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  1. Wouldn’t expect anything less really from him.
  2. Man U AC Inter juve have now stepped away from ECA. Football European Commission.
  3. Much of it will be determined by any sort of embargo. If we’re in it then expect many of this season’s flops to be present next season, if they don’t get deals elsewhere. Followed by the standard “ I never wanted to leave this great club “ rounduns. The biggest hope is that we’re not embargoed.
  4. As posted earlier, if it’s the champions league then it should simply be for the champions of that country. Expended to make it more interesting, rounduns expended for more money imho. So, whilst uefa are up in arms they need to think why clubs are doing this, simply for money which is what they tried to achieve by expanding the competition in 1st place. Its all wrong and none of it is about the fans and that includes the current CL format. Finals thousands of miles away with a half empty stadium simply due to money. sadly it’s not for the fans any longer. It stopped being abou
  5. Tend to find most pens are hit hard now days. Keepers are much more athletic. He sidefooted it quite softly I thought and as good as rolled it across the floor. Give the thing some welly and get some height on it. Any how, it's done and dusted now.
  6. V a vide with 10 men for virtually all the game who can't buy a win. Just shows our fragile mentality.
  7. we look like we've been playing 120 mins in 40 degree heat!!!!
  8. Down the flanks to stretch them. If nothing on, come back inside & try the other one. Not too hard Wednesday, yet we are making ir so difficult.
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