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  1. That was as dull as dishwater and we won't win many games sitting too deep and playing in our own half. The only saving grace is that it's early days under this manager and we were down to 10 men. However, I'm pretty sure this is as good as it gets with this team - they aren't capable of anything other than going through the motions. Let's hope Pulis can wheel and deal to get some frees in and he can have a decent transfer window, otherwise we will be waving goodbye to this division if we have to rely on the current squad.
  2. Monk’s teams played too deep and lacked any degree of consistent offensive intent so it’s always going to be harder to win games when you primarily try not to lose. The teams that do well in this division have less fear and go out to win games. I always felt that under Monk, we played with our hands tied behind our backs and it was so frustrating. I wish him well on a human level, but his tactics were as dull as dishwater, sadly.
  3. Icing on the cake would be a Fulham win at West Ham to open up a very nice gap!
  4. Given the miss by Kachunga in the first half, if he’s a striker I’m a Dutchman. He had so much space and couldn’t even get it on target at least. We have to take golden chances like that when we create so little otherwise. What does Beattie do with these guys as I see very little product?
  5. Got to give credit to the ref today. He didn’t get conned by players falling to the ground cheaply and was always looking to let the game flow. Best referee all season and hope he gets chance to ref at a higher level.
  6. We played with more tempo but created very little, indeed for all our possession Millwall had the better chances. I don’t know why he subbed Kachunga when he did because we were getting a kind of momentum at that point which we completely lost after the sub. However you look at it, it’s another game without a goal and you don’t win games without scoring. We could be playing until this time next week and still be so little a threat. Dull as dishwater.
  7. The fact that Monk is still here is now throwing the spotlight and culpability directly on Chansiri. The longer Monk stays, the more the spotlight shines ever more brightly on our Chairman. We are sleepwalking to relegation unless we make a critical and urgent managerial change.
  8. Perhaps the commercial department should sell cliffs to jump off - perhaps that is their cunning revolutionary new plan - 20,000 depressed owls because of COVID and a long series of terrible results......
  9. Every game under Monk is like groundhog day. Every game is literally no different than the last. We will play with the tempo of a friendly match, sit too deep, create precious few chances, play with no discernible Plan A let alone a Plan B, players will be like strangers who have just met and we will see the inevitable lack of concentration as each half nears its conclusion. After which he might as well put on a video for the post match interview because he says absolutely nothing new or which provides any hope of things changing. I'm tired of seeing no spark, nothing to get us ex
  10. Hopefully it's one day nearer to the end of the disaster that Monk has been.
  11. And if Monk had have been in charge back then, we'd still be wondering when the next goal was coming....
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