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  1. Ahead of their free kick and goal someone shouts “He’s offside ref” What a Wally.
  2. Who treated him badly. I would love him back.
  3. Had we left him in charge I suspect we would still be in the championship. How we have ended up with Moon Man Moore is beyond me. A terrible appointment by a terrible chairman.
  4. Moore remains a truly dreadful appointment. I will be happy when he goes.
  5. Self indulgent nonsense. We made poor decisions under Richards and paid the price. We had a new start under Manderic. Sadly he sold to an incompetent businessman who knows nothing about football. As fans we have been unlucky. As a club we have arguably been handed what we deserve for mismanagement.
  6. We're simply not good enough. mid table mediocrity at best.
  7. Same story ever since the play off final. Lightweight midfield.
  8. And look where we are now...... Thanks for the memories Carlos. We dared to dream.
  9. Do we know what happened in the North Stand to cause the delays?
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