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  1. Think Wilder will be sattisfied with the prtformance to be fair.
  2. It's a worry, it really is. But that's SWFC to a tee.
  3. BB was the least of the issues today. Collectively, the performance was nothing short of a joke.
  4. As the Chairman, i'd be busting my balls to get Paul Cooke or Ryan Lowe through the door. This season is simple in one sense. Get out of the bottom 3 and stay there. Easier said than done, but IF we go down I really do fear for us. Is DC going to allow his investment to go even further down the toilet, because right now it's looking like it. The next two are pivitol in our season for me they really are. If we can't get wins then I worry big style.
  5. Eye, but it p1sses off the blades. Not the top dogs.
  6. 1st hero as a kid for me. He'd be sent off every week these days. My dad always thought he was fair though. Used to say he'd get the ball, and almost certainly got the man.
  7. Cladding, lots of cladding. Straight, curved, short, tall, thick, thin. Lots of cladding. Seems to work elsewhere.
  8. you won't find many better, they will certainly be up there.
  9. We're playing a damn good side. We are average at best, and even the average side is suffering an injury crisis.
  10. The amount of injuries we have at this club is feckin unreal is really is.
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