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  1. 3 out, 4 left. It seems likely it'll be a clean sweep of choices for Norwich this week as they're at home to Wycombe, to avoid us wasting time I'm banning all opponents of Wycombe for the rest of this game (They've got Watford next). None of the remaining 4 players have chosen Norwich or Watford yet so it doesn't disadvantage anyone. Forest play Derby tomorrow night so the deadline for round 7 is Friday 23rd October at 7pm Fixtures here - https://www.livescore.com/en/soccer/england/sky-bet-championship/#/round-7 Spreadsheet here - ht
  2. Saw that coming as soon as the throw went in, completely switched off.
  3. I'd rather just have a penalty shootout at the end of every draw with the winner taking 2 points and the loser 1. That'd still be shiit though.
  4. Forest and Derby have been complete turd so far this season, hopefully it'll continue
  5. He talks about that in detail, wasn't his fault to be fair to him and he wasn't charged with anything. The Wilbraham one is really good, possibly my favourite so far. You can see why he was still playing at 40, obviously really looks after himself. The story about Martin Allen in the Italian restaurant might be the funniest thing I've heard on these podcasts.
  6. Just go on YouTube and type 'undr the cosh' undr isn't a typo by the way.
  7. It's always a judgement call though as to whether the player's behaviour is worth tolerating. Jos and Monk have obviously decided for whatever reason that it's not. I still wouldn't rule out the financial aspect being a massive part of it though, you see stories of players being forced to train with the reserves and all sorts because they club simply wants them off the wage bill. Grant Holt talks about it happening to him at Wigan in this podcast and I've read numbers autobiographies that talk about the same thing.
  8. True but Taarabt was the best player in the league by a mile, Hutchinson and Westwood have never deserved that sort of special treatment. It made sense when Ferguson did it with Cantona because he was on another level at that time.
  9. Yeah I didn't like Bircham, barely let anyone else get a word in. Sounds like he was a pretty nasty player as well. Don't really remember ever seeing him play though.
  10. Can't believe Wolves' kit, they might as well just start playing in Lisbon.
  11. Tommy Miller and Neil Shipperly are the latest ones I've watched. Miller comes across as a nice guy, seems like he was pretty sensible and had his head screwed on (shame his legs weren't half the time) Sounded crazy playing under Di Canio at Swindon, talking about when they trained 73 consecutive days. There's quite a long section about when he had his watch stolen at Bury, turns out the prime suspect was another one of our former players and the same lad was also accused of stealing thousands of pounds from Jermaine Pennant's locker. I'm not going to name him on here obviously, bu
  12. Just checked the result and saw there'd been a red card, I was 100% certain it'd Hutchinson before I looked. I think we'll hear some good stories about Hutchinson when this generation have been retired a few years.
  13. Anyone seen the disallowed Wycombe goal yesterday? Apparently given for a foul on the keeper, appalling decision, nobody anywhere near him. Around 1:07 here
  14. 7 out, 7 through, including a very fortunate @daveyboy66 who forgot to pick this week and was given the bottom side by default, that's obviously Wednesday at the moment so he goes into round 6. Good effort from those who didn't make it, reaching round 5 is an impressive run. We're into 2 matches a week from this point onwards so there's a short turnaround for round 6, please make your choices by Tuesday 20th October at 7pm Fixtures here - https://www.livescore.com/en/soccer/england/sky-bet-championship/#/round-6 Spreadsheet here - https://docs.g
  15. He's a butcher on Woodseats now so probably.
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