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  1. I though he should have closed the guy down & stopped the cross, but hey, it's his 1st full International cap,& I don't care who you're playing, unless it's Scotland it's not an easy game. The lad is bound to be nervous.
  2. We are getting talked about. Amazing how Bruce gets more airtime than than that thrower down the road, despite them moving to 2nd. Class always shows through
  3. So many players playing as if they've never seen a football . Shocking really.
  4. I still think there's s player in Winnall, and a future for Rhodes given a decent supply line. Firstly Winnall was treated poorly imho, scores winner in a derby then dropped a week later. What signal does that send out? He goes to Derby and did very well. So much so he'd have been offered a deal by Rowett baring the injury then his sacking. Rhodes although not setting it alight did well at Norwich, again with the supply could still do ok. Puki's form though means Rhodes ain't getting anywhere near, and he'll be sent back if they're promoted
  5. The quality for me was awesome. However, the same can't be said for the camera man. I think he'd been on the pop
  6. Boyd with three opportunities to clear there FFS
  7. We've had chances, but nothing sticking up top
  8. I'm beginning to worry that Bruce might actually rate Boyd. Let's hope it's just a ploy.
  9. And knowing our luck a straight red. I completely agree however, as my Dad always says, let me know early doors they're in a game
  10. As Bruce said, it's the tickly bit around the corner that can cause problems. A realisation that the premier league and all it brings can cause a side to buckle. How many times have Derby amongst others been up there only to fail at the final few Furlong's? However, there's always a side that comes from nowhere without any real expectations. Let's hope, despite it being a long shot it just might be us.
  11. He indicated to the bench he wanted to come off. Knock perhaps, or, he'd had enough.
  12. He's not saying anything that most supporters don't already know. The squad will be broken up and for the main " unrecognisable" You don't have to be a prophet to know that.
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