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  1. Hope the poor lad doesn't like mushrooms.
  2. Amazing really, because had the police have done what they said they were going to do, which was keep United supporters in the ground for 15 mins after the final whistle then this wouldn't be an issue. But they released them at the same time, thus contributing imho to an already inflamed situation. So in their infinite wisdom, they have decided to create additional congestion to an already very busy area. Smart, very smart indeed.
  3. Yep it's a pity, but absolutely no guarantees he'd still be the same player. He did seem to fit in well but 5 million in his last year is beyond a scandal and I'm thankful it appears we've learned lessons. At the end of the day, he could be playing for the pigs next season, how bad would that feel? We move on knowing it's been a good window for us.
  4. Hamburg haven't rated anyone since Keegan left.
  5. Takes a few hours to get to Norwich, especially if you get stuck behind a bloody tractor on the a 47 outside Swaffham. He'd better set off now. Just incase
  6. Now that would be quite something, but I don't think he feels that sorry for us.
  7. Deadline is tomorrow. Plenty of time.
  8. Am I right in that everything closes at 5 pm tomorrow, transfer window and loan window. Nothing after that
  9. Taking his dog for a walk round the toon, last spotted outside KFC on penistone road.
  10. About 6.5k writes for Sun Not too many to be fair. Isn't Murphy decent?
  11. I hope to goodness whilst we target Hector that another striker is on the list too. Despite Lucas being a bit part player, we're left with Fletcher who won't make a full season, Nando, Nuhiu,Rhodes( likely off too) and Winnall.
  12. I like games to be done and dusted well before the subs. It's no good for the old ticker.
  13. And the fact he's likely to snap someone in two.
  14. I don't see that he's been given away at all. He's a bit part player to be fair. I'd agree Winall or Nuhiu should be leaving, but in order for that there has to be takers, which there isn't. Can't sell what no-one wants to buy.
  15. Wish list. Hector. Hard tackling, ball winning beast in the middle. (far too light weight there) CarltonPalmer Striker. (Fletch WILL get injured) Winnall hardly played, rather we sell, but no takers right now. Nando is just Nando. Long lad is, well, long lad...(Gayle) but never gonna happen. What was the question again??????
  16. Pete o Rourke also writes for them. He's very rarely wrong. He called the Houghton not interested over a week ago. Worth a follow. Everyone also writes off HITC, he also gives them the odd scoop, so whilst they are not always right they do call certain ones right. If he retweets what they have wrote then chances are it may well happen. Like everything, some journalists are spot on, some just fill column inches
  17. This guy is rarely wrong. Think he reported over a week ago Hughton wasn't interested.
  18. He'd get injured or be poo knowing our luck.
  19. Misses this weekend V Dingles. Not great, but can't be helped.
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