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  1. I thought were we're going to sign Biggs
  2. Still find it unbelievable...

    More to it than injuries in my opinion
  3. Look on the bright side. Their fans might not be too angry as we leave.
  4. Draw your away games. The form of champions
  5. We are the new Barca. We don't play with forwards.
  6. Barcelona often play without an out and out striker. We are the new Barca.
  7. Carlos used to tie Reaches shoe laces together and would not allow him past the half way line.
  8. Dos he want to buy a coat?
  9. He has proved me wrong. I think CC was tempering his natural game. Well done Adam Reach.
  10. Lucas Joao

    He needed confidence. Good coaches give players confidence
  11. Lucas Joao

    He couldn't manage
  12. Lucas Joao

    I don't think Carlos liked players taking anyone on. Remember Reach under Carlos? He would get to the half way line and stop. Strange tactics
  13. Very continental