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  1. I think this is the beginning of the end for P&S. If Gibson is truly trying to ensure benefactors with more dosh the he can muster up can't use it, he may have shot himself in the foot.
  2. I'm guessing that's the basis of the claim?
  3. The only rule They can have broken is an unrealistic valuation of the ground I would have thought- same with us.
  4. Even if we weren't busting the FFP limits I suspect Chansiri would still look at this as an option to spend more before the loophole is possibly closed- not disagreeing we've squandered an obscene amount of cash mind.
  5. probably on around 1.5m a year, possible £2m fee. In P&S terms if we could get a deal like this for Rhodes in means we could go out and sign someone for £6m on a 4 year contract and actually improve the books for this season. There's definitely value in selling Rhodes.
  6. Preparing for 20/21 in the Championship.
  7. Not sure If this point has been made, but perhaps the reason for the delay is that we've made the EFL.aware of our intentions at the end of last year but something stopped us submitting the accounts then (the early version to the EFL for P&S analysis). This would tie in with getting rid of Jos and being able to assure Bruce we weren't going to be penniless. That would raise the question why have we still not announced/submitted anything when Derby have bitten the bullet. My guess is there's a sticking point on the valuation. Perhaps Chansiri is trying to lump in £50m and the powers that be at the EFL are saying that's unrealistic? Might be there's a stand off at the moment until there's an agreement reached on the figure we can enter into the accounts.
  8. I have a feeling we'll switch it up a bit again. I'm predicting a modern version of this one....
  9. I'm late to this thread. In a nutshell, what have I missed?
  10. If take Aled Jones over Pelupessy
  11. I liked Beckham, but he wasn't on the same level as Zidsne.
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