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  1. If only Jos had left sooner. I know Bruce would not have arrived any earlier but LB would have done ok.
  2. My Nan would have done better and she has been dead for 10 years. She certainly would have been no less animated or charismatic than Jos.
  3. He was at the front to the right (as you shot at it) to the goal.
  4. Include the play off package too. Let's really go for it.
  5. Me too. I've got a ticket for a box
  6. I remember it so vividly. I was at the match with Linda Lusardi.
  7. I think his first game for them was against us. I think I went to thecaway match and he threw his Chelsea shirt to The Wednesday fans. Did I dream this?
  8. I have just got a ticket. Not been this year. i did go to Wembley in 91 though.
  9. Pretty much nailed on. I can sell you my Travelodge room for just £500.
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