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  1. I'm not a huge Monk fan if there is such a thing, and yes i've often been very critical of his approach etc, but there's one thing i'm convinced of, and it's that IF DC is going to keep Monk on for thr forseeable then he needs to allow Monk to sort his back room staff. You could look at his tenure thus far, and despite it being not the best record by any stretch the fact remains he's had to make do and mend. If we are talking about clean sweeps on the pitch player wise etc, it needs to apply off the field behind Monk too.
  2. That seriously worth contacting the club over.
  3. It's an obvious statement really. No-one wants to play in a lower league.
  4. A young kid making his way in the game being compared to one who has played numerous games at both club level in two countries as well as being a previous youth international for Holland and who imho is still a poor footballer. so yes, the lad did ok.
  5. And there's the key, we are consistantly inconsistent. Credit due today, but these are the things we need to change. We have to build a mentality of giving everything & never giving in.
  6. Apart from backpass and free header, but I agree, he's done well.
  7. Time after time after time after time. Season after season after season. Year after year after year. So frustrating it's unreal.
  8. He has, and I'd be well annoyed if we didn't win this.
  9. We simply have to score. If there's any justice ffs.
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