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  1. One creative, able to pass forward or out to flanks, and a beast is my choice. However, it's a journey with a new side which we must not forget. It will take time to get it right.
  2. I don't think we can start to begin telling the manager when they should be doing in training. I'd rather thek ask themselves on the coach back what could & should I have done today better than I did. I'm sure that will occupy a few hours back. That said, I thought our midfield needed beef from the word go today.
  3. To be fair, it IS their cup final, you can tell by the attendance and the celebrations. We need to beaware of that fact and set out our stall from the word go. Our midfield was wrong today, but we have more than enough quality to perform better than we did.
  4. Plymouth got it bang on and celebrated like they had won a final. They won’t play like that each week. The point we must learn and quickly is that teams will treat playing us like a cup final and we must Be up for it for the word go and we were nowhere near up for it. I don’t want to get into a blame game, but that midfield needed some beef from the off. Worryingly we’ve had 2 weeks training and come up with very little. Now you need to earn your corn Mr Moore and sort this. Im not in the promotion camp, I never was, but I expect better performances than that.
  5. Absolutely. The worry tho as others have mentioned is that the only improvement thus far is they haven’t scored. We’ve just not had a plan and if we have it hasn’t worked. And Bazza should have buried that.
  6. They are quicker to every ball. No excuses for that.
  7. Completely agree. The lad from Wolves looked decent at the weekend, could do without him picking up a knock, not to mention Adeniran. Be shi1ting bricks every time they go in for a challenge.
  8. The sixth post is quality about him. "I'd rather visit my dump specimin"
  9. Always hated going into a break on a defeat last season. Now we have a defeat in L1 going into the same. Difference is, I think we will have a team to be proud of. You can see what we're trying to do and despite a defeat we sit in 2nd position. It's not all bad. Not at all. I mean we could be 2nd bottom with 2 points.
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