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  1. Easy, pay them £6k a week. If any of them moan about it hang them out to dry and name them.
  2. Terrible timing unfortunately. Can it. We could be asking Chansiri to prop the club up for the next 6 months with nothing coming back. In the words of Han Solo to Chewbacca as he was frozen in carbonite... "there'll be another time"
  3. You also have to factor in remaining fixtures, ie will Wycombe feel they've played the hardest fixtures already?
  4. Pretty sure teams chasing promotion spots but not currently in them would have something to say. Just a hunch.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised, especially of the '10-14 weeks before the peak' theory is correct. Can you imagine if the season of wiped off? Wow.
  6. There's not a chance of kicking off again on April 3rd. That's a date governed by how far they can allow the fixtures without affecting the play off dates and the Euro's. When the Euro's get cancelled I expect that will open up a longer window to complete the season which has to end on June 30th because of contracts. If we reach the point where the season cant be completed by then (which probably means resuming no later than 1st/2nd week in May) then it's decision time. Basically I'd say there's 8/9 weeks to get going again. If that doesn't happen then the whole season could be null and void. With that in mind I suspect we may see the EPL return behind closed doors if there is any light at the end of the tunnel by April 3rd with crowds maybe returning a few weeks later. The EFL is in a stickier spot than the EPL because its not financially viable for most of the 72 to write off the revenue of the remaining games.
  7. Point I made last week and its a genuinely intriguing one. Not just the maths of it but the ethics of it- will th EFL expect owners have been told to stop spending be allowed to start spending again to pay the wages of players?
  8. Absolutely this. Keep doing the same thing and we'll keep getting the same results. Bannan/Lee Bannan/Joey Bannan/Lee/Joey None of these will work, and before anyone says it it's not because Bannan is the common denominator, it's because none of those three win enough ball or can stifle opposition attacks. We need to try something different. I've said before I'd try Palmer in midfield again, or I'd look to the U23s for a bit of steel and physicality (don't know if we have anyone though) Bottom line is we desperately need a fit Luongo.
  9. I think there's a picture emerging, and perhaps Chansiri is not the 'one man band' we're led to believe.
  10. Every one of which was rumoured to be available for loan/transfer (along with Westwood) but it didn't happen. No idea what the implications of that are really, just an observation.
  11. Mentioned this before, but I've been told we pay high basic wages and very little in terms of performance related bonuses. If true, a couple of wrong 'uns realising they don't even have to get in the side to earn the mega bucks is going to be pretty destructive.
  12. how is it irrelevant? Is it not true to say there will be a massive financial impact if clubs are forced to play behind closed doors?
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