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  1. Yep, starting trying to be clever, rather than sticking to what was working
  2. Byrne looked their biggest threat on Saturday. We need a plan to stop.his delivery from the right
  3. Why don't we play as near to the side that smashed Cardiff as possible? 2 changes... Westwood for Wildsmith (improves us) Dunkley for Lees (crap on the ball, no pace but decent defender, so basically like for like)
  4. How on earth can you say Bannan is negative? Yes, like any player, occasionally he will turn back to his own goal in order to maintain possession when there's nothing on. With the lack of attacking capabilities and footballing intelligence in our current squad this will obviously become more regular, but who else have we got that actually gets us up the pitch? Reality is he is a class above the rest of.our line up and is capable of playing at a completely different tempo, as he did when linking up with the likes of Hooper, FF, Wallace, Fletcher, Lee etc. Now
  5. Nope. Same with JP really, unless Moses and Luongo go and see a faith healer or summat.
  6. No. Westwood Uroghide Hutch Borner Palmer JP Bannan Reach Paterson Rhodes Windass
  7. Agree, itvwas a strange selection, but he looked like he didnt fancybolaying there after about 5 minutes and his body language was extremely negative.
  8. One thing I would say (although I di think he was very poor today, particularly in the first half) is that time after time, he found space in a decent area and Pelupessey and Harris failed on several occasions to either see or execute the pass.
  9. 3/10s today, the lot of them, and it's been the same for this quartet several times this season - shocking errors and wasteful in possession on an incredibly regular basis for players at this level Harris and Reach in particular were monumentally bad today. If any of these make the starting line up next week they owe the rest of the team a performance, big time, because their performances today extinguished any opportunity we had to win the game.
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