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  1. I can’t see us winning just fielding 8 players. Novel idea though.
  2. Not great. What bothered me more was the discussion. Surely we practice set pieces in training? It should have been a well rehearsed drill with everyone knowing what they had to do. Sadly, nobody had a clue.
  3. Imagine building a 6 foot scarecrow with floppy hair and a body made out of balsa wood. Use a baked bean for its heart and a pea for it brain. Watch the wind blow it around the field. You have just made Adam Reach. A poor footballer and a poor specimen of a man.
  4. I think it is just denial. Part of the grieving process.
  5. BB has an unusual personal relationship with DC. Unusual in the sense he speaks to him directly about managers, coaches, etc... He is well paid, seeing out his career and enjoying his horses.
  6. It seems to me that DC has an income stream rather than a large pot of money. He bought us in instalments. He doesn’t have a buffer to deal with cash flow problems. He has said the loan against the ground is one he was unaware of. That is quite frankly not true. All debts were disclosed when he bought the club. If any came to light afterwards Milan would be liable for them. I think we are in a very dangerous place and I worry whether our club has any future at all. We are a loss making business with no ground and a chairman that is not interested
  7. I agree. Sadly, DC selling puts us in a lottery of foreign ownership again. Might be better. Might be worse. He may even decide to just sit it out. It is a dog’s dinner. Football at large has it’s issues. We have own set of problems. I don’t see it improving.
  8. You are right. Everything starts with the foundations. DC has failed to lay solid foundations.
  9. I am told he pretty much runs the show, speak directly with DC.
  10. Hard to argue against those stats but I don’t rate Rhodes at all.
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