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  1. I went to Stamford Bridge in 91. Do I get a ticket?
  2. Jos went I was at a 6 Some decent results I was at a 7 Now I am at a 4 Bruce arrives I’ll probably get to a 5.
  3. It is a sign. In 91 we played Chelsea away in the cup. Got promoted and won the cup. Nostradamus has spoken.
  4. heppers

    Lookman deal done....wow

    I love your mums
  5. heppers

    Lookman deal done....wow

    If Ricardo Minge is impressed so am I.
  6. I can’t believe we will be going to Wembley twice. Promotion via the play off final and winning the FA Cup. What a season it is going to be.
  7. heppers

    3 Year Plan

    People would still complain
  8. heppers

    3 Year Plan

    To be fair I would be spent
  9. heppers

    3 Year Plan

    Year 1 - get promotion via play offs. Year 2 - win premier league Year 3 - win the premier league, FA Cup and Champions League
  10. heppers

    Westwood and Winall

    With that hair he is well fit
  11. heppers

    Last three games

    The form of champions Book the Wembley hotel on our way!!
  12. heppers

    Westwood and Winall

    He is fit
  13. Only after you've potted a red...