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  1. Didn’t he used to stay behind after training to do more fitness training? Not many players choose to do that.
  2. the bit I remember is they said tickets were available on the gate. They weren’t. I ran in through an open door.
  3. I think he scored in our last ever win in the Prem against Spurs. I was there. Just watching. I didn’t play.
  4. You may want to reduce that to “many businesses” rather than “every single business”. However, they are not picking up £40k a week when they are already set for life. He is taking the proverbial.
  5. Is it his fault he can’t be @rsed to play football but still picks up his wages?
  6. It doesn’t matter what you write. What do you look like?
  7. Personally I think this is a probably a good thing. Seems like they might be bad apples. Time to move on.
  8. A quality football brain. A dignified man. Pride for the club. Why would he return to this rubbish?
  9. I can never understand why they don’t play football on matchday
  10. You could also argue DJ was in fact a builder and put in place a lot of good things he does not get credit for.
  11. Everyone was saying Fox is now the white Roberto Carlos?
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