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  1. Never a dull moment. https://whatsnew2day.com/derby-county-could-face-another-points-deduction-next-season/
  2. Rotherham.likely told the players " don't come around here no more" too
  3. Guardian. Four songs into an underpowered Pyramid set, Noel Gallagher comes clean. “I’m going to play a few more tunes that you don’t give a poo about. They’re for me. But if you stick around, after that there’s going to be a lot of very happy people in bucket hats.”
  4. The bottom 3 are guaranteed £106 million each in tv fees with a further £99 million each over two seasons once relegated
  5. Featuring us at no 1. Some photos of Hillsborough not seen before as a " bonus' too
  6. Chesterfield. From memory we went 1 down. Then 2-1.. When we actually got a lead very late on my enraged teenage self said to my dad " He'll play extra time until they score"
  7. We had a 3-3 draw at Hillsborough with Chesterfield back in the Jack Carlton days The ref gave them,. EVERYTHING. Funny enough met some 60 something Chesterfield fans the other day and they are full of it as one if thier best days Infuriating
  8. Rotherham related Twitter is a joy right now.
  9. Think Rotherham average is £7,500 . Price of Football or Swiss Ramble
  10. J. Windass in a shocker,has signed for Oldham
  11. Pogba apparently ( earnt/ was paid £90 million since his move back to Man Utd. Funny thing is this pittance they are offering him now is near double what Juve are meant to be able to pay him ( £165,000 a week)
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jun/16/paul-pogba-hits-out-at-manchester-uniteds-300k-a-week-nothing-offer?CMP=share_btn_tw And too think Nicolas Annelka was called Le sulk
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/20207747.amp/ What a tale
  14. Was linked to basket case Oldham too Price if Football dude doesn't go s bundle on him either.
  15. Goodness me what a string of terrible terrible owners. This bloke is giving a car crash interview on TalkSport right now. He's the prospective new part owner. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurence_Bassini
  16. There was a change in the law ,so I think Derby are the first case where the HMRC are secured creditors. If Derby think they are going to get away paying pennies in the pound the consensus seems to be that's a misapprehension on thier part. There's been 36 football insolvencies in last 20 odd years
  17. Since parachute payments came in 18 of the 45 promoted sides have been in receipt of them. And it's an increasing trend
  18. Price of Football pegged Kirchner as a glorified tyre kicker when he was linked to Preston well over a year back. He made his " money" in cryptocurrency , apparently.
  19. Isn't it something like 1 in 12 men have colourblindness. More common in men than women.
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