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  1. 7 of the 11 that played yesterday we're involved in the play off final v Hull. Talk about a side that needs breaking up.
  2. Don't hold your hopes on anyone decent in January. Clubs don't tend to release decent players in January, loan or not. You have to be damn lucky or Chris Wilder to get anything decent. Poor window imho.
  3. Clearly a mental issue. Monk isn't a psychiatrist, the manager can't legislate for such errors. The players need to sort that themselves. Such a disappointment, although half hour ago I was heart attack material. Saving grace. Monk needs his own players. We're still up there.
  4. Rumours flying round NANDO under house arrest due yesterdays floods.
  5. https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/target-area/123FWF617
  6. Even were it to stop now, river levels would continue to rise. Perhaps not as quickly, but they'd still rise. With Sheffield being built on 7 hills, all that water has to flow somewhere, and there's one place it's heading.To the already swelling rivers.
  7. I genuinely hope so, I really do. Far too many players at this club part of the Carlos regime who should not be here. Sentiment has to go, it really does.
  8. On another note I'd love us just for once, be it away, or at home to just fwckin go for it from word go. If you have those players who can of course can't be that difficult can it? Our porcine neighbours sit 6th ffs in the premier League doing it. Might not last, hope it doesn't, but at times we're so fwckin boring.
  9. Didn't fancy us at all today. Even less so after seeing no Bannen. Best player we have, and he can be poor at times. 10 corners and nothing. We get one undeserved imho, yet again failing to see it out, you can't legislate for a deflection, but our play all game was poor.
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