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  1. It isn't really a Carlsberg moment. It's just straight forward common sense.
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Gutted if he goes. But, our situation isn't good, so, how much is he worth for us to deal?
  3. Five wins in seven games

    And let's be reyt abaart it. We are not playing that well either. Hope springs eternal and all that
  4. Jack Hunt injured?

    Keep off the Jamaican Woodbines.
  5. Jack Hunt injured?

    Best out of the 3 by a mile.
  6. Well done Jos Luhukay!

    If that was his remit, then job done. it's a bleedin miracle with what he's had available really. It's such a crying shame that a guy we paid goodness knows how much for in JR hasn't been at the races since we signed him, but well done JR today. Hope he's turned a corner.
  7. Ex Wednesday player asked by local paper to write a weekly article giving an opinion. Some folk don't like what he says. Some do. Don't see the need for the mass hysteria. For the record and imho he's bang on. It's been happening far too long as well. If anyone could write an article as to why it's happening I'd love to read it
  8. Tomorrow's referee

    Doesn't matter who the ref is. I never quite understand the threads regards who's the ref for the game. Debate their performance afterwards, but before the game is pointless. ( No disrespect to the OP) We got far bigger issues than who the referee is.
  9. I did think this myself. You can't live your own dreams through your kids. Not saying he IS doing this mind you. it's all well & good chasing the cash IF this is the case, but George is young enough to recover from a nasty injury, where as David was a lot older.The whole damn thing needs sorting. Just a pity we never got to see him actually play in the 1st team proper, to see whether or not it was all hype, or was he as good as some make out.
  10. Out for the season sounds shocking, Going to miss 5 games is more palatable Both mean the same thing at this stage of the season.
  11. Since his arrival you have to ask yourself this. Has he had his best 11 to pick from? The answer is clearly not. He's had to swap and change most weeks through injury, and he's just got on with it. Personally, I did criticise him after the Ipswich game for his apparent lack of motivation, but looking at the reality, he surely deserves a crack with a fully fit squad doesn't he?
  12. Just updated this from a post by @owl44 Westwood - groin injury - operation -suffered setback - out 5 months Morgan Fox - hamstring - out 2 months ( now out for season) Joost Van Aken - hamstring - suffered setback - now needs operation - out 4 months (out rest of season) Sam Hutchinson - fractured leg and hernia operation - only played 7 games all season (now out all season) Barry Bannan - Assessment next week??? Ross Wallace - knee injury - operation - out 4 months(out for season) Kieran Lee - hip injury - 2nd operation - out 6 months(out for season) Steven Fletcher - knee injury - operation - out 5 months(out for season) Gary Hooper - groin/hip injury - out 4 months(looks like being out for rest of season) Sean Clare - ankle injury - operation - out 2 months(out rest of season) Almen Abdi - every part of his body - out for most of season (doubt we'll see him play this (season)
  13. A disagreeable incident

    Cockney's are born within the sound of the Bow Bells.
  14. Reach

    He wasn't at the races today I'll give you that
  15. Thought they were far superior to us in every department. Passed at times like Barca. Always appeared to have a man free. Wikdsmith makes a couple of great saves. My only gripe today is we didn't get stuck into them. But difficult if you don't have the ball.