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  1. I'm saying let's not write the season off. Everyone was pretty optimistic going into yesterday. We battered Forest and all their fans said it had been coming. Seems like it was the kick up the backside they needed. Football, and particularly the championship is very unpredictable. We're places quite well. If we can strengthen up top this week and Monk can get the formation right we're in with a shout of top 6.
  2. why the puzzled face 2Rolsnd2? What's difficult to understand?
  3. Hope we're the same old Wednesday of 91/92 come May. I'll take 3rd.
  4. There's no reason why Bannan cant pick the ball up deep and then join in in the oppositions last third. We're only talking about him running 50 yards. Take him about 6/7 seconds to cover that jogging. Not sure we're that lightening fast with the ball that he can't get involved again. Does my nut in this that if he picks the ball up 35 yards from our goal he's apparently frozen out of that passage of play. It's simply not true.
  5. 2 ridiculously heavy defeats in Jan /Feb 92. Finished 3rd No reason why this can't still be a successful season if we learn the lessons from yesterday and are smart in the transfer market in the next fortnight.
  6. Derby now being dragged over the coals as well.as ourselves for committing an 'offence' deemed acceptable previously. Presumably Villa (who are now untouchable unless they're relegated) potentially in the same boat. Clubs routinely finding loopholes to exploit to spend their own money to try and compete with clubs allowed to spend money freely effectively gifted to them by TV conpanies. Bitter club chairman pointing the finger and demanding action against fellow members having fallen off the gravy chain and failed to clamber back on. Clubs failing to fulfill fixtures or turning out youth teams to fulfill them. Points deductions right, left and centre. The EFL is a busted flush. EPL2 is coming and it will be the death of 20+ full time.clubs within 20 years. Football in this country will.be unrecognisable within 2 decades because its the only way the EPL and all it's billions is sustainable. We need to make sure we're at the forefront of the sea change that's coming for clubs 21-72.
  7. Also, no way is Tom Lees taking that ball in that position to give it to Bannan.
  8. Yaya Toure will be well pissed off. He didn't even get a cake. We bought Fernando a new mate!
  9. If there any truth in this then we.probably need to see Rhodes go to Celtic or Wigan.
  10. To be fair when Bannan stands next to Adthe he looks like a mascot.
  11. I know, I meant when Utd signed him when he was already considered a busted flush.
  12. I hate to say it (and I'm sick of people saying stuff like this!) but you only need to look across the city to see you can't just write people off because their careers have stuttered. Look at McGoldrick. We'd have been apoplectic if we'd signed him!
  13. Surely after the last 2 games the debate is over. This is our best partnership. Tom Lees is terrific cover to have but he shouldn't be starting in front of either of these two. Perhaps we should have cashed in and kept Thornley?.
  14. One of the 'haters' that sits near me actually said a couple.of weeks ago "if he scores I'll cheer the goal but I'll never cheer him".
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