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  1. Reminder for @trumbullowl @OWLISH @another1bitesthedust @lt109
  2. What a terrible wall that was, made it easy for Sterling really
  3. 23 through, 41 out. Bournemouth send 21 players packing, whilst Colin's Boro take the lives of 15 others. Midweek fixtures coming up so it's a short turnaround for Round 2, Wednesday v Wycombe obviously postponed but please make your choice by 5pm on Tuesday 19th January Fixtures here - https://www.livescore.com/en/football/england/sky-bet-championship/#/round-25 Spreadsheet here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rb9pO78V5Io5sVX1zSWci-hHS2Z6FCm9kyzSMkT52l4/edit#gid=938716760 Good luck
  4. Me too, I think this is the 6th game we've had and I've gone out in the 1st round 5 times and only got to the 2nd round the other time.
  5. Looking like a mass wipeout in round 1 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rb9pO78V5Io5sVX1zSWci-hHS2Z6FCm9kyzSMkT52l4/edit#gid=938716760
  6. Still both worth watching though. These things are much much better if you go into them with absolutely no knowledge of the case or the outcome. I saw The Staircase years before it came on Netflix and it kept me guessing all the way through. My favourite of these sort of things is the Paradise Lost films, if anyone hasn't seen them, resist googling it, just find a way of downloading the first one and go from there.
  7. @thesouthowl @marconi @Morepork @N0rtherner QPR game is off tomorrow, you need to pick again if you want to take part. Fixtures available here - https://www.livescore.com/en/football/england/sky-bet-championship/#/round-24 Deadline is 12pm tomorrow.
  8. He manages the big Virgin gym near Abbeydale Road now, or he did last time I looked. In fairness to him he had to retire very young with his injuries.
  9. @sherlyegg @New Maple Staple @Orlando_Trustful Wednesday and Coventry obviously now void, pick a different team if you want to take part please.
  10. Pie and chips, big pile of bread and butter in the middle of the table. I've made pie sandwiches many a time. Have also made the odd pizza sandwich which is a step too far to be fair.
  11. Think he was the most popular choice before we appointed Pulis, many of us were surprised when it was revealed we never even made contact with him. I hope we don't hear the same thing again shortly after unveiling Alan Pardew.
  12. Thanks Jay @@owlstalk can we move this to matchday please?
  13. Legend 6/10 Alright, Was disappointed how similar it was to the 90s Krays film with the Kemp brothers. Was expecting something a bit different. Hardy great as always, he saves it really.
  14. 2 time finalist @wiltonowl hoping to go a step further this time round. 8/1 favourite on Paddy Power.
  15. I'm more annoyed with Bruce than when he resigned. Party pooping dinner lady minge.
  16. BACK AGAIN! @offalyowl defends his title after surviving an incredible 8 weeks earlier in the season. Each week you pick a Championship team you think will win in their fixture. Lose or Draw and you're out. If your team wins, you will go through to the next week but that team will no longer be available for you to pick again. If the game featuring your picked team is postponed you will need to pick again (unless it's cancelled at short notice, then you will automatically go through). If you go through, and fail to pick a team the fol
  17. Disappointing, I'm bitter as flip about the pigs draw as well. Jammy flaps.
  18. I can't believe my Chris Coleman spotted at Hillsborough thread was deleted. That was high quality ITK stuff.
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