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Community Answers

  1. Greedy in attack. Gave away possession. Failed to track back.
  2. A decent season. We didn’t play our best in either leg. The best team won.
  3. Good break that but up to then we look 2nd best. We seem to be making quick passes forward trying to catch them out. Looks scrappy.
  4. We revolve around BB. He didn’t seem fit in the first leg. I am worried.
  5. I went on against Chelsea in 91. I knew exactly what to do. I told Phil King he was a legend. Soaked up the boos. Then, when I was on the edge of the pitch I shouted, “Carlton, Carlton, Carlton” as the team did a lap of honour. It wasn’t a chant. I was calling his name as I wanted a chat. A bit like Alan Partridge shouting, “ Dan, Dan, Dan...” He ignored me. Best of all the moment is captured on League Cup Glory. If anyone needs pointers, follow me on inster for tips.
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