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  1. Brian Laws?

    Certainly wasn't unfairly sacked at the time- we were playing woefully
  2. Portuguese pay-off?

    Depends what their personal financial/contract situation is.
  3. Bannan is the problem

    Perhaps not knowing how/where to get the best out of Bannan is one of the failures of Carlos, but having a superb player like Bannan at your disposal is never a problem.
  4. I had a dream last night....

    How many of these would people take now?
  5. I've got an Elf on the Shelf that'll be free in a fortnight.
  6. Come on, tell us the one about 'the same old posters' wanting to get their 'grubby hands' on the club (still waiting for an explanation re, your own brand of 'drivel'.)
  7. This will make you smile

    Ah, proper kits
  8. Never realised Steve McCall was with us in that era. Always thought we'd signed him around 1990 as a squad player. Every day's a school day on owlstalk
  9. Yes, you're correct. My mistake.. Still concerningly high though- especially with the very real prospect of 3/4 games being pretty meaningless towards the end of we continue to perform as we are.
  10. I think if he sees warning signs of the £'s he could potentially lose it might change things. Often Chairmen pull the trigger when the crowds start to drop- our crowds are now so weighted towards ST's that it's imperative he keeps those numbers up. All hypothetical obviously, and it would be nice to think come Feb we're sniffing round the top 6 again. Not optimistic though.
  11. That was my thought, but be a pessimist for a minute and imagine defeat at the Lane in mid January with ST's going on sale in first week of Feb like they did for this season.
  12. A new manager coming in often brings new optimism. For the last 2 seasons the big selling point of Early Bird ST's was the prospect of Premier League football at Championship prices. This time round that's not going to wash if we're languishing in mid table when they go on sale. If Carlos goes now and a new manager comes in and makes little impact, ST sales could fall flat. However, a new wave of optimism (brought by a managerial change) just before ST's for next season go on sale could give sales a boost. With this season disappearing down the plug hole wouldn't it make sense to try and give ST sales a boost by making a change at the optimum moment?
  13. Not a chance they will come down mate.
  14. Add £5 per game to that (members discount) and you get to £380. That means the MINIIMUM average price for a non-member for the rest of the season will be £38.