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  1. I don't blame Sam if the deal is on the table & he takes it. Not his fault. I just blame the absolute feckin clown who put it there in the first place. How on God's green earth is that looking to the future in anyone's book. It's just getting to the point of you deserve everything you get. No-one in their right mind can support this guy. It's just beyond stupidity.
  2. Do you not think though that trait is often there with winners ? I exclude wilder here, as I think he simply got lucky, and he was never going to sustain that level. But, Jose mardy but a winner, klopp, mardy but a winner, even Pep, mardy when lost but a winner. Even Ferguson hated losing and showed a mardy side. I just think certain characters are that way-especially when winning on such a regular basis. They can't take losing. Wilder is simply a mardy arse period.
  3. Eye, A world wide pandemic just might have got something to do with it. I can seriously see more clubs in difficulty.
  4. When a chairman in our position just a few weeks ago says that he thinks the playoffs are out of reach now, you know you have problems.
  5. But don't worry eh, DC has it all in hand. WTF is going on?
  6. Well he certainly went up in my estimation. Think we should give him a go
  7. Worst move ever was not bringing in Howard Wilkinson. Would have kept the club, and in turn DC safe. Knows the game, the sharks etc. What a mess.
  8. It used to work when the lecky bill was paid. Was an excellent sign. Wish we had it now.
  9. If this was / is the case and there is nothing to prove it either way, although it was rumoured that Pulis was a contact of Mr Amadeu, what ever his name is, then surely to goodness, anyone would turn round and say ok, you've given it a go, with your choice, now lets see what my other advisor comes up with this time? Or do you always agree with him, because he has more power than we think he has,in which case why have other "advisors"
  10. Exactly, there's nothing wrong with the "head coach" system and method of recruitment, but it HAS to be done correctly with a clear plan. We on the other hand ain't got a clue and just want to do it his way. That method will never ever work.
  11. There's a heap of difference between a European way of doing things, and the way DC appears to operate when it comes to managers and their roles. The key reason why Sourhampton's manager, Brentford's boss etc etc and even to a degree the way it worked for us with Carlos in season 1 was because it was done correctly. In Carlos's 1st season we had what was it, 15 new players. Ok, some didn't work out, that's football, but in the main it did work. Ask yourself why. Well, we had the "comittee" or what ever you wanted to call it. We had football people doing football jobs. Carlos w
  12. https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/18958888.go-wrong-watford-vladimir-ivic/ Not the greatest way of getting players motivated. I can't see him lasting too long here if he goes down that route. Sir Alex could be an abosolute tyrant, yet managed to get the best out of his players. If he comes here with the heavy attitude, players will simply get him fired. Dull defensive football. I genuinely feel we're missing a trick with Paul Cook.
  13. He's only saying what we already know. We've all said, oh this manager, oh that manager, but it won't make a blind bit of difference. Until either he goes, or appoints someone to run football matters who can find his arse with both hands nothing changes. We have a control freak imho who hires and fires without taking a look at the cause of the problems.
  14. Surely by now IF we were talking to Cook, it would have been sorted wouldn't it? What else can they be talking about? The weather in Thailand?
  15. He takes the banter well, but fans hate it when he gives it.
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