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  1. Yet we are supposed to trust him to rebuild - with players who will be with us on 3 year contracts and so we will be stuck with them. Not impressed with signings like Da Cruz who has so little impact on games, so I have seen nothing inspirational from Monk to think he's worth the trust.
  2. We've been saying it all season and it hasn't happened in over 40 games, while we get trashed by Blackburn, Brentford etc. We lack any semblance of a killer instinct and are like a sieve at the back.
  3. Same old explanations... He doesn't need to appear live, just send them a video.. what is being done to improve things.. why should we be optimistic.. it's same old, same old... It's his job to get the strikers to commit and have belief.. they had very little even in the decent first half... In every game we wait for the inevitable cluster at the back and we have to listen to the old 'we're frustrated' garbage. As fans we've been frustrated for the best part of 30 years now and we've had a bellyful of it.
  4. Does anyone really believe that Monk is the man to orchestrate the biggest rebuilding job we've had for many years? If bringing in bit players like Da Cruz who has no influence on the game, and resigning Pelupessy are anything to go by, then prepare for the worst. Yes, finances are going to be tight, but surely we can find players who offer more than these for similar wages. I don't think he has a clue, yet we are handing him our future in his hands when he has zero track record in rebuilding, and what he has delivered us so far is lacklustre and tedious at best.
  5. He's best putting in crosses from the left, not trying to be all over the pitch and being the last defender. How Monk can't see this I have no idea.
  6. Well the second half defending was very poor and Reach was the icing on the cake and must have been watching too much of Moses. Our decision making is consistently poor and we create a lot of our own problems. I have zero confidence of Monk's ability to rebuild a team with passion, belief and desire... The best he has is to deliver a team which goes through the motions.
  7. I really believe this is all leading to the demise of the EFL as there are too many aggrieved and litigious clubs in almost any scenario you can think of. The bigger EFL clubs will be invited to form PL2 and a better financial boost than the EFL can offer and that will appease the likes of WBA and Leeds as the top 2 in the EFL right now. We would stand to benefit too as a founder member and it would throw into question a significantly weakened EFL’s desire for a legal battle, it’s financial ability to do so and whether its penalty will carry any weight in a completely different league structure. The remaining clubs in the EFL (or what’s left of it) will probably link up with the National league and regionalise, with some form of north v south playoffs at the end of the season and the winners will only be promoted if they have 25,000 capacity stadiums required by PL2. Just seems the most sensible option and the bigger EFL clubs will resign from the EFL if this carrot is dangled.
  8. Youtube has the video of the game v Coventry - very windy day and Coventry keeper Ogrizovic scored from a drop kick from the Leppings Lane end - 4 mins on the highlights video. It was strangely quiet for several seconds afterwards until their fans realized what had happened.
  9. That was his 100th goal too.. was right in front of us at the away end!
  10. What is his track record and experience like in doing that? If he’s been successful doing it before then no problem.
  11. I’m not saying we can’t have ambition, but we can’t chase a dream on borrowed money, paying wages we can’t afford, breaching FFP and charging prices fans can’t afford. It will only lead to a bigger meltdown than any of us can imagine. At some point, reality has to set in. It also doesn’t mean we can’t get promoted either, as those across the city did so on a modest budget but with great organization and players who didn’t cost them an FFP charge. Whether we like it or not, we are just another casualty of chasing the dream by spending beyond our means and at some point, people need to look at the writing on the wall, much as it might be hard for many to do so.
  12. We really need to use this break as a reset. Let’s get back to financial reality on player wages even if other clubs don’t. Pay what we can afford and let big earners go. I’d rather watch young hungry players trying their best and giving 100% every game rather than expensive ‘names’ who throw their toys out of the pram, can’t be bothered to close players down and who offer no support after they have picked out a pass. Let’s see energy and bomb forward in attack, while being determined to get back to defend in numbers. They are fit so attitude can get them supporting the attack and getting back to defend. I honestly believe we will win more than we lose, particularly if this reset involves our expectations as fans. There’s too much tension for ‘success’ even though ‘success’ is trying to survive in the Premier League, playing more often than not on the back foot and hoping we don’t get embarrassed. Is that what we are all uptight about and striving for - making up the numbers with expensive journeymen footballers? I wanted that, but not any more. Let’s make it affordable, fun, and let’s support young players who are prepared to put a shift in and who don’t play with fear and the weight of quick expectation on their shoulders. Some will do well and while others might not be quite up to the mark, at least they won’t be expensive mistakes e.g. Abdi, Rhodes etc. We will find our level and by investing in young players and getting behind them, we might sell one or two gems in due course and begin to reinvest our own money again. Hillsborough can can be a formidable place for opponents when we are all together and believing in the project. And it can be fun. For the last couple of seasons, it has felt like the noose has been tightening - financially, tactics/performances and tension in the stands. Time to use this as a catalyst to rediscover our roots and the values we stand for.
  13. Very sad to learn of this news. We had many discussions about our club and he was always constructive and friendly. Condolences to all his family.
  14. Thanks for clarifying! I must be getting the Colchester and Derby games mixed up in my old age 🙂 .The video is in this thread, and you're right, he did seem to think about it He managed to get one on one with keepers often, and mostly scored too.
  15. I'm pretty sure it was against Colchester and we won 3-1 if my memory serves me well. He rounded several players and the keeper, stopped it on the line and headed it in. His skills made him an opponent's nightmare, and he remains one of my all time greats for us. Wish we had someone like him today.
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