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  1. I think something is going on in terms of appearance fees, etc... Something is not right.
  2. I would rather be going out all guns blazing and losing 5-4 than this rubbish.
  3. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    I'd take Megson orPearson on a short term contract until end of season.
  4. I didn't even bother watching. Opted to go out with my wife and her mate. Only checked score when I got home and just laughed. I didn't get a threesome. In fairness if I wanted to disappoint 2 people at once I would take my mum and dad for dinner.
  5. On way home

    Dog pooh. wednesday end another run without a win. Always us.
  6. Theories are banned. Especially conspiracy theories. Don't forget, do not ever have an agenda....
  7. Where are you? Where are yoooouuuuuuu?
  8. In all fairness I really hope you are right.
  9. 0 - 10 -3 is already off the scale.
  10. I am at an all time low for me. 2
  11. I think you have this rimming thing all wrong.......
  12. Just logged on to post but to be fair I am not that bothered. Whelm = 2 Come on Wednesday. Zzzzz
  13. He said the same thing last season but with different players.