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  1. Also, great big thank you to Whitechapel for organizing and administering this - all good fun!
  2. Thank you everyone, I'm in Vegas spending the winnings after that late, late show by Brentford
  3. ....and to play to win for 90 minutes, being more ruthless and stop retreating and handing the initiative to the opposition the longer the games progress. We were our own worst enemies last night with that lame second half performance. Sadly it's not the first time we've taken our foot off the gas and almost every time we try and protect something, it backfires. Poor tactic for me.
  4. We should absolutely do it if we get a similar free kick in the televised game against Leeds, to continue to expose this farce on live TV. Jumping around like Flint did was ungentlemanly conduct come what may, and that's not even considering whether he was offside or interfering.
  5. We both chose PNE, so I think it rolls over to the next game. What stress and pressure
  6. Only just seen this - that’s very gracious of you S29... thank you. Shall we we share the house, but not in a relationship way , or do we choose again?
  7. Done! Thank you. If I win I might buy a house with the winnings - it’s getting exciting!
  8. There is no way you can move him from CB playing like this.Fabulous performance today and if this continues, there will soon be lots of clubs sniffing round him offering big bucks.
  9. Always liked Reach, but in saying that, today is the kind of performance he needs to deliver more consistently. He has the ability.
  10. Just a shout out for the referee today who had an excellent game. He let it flow, only handed out deserved yellow cards and controlled it perfectly. Makes a change from what we've seen so far this season, so credit where credit is due.
  11. It's a shame as it's a sad day when the game loses characters and becomes more mundane. I don't know what he did, apart from what is being stated in this thread, so I say this with that reservation, but perhaps a shorter ban and an agreement from him to apologize to the stewards he offended face to face and accept a suspended longer ban might have been a more sensible option. It wasn't violence and we don't know what triggered his misbehavior, but we've all had an attack of verbals sometimes only to have deep regret afterwards. Also, he does get unfairly targeted by some stewards (Barnsley, Rotherham are just a couple that spring to mind) and even though that might well not be a cause this time, it might explain some frustration. Just sorry to see characters excluded for such a long time.
  12. I like Reach and think he does more for the team than people realize, but today was not a good game for him. Generally he needs to impose himself more and for longer spells.
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