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  1. Jos playing in on the right side of a back three was scandalous if that counts?
  2. He is a very controversial character. Never out of the papers
  3. Never a 0-3, but Palmer-Iorfa-Odubajo as a back 3 being 'protected' by Harris and Murphy against top of the league opposition was always going to be a tough ask. Just hope we stay positive There was some good stuff tonight.
  4. Yep, more chance of clawing 4 back this season when they're in decent form and can keep hold of their better players than 12 next after a fire sale. Could well be part of the thinking.
  5. We don't need £100,000 a day to keep going (in normal times) We need £30k a day (ie to maximise FFP threshold of £13m a year) and we need shrewd management in the transfer market. eg.... Don't buy Jordan Rhodes Sell FF at top of his value Sell Adam Rrach at top of his value Sell Tom Lees at top of his value Sign Michael Hector rather than loan in the first place. Take.the decisions above and we're probably £30m better off with a better squad. Yes, I'm using a big bagful of hindsight to say this is what we should have done,. but I'm not a football professional and these are the kind of decisions people at Brentford, Soithampton and others get right year on year.
  6. I get the sentiment, but liable in what sense? What possible repercussions can be added to the financial losses he will personally suffer?
  7. Yep, faffed around seemingly hoping that Bullen was going to turn into Mourinho on the job. Having had Bullen as an employee for 5 year he should have been able to make that call without giving him a two month trial period.
  8. Nothing Top two go up automatically. 3rd - 6th get into the play offs. Hope that clears it up for you.
  9. IF we win IF Preston and Derby draw IF we keep hold of all our points tomorrow! 3 big IFS but how the hell has that happened?! If Cardiff blow up it's going to be one of the lowest points totals to make the play offs in years.
  10. I agree It's a good one- the kids love it and there'll be loads of stick left May as well stick with it, make the away kit next years official 3rd kit and have a new away kit. Club gets another year to shift all the stock that's left, people get a bit more wear out of the shirts and there's still a new kit to buy. Everyone's a winner.
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