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  1. I think its a good one we are the management.....dont mess with us son....
  2. Fleetwood could be fun. I can assure you they won't have seen owt like our lot
  3. I won't miss the circus but i will miss the clowns.....
  4. about eight weeks currently but he may be able to negoiate it up to 12......
  5. Pep couldn’t get a tune out of this lot to be fair.......
  6. None of them were going to do the full bury fc
  7. Bolton, Bury,Portsmouth,sunderland.......add us to that list of of clubs .
  8. You spelt Gary megson wrong Excalibur
  9. me included! and the wap and then on to rebels. Monday night rock night at roxy, like shooting fish in a barrel !
  10. gary madine looks alright at blackpool just a f*******g shambles anywhere else......
  11. Fleetwood has a dodgy reputation round here. Got to be pretty crap to get sacked from there.
  12. Pulis has still never been relegated as a manager!
  13. oh no no no........as our great leader will tell you, its all pulis fault (covid and brexit too no doubt) glad I could clear that up for you....
  14. All created by pulis? In a fortnight? Get real man.
  15. I agree, your reply makes no sense. If you're advocating we should have hung onto monk then you're dafter than I originally thought mate!
  16. As opposed to arguing the individual merits of the pulis style of football we have to consider the facts. The managers job at S6 is indeed a poisened chalice. damned if you do, damned if you dont....so as far as i'm concerned he is doing his absolute best with what he's got available. It's ridiculous to want entertaining football that loses every week. We'd all be blades if we wanted that. We have no strikers capable of doing anything in the championship so we have to make do with boring draws and hopefully getting out of trouble in january. In all seriousness. What else were people expecting?
  17. If we sit any deeper we’ll be in oughtibridge.......
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