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  1. heppers

    Bannan last niight

    I agree. That spell in the second half where every pass out of defence went to one of their players. Dreadful.
  2. heppers

    Derby game in March

    Nuhiu hatrick if he went to the Stain.
  3. heppers


    I agree. Had anyone but Morgan Fox had that chance 2 yard out we would have scored. We should have had a penalty too. A good point and they look good.
  4. heppers

    Proving his Point...

    I agree. These people coming on here with positivity. It's a disgrace. Hopefully when he dives the wrong way and lets a goal in we will all just put it down to bad luck.
  5. heppers

    The City Is Theirs

    Silly Billy
  6. He could well be a Wednesday legend if we don't boo him out of town.
  7. heppers

    The City Is Theirs

    Yep. With a 0-0 draw.
  8. We showed character but we were outclassed. i am up to a 6
  9. heppers

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    Not as nervous as Carlos looked against Udders
  10. Watching it I wished we would play like United. We did however set up well to defend and frustrate a better team on their own turf. It worked. We did seem to make real school boy errors when trying to clear the ball. Fox's miss and him giving away a penalty sum him up for me. Dawson was excellent.
  11. heppers

    Dem Blades

    I fear the worst.....
  12. All players are wearing Chansiri masks and boycotting stripes in his honour.
  13. heppers

    Forestieri screamer

    I'll have a pint of what you are on.
  14. heppers


    We need to defend like lions and get Reachinho to rifle a couple in from long range. Oinkers 0 Blue and white dynamite 2