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  1. More of a sign of how bad thing have been under Carlos and Jos I think. Bruce brought an approach we had all been screaming for. I think we can replicate that. Not the end of the world. Just poor timing.
  2. I saw a rumour on Twitter that a Bruce returned home one day to find DC in the bath with his wife. DC was drinking a can of Bruce's Skol out of the fridge while Mrs Bruce was licking his plums while they floated on the surface. Bruce was livid. His tea was not ready either.
  3. Respect? He is more likely to get diabetes.
  4. For me it's like ex girlfriend syndrome. I don't want her but I'd hate her to turn into a stunner when she is with someone else.
  5. Yep, one nearly ripped me in half and I have a rectum like a wind sock.
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