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  1. cheers mate my blind faith is in trying to save the football league. promotions means nothing to me if the football pyramid is ruined with clubs going bust.. now is a great time for football in this country to reform itself... it won’t happen mind.
  2. I agree with you i do not want a promotion handed to me - we’ve achieved nothing yet. and we have games against Fulham and Brentford to come. Points and places are up for grabs. i remember a scenario where Wolves were 11 points clear of us with 9 games to play and we over turned the deficit & beat them to promotion. likewise our great escape season, bottom since before Christmas but surviving on the final day.. there is no given in sport. Nothing has been won. PPG is reasonable but it’s messy. It obviously is not safe to return and clubs are severely going to struggle without a match day income. stop the bleed in’ circus and void the lot of it. were making the game look absolutely pathetic.
  3. We’re preparing for both eventualities in the event of promotion and voiding. whatever scenario is used sees us get promoted, be that finishing the season now or via PPG. i am a bit fed up of the Premiership circus - clubs with vested interests so they can hang on to their multi millions. Given the eventual lawsuits that will no doubt be thrown at them, voiding seems plausible - but then they have to refund TV rights and the merry go round starts again. me personally? I am happy with another season in the championship. We are relatively well positioned financially and will react better to this crisis than other clubs. Our club has already hinted it would continue with its recruitment of young promising footballers from those clubs who have been hit hardest financially. Some fine tuning should see us go close next season. the only downside to not finishing the season is that Villa will not get relegated and hopefully go bust.. but not to worry ! my main concern is not that shower in the division above.. it’s how the likes of Walsall, Oldham, Accrington are going to survive without any form of income.. we might be on the verge of losing our football pyramid but instead we’re arguing the throw over celebrations, disinfecting grass and corner flags.. mind boggling.
  4. I don’t disagree - I was just being objective - whilst I don’t think Monk has drawn the best from this squad, I’m not naive enough to realise that Chansiri has failed to support him properly. these constraints will remain going forwards though and that’s why I refer to the lack of direction off the pitch. chansiri will not get into the habit of constantly paying compensation packages to his managers and assistants who do not make the most of the resources he provides. i do not think we are too far from a scenario which sees Lee Bullen take the reigns on a permanent basis. on which, the players should take a long hard look at themselves. Too many turning up, taking a healthy wage and not justifying the expenses being paid to them.
  5. From the outside looking in - there's two to tango. Monk has a role to ensure the players perform on the pitch. It's up to Monk to get the best from them. He is judged by his results. I think its safe to say - he hasn't. The very minimum I would be expecting is a side who are well drilled, organised and look to grind out results. I don't see that. From team selection to performances, it's all a bit of a miss-match. In the short term, there is a good argument for Monk to go. It does not look like things are going to improve on the pitch. Which takes us to the problems off the pitch: The same miss-match on the pitch mirrors the performances off the pitch. everything around SWFC seems to be with a scatter gun - there appears to be no thought process as Chansiri leads from one sinking ship to another. Recruitment is an evolving process - but again, there is no consistency or thorough planning going into it. The squad next season will be unrecognisable - that is reflective a poor recruitment policy which has not evolved the squad. Average players seemingly on lucrative contracts and going through the motions. Add in the fiasco with the tickets prices - I was a floating supporter - I'd turn up and enjoy a day with mates. I'm not doing that anymore as I - like others - cannot justify the expense. Whilst the club remains in turmoil off the pitch - with a points deduction looming - concerns around the advisors being used - then on the pitch will be exactly the same. Monk will go - another left field choice will be appointed and we will still discussing the same issues in twelve months time. Wednesdayites deserve better. A special club with a passionate fan base. Here's hoping the future is brighter.
  6. You were unlucky on Saturday as I don't think you deserved to lose the game - you were much the better team in the second half and if there was a goal, it looked like it would come your way. The game changed when Barry and Brunt came and added a bit more impetus to our midfield. The game is based on fine margins - and you cannot legislate for Iorfa and Palmer to be ball watching and to get beaten by such a basic, route one long ball. It was basic defending and they made a pigs ear of it. Lees and Borner would have gobbled that up. Bannan was excellent and provides that control in midfield. Lee ideally needs to get close to Fletcher. I know Forestieri has his issues but he is undoubtedly a match winner, he has quality, and its imperative that Monk gets the best out of him.
  7. Getting Forestieri onto the pitch is key. Words fail me as to how Murphy gets so much game time. It was a blessing to see him play 90 mins on Saturday - he's awful. Agree that support needs to get closer to Fletcher - he often looks too isolated. Lee, for exmaple, has to get much closer, especially when you consider how good Fletcher is aerially..
  8. We've used a number of the seats for advertising this season Aside from SWFC, Blues and Leeds, nobody else sells out their allocation.
  9. Sawyers and Livermore are a big miss - they've been excellent this season. Sawyers plays the game with wing mirrors attached to his head - a rolls royce of a midfielder. I would expect Krovinovic and Brunt to start in central midfield - Ajayi will remain at centre half. It looks incredibly lightweight to me though.. Barry needs some minutes in the legs before coming into the side..
  10. He is. although he's being phased out now. Also, he's not and never will be a defensive midfielder to answer a previous comment.
  11. I didn't quite mean it like that... just delighted it isn't Pulis..
  12. Good appointment I reckon. Thought he was excellent last season at Blues. Blues were hamstrung with tight budgets etc and he got their side to over-perform. They were favourites to be relegated in some quarters following his departure. Could have been worse...
  13. Well... I would hardly call Craig Dawson an asset. He was a centre half who played at right back, just because he could defend narrowly and was impressive at attacking the ball at set pieces. He was, and remains a bang average defender. The sole requirement for him was to pin a large diagonal ball into Saloman Rondon who was often, miles on his own. Evans (his best signing for us) left because of a clause in his contract for £2million. Rodriguez - vastly over-rated. Good money made from him though. The best asset we sold was Rondon. That being said, Pulis failed to use him appropriately. He was signed as a battering ram and when he was capable of so much more. But, if you're relying on James McClean to provide the neccesary service then maybe we were stuffed !
  14. He signed a bunch of plodders whose only ability was to lump it forward and get organised. Brilliant. He signed Nacer Chadli, Serge Gnabry, Callum McMannaman and then had no clue what to do with them. Then when he fvcked off, no manager could get a tune out of them because they were incapable of trying anything remotely expressive than defending your penalty area. And then comes to the disillusionment in the stands. The swathes of empty seats, the continued loss of revenue. The fans accepting the poo football because of some impressively boring 0-0s draws, and the fans who want him gone and better football. The outcome - anger, annoyance and frustration. You then turn to a club legend, whose hopefully out of their depth, just to try and unite the football club. Whilst trying to rebuild a football club. It doesn't work. Middlesbrough, like us last year, will soon realise.
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