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  1. Not been following the embargo situation closely. It appears we've been signing players such as Wing who look good enough for this level so I'm guessing we're at least competitive on the wages front. Whether we're under restrictions or not, th point stands - if we can't find a way to bring in the quality we need, we aren't going to challenge.
  2. Very rarely are teams successful without a potent strikeforce. We lost way too many goals from our squad at the during (and at the end of) 19/20 when we lost Joao, Fletcher, Forestieri and Nuhiu. People can pick holes in the overall contribution of these players, but when they were on the pitch they had the ability to make things happen. We never came close to replacing them. Now, with Windass out long term, we cannot rely on the likes of Paterson and Hagan to suddenly become prolific. It won't happen. We need a striker (probably 2) but we cannot do this on a wing (no pun intended) and a prayer by signing an unproven loan player or a player that's never reached double figures We need to make a significant investment in our strikeforce, or our season is doomed before it starts. No half measures - we need proven quality with a recent history of goals at this level or above, If we don't make this investment we will be mid table at best. It really is that important.
  3. Was better than most last season. Could well still be an asset at Championship level and leave a few of our massively knowledgeable fans with a bit of egg on their faces.
  4. Obviously the bids for Shearer and Deane are well known. Pleat had a go for Beckham but got laughed at Le Tissier rumours were quite common. Think we tried for Trevor Sinclair when he was at Blackpool, and Collymore when he was at Southend.
  5. because the deal was only agreed recently. I'm surprised it's starting this season to be honest.
  6. yep we're basically saying st least a quarter of our squad next season will be inexperienced and not up.to the task of getting us promoted. We are just as likely to be relegated again as promoted.
  7. Macron were close to agreeing a deal with Utd this time round too.
  8. This deal was only concluded about 6 weeks ago so they'll have to be working fast to get the kits out soon. 10 year deal.
  9. And people say that wouldn't have Nuhiu back...
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