1. Am coming back to your place again for the cup game . Perfect tie for me couldn't of worked out better . Would much rather be coming to Hillsborough rather than the other one a week later
  2. We play your not so good neighbours on 16th August on a Tuesday night . Looking at possibly getting train down rather than drive . Any ideas if I'd make it back to the station by 10.10 pm for the train never been to their ground before . Will it be as relaxed as it was when I walked to your place last season or these lot a lot more edgy than Wednesday? Just some general advice off a good bunch of fans please ?
  3. Decent set of signings them lot . Yous were one of the better sides last season fairly confident yous will go up as a lot on our forums are hoping yous do . Just hope we don't trade places so can visit Hillsborough again hopefully on a Saturday next time
  4. Who's the other 3 you have signed ? . We've signed no one yet only Gooch has signed a new deal offered Roberts and Wright a new contract and released a lot . Slightly worried at the moment as we need quite a few bodies in . Our ownership saga has stopped quite a bit I think now that's been slightly resolved hope signings will follow . Probably going to go down the loan and free agent route again unfortunately
  5. Evening all. Just seen you have signed 2 lads from Rotherham who were their better players .anyone else joined ? Are yous happy with how it's gone si far . Personally I think yous will walk the league and hope you do . Good luck
  6. Our fans have so far raised 445 pound for the staff at that pub as a Thank-you for all their hard work looking after us at the weekend . We usually get slated on social media etc off the London mps etc when we are down there I bet nothing like this is mentioned though . May not seem relevant but I think it's a great gesture and shows our appreciation for their hard work but not many stories like that reach the tabloids just the bad ones .
  7. Thanks for all the comments guys . Back in hotel now ready for an early train home after one of the best days of my life football wise . Hope all goes to plan for yous next season and we don't swap places in the process . Speak to yous after we blunt the blades next year hopefully Thanks for being so welcoming on an opposition fans forum I really hope yous smash the league next year I will be rooting for yous now we don't have to play you next year
  8. I said I wouldn't post until Sunday as don't wanna rub your noses in it . At the 8th time of asking I've seen us do it at Wembley and this time with my boys no better feeling . What a day . Hope our paths cross soon respect to yous classy set of fans and a good club who deserves so much better like us
  9. I understand m8 Al not put nowt else on till Sunday
  10. Covent garden already . Plod are being arsey this time around trying to move ppl on from wherever tgey go . This is just the tip of iceberg yet they'll not have a chance by 8pm
  11. Trains are rammed already . Tomorrow will be like sardines
  12. Your stuffing of us 3 0 must be up there and your 6 0 against Cambridge There's 2 for you
  13. Time to take over central london again even though we've been warned no street drinking . Some class memories of trafalgar square looking forward to the whole weekend again now . For 1 day only can I ask yous to convert your stripes from blue to red Time to make more memories with the family
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