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  1. Brighton are fantastic to watch - if they could put the ball in the onion bag then they would very easily be top half. Potter is damn right to call them out. I’d happily watch it every week.
  2. Other than being cheap - what is the attraction with Heckingbottom? probably answered my own question tbh
  3. This was the match day thread I've been looking forward to the most You didn't disappointed me'lord.
  4. Different story if they don’t win the league though.. Definitely requires selling assets then to make the model sustainable.
  5. Not sure many at Rangers will be overly concerned as it stands - they have been subsidised by internal/external investment within the last few years. The club envisaged that Covid had probably cost them in the region of £10m through revenue. There is a pot of gold on the horizon with automatic qualification to the Champions League for the winner of the league this season. It is imperative that the club get their hands on that prize as it will balance the books accordingly. In addition - Rangers for the first time in many a year - just like their neighbours - now have a number of assets on their hands which can be used to offset their loses - the likes of Barisic, Patterson, Hagi, Kamara, Morelos and Ryan Kent in the event of sales will attract good money. Ross Wilson & John Bennett had been clear that once 55 was achieved the club would have to embark on selling their assets at their optimum values in order to be sustainable - just like their neighbours have in recent years.
  6. They should absolutely storm this division - barring any hiccups (Cov away).
  7. Lee Johnson has just smiled at that team. Potentially 4 or 5 players out of position. Powderpuff midfield. If I was Johnson I’d be telling my front 6 to nail them at every opportunity. it’s almost like he’s gone for an all out attack and chosen a formation/selection which suits more or less none of them.
  8. Talk about making a rod for your own back.. I saw Moore speak the other day about needing consistency - you’re not going to find it with this scatter gun approach to team selections. simplicity is often key…
  9. The squad might have been good on paper but it was totally dysfunctional. It was Old, lacking in quality, resigned to playing one way & carrying the scars of the relegation. His job was to turn that around with no investment, unite the club and make us easier on the eye. which he did - and then was sacked despite us being 4th at the time. The job was not too dissimilar to what he has now.. only Chansiri has allowed him the rebuild.
  10. I would never have sacked him in 2018 tbh. Theres always a special place for Big Dave at The Hawthorns
  11. They’re more than welcome to take Ismael back. My eyes are still bleeding from Friday let alone last night
  12. He’s been good for us and getting some well earned praise across our fan base. A good signing on a freebie.
  13. Guess it’s a case of trusting Big Dave who I’m pretty sure worked with Berahino within our academy. Moore tried to resign him in 2018 but the club wouldn’t sanction it so he’s obviously a fan. when he came onto the scene he was absolutely excellent for us and should have gone onto play for England. His development at that point saw him ahead of Kane in the pecking order. He subsequently threw his toys out the pram and wasted his potential. There was a interview some months ago where he apologised to the club, admitted he was in the wrong and wanted to come back. Claimed he was a changed man. If he’s grown up then he will be a good addition. I hope he doesn’t let Big Dave down
  14. He wasn't banned for standing - though that contributed to the issue. He was banned for his reaction towards stewards which I'm pretty sure saw him ejected by the coppers.
  15. That was flipping brilliant - these scrubbers are absolutely awful. I’m not sure what I enjoyed the most: a) the boos at full time and abuse as the players came to clap the scrubbers b) the United fans joining in with our ‘you’re flipping poo’ chant to Oli Burke c) the look of disdain as Albion fans sang “you’re just a poo Sheffield Wednesday”. it’s not a happy camp and I for one find that thoroughly enjoyable
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