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  1. What's with all these double barreled names,is he collecting them
  2. Steve Gibson of course rescued Boro from being wound up in 1986. They were in court and 10 mins away from that fate,famously they were locked out of thier own ground. He thought Boro were dealt a bad hand by the FA then so I see his reasoning not to want Derby to get any slack.
  3. Can't find link right now and it was in last hour that we have brougtht in a 19 year old striker from Ipswich
  4. Phone in in Radio 5 tonight. The Price of Football dude is on it with two other guests
  5. I was at this one. On the Kop. Best acting ever on my part .. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/bristol-city-shutt-steve-mcclaren-6268714.amp Glorious
  6. There was a listed posted somewhere of our last 3 Jan windows and it was a horror show,
  7. Unless they shake a leg we will likely be playing em next season . My favourite of the other local sides hope they stop up
  8. Can't let that pass https://images.app.goo.gl/f1ZfiuUNtxAoxfrr6
  9. Wicker Man was notionally Western Isles set but filmed in Dumfreshire
  10. Man City away in 84 for feeling of violence. 41,000 there cities biggest gate if the season. As to danger ,the fearfull crush outside Oakwell in 81, a night game with 28,000 there
  11. Swiss Ramble on Twitter is doing a bit on Everton. Wages take up 90 percent of turnover. He reckons they are in deep trouble with FFP .
  12. From the Guardian He received personal abuse and threats before signing the contract in June 2021, and Merseyside police investigated a banner that warned “We know where you live” but was left outside the wrong house near the Spaniard’s family home in Wirral.
  13. But on Price of Football that the ball is in play on 54 mins in the average match and that figure is lowering
  14. https://www.hartlepoolunited.co.uk/news/2022/january/crystal-palace-statement/
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