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  1. According to Nancy whoever she is at the Star, yes let's all yawn, we're interested. Along with Derby, Middlesborough & Swansea.
  2. I think the Bundesliga 2 ends this weekend. Their chairman said something along the lines of him being left out of last 2 games. He'll clearly have to train and will be under contract until whenever. Patience folks. He'll sign.
  3. Rather we signed Obi Wan Kenobi.
  4. What ever the case I hope Westwood makes his decision sharpish. We don't want to have this dragging on well into the Summer for him to decide he's going. It would leave us in a bad position and we could end up with Dawson who imho just isn't ready yet. A quick decision would at least give us a fighting chance, but sadly I think we'll be weaker without him regardless
  5. I don't think anyone could disagree with that.
  6. João is such a frustrating player imho. There's clearly a player in there somewhere. He possesses everything needed. But, rarely shows what he can do. So bloody idle imho
  7. This exactly. Whether we could afford him or not, which I don't believe we could for the record. It's that sort of deal that got us into this mess. Let the pigs sign him. No jealousy on my part.
  8. You could well be right mate. I can recall though coming down Langsett AVE in recent years during the close season and seeing the top surface taken off and reseeded.
  9. Think it always is mate after the final training session.
  10. The future is looking so good for our kids it really is. Well done lads.
  11. They are completely a breed of their own, they really are.
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