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  1. Astonishing that this is still our only plan B. Ilike Big Dave and so ha every manger we have had. However, it does show how little we have progressed.
  2. Many managers aim to frustrate our crowd knowing we get on the teams back. it is a shame.
  3. I could not agree more. However, I don't see him as a future England player. He is however a fantastic player at this level and has proven his worth given what was a relatively high transfer fee at the time. He is worth decent money and we should not be selling him cheap.
  4. Adam Reach a future England winger. Wowzers trousers.
  5. I am delighted for Winnall. He could be like a new signing under Monk.
  6. We have been screaming for an experienced manager. Monk has been appointed. We have had a reasonable start to the season and have some decent looking signings. Where is your Whelm?
  7. I think his playing days are behind him.
  8. The play off final was the key moment for me. It was so obvious our midfield was too lightweight. It seemed obvious to everyone. With a couple of key signings we could have gone up the following season. How can nothing have really changed since?
  9. A friend of mine was a board member at Palace. He said Pulin was on £50k a week. However, his training staff cost a fortune. He has numerous coaches, a psychologist, nutritionist, etc... What support does Bullen have? What did Stuart Gray have? Maybe money would be better spent on coaching staff.
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