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  1. Pulis, Megson, Goodness me no thanks. Lets rip up everything that we've doing, even under the snake and throw the lot away in favour of hoof ball. We take the p1ss out of sides who come & play this way. Let's not end up back there ourselves.
  2. Quite right, it's ok Bully saying 6 strikers for him isn't a problem, but it clearly is. You can't Keep 6 happy without constant rotation. A few are either going to be p1sswd off or be happy to just collect a wage. We need a few off the books. Bully surely recognises this, or he should.
  3. Well, I'd say he knows the club inside out. Not a pre requisite agreed, but useful none the less. He knows the players inside out, personalities performances etc with exception of the new lads. He's already got a relationship with them and yes, I'd say they trust him. That's viral to getting across your ideas and getting buy in. Probably knows who we need in addition to what we have. Now here's the difficult bit. Has he got good contacts within the game? Possibly not. He might know who they are, but has he got the relationships? Everyone has to start somewhere though. A new manager will need time to assess the squad, time that we ain't got. Bully knows what's needed. My biggest worry is can he handle the defeats? It saps confidences quickly and for me he's great when we're doing ok, but I worry for him when we aren't.
  4. Let Chansiri's lawyers deal with it now eh folks? We all know what a vile individual he is. Let the Geordies deal with him. He's their problem now. No point in wasting breath on him. Onwards and upwards. We're Wednesday,
  5. I think so too. Ticks many boxes etc, but no right option for me. Love the fella, but not the one for this job right now imho.
  6. Only negged it mate for one simple reason. I'm of the total opposite view. I'd hate it, & I mean hate it if it went t1ts up at some point. Our fans, like many others I suppose can get quite rotten when the going gets really tough and goodwill only lasts so long. Bully is a fantastic bloke, done everything for this club & I think it would kill him to hear fans booing etc. The good times can get easily lost & we focus on the negative. He's a top class fella both on & off the field. Please DC keep Bully close, but not that close.
  7. I completely take your point, but, I still stand by the comments I made about him ultimately being a better coach right now. Now learning along side a good manager is a different kettle of fish. Plus, out of everyone, I'd hate us to turn on him if it went boobies up
  8. My last image of Bullen as a caretaker was him as good as in tears, virtually pleading verbally for DC to get his man following our getting stuffed at home to Burton. I think he's happy to coach, but being the boss is completely different.
  9. To be fair, Sky have an agenda with anything that isn't Premier League, or Derby County, although that one might simmer slightly. Oh, and Leeds.
  10. That's absolutely fantastic. Needs sharing on as many platforms as possible. Nufc fans would love it
  11. Personally, and it's only my opinion, I don't think we've received it. But, I clearly have no proof.
  12. Thank fizz you aren't looking after my cabbages.
  13. The statement, or lack of thus far is clearly the chairman's decision. However, the fact that they're still on the site as Swfc employees to me imho suggests we've been advised to say and do jack right now, so we're not implicated. I don't think we've heard the last of this. I do think Ashley has simply thought feck this, I'm not waiting any longer. I'll set him on, and deal with any ramifications later.
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