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  1. Doesn't work. Lee was supposed to be the link player yesterday, but he doesn't have the range of passing. We pretty much bypassed the midfield, lumping up towards Fletcher, chasing up and unders, or at best finding a largely isolated Harris with a bit of space. If Bannan is out for any period of time it needs to be Fletcher with Nuhiu or FF.
  2. HUDDS A FULHAM H BORO A HULL A WIGAN H CARDIFF A STOKE H LEEDS H . Start of the season that looks a really tricky run. Hasn't turned out that way at all. 15 points from 8 games. Could have been more too. The one we lost is probably the one we'd have been fairly optimistic about. Funny old game.
  3. I mean, I haven't seen him either, but then I don't really go looking for him. Do.you?
  4. I was expecting better, but I was expecting exactly what we got. I think thats what you're getting at isn't it?!
  5. I think Forestieri plays in a 4-3-3 or not at all.
  6. He was poor. Misplaced several passes. Snatched at the big chance at the end. Poor decision to shoot whilst off balance when he won the ball back in a good area. Picked the wrong pass when we had a break away on two occasions. For me it's his decision making that constantly let's him down. Not sure how much that can improve at his age.
  7. Long way until the transfer window. Management is about more than wheeling and dealing.
  8. More worried by that performance than the league table. Hopefully Monk has learnt a few things tonight. Things such as... Nuhiu/Harris/Hutchinson can't play two games in 3 days. Westwood needs to start releasing the ball quicker every now and again. Winnall is not good enough. They're the obvious ones. Hopefully he's spotted a lot more that the untrained eye can't see. Like what I've seen and heard from him so far. Good test of him now to see how he shapes us up for Saturday.
  9. You have to at least sometimes try and release the ball quickly if you're a keeper to a full back if there's a dart up the pitch on. Westwood seems incapable of making a quick decision to release the ball and it's stifling chances of a counter attack and making us very predictable. We don't even challenge teams to reshape quickly when the ball ends up in his hands. It needs sorting because it's a facet of the game that we're not utilising.
  10. Fair enough, not going to knock anyone's opinion, but I don't think teams with realistic top 6 aspirations should have a performance like that in them too many times. I suspect the players will be scratching their heads at how poor they were rather than the inability to take the chances we had.
  11. So frustrating. How do we go from Saturday to that? Reach must be the most frustrating player we've had in a long time. Winnall is nowhere near good enough. Whole team conceded possession way too easily. Really, really poor display.
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