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  1. Only on Owlstalk can a thread about a young star of the future on our radar from Man Utd, end up with a bloke tied to a ramp with greased nads.
  2. Problem is IF they’re decent they end up going back and you can lose that momentum. Look at the p1gs as an example. Morgan Gibbs White was scoring for fun. They ain’t a chance there now.
  3. Some folk design some real good stuff, in many cases far better than the templates from actual manufacturers. So thumbs up to who did these. Just not so sure on the third. Millwall sprang to mind as soon as I saw it. Home and away are very good imo.
  4. He may be a year older but he’s damn savy in front of goal. He doesn’t need pace, he has a nack of being in the right place, stealing a yard and with the right ball it’s a goal. That’s worth keeping hold of.
  5. Open one then, parcels are often damaged on delivery nudge nudge.
  6. Not really sure why the examiner felt the need to print it. There’s nothing we don’t already know about it that probably isn’t common news anyway. We are where we are and we all know why. Until he goes we gotta make the best of it and focus on improving.
  7. To be fair, with our history with players I’ll reserve judgment. We have thus uncanny habitat of making decent players crap overnight.
  8. One of those players who by the sounds of it needs another challenge in order to regain his form.
  9. That will have gone over so many heads. Old un's will know. Amos, Amos, get that horse outat bar!!! Neeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy Mr Wilks.
  10. Sam Durrant, sounds like a headliner at a gig.
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