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  1. "I have heard nothing on them" Sounds About right for us. He will sit down with his Dad and discuss.
  2. marshy

    Efe ambrose

    Effe or Effin.
  3. I agree with that & just let them observe. Couple more defeats & the knives are out against his back room staff already.
  4. Saves Bruce making the same mistake hopefully.
  5. It doesn't take an awful lot in this league, 2-3 straight wins, confidence goes up, a bit of luck, lucky with injuries & away you go. Not rocket science really/ Just never happens to us.
  6. The defending was a complete & utter joke. Let's hope for a major change..
  7. Terrible defending. 3 men around & no one put a challenge in.
  8. 5 mil off his value there. Should have done much better. 1st goal kick from their keeper from our shot.
  9. No outlet, all over the place. P1ssin me off listening to tigers commentary.
  10. marshy

    IPTV..... ifollow

    Working now, although their commentary.
  11. marshy

    Hectors handball.

    If he was consistent he'd be playing for Chelsea. That's why he's out on loan, and will probably be sold. Can be excellent and on it big time, yet can also look like he's just got out of bed.
  12. marshy

    Clean sheet

    Not expecting to take them apart, but the performance was dire, & I don't believe that was how they set up. When they lost the ball they dropped deep effectively 2 solid banks of 4. You have to think of other ways rather than simply slinging balls in the box. On the odd occasion where we did play through we looked more successful. Far too many players had off days & Bruce hopefully won't stand for that regardless of who we play. Bad day all round there with the injuries. Let hope they're not serious.
  13. marshy


    On TV the pitch looked bobbly, the ball didn't seem to run true. No excuses, same for both sides, but it didn't look right.
  14. Oh, it's ok lads, we'll do this.