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  1. 100 big ones. There's less in the transfer thread.
  2. That may happen when the transfer officially goes through & George's contract ends.End of June/ beginning July.
  3. It would, he might smack him. Big lad that Borukov.
  4. It's like one of those turds that just won't flush.
  5. Why the truth necessarily? that could suggest the chairman has been economical with it. Do you mean the Hirst side of the story?
  6. Eye, seems to be the case. Nowt like a good home game during the festive period.
  7. They're all tough. It's the championship.
  8. marshy

    Andy rhodes

    How true is this?
  9. marshy

    One For The Ladies

    Did they all go to the same flip flop shop?
  10. marshy

    One For The Ladies

    Whose the guy in the hat that Fletch is holding onto in case he falls over and injures his self again.
  11. marshy

    Final friendly

    Very good workout. Just what's needed.
  12. marshy

    Our fire sale

    So do I to a degree. But if a stupid offer comes in for the likes of Fessi, we may not have an option. Chansiri's going to look a bit daft though if we do sell one or two of them following what he said in that stupid bloody survey. Especially given the prices we're paying. Interesting times ahead.