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  1. Those highlights really don’t do us justice. We were good yesterday.
  2. We need both sides of the story. Just don’t mention Christmas.
  3. My mate was in Brannigans. This bird came up to him and started chatting. She was 60 at least and he was thinking to himself, ‘No way’. She whispered in his ear, ‘How do you feel about a mother, daughter combo?’ ’Go on then’, he replied thinking it was a once in a lifetime tick in a box. She said, ‘Wait there, I’ll fetch my mum.’
  4. Big Dave would have been a good option to have off the bench.
  5. 280 characters. More than the South Stand.
  6. Why is it so top secret? Was DC on the fishing trip with Uncle Bryn and Jason?
  7. Just to be totally neutral, have we heard both sides of the story? That is important.
  8. Wrong boots. Get some six studders on.
  9. There is a real honesty and positivity about this team and the coaching staff. I like it. A lot. Not just the interviews but things like Penney getting straight up from a bad tackle rather than rolling around. I think this could be a team we will be proud of.
  10. Monk’s got that winning habit. See what I’ve done there?
  11. I loved today. Monk had the team well organised. We were fast, fought a physical battle when needed, tried some ambitious through balls, played for each other. We kept a clean sheet against a good side. I am impressed. If we keep improving and learning to play together and link up we have got a good team. Well done DC for backing Monk and clearing out the bad apples. Good young players with the right attitude. That’ll do me.
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