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  1. We played well yesterday and created lots of chances but pity we couldn't put a single one of them away. We can't give free headers to the main threats of our opponents. We will win more than we lose playing like that and it's good to see us going out and taking the game to the opposition instead of sitting off them and watching them play.
  2. Having watched the extended highlights from yesterday, it was a really soft goal to concede and we let their main threat have a free header. We looked pretty dangerous but let ourselves down by not being clinical enough with our chances. I felt really disappointed with the result, but much better now having watched the highlights, as we are creating chances and look to be a threat, but we have to stick them away if we want to challenge.
  3. Why are we treated so differently compared to other clubs? At many grounds you have a single row of stewards separating rival fans, yet we have to net off hundreds of seats at ends of 2 completely independent stands. You’d have to be a world champion javelin thrower to hit any opposing fan with anything and the last time I looked, no fans have 130 feet long arms to swing a punch. I’m all for safety but we are being treated to a different standard and that cannot be right.
  4. Where did Reading get 5m from when they, like us, have been handcuffed by FFP?
  5. We don't have enough goals in the remaining strikers, so we better add another striker to that list. Going into the next few months with Fletcher (injury question mark and not enough goals), Nuhui (not enough goals), FF (doesn't play enough games and not enough goals) and Winnall (not enough goals) is not exactly going to catapult us into a serious challenge. Just have to get a pacey loan striker in but that's not easy as everyone is chasing those.
  6. If this 5m to 7m fee rumor is true, how are Reading affording it as I thought they were one of the clubs under FFP pressure?
  7. You say ‘strengthen in other areas’, but my concern is that there are nowhere near enough goals in our remaining strikers or midfield, hence we need to add a goal scorer who can score more than Joao has. Joao’s goals ratio for minutes on the pitch is pretty impressive so I’m just hoping that if he goes, that we need to not only replace those goals, but improve on them. I find it worrying when other strikers appear to be remaining while he is shipped out and is only 25.
  8. When Madine goes for 6m, we are rumored to let someone go for less than 3m who scored 10 goals in a team which were poor for a good part of the season. We will have to see what happens but how are we going to replace those goals - with good wing supply Joao has the potential to score more than 10 this season. Feel very disappointed if this turns out to be true. Fletcher is not going to score enough and neither are any of the others, so we better have somebody decent planned to replace him.
  9. Most importantly a manager who plays a pressing game to deny space and to always look to attack. That’s why Wilder and Colin have been successful in this league. You can’t sit back and let teams play as they will punish you. Only player weakness is central midfield and if we’re being greedy I’d also love to see Hector back. Above all though, the manager and his tactics are by far the most important.
  10. Didn't appreciate that their first league game is this Friday and also they've finished 3rd and 6th in the last 2 seasons in Bundesliga 2. So, even though it was a friendly, that was a good result for us against a useful team.
  11. Another positive (that we wouldn’t get with other managers) is that when we want to get rid of him, we can all sing the song.... Ollie........ OUT Ollie........ OUT Ollie, Ollie, Ollie..... OUT OUT OUT I think this is the clincher. Get him in now!
  12. Please don’t let it be him. We’d be on a road to nowhere.
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