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  1. Thanks for clarifying! I must be getting the Colchester and Derby games mixed up in my old age 🙂 .The video is in this thread, and you're right, he did seem to think about it He managed to get one on one with keepers often, and mostly scored too.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was against Colchester and we won 3-1 if my memory serves me well. He rounded several players and the keeper, stopped it on the line and headed it in. His skills made him an opponent's nightmare, and he remains one of my all time greats for us. Wish we had someone like him today.
  3. Fans organizations can only be truly effective if you have an open door to the boardroom with owners who welcome constructive dialogue AND a large proportion of fans who are members of the organization. Otherwise, the most effective driver for change occurs when a large number of fans, members or not, gather behind the South Stand on match days to make their feelings known. You don’t necessarily need a fans organization for this to happen. Other than that, I would never criticize any fans who want to come together to consider how they might influence change as they clearly must care and be passionate to even get together to discuss such a mandate in the first place. However, it is ultimately a numbers game and I sincerely hope they can somehow mobilize a membership of 10,000 plus. It is a tough challenge and why gathering under the stand is more likely to deliver results.
  4. When did he last successfully rebuild a team? Surely that is an important prerequisite if you are letting a manager rebuild, otherwise you are just rolling dice and hoping.
  5. The same players who finished the season pretty well last season and who were 3rd at Christmas? 2 goals at home in the last 6 home games, playing dull lifeless football and tactics which change so much they would baffle Einstein. But it’s nothing to do with the manager?
  6. Wish I could think differently but after today’s latest clown show I can honestly and sadly see them putting 5 past us before half time. We will stand off them as usual and let them dominate and dictate play, the difference being they are a much better side than Blackburn, Reading or Derby. We love watching runners cut through us without tracking them or marking them so I really fear the worst.
  7. The lack of any kind of challenge by midfielders allowed them to pass at will through large gaps in our defence while everyone stood like statues as the runner went through with nobody anywhere near. I have seen better defending on Sunday league parks football after everyone has had a skinful the night before. Happened time after time.
  8. Bang on. I bet Monk is not getting them in for extra training tomorrow morning. it’s all too comfortable and the lack of any kind of structure or consistency in the way we approach games exposes Monk’s weakness. There is no sign of any improvement so he either is clueless tactically or cannot motivate this team. Probably both. He has to go because week after week, performance after performance, it’s nothing but shambolic.
  9. Absolutely love that celebration! Looks like they do care after all!
  10. It stems from us falling like a stone since Christmas having been in 3rd place. Pathetic, predictable performances, dull tactics, failing to score in the last 4 home games against mediocre opposition and the realization that the season is over barring a points deduction. One of the most disappointing seasons for several years - what is there to be excited about?
  11. Just goes to show that with a quality coach and system, you can still do very well without risking the club’s future financially. It’s not just about the amount you spend.
  12. We need to bring the cushions back as a good lob onto the pitch was somewhat therapeutic and cured aggression against fellow fans....
  13. A manager can freeze out who he wants ..... as long as the results keep coming.... oh wait ...
  14. Indeed, it's a results business and you simply have to man manage the dressing room. Just been reading about Ian Holloway at Grimsby - when he joined at the end of December, their last win had been at the end of September. Since he joined, they have won 5, drawn 3 and lost 2, so a meaningful turnaround. Always liked him and would have liked to have seen him at Hillsborough - he's had 2 teams promoted from the Championship.
  15. I'd like to see us poach Brentford's scouting team which has seen player sales raise 60 times more than we have over the last decade, yet they are comfortably above us in the league and a decent team to watch, despite their best players consistently being sold and managers moving on to bigger clubs.
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