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  1. Playing it around the defence just allows teams to have more time to organize themselves behind the ball. We are making it easy for them to defend against us as evidenced by our lack of goals. No amount of pirouettes, step overs and showboating excuses our lack of pressure on their keeper who might as well have rolled his beach towel out in that second half. We’ve got to be less predictable and mix up our game and get in opponent’s faces. It was shocking yesterday that we were on the ropes and looked knackered after 70 minutes. Other teams we have played don’t so what’s all that about? Serious questions about tactics and character - once they weathered the storm, they looked much more likely to score than we did - no disrespect but it was Shrewsbury, who have lost every away game this season and are regarded as one of the weaker teams in the league. We looked like a confused bunch of strangers after our decent start yesterday, nobody settled things down, nobody seemed to know what their roles were and we lost shape time after time. The subs had zero impact and it became a bit of a shambles how quickly the wheels fell off.
  2. The way we crumbled and panicked was alarming. Another team with no bottle .. we can argue all we like about reffing decisions but after 30 minutes we were shambolic and no pirouettes, flicks or nutmegs make up for their keeper being able to get his beach towel out.
  3. Really hope the gamble pays off and that he can rediscover his early career form with us.
  4. The gift that keeps on giving...
  5. 'They enjoyed all of the possession but Huddersfield take all 3 points' Deep joy!
  6. This has been good to watch... Carlsberg moments ...
  7. 0 goals all season.. heartbreaking
  8. Hope Huddersfield catch them on the break.. that would be so funny
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