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  1. Very true, but I did say I was playing advocate.
  2. Playing devils advocate here for a min. So, DC looks to sell club to a megga rich owner. He lays his plans down as wanting to build a modern state of the art ground for the club with brand new training facilities etc. Now, or for the next 5 years at least he's prevented from doing so because of the ruling is he not? he can only develop what is already there yes? Surely a new owner would want to sell the land IF we were to move? Could this put someone off buying us?
  3. Very true, because IF he'd have had an absolute shocker last weekend the reaction would have been totally different. I actually think the club have done the right thing for once in not giving him a contract longer than necessary to judge how he is.
  4. Looks like it’s going to happen then. Good luck to the lad. Any reinforcement has to be a humus surely? Can’t say I know owt about him like.
  5. When they won 3on spin or whatever it was, my pig mate was “ we’re moving now, watch us go” since then, lost in cup, lost to Derby and chucked a two goal lead away against 10 men. Yep, that’s moving and watching em go. Not seen him since.
  6. Nah, not at all. As soon as anyone else comes in who is able to offer any sort of fee no matter how small just puts us out of the game. Baring any sort of misdemeanour we are allowed to spend in the Summer, but how much is another matter. Lets face it, they're likely to go up and so you can't blame him in the slightest. Sadly, it's how we have to operate right now, but we all know who is to blame for that.
  7. Any how, the lad Beavers!!!!!!! That brings back memories.
  8. Not being able to pay any sort of fee is and will continue to hamper us going forward.
  9. Well, has any local or national news outlet picked up or reported on it? Yet some mate of a Wednesday fan says there was a meeting. Hmmmm, smelling summat.
  10. I think we’d be the only club he’d be prepared to drop a league for, if there’s other interest.
  11. Strong, solid, reliable leader. Captain material. 31 but vastly experienced and that experience can make up for those few yards of pace he may have lost. Savy defender. No brainer IF he wants to drop down again. Getting him to drop another league is the ask though.
  12. It’s all ok, we’ll get back on the training pitch. Kaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Just not cutting it for me. He may not like media duties, he might despite his career get very nervous, and I get that. But listening to him he sounds like a manager who’s just been interviewed straight off a park pitch after a kids game. You know the ones, them that have their initials on their coat like as if they’re a proper manager.
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