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  1. It's nothing short of criminal that a team, at home, with our calibre of players was incapable of at least hitting the target on one occasion. We're slow in our build up play, very predictable and probably easy to play against. Again, we're back to the no plan B.
  2. Could have been worse, it might have been a piggy pe bag.
  3. I remember him as a kid. He was hard as nails. I remember my dad saying not many got past him and if they did he'd make sure they knew about it.
  4. They are not good though. Thank god I have a ST so there's no "putting up" as you call it. I've already "put" up.But to joe bloggs with a couple of kids is going to have to dig deep.
  5. £39 on the South for a non member v Dull City. Ouch!!!!
  6. little bazza

    Eye, I could see that too. Get him tied down. Can't see that happening, in fact if we're as close to ffp as some have said, then it may go a long way to easing it. Trouble is players like that don't grow on trees.
  7. Great work, but if we're aiming for top 2 and autos, there's even more to do. Just have to keep grinding them out.
  8. Lets not go all defensive now.
  9. QPR didn't allow them their usual fast tempo & equally got at them from the off. The had done to them which they've been doing all season in getting that very early goal.
  10. Trick Or Treat

    Giving cash!!! Feck that. The little gits will get a refresher at bloody best. And that until 5..30 only.
  11. Knowing our luck he'd pull his hamstring 1st game.
  12. The Delusional Duo

    Also said Matthias is fit too.
  13. all things Thai

    Must admit, we do look sh8te at the moment.
  14. Millwall up next

    Thought we'd beat Barnsley, look how that went!!! Milwall will be a far better side than Barnsley. They will cause us problems. We needed 6 points from those 2 games, at best we might get 4. We are seriously going to have to go on a remarkable run if we are to achieve anything.