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  1. My further thoughts as I was a bit tied up earlier after my initial post. On the face of it - it is a good appointment from Wednesday - it certainly has a more long term fix to it as opposed to the apparent short term nature that the chairman has operated by. I thoroughly enjoyed his tenure with us and I was really saddened when he left - I was absolutely gutted. He was a childhood hero and a thoroughly decent bloke. We beat Swansea 3-0 in the game following his sacking and I refused to celebrate. I had never been so ****** off with the club. His stint wit
  2. And our game against United was before we got any of the new additions into the side.. We were fortunate in the second half that Brighton missed two penalties - having said that we missed two sitters in the first half in a half where we were comfortably the better side. I think their second penalty was harsh tbh and justice served that he missed. The only ridiculous decision Mason made was to allow a quick free kick to be taken when our keeper is lining up his wall. He made the right decision in blowing up again. We just did not need the prolonged farce after it. When w
  3. Allardyce finally getting a tune out of our lot- it’s taken him his four January signings to get us there. Just shows how poo our recruitment was in the summer. if we had Yokuslu, AMN, Diagne and Allardyce from the summer then I think we’d be okay to be honest. The push has come far too late. should have beat United, I’m at a loss as to how we never won at Burnley and beat Brighton Saturday. 5 points but I’m gutted it’s not 9. Everton, Newcastle and Palace to come. I think we’re stuffed but at least there’s finally some pride to our performances
  4. Am over the moon. theyve waited 9 years to try and heal the scars of the 5-1 defeat Our worst side in this division and it’s still too good for them I think they have something like 2 wins against us in 25 years
  5. Can someone check on John O’Brien? He’s worryingly quiet
  6. can someone check that the king of Thailand is ok? last thing needed is a virtual commemoration and coronation
  7. I was a fan of the selective editing lets put the footage of Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday at the end of the silence to make it look like the crowd supported it.. really everyone is standing to the next person and going “what the fcvks going on?”
  8. Its the way Steve Bruce and Steve Agnew are stood there with bowed heads that got Me I’m slightly disappointed that I weren’t up for this game
  9. what on gods earth have I just watched? song is quite catchy though
  10. Rather split as the apathy is with the board and Bilic was still well liked by supporters. our chance of survival improves greatly with Big Sam in my view. some feared a return to dinosaur football that we saw unde Pulis. I just want us to be competitive, giving it a good go and under Sam we will do that. I’m a fan. Gets a lot of flack undeservedly so in my view.
  11. Utter rubbish. Tonight was an excellent set up, against the best side in the world, FWIW.
  12. Delighted with that. Our best performance of the season
  13. The sacking has been inevitable really - especially following their board fall out. I think his current record is 8 wins in the last 36 or something ridiculous like that - we looked a poor side but that is not only down to the quality of the individuals but how they were drilled. We are a defensive rabble. The timing is pretty crap but he should really have gone on Sunday - the club obviously expected us to get a hammering last night which would have softened the blow. Our transfer policy in the summer was a mess - despite our small budget, what money we di
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