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  1. I wish our players had half of his passion and determination......
  2. We need a system where we close down other teams and force errors, not match after match where we sit off opponents and let them pass at will. We need a system where we sit up the pitch and let opponents worry about us rather than our midfield being camped on the edge of our own box. We need a system where, having passed the ball, every player is looking to give the man in possession an option to pass to. These have been invisible for far too long and every game has been like groundhog day as the vast majority of these players have done nothing more than to
  3. Successive choices of poor managers is our undoing. May not be popular saying this but Moore is just the latest poor choice. It's going to be a very hard season until DC miraculously makes the right choice. I'd love to be proven wrong but Moore is nothing other than a huge dice roll given his lack of experience.
  4. DC is totally responsible for our fall back into L1 and now must eat a belly full of humble pie. That's how it goes when you fail spectacularly - just as he would have gained spectacularly if he had taken us to the PL. He now has to reduce prices to reflect L1. He now has to go tail between his legs to corporates and sell the executive boxes for L1 prices and make sure they are filled. Every empty box is a loss of revenue when that space is close to a zero cost for us. It would be nice if he came with huge apologies to the fan base and laid out his plan for
  5. It's a pure gamble as there is nothing in his 122 game track record where he has done a complete rebuilding job, and in his only full season at Doncaster, he took McCann's team from 6th to 9th. A lot are saying we will rebuild and reset and automatically assume we will be contenders, but we learned from last time that being overconfident is punished in the pub league. It's a horrible division and a real battle and every team will be raising their game. It's hard to forget being turned over 3-0 at home by Colchester, and being hit for 5 by Stevenage and Exeter. Part of the problem i
  6. And what joy it will be to be in the Mickey Mouse Cup, getting turned over by Leicester U23's.
  7. I just don't think he should have been appointed. He has little experience, inherited Doncaster who had finished 6th, took them to 9th and they were in 6th when he left. How does that justify him being selected to manage us? He's got 122 games as a manager. I stick by what I said, the latest in a series of poor appointments.
  8. Another in a succession of poor managerial appointments. DC is responsible and the results are the product of very poor decisions.
  9. Well he is just another in a long line of poor managerial appointments .. so what do we expect.. it will be rinse and repeat after a poor start to next season.
  10. Good summary this. The pub league is a battling league and we will get relegated from there too as we have no bite.
  11. They are in second gear and comfortably in control. For a team in relegation trouble we are showing so little fight it's criminal. The way we sit off teams and watch them play without so much as a challenge has been the story of the season. Never seen a Wednesday team with so little fight or character. Every single one of them can do one.
  12. I just don’t get all the optimism over DM. Yes he seems like a nice guy who will try hard but he’s a very inexperienced manager with a short track record - 120 games is hardly much to go on. Doncaster finished 6th in the season before he was appointed and in his first season they fell 3 places to 9th. So he inherited a playoff level squad and has just about held his own. He has zero track record of turning a club like ours around. Therefore at best this is a huge gamble on someone whose managerial CV shows no demonstrable results in situations like ours. S
  13. I’m not a professional football manager but my head is telling me it’s another poor appointment and we’re rolling dice again hoping he will be good, despite his very limited sustainable track record. Tonight was a shambles and it seems he was way out of his depth - for context we were at home to Rotherham in a relegation 6 pointer and who played a third of the game with 10 men.
  14. Well there’s one consistency - Chansiri and Paxo sign crap players and crap managers.
  15. No he absolutely and emphatically was not. Another huge Chansiri blunder.
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