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    Elev8 done it again

    Kids will grow out of it in a year anyway. Adults that are prepared to buy a football shirt for £60 will be daft enough to do it every year.

    Clare tho!

    Does make me laugh how quick people are the chastise and insult players when they haven't a Scooby doo what's been offered.

    Team vs Lincoln

    that needs looking at then if he's in last 12 months.

    Team vs Lincoln

    Not seen a lot of Fraser Preston, but what I have seen I really like. Looks a real talent to me. Did he ever sign a new contract?

    Elev8 done it again

    Is 5-6 a sublimated badge rather the embroided?
  6. That would be great to see.
  7. Dawson Hutchinson Lees Van Aken Baker Bannan Joey Reach Fessi Joao Nuhiu


    Whelm is currently under a dust cover, ready to be whipped off wlat the first sign of a newcomer or new contract for one of the main men.

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    There's no waythe FA can demand the PL must pay money from transfers and wages into grass roots football. I agree with The sentiment- in fact a few weeks ago I said exactly the same should happen and showed how much difference just 1% of wages filtered down would make- but it would have to be a goodwill gesture.

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    How can the FA dictate what the PL does?

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Now is the time to get the deal done and sell Wembley. The country needs to radically improve and expand the opportunities for Young people to play football all year round on decent surfaces. Kids need to be dragged away from their Playstations and into organised, quality environments where they can socialise, compete and improve. Selling Wembley will give the FA the cash to push forward with the success that's spreading through the younger age groups. Capitalise on the shot in the arm this World Cup could potentially give the game in this country at grass roots level and increase participation by building better and more facilities - or stagnate but have a nice stadium to play friendlies 4 times a year in.
  12. Norwich will struggle this season, and for that reason I'm.not sure signing Rhodes will be a good move for them They're going to need players that affect games and Rhodes doesn't do that- he's a finisher, and not a lot more.
  13. Transferring him here in the first place is already biting us in the arse. This is not a "told you so' post by the way- I thought he may be the one to get us over the line when we signed him.
  14. maybe it was chucking away a 2 goal lead in the Cup Final?

    Cost Of Production

    Probably around £12