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  1. Think Moore could have given himself an extra min to think about it. Think he acted too quickly.
  2. Perhaps so, but he’s angry and frustrated. Plenty of players throw the toys out in that situation by removing any arm around them. Coach was a complete tool and equally acted poorly. So much so the idiot could have seen red. leave player to cool down.
  3. That stretch of railway is an absolute joke and has been for years. We have family in Norfolk, but when travelling there by train it's a nightmare, and almost always in my experience it always seems to be centered around Peterborough area. Those lines and overhead have needed upgrading for donkey's. The East Mids train from Liverpool lime street to Norwich can be an absolute killer from Sheffield. I've flown to Spain quicker. Big shame whatever for those who may miss tonight because of all this. Weather can't be helped if it is to do with that, but the ability to deal better with it can.
  4. that will have gone over so many heads. Absolutely brilliant work.
  5. Drop another one like that and your walking home.
  6. Spot on idea. Wait until the rich old un's start moaning because they can't park their 1980's E type Jag. Joking aside, it would need to fetch some revenue to at least equate to or even be better than the money the club receive for yearly parking permits. Therefore I wonder if it's simply for the friendly v the La Liga side who's name escapes me this minute.
  7. Wonders if the cherry picker is for the new lights?
  8. Vaulks needs to find his legs. He’s left em somewhere. No way I’d let him go. Young, raw, but talented. Give him time.
  9. You know what, even without promotion I'd be proud to wear both of those. Excellent kits.
  10. Absolutely not, and not condoning it in any way but, I bet if you took a cross section of a number of their fans and other fans OUTSIDE London, they’d probably have a larger amount of disposable income even in a cost of living crisis than other areas of the country. Still disgusting prices however you look at it.
  11. Thing is we know this league now and having the “names “ count for nothing. If they are not up for it EVERY game they will get punished.
  12. I must admit it sticks in the throat slightly that they should even be in a position to compete for “decent “ players
  13. Only on Owlstalk can a thread about a young star of the future on our radar from Man Utd, end up with a bloke tied to a ramp with greased nads.
  14. Problem is IF they’re decent they end up going back and you can lose that momentum. Look at the p1gs as an example. Morgan Gibbs White was scoring for fun. They ain’t a chance there now.
  15. Dual position player, music to Moore’s ears.
  16. Some folk design some real good stuff, in many cases far better than the templates from actual manufacturers. So thumbs up to who did these. Just not so sure on the third. Millwall sprang to mind as soon as I saw it. Home and away are very good imo.
  17. He may be a year older but he’s damn savy in front of goal. He doesn’t need pace, he has a nack of being in the right place, stealing a yard and with the right ball it’s a goal. That’s worth keeping hold of.
  18. They may as well reduce stuff in shop now then.
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