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  1. Yes, but nobody wins anything after 1 league game! I was pleased to see that we didn’t make stupid mistakes at the back, as in the second half of last season, we needed to score at least twice to come away with anything. If we can be tight at the back then we should do better. Watford and Bristol City will be good tests and if we get something out of both those games, things will be more promising that we can do it consistently.
  2. Far too early to tell and I still believe we need to bring in at least 1 more striker as we still don’t have enough goals in us and lack depth up front. Cardiff was a pleasant surprise and I’m hoping that we can perform that way consistently.
  3. You need to score to win matches and it’s hard to see where enough goals are coming from coupled with dire, negative tactics. Sadly, relegated in 23rd position, never getting out of the bottom 3. Hope I’m wrong but my head rules my heart and we have no firepower.
  4. I'm all for positivity if it has an underlying basis. We've had one of the worst spells in our history since Christmas with awful performances, keystone cop defending and not looking like we've gone out with a game plan which gives us a chance to get 3 points. So when you see another toothless performance against a L2 side, with new signings but the same dull game plan, it's hard not to be negative. Yes, on the positive side we were tight at the back and there were no silly mistakes and yes we got through to the next round. Penney looked good and hopefully he can do it against Championship opponents. But it doesn't take away from a dull performance which smacked of the same game plan we had last season and players yet again being played out of position. We drew that game on 90 minutes and draws are not going to keep us in the Championship. If we try and dull it out, we will go down. That's why I'm negative about what I saw yesterday as I saw nothing which gave me a spark to think we can score enough goals to win 18-20 games in the coming season. You might want people to give blind support, I would argue that our comments are based on what we see and not on emotion. No harm in agreeing to differ on a forum, and I don't see how it impacts what happens on the pitch - football is full of opinions!
  5. You also assume the one playing the hand knows how to put the letters together optimally to get the best score..... what happens if he can’t spell?
  6. Hard to see how 1 week is going to see the huge difference required.
  7. I didn't do any survey but I can recognize crap when I watch it.
  8. All I know is that if you don't score goals you don't win matches and it's hard to see where the goals are coming from. On -12, we have to win more than usual, so it's hard to be optimistic.
  9. Desperately want Monk to succeed but I just don't see it. I really hope he proves me wrong.
  10. The problem with this is that he was a million miles away from getting the ones he wants to keep and who will be with us next season (making up the majority of next season’s team) from either playing with any semblance of a plan or showing us they would run through brick walls for him. Now we are supposed to give him the chance to add new players on 3 year contracts despite these alarming signs, him never having had a team promoted and with no demonstrable rebuilding track record. That’s a hell of a leap of faith, particularly with a 12 point hurdle thrown in. Our performances were horrible over the last few months, and that includes from most of the players who will be in his team next season. i just don’t get why people think we should give him a chance given all the above considerations.
  11. That’s a good point, but the amortization hit would have had to be a bigger hit than say 2m in wages, bonuses and employer taxes plus there’s no guarantee we can offload him now so he may continue to be an FFP burden for a further year. All told, that could easily add up to 6m and I’m not sure remaining amortization would be that high. Just have to hope the club considered all these things in making a decision.
  12. Given the FFP situation, and if Norwich were supposedly keen to take Rhodes off us on a free transfer a year ago, it raises a serious question as to why we didn’t agree to that as it would have saved us circa 40k a week. Instead we’ve continued to be responsible for his wages while getting so little for the outlay and a continuing cost as part of ongoing FFP.
  13. Well the EFL are safe in the knowledge that they don’t need to give us any points deduction because with Monk in charge, they realize that’s more than a sufficient penalty for us to start next season with.
  14. What happened? We started to see his influence on tactics, motivation, squad selections and results and what he delivers as a manager of a team. Get ready for a continuation if he stays. It's hard to believe he was a former defender, as we concede for fun and leave ourselves needing to score at least 2 or 3 goals every game to pick up a win.
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