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  1. To be fair the same could have been said of Chris Woods
  2. We are incapable of closing games. Time and again we give away points.
  3. probably a good thing that we are able to rest injured players.
  4. Kadeem cha, cha, cha Kadeem cha, cha, cha repeat
  5. 3 point of top spot. 2nd highest goal difference. ive got the Monk on!! Come on!!!
  6. I think he retired when his contract started with us.
  7. The issue seems to be that boro asked if they could do this and were told no. Derby and us have done it anyway. I can see the gripe.
  8. Astonishing that this is still our only plan B. Ilike Big Dave and so ha every manger we have had. However, it does show how little we have progressed.
  9. Many managers aim to frustrate our crowd knowing we get on the teams back. it is a shame.
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