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    True, but the likes of Paul Mcgrath didn't train on a regular basis especially towards the end of his career. Didn't stop him being a damn good defender though.
  3. marshy

    Not the man

    If we have not got the cash to spend, & you have injuries, and potentially instruction from above not to play certain players, you either fold, or you galvanise what you have. You develop a mean spirited side, one that although lacks talent, has a backbone. It's a side that week in week out goes up against the odds & gives it's all. You then have Sheffield Wednesday.
  4. Dawson needs resting for his own confidence. He'll be taking much of it personally & this isn't ALL his fault. The wee wee poor defence in front isn't helping, and neither is the manager constantly changing it. Beginning to fear, I really am.
  5. You're not wrong there. It's damn bloody serious. He has no idea of his best 11 even when others have been fit, and the goals conceded week in week out just tops it off.
  6. Yep, and lets be right, they ain;t that good. They have a way of playing and it works for them. I'd love to see them with our injury crisis. But credit where it's due.
  7. All up hill from here i think.
  8. With how we concede I'd say we need about 5.
  9. Terrible by Lee's. Absolutely terrible. But that should not be the teams excuse for being pathetic and lack luster all night thus far.
  10. Fair assessment to be fair.Take the plaudits then take the criticism.
  11. Everything coming straight back. Poor ball retention by us
  12. Nothing sticking when we do get it up there.