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4 minutes ago, TommyCraig said:

Played lads, don't give up till its over. 

Sure I heard us piping Fletcher song in over the speakers though, might be wrong but would that would be gloriously Wednesday. 

No, you’re not wrong - it’s the Fletcher better than Aguero song 

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4 minutes ago, Lythamowl said:

It’s pleasant to watch for a change but where the hell did this performance come from.......seriously!

Grinds the gears doesn't it. Especially when it's been so dire.

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I made roast lamb yesterday. I studded it with garlic and Rosemary and cooked it on a rotisserie over charcoal. It was truly immense.


This first half was nearly as good.

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3 minutes ago, A47Owl said:

Sky saying Paterson goal is goal of the season. 

Reaches goal wasn't that bad. 


Goal of the season competition

A) Reach

B) Paterson


Both scored within 20 minutes



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