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  1. Wildsmith (no choice) Uroghide Lees Borner Harris Bannan Hutch Reach Brown Rhodes Windass
  2. Not sure about Petrescu at left back. Can see Rotherham.ripping us a new one down that side.
  3. The obvious answer is we go into admin, but what/who would put us into admin? How much do we actually currently owe to third parties? If he walked away tomorrow what bills would need paying? The issue would be the ground I'm guessing, that's been separated from the club. What would Sheffield 2 Ltd (or whatever entity owns it) want from a.new owner that may have picked us up out of admin? Wouid they want the stupid £60m valuation?
  4. This is the big problem now isn't it? The badge The name on the shirt The name in the stand The attitude that he's right and everyone else is stupid. He's made the club feel like Chansiri FC and therefore it's becoming difficult to support the club and not feel like you're also supporting everything that's been wrong. Seeing people saying they won't spend another penny at the club. I'm sure many won't follow through with it long term, but this time, if we're relegated, I think thousands will. Do I think there's a way back for Chans
  5. Derby 3 - 3 Sheffield Wednesday . Exactly the same feeling as today.
  6. He said he'd go when he wasn't wanted. Can we have a poll? Let's just start again, a rebirth (even if it's from L2) has to be better than this slow death.
  7. I actually said this, and I cant abide Pelupessey being on the pitch, but Hutch was gone after he twisted his knee on the second goal.
  8. yep, with 3 at the back it's a necessity, or, as you say, you just end up punting the ball.
  9. Wildsmith may as well not be there. May as well put a cone on goal. It would cause less confusion.
  10. Most of it because of his own incompetence.
  11. On the stands, on the shirts. Some could see it years ago.
  12. if it's called 'bbq pizza' because it has bbq sauce, then I completely agree However, if the OP means they're actually cooking a traditional pizza pn atone, in a gas bbq with the lid down, then that's actually a close to a pizza oven as you can get. I suspec thought, that the OP just means a chavvy BBQ sauce pizza
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