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  1. I’ve always tried to play fair when commenting on Wednesday - a wonderful club, with such passionate supporters, who deserve the very best. but this should be the straw that breaks the camels back. chansiri should look to sell. hes gambled and lost and with it he has gambled the future of the football club. That reset button which was needed, looks to have been delayed for another 12 months at least. I struggle to see who will look to take on such a challenge, or commit a future to the club in a post Covid environment with such an uncertain future. notwithstanding that the EFL are a ******* shambles, but this accounts for the actions of one man. Naivety, surrounded himself with poor advisors & gambled the future of a club that so many devote their lives and money towards. I wish you all the very best & I’ll see you on the stands of the Kop. When allowed to do so. best wishes to you all
  2. I feel like I’m reliving my youth 😀 if it follows the same trend - we should have one in yellow and green and a third kit in yellow and red
  3. wait until you see the away version - will either be yellow and green or yellow and red its such a nostalgic kit and makes me think of my first memories of football and more importantly family and close friends. thanks for congrats - hope you and yours are well my friend
  4. Our new kit - it’s a throw back to Bob Taylor and Andy Hunt from 1992 i think it’s fantastic
  5. we’ve spent 8 of the last ten years in the Premier League with top half finishes. hardly yo-yo.. granted the ten years prior to that mind..
  6. a good honest assessment from Monk - I like him. You were by far the better team in the first half and Murphy and Wickham caused us problems. The disappointing part is that you did not trouble our keeper enough. Although some stoic defending largely contributed to that. Bannan controlled the first half - such a tidy footballer. its a different game had Borner or Lees been playing - they would not give away such a stupid penalty which gave us a get out of jail card. I think nights like tonight also highlight the lack of squad depth available to Monk - great to see so many academy graduates on the bench but it does leave him short of options. Either way, I’d probably settle for Monk to be in charge of the rebuild..
  7. I don’t agree with the time wasting. Our game is built on trying to have a high intensity where we can move the ball quicker between the lines - just like parts of the second half. Time wasting nullifies us and is something teams have mastered against us, The fouls are part and parcel of football matches - every team manages to do the same when they’re in front. It’s clever game management. One thing we are cautious of is where those fouls are committed - in your half it prevents attacks from building up - wouldn’t necessarily do that around our box when you have good set piece delivery and considerable height.
  8. I think you’ve been the better side - youve had plenty of energy - Murphy has given you a good outlet and Wickham has provided a good physical presence upfront stupid free kick and penalty to give away which has got us out of trouble so far. weve been very poor - slow and passive in possession.
  9. Not sure what to expect from us to be honest - I expect Bilic to have given them a right arse kicking and will expect a few changes tonight Fancy Sheff Wed to win.. Gutted I cannot be at Hillsborough - wonderful city, honest people and a traditional football ground.
  10. We’ve struggled both pre and post lock down as the goals have dried up - largely because our strike force is bottom half of the league standard. we haven’t scored in our last four matches and following our lethargic performance on Friday I am expecting Billic to make several changes. i am disappointed that I cannot make the journey to Hillsborough
  11. cheers mate my blind faith is in trying to save the football league. promotions means nothing to me if the football pyramid is ruined with clubs going bust.. now is a great time for football in this country to reform itself... it won’t happen mind.
  12. I agree with you i do not want a promotion handed to me - we’ve achieved nothing yet. and we have games against Fulham and Brentford to come. Points and places are up for grabs. i remember a scenario where Wolves were 11 points clear of us with 9 games to play and we over turned the deficit & beat them to promotion. likewise our great escape season, bottom since before Christmas but surviving on the final day.. there is no given in sport. Nothing has been won. PPG is reasonable but it’s messy. It obviously is not safe to return and clubs are severely going to struggle without a match day income. stop the bleed in’ circus and void the lot of it. were making the game look absolutely pathetic.
  13. We’re preparing for both eventualities in the event of promotion and voiding. whatever scenario is used sees us get promoted, be that finishing the season now or via PPG. i am a bit fed up of the Premiership circus - clubs with vested interests so they can hang on to their multi millions. Given the eventual lawsuits that will no doubt be thrown at them, voiding seems plausible - but then they have to refund TV rights and the merry go round starts again. me personally? I am happy with another season in the championship. We are relatively well positioned financially and will react better to this crisis than other clubs. Our club has already hinted it would continue with its recruitment of young promising footballers from those clubs who have been hit hardest financially. Some fine tuning should see us go close next season. the only downside to not finishing the season is that Villa will not get relegated and hopefully go bust.. but not to worry ! my main concern is not that shower in the division above.. it’s how the likes of Walsall, Oldham, Accrington are going to survive without any form of income.. we might be on the verge of losing our football pyramid but instead we’re arguing the throw over celebrations, disinfecting grass and corner flags.. mind boggling.
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