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    New shirt thread

    and what exactly does he expect you to do with that?

    Matias wants to stay..

    His exotic name and Spanish waiter looks of course. There's not been much else to go on.
  3. All Premier League players should be 'taxed' 1% of their wage - that should go straight to grass roots facilities. If we guess the average PL player in just the 25 man squads earns £50k a week that equates to £12.5m a year straight into grass roots football and that's coming from just 500 players who wouldn't even feel the pinch.

    So that survey

    Your post raises an interesting point. What if the new manager's preferred strategy is at odds with the survey?

    New Kit

    new sponsor too!

    George Hirst

    Who to? the groundsman? Everyone's on their holibobs aren't they?

    New Kit

    so pretty much this then...

    Westwood Going

    Andy Rhodes looks to have done a phenomenal job over the last few years. You'd like to think he's been consulted on the goalkeeping situation, and whether he feels Wildsmith or Dawson are ready to be a number one for the whole season. It's a big risk if we're serious about challenging (letting a proven, top quality keeper go in favour of relatively inexperienced youngsters) but if Rhodes thinks one of them is ready then fair enough. It's not a case of letting him go because we have two decent back ups though- it's whether either of them is truly ready/good enough for a team supposedly aiming for promotion. There's a big difference between being competent and being outstanding. Westwood has shown he can be outstanding, and you often need an outstanding keeper to get promoted.

    Westwood Going

    I very much doubt it.
  10. ....Wonder if there'll be an end to the George Hirst saga tomorrow?
  11. He looks really comfortable in possession and has all the tools to get the defensive side of his game right- just needs to improve his decision making.
  12. We're a classic example of why parachute payments are there. If they'd been in place at a level relative to what thet are now in 2000 we wouldn't have ended up in the doldrums for 15 years. We'd have had a fighting chance to get back up and maintain a decent youth set up, as well as keeping on top of stadium maintenance.

    800k for Fred

    The coach wants him. The player wants to come. The price is more than reasonable (if accurate) If we don't sign him it looks like free transfers only, unless there are some significant exits.
  14. I agree- but that culture manifests itself in many team sports - and it's down to the coach to manage the characters. If they're disciplined enough to looks after themselves, great (and I'm sure many of them are) but there'll often be a few 'bad eggs' that need to be kept in check.
  15. 20 something year old blokes slacking off a bit as a result of weak discipline from the management. Who'd have thought it? Blame on both sides.