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  1. Quiet in here today, is everyone out buying petrol?
  2. Just finished the last episode. So good, most enjoyable thing I've watched in ages.
  3. Ipswich have only had 27 years in the top flight in their entire history. No way are they a big club. Bobby Robson did a great job with them in the 70s/ early 80s, but their 2nd place finishes and cup wins all happened within a 4 year period. I wouldn't put them in the top 30 biggest clubs in England.
  4. Watched the first couple of episodes last and really enjoyed it. Obviously not the most original idea, but looking forward to the rest. I would recommend switching the audio to Korean and putting the subtitles on though. The English dubbing is terrible.
  5. F1 Drive to Survive. I'm not the biggest F1 fan, especially the last 10 years or so, but just watched all 3 series of this and loved it. I actually think my lack of knowledge made me enjoy it more as I didn't know what was going to happen in specific races. A lot of things surprised me, especially how insecure the drivers jobs are in most of the teams. Also that crash last year, won't give the name away in case anyone isn't aware, but wow, can't believe he walked away from that. Was also surprised how likable most people in the sport are, I'd always assumed it'd be full of bell ends.
  6. Pleased to see Ipswich winning, I definitely don't want them going into the game next week having not won yet.
  7. @@owlstalk Someone has hacked WalthamOwl's account.
  8. That was my first thought but it's early enough in the season that it'll be all this year I reckon, as the first punishment doesn't mathematically relegate them, which of course it won't. Lots of rumours about a 9 point deduction the last few days so the timing of this is interesting
  9. In fairness they should have gone down instead of Wycombe.
  10. 18 years old, a qualifier, and doesn't even drop a set. Incredible, all bets are off for SPOTY
  11. It's so tight, really feels like the match could completely turnaround
  12. I like the electronic line judging, hope it comes in at Wimbledon.
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