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  1. There will surely have been an assessor sat somewhere in the stand. It will be interesting to see where he refs next week, or does that only happen in the premier League.
  2. The pump forward isn't working. We simply Lise possession and they're on the attack
  3. Fletcher as battering ram is ok, but there needs to be follow up which thus far is lacking.
  4. No hight other than Fletcher long punt forward then nothing.
  5. Then he needs a kick up the Arris.
  6. Useless or under instruction? He seems more than happy to take a booking at times he's that slow. Annoys the hell out of me when players are in acre's of space, yet he takes so long. Again, is it simply instructions.
  7. Me neither sadly, in reality were we ever going to pay compensation to any club? It was hope rather than expectation sadly.
  8. Just watched press conference for the 1st time. I just wondered if there's so many constraints behind the scenes that there was very few who wanted the role. However, the one bit I did pick out was when Monk said you have to have the right mentality in this league. That's something we've lacked for years. Bruce might have started to work on it, but let's hope Gary continues it and he becomes the most successful Wednesday manager ever. Because if not, then what's the point. I don't care what he does, how he does it, as long as we get results. Not my choice, but right now he's our manager and deserves our support.
  9. Well that shouldn't take too long. Hopefully not as number 2.
  10. DC genuinely was giving Bullen every opportunity? After QPR decided he's seen enough. Hope to goodness Bullen isn't number 2.
  11. Out of work, cheap. That's the qualities. I just wanted a manager with some bloody fire in him to kick this side into action.
  12. Knee jerk reactionbloody ell, Brexit will be sorted quicker at this rate.
  13. I'm blindly hoping that the delay is due to negotiating a settlement, or doing the gentlemanly thing and waiting until after Lincoln game this weekend. If it's not, and we are simply carrying on as before then we should be worrying.
  14. Doesn't want to say anything so says nowt. Even asks reporter is that the best you can do.
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