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  1. marshy

    Just got back.

    Owlstalk wouldn't be the place it is without Nuhiu deviding opinion.
  2. He's just obsessed with us. Can be no other reason. Do your hear Klopp talking about Everton every game? Does Pep talk about Man utd ? Does Rodgers talk about Rangers? Does Pottachino talk about Arsenal? The list goes on. Such a bitter bitter man.
  3. marshy

    Joey Pelupessy

    Well done pumping cat.
  4. marshy

    Feel good factor returning!!!

    Just the type of post you'd expect from the filth.
  5. I'm Hank Marvin. Tea soon though.
  6. It's the pigs I think. He got confused.
  7. Man laughing. Woosh moment there pal.
  8. Exactly. I said at the end of the season we'd have done well to hang onto Westwood, Fessi & Bannen. Although I didn't expect the umbongo. That said, we've added 2 players from the Premiership, albeit young lads, well one is. they're there for a reason, otherwise they would get rid. Simple as. Fessi still here, Bazza signed a new contract Joao signed a new contract. We now have to trust the manager & support the lads. Things could be worse, we could have been it talks to sign Martin Cranie.
  9. Sheffield United in talks to sign former Middlesbrough and Huddersfield defender Martin Cranie. #sufc #twitterblades #WBA
  10. marshy


    Reply saying they said same about Bannen.
  11. So, who's incoming then?
  12. They would have been fantastic signings in their day