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  1. From 3.10 until the end! Here it was green bands ,pink spots and silver stripes moving across the sky.
  2. In no particular order. It's my birthday . Staying at The Lookout bothy on Skye. Late comer walked thru the door couple of hours ago ..."The Northern Lights are displaying outside". Never seen em before . Pinks ,greens and silver stripes and bands. Even more ludicrous ,5 mins before they came in I was recommending the 80s film Local Hero by Bill Forsythe in which the Northern Lights are part of the plot to a London 20 something couple who are on thier first trip to Scotland. Crazy. Not that I have posted em but theres a fair few photos on Twitter tonight. Excuse me but,
  3. The odd one isn't too bad ,but imagine a row of them. Grim as grim could be
  4. Wednesday family int it. The lad seems willing and a good team man.
  5. Fun and ( no) games https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2021/sep/05/brazil-v-argentina-world-cup-qualifier-live?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  6. Mo Johnson hotfooting it to Rangers after he had half committed to resigning to his forner club ,Celtic, rattled a few from memory
  7. Weren't we once linked with a very controversial ,recently banned star forward? déjà vu.....
  8. Nice that the incidental music is well
  9. Excellent documentary. It's on iplayer too.
  10. Just not good enough. Feels like Stoke all over again
  11. Plymouth of course we're a putative World Cup ground. Aren't they the biggest city never to have been in top flight?
  12. Man Utd fan burns Cristiano Ronaldo shirt as supporters turn on club legend https://flip.it/xQtsQ0 Timing is everything
  13. That big italian agent says it's a done deal. £30 million transfer fee.
  14. Think it closed in 79, was traffic light controlled by then as it was single lane from the large left hand bend . Used to be on the route to our hols in Wales.
  15. They are playing Derby tonight. Hope they both lose
  16. Carlos's time here worth it just for this. https://youtu.be/GuF0JRUPMaI
  17. Football Grounds of England and Wales. Simon Inglis. Simply the best football ground book ever. Blimey and it's well over time he did another follow up
  18. Wow ,didnt realise match was abandoned after trying to restart 90 minutes after the fighting on the pitch https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/22/nice-v-marseille-suspended-after-players-and-fans-clash-on-pitch?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
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