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  1. Moyes alongside Bullen +1 other sounds like a good combination to me
  2. Haven't the goalie shirts been short sleeved lately?
  3. Is this completely out of the question, based on what's actually known facts?
  4. Stan Boardman also had s positive influence. Not sure how much coaching he's done though.
  5. This might not be popular in the current climate, but in my opinion Steve Bruce is one of football's good guys. Hes caught in a position here where he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. This IS the job he's always wanted. I've no doubt he's enjoyed his time with us and would have enjoyed his time going forward, but he can't manage both teams and he can't leave us without upsetting lots of people. Said it in another thread, let's see how he deals with this from here and if indeed he does leave it to the clubs to sort out. It's if they can't that the test of his integrity will come. If Newcastle aren't prepared to.pay the stipulated compensation then he needs to take it on the chin, accept that the timing may have been right for him (with regards to being offered the job) but it's not for us. He will need to.accept that Newcastle perhaps didn't want him as much as he wants them, and then he needs to get back to work.
  6. He was always going to be interested in the job. If he goes I can't really blame him. If he stays I'm sure after the initial disappointment has subsided he'll get on with the job and give it hid best. If he's genuinely accepting of the situation ie. if the club's can't agree then he can't go then I hope he stays. On the other hand, if he starts playing silly buggers then he'll go right down in my estimation.
  7. Let's get Megan Rapinoe in and annoy.the opposition into submission.
  8. vacancy BARMY ARMY reyt good job BARMY ARMY pays reyt well BARMY ARMY decent squad BARMY ARMY cash to spend BARMY ARMY immediate start BARMY ARMY....
  9. Honestly can't see Chansiri budging from whatever figure he's quoted them. It's going to make for an uncomfortable afternoon for Bruce and Co. tomorrow.
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