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  1. Would have liked to have seen what he couid have done with a proper pre season.
  2. Iorfa will still be here I reckon, as will Dunkley, but neither of those are particularly comfortable on the ball so don't really fit Moore's style. I've been impressed with Brennan at times this season. Maybe he will come through. I think there's a chance we'll get Dean. Palmer has done a decent job in the 3 We're not threadbare but we could do with an upgrade or two if we're serious about automatic.
  3. I mean, if we really want to depress ourselves, we can add the Palace game at the end of 2009/10 to that list I was just thinking how crap it must be to be a Wednesday fan under 30
  4. yep, got to agree. Damage done 3/4 years ago, not this season. Let's hope he CMA carry on paying the bills on time and keeping his nose out on the football side.
  5. He invested this year. This squad is good enough to have gone up. It's Chansiri's fault we're in League One in the first place. He's been a disaster for this football club, but he gave Moore the tools to do the job this season and he's come up short What probably cost us this season is the injuries to all the centre backs before we couid get Storey and Dean in. If there's a genuine reason why we get so make injuries, then that's where we need to be investing.
  6. It all changes if we lose Bannan.
  7. 4th and 85 points is a good season. Promotion wouid have been a great season. We just fell short. As I've said in another thread, I'm not convinced by Moore, but he's done enough to get another crack at it.
  8. Not and never have been convinced by Moore. Just doesn't seem to get the big decisions right. You can't get rid of him after the second half of the season we've had though so fingers crossed he learns and improves as a manager and gets the job done next time. Ipswich and Portsmouth will ne strong next year though. Let's hope we cam.hang onto Bannan, MK lose Twine and Derby get another points deduction.
  9. One of the supposed advantages of playing away first Potentially 120 minutes of the tie will be played at Hillsborough. It didn't work out that way v Huddersfield and I distinctly remember one of their subs (Quaner?) turning the game in their favour. This time though, if we get to extra time, I think our bench could be decisive. Windass, Mendez Laing and also potentially Dele Bashiru. I've had a feeling all season FDB is somehow going to find his way into the starting line up if we get to Wembley and have an unexpected stormer (remember Craig Rocastle?) Extra time could be good for us tonight and it might answer the question as to why finishing 4th will help us out after all.
  10. If MK had turned that round they'd have had some serious momentum going into Wemblry. As it is I think Wycombe may have just ran their race - a little bit like us when we squeezed past Brighton. Whoever goes through tomorrow will go up.
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