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  1. I had a look at the 5xls and it wouldn't let me add 50 so hurry whilst stocks last!
  2. I've just added 580 short sleeve home shirts in Large to my basket and it allowed me to. So can we stop peddling this "last few" nonsense.
  3. I'm not convinced there is 'limited' stock of the home shirt, it's still available in all sizes apart from 5xl and from my experience at looking at shirts on there that means there's still plenty left.
  4. Is it? I thought this offer would have been made because they've got loads left to shift?
  5. Just checked my invoices, last year I paid £23.60 on the 14th May for the away shirt, and £17.70 for the home shirt on 26th June. I get that they will not need to reduce the price of the away shirt this season because of demand, but the home shirt is dogger and has clearly not sold very well.
  6. I got the home and away both reduced this time last year. Think I paid about £20 for them.
  7. How much would an average ticket be across those games, assuming you can pick which stand you go in? £25? Would mean you're paying £25 for the shirt Wednesday will never use again, that'll probably end up reduced to about £20 in the next month or two. Not great value is it.
  8. Can't blame him but I'm still quite surprised. He's obviously just ran out of patience with it all. It's going to be a really tough job whoever takes over because even if a takeover is completed, the expectations will be unrealistic.
  9. When the fixtures are compiled they try to avoid 'big' games on certain dates, first game, boxing day, last day etc. I'd have thought Wednesday Derby might have fallen into this bracket in League One but apparently not. I can't recall playing them last day in the Championship before but I may be wrong.
  10. I am surprised we're playing Derby last game though, I'd have thought the police would have advised against that.
  11. They're nothing to worry about next season, even if they finally get the ownership sorted I think the season will come too soon.
  12. I wouldn't be so certain everyone would get it at a tenner a month, Sky customers would be delighted obviously, but for everyone else there's a lot of £10 a month things around now, and I don't think I'm alone in that I can only afford/willing to pay for a certain amount of those. It was an easy decision when it was just Netflix, but there's all sorts of things around now that want a tenner a month. I'm not certain this model would put as money into the game as the current Sky setup would, and if that's the case then this wouldn't happen.
  13. Seedings are better for the overall enjoyment of events like the World Cup. It lessens the likelihood of unbalanced games in the later stages of the tournament. I can see why people would argue it is unfair, but a team/person should eventually become a seed themselves if they're good enough. The one stage of seeding I'm not keen on is in the qualification playoffs, if you've messed up your qualifying group stage, you don't have a right to be seeded in my opinion. It always annoys me how Portugal seem to benefit from this.
  14. The system isn't great, the players usually vote quite a while before the season ends. Son scored 7 in the last 7 games I think, probably after most votes had been cast. With the PFA awards it's always a big advantage to have had a great first half of the season, which is why Salah is the bookies favourite this year, instead of Kevin De Bruyne.
  15. It's a bit of a relief to be honest because I was really scraping the barrel with the upcoming clues, one of which was absolutely ridiculous. He must be one of the most boring people ever to play football, I couldn't find anything interesting about him.
  16. Well done @shandypants it was indeed the forgettable Marlon Broomes. The first clue as spotted by @Tewkesbury was a wordle, and the answer was Centre-back. The second clue was his clubs by their county flag, starting with Blackburn - Lancashire and ending with Tranmere - Merseyside (which doesn't have a flag, hence the grey box.
  17. Can you identify the current/former Wednesday player from the clues???? Please read the rules below before participating! 1. The answer is a current/former player that can be from any era and has made at least 1 first team appearance. 2. Each day I will post one new clue. No other clues or hints will be given 3. The clues will be vague so remain open minded, but they will get easier as the game goes on. 4. You can only guess two players each day, so choose wisely. If you go beyond your limit additional guesses will be ignored. I can't be bothered to keep track of how many guesses everyone has had so please play within the spirit of the game! 5. Feel free to post your workings/thought process when guessing to help others. 6. Googling/research is allowed and encouraged. 7. Incorrect answers will be marked with a reaction. 2 clues to start you off, the next clue will be around this time tomorrow afternoon. Good luck CLUE 1: CLUE 2:
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