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  1. It is. Thanks for answering what I thought was a straightforward question with a straightforward answer
  2. Semantics. Who would you definitely pick next game then?
  3. If everyone is fit, who has to start? Currently I'd say... Westwood ----------- Lees Borner ------------ Harris ----------- Bannan ------------ Fletcher ------------- Anyone else?
  4. Agree he's been a little slow to pul the trigger.
  5. I think DC can be accused of a few things but taking the cheap option isn't usually one of them. I don't think the Carlos and Jos appointments were down to cost.
  6. Wouldn't Bullen, with zero experience of being a number one, be a bigger gamble?
  7. Sounds like something from the 80s but it would give us a huge threat from set pieces. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Harris Bannan Hutch FF Fletcher Nuhiu Wouldn't be adverse to Fox for Palmer on current form, or Luongo for Hutch, but that's a big side that I don't think QPR would fancy matching up against with quality delivery from Bannan. EDIT. Possibly tempted with Reach for FF too.
  8. Thought this at the end of last season but then they lost James, McBurnie and the manager. Funny old game.
  9. Asking a lot to throw him straight in but the standard doesn't look great.
  10. Didn't realise this. Has he been injured?
  11. Time for a start? None of the midfield 3 performed on Saturday.
  12. That cross on Saturday was sublime. Did make me think he may need to go back out there.
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