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  1. On worth to team only Westwood should be in squad. But the hole faking injury over Xmas because he was out of favour after bad form and dint want to travel away isn't a good attitude. Hutchinson is just a liability
  2. But you and your wife are key workers football is not! Think people are getting too casual with it, seeing 30 odd thousand dead is just seen as a number and not 30 odd thousand distraught families. I've been furloughed (work in construction) and due to how my wage is structured I get les than half my weekly wage but I'd rather struggle for a few more weeks than put family at risk. I just find it a disgrace that money is driving football to return. I can only see a second wave coming unfortunately.
  3. was going to say by page 10 it will be 100 million
  4. Shhh we will have no positivity here!
  5. Like managers gone before? I'm not a monk fan but it's plain to see that a lot of these players have been here too long and well past there sell by date, can pull in performance when in mood but soon as a bit of pressure they crumble. As for stobbs how do you know he's not had him watch? In interviews monk has said they kept an eye on penny. But when things are not right on pitch we look for every little thing of it to be outraged! "pies are a degree too cold". "can't get a beach towel in December" yes there are real problems on and off pitch but these types of thing in my opinion just non sense! Just like when we win more than two game on trot it's "hms wee wee league"
  6. First team squad player?? I'd imagine he's been contacted by head of youth development where he has played his 99.9% of games, who know him inside out and give him sincere advice. Modern day football the manager doesn't control everything at the club. Hence there tag name of "head coach"
  7. If we had not had this almighty flop in our season and still in 3rd nobody would mention it. Stobbs has never met monk and never part of first team. This happens at most clubs up and down the country. These days not everything goes through managers in these times. And that's not me saying I'm a monk supporter but at same time these problems have been happening under previous managers.
  8. Maybe if we playing somebody like Stocksbridge in pre season. Seems a nice lad but been obvious for many years he not got what it takes. And the fact that nobody has really taken a chance with him on loan apart from the last one in Scotland which apart from a fantastic goal was pretty poor! And that league is league 1 at best
  9. Jesus!! So from this quote the wise people owlstalk have worked out that all players hate Monk.. Oh by the way how's Chris O'grady's gangrene?
  10. How dare you question owlstalk... Must say tho it was amazing how Chris O'grady recovered from gangrene!
  11. The only plus of having keown as Co commentator is it wasn't that bigger [email protected] Mark lawrenson
  12. Thought keown a dreadful Co commentator. If your going to give stats at least get them right! Big ones was Ilorfa not played much and Fletcher scored 12 goals before Xmas and only scored 1 since and before anyone says yes its technically true but being out with a serious knee injury kind makes goals dry up
  13. I'd have said 3. thought murphy dint look out of place at that level(first half anyway). And young Alex hunt did more when he came on than any of our central midfielders
  14. This lad looks like he's ready to play more minutes. Got a couple of good tackles in and on the rare occasion we got the ball he was one of very few who had a bit of composure. Well done that lad
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