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12 minutes ago, danblakemore said:

Every time we play at home, more and more seats vanish from the north west corner

Maybe they’re removing one seat and one brick at a time so that eventually we might not even notice that it was even there in the first place

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1 minute ago, CircleSeven said:

I’m just going to enjoy it for what it is. It’s just nice to see us score a few goals. 

Yep, exactly. If I'm pissed off when we've been dogshit, I can't complain when we finally get it together.


Patto will be great in L1, tbf.

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Immense strength from Paterson:


A boot square to the shoulder has transmitted the shock straight through to his brain, and down he went holding his head. 


Going to need a fainting couch in the box at this rate 

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6 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

A really sickening frustrating performance for me. Why do this when we are almost certain to go down. 


If it makes you so sick why don't you turn it off and do something else instead?


I've enjoyed it to be honest.

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