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  1. Even with Gregory and Smith missing for the MK Dons match, Sow only made the subs bench, so it’s hard to see that he has much of a future at S6.
  2. Not shown as sold out yet - got mine just now - but I wonder if there’s further blocks of seats that they haven’t put on sale yet
  3. I’m not sure that I’d describe the likes of Watford, Oxford, Wycombe etc as “ far bigger clubs”
  4. There’s no denying that the comfort and facilities are second to none, but, as others have said, it’s pretty soulless and lacking in atmosphere. Location isn’t great and the shopping centre/ restaurants etc make the place feel rather depressing. I wouldn’t want Hillsborough, or any new SWFC home ground, to be anything like this.
  5. IMHO, the club should fine players who get themselves booked for dissent, (arguing with the ref ).and donate the money to a worthwhile local charity such as Sheffield Childrens Hospital. Nothing good ever comes from remonstrating with the ref - Bannan seems to be the worst culprit here.
  6. I’m just glad that Paterson is on our side rather than the opposition. Works his socks off in whatever position he’s asked to play. A needless booking yesterday though.
  7. Wasn’t a great performance at all, but - as the cliche goes - we take the points and move on.
  8. I know it’s only 2 games in to the season - but he just looks so much better so far this season. A real powerhouse when he gets the ball and takes people on.
  9. Nothing embarrassing at all IMHO - we have to be “professional” if we want to get promotion. Time wasting and running the clock down is part and parcel of the game. If other teams do it and we don’t, we’re just putting ourselves at a disadvantage
  10. Twine has gone and that will be a huge loss for them, but we’ll still have to turn up and play to our full potential to take the three points. I still think it will be a difficult game
  11. JJ used to excite people and get us out of our seats, but there was seldom any end product
  12. “ too good for Sheffield Wednesday” - aren’t we in danger of getting carried away here just a tad - yes, he played a blinder on Saturday, but it’s just one game FFS. Lets see how he plays in the next few games before going overboard !
  13. No need to move - capacity of Hillsborough is more than adequate for our needs, we don’t need a bigger ground. The Old Lady does need a bit of TLC though
  14. Well I use cash, and I pay tax in accordance with the rules, no tax dodging for me, so I reckon your comment is rather wide of the mark, mate.
  15. We had a leader - Hutchinson - unfortunately we decided we didn’t need him any more !
  16. It’s early days obviously, but a team expected to challenge for promotion needs to defend a lot better than we did today.
  17. I understand where you’re coming from, but I’d be surprised if it were open for the Pizza Cup games
  18. Just got my ticket in Block 25 - despite the usual scaremongering from those who like to pretend that we’re “massive”’ and that tickets will disappear faster than a snowball on a gas ring, there’ still seems to be quite a few left.
  19. If fans, of whatever age or sex, want to have their photo taken with a player, and the player in question is happy to oblige, I really don’t see what the issue is TBH. Am I missing something ?
  20. Good signing for Forest IMHO - surprised West Ham didn’t snap him up,
  21. Paterson puts himself about and lets the opposition know he’s here. We need more players like him with aggression, commitment, shithousery etc if we are serious about getting out of League One. Hes an invaluable squad member who can play in a variety of positions and will always give 110%., whatever role is asked of him
  22. You’re spot on of course - the worrying thing is that the first League fixture is next Saturday !
  23. With the number of new players we have, we ought to be taking a lot from these friendlies - if not I reckon there’s something wrong somewhere.
  24. The DC/DM relationship is key and it’s reassuring that they seem to have a close working relationship, but I still think we would be served better with DM reporting to a Director of Football, and DC stepping back completely from football related matters.
  25. We need a fast start - and our defence, which will contain a lot of new faces - needs to bed in and settle down quickly. Its a difficult league to get out of - we learnt that last season - but in DM we trust
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