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  1. We don't need to concentrate at all. We're just nobeds posting on an internet forum.
  2. We're basically doing the rope-a-dope until January, hanging in there and then hopefully gather our strength and come out swinging.
  3. Could easily be 2 divisions between us come May, or couid equally as easily be none. Big season for both clubs and could shape the next decade.
  4. Interesting comparison. For development purposes Middlewood Road is probably a better bet than Hillsborough. As has been said though, training ground is part owned by the council I believe.
  5. My point being we could be 2 clear of relegation and we'd still be in the mire. This imbalanced, poor quality squad is a currently a candidate for relegation, with or without a points deduction. This is a 'top of the bottom third' squad at best.
  6. Sh*thouse, to go with his football style. Gutted we've got to this place where our motivation for appointing a manager is he's our best bet for staying in the division because of the squad Monk has 'built', but we HAVE to stay up this year, and anyone who thinks this squad is a shoe in to do that just because we've got 6 points back is deluding themselves. This set of players has no divine right to stay up - way better squads have been relegated in the past - Wolves, Sunderland and Sheffield United in the last decade off the top of my head.
  7. Growing his hair and changing his name to Jack Marriott?
  8. Nothing to see here. Sounds like Bannan appreciated his honesty. He'll find room for Bannan.
  9. He'll like Reach because he's capable of delivering an early ball into the box for a target man to attack. He'll want him on the left and tell him to deliver as many crosses as possible- same instructions Megson gave Ben Marshall.
  10. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Odubajo Luongo Bannan Harris Reach Brown Paterson
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