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  1. poo Derby County, they’re just a poo Derby County
  2. In Pulis' early tenure he featured at left back. He provided the aerial ability and height that was missing for Pulis' vision of a back four. Our previous option was two defenders who never had an eye for defending and would rather get forward. That's a lack of discipline - they never featured again for us. Its why I suspect that Penney, Odubajo and to a lesser extent Van Aken will not feature. Chris was excellent as he provided excellent set piece delivery which is all Pulis required. We then ended up signing Kieran Gibbs who never seemed the right fit - it is testame
  3. With the greatest of respect to him - he's a bit like Ronseal.. He is a fire fighter - good at assessing what works well, what's pear shaped and he'll stamp his own authority on stuff that has to be changed for the good of the club. Not everyone will like what he says - players will be frozen out - and if you go against him, he will hold the grudge and you will not feature. I'm sure you've heard the crap that gets said about Pulis and Gnabry - but doesn't take into account that he was an idle, fat ****** - that is a prime example of doing it his way or you don't feature.
  4. As you say, those circumstances are not unique to SWFC and are the same up and down the country. Functional football is okay when it gets results - when it doesn't - well.. its horrid. As I say - I don't come on here with a gripe with Pulis - I'll assess the case on its merits. As it stands - following a succession of poor appointments - the club needs some stability and more importantly it needs someone with a relatively competent football mind who can clear the club of any bad eggs and advisers who have milked Chansiri with nothing in return. The
  5. He takes some responsibility - but the majority of that criticism should be directed at the board who appointed that **** in Alan Pardew. Pulis has a shelf life - he picks up unorganised football clubs, places solid foundations for others to build from. We did not take advantage of that - partly because we kept him for too long - He should have gone in the summer of 2017 and we built off his platform. Instead we allowed him to spunk the budget reserves up the wall (its one of the reasons we have spent f-all this season) and had to sack him after one home win in eight mo
  6. The big appointment is not Pulis - it’s the appointment following him. He leaves behind a solid foundation with a club only capable of playing one particular way. You have to make the most of foundation he leaves. Too many clubs try to appease supporters and it fails. We appointed that prat Pardew - Boro appointed a novice. Stoke went from one catastrophe to another. Clubs lose the joined up thinking following him. You only turn to Pulis once - he stabilises and leaves a solid footing for others to build from. It’s then down to the cl
  7. I wouldn’t want him - it was a case of needs must when we appointed him but it soon became a soul shattering experience. I detested the experience but I’m not naive enough to say he did a good job. Wednesday need resetting and there’s no better man to do that then Pulis. The next appointment is the key one as it has to be someone who can build on his good work. Both ourselves and Middlesbrough failed to capitalise on it.
  8. yes - we hated every fibre of him. but there was a lot of bad blood before he turned up which did not help. at the time he was appointed - we needed his style over substance. our main mistake was keeping him to long and then appointing that prat Pardew. Hes a top bloke though - a proper football man.
  9. Made me laugh. Our history is not too dissimilar - what you’ve won in leagues, we’ve won more in cups. If one was Branston, the other is Heinz.. or summat like that..
  10. It’s a good solid appointment - he will leave the club in a better position than he found it. It will also be a more attractive proposition to potential managers than it currently is. The football is boring, it is regimented but it is a case of needs must. Folk may accuse it of being short term but you cannot start building something when you’re scrapping for your lives to stay in the division. Let Pulis keep you up - clear out the dead wood - and allow the club a reset button in 18 months time on a stable, solid footing.
  11. If Kemp doesn’t join him then it might be Mark O’Connor. He had Gould and Kemp with us alongside O’Connor you also get Gerry Francis in an advisory capacity... thankfully hair cuts are one thing he does not advise on..
  12. His four central players have to be disciplined - they make up the cage in the middle of the pitch. He will not want players who fall out of position and expose the centre of the pitch. It’s normally a case of defending very narrow and allowing crosses which would be meat and drink for his centre halves. He has forward options at his disposal and he needs to win games so I could very much see the two up top. The alternative is that he uses Brown as the support player but in a deeper role. Rondon played a very lone furrow for us during Pulis tenure. I could see Pulis doi
  13. Now you know how we felt. it was only the booze and drugs that got me through it
  14. Very much so. He can get the maximum out of Reach for what he needs. deep defensive cover, discipline, nothing risky in possession and he will work really aaaaard.. i could see something like Dawson Palmer Lees Flint Borner Windlass Pelupessy Luongo Reach Patterson Marriott
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