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  1. At one point they said I bet swfc didn't see this coming. Oh believe me, we did. We always do.
  2. Two men over they had for the cross. 2 feckin men.
  3. No Bottle gutless wanke r s. There was absolutely zero intention of coming out this half and putting this game to bed.
  4. I would not want to wish our incumbent on Rolly. He's far too good for DC and Paxo. He knows more about football and swfc than they ever will.
  5. Personally, I have no issues with the family. His Father and Brother clearly know how to run a successful business looking at TUF. Just our luck to plump for the one who struggles to put it mildly.
  6. The thing is, you just know don't you? It's as certain as eating a wheatabix for breakfast and knowing full well you will need a crap soon afterwards.
  7. The one in seven is going to come to an end this weekend.
  8. That statement completely backs up the notion that he's never ever understood the workings of anything that isn't upper class. Our city, its clubs and supporters are in the main working class folk, so to charge what he has for tickets, including corporate boxes, walk ups etc just shows a complete lack of understanding. At worst an unwillingness to consider the life's of the majority of supporters, and the fact he's alienated thousands. Doing a better job, well no-one could do a worse one lets be fair.
  9. There's a few across our road. They start usually about eleven, and go on, and on and on and on repeat as per..... The ones on the back are even worse. They have the early shift.
  10. Brentford, one of the leagues best sides, capable of playing excellent football hve not won in 4. They come up against us, a renound side for giving up the ghost. The only thing nailed on I can see is a Brentford win, especially if they score first.
  11. He's running out of games to go again in.
  12. Just seen that. Wonder if duke of Edinburgh asked to watch the Wednesday and its finnishing him off.
  13. No Rhodes is one thing. Windass right now is another completely. Bur lets see.
  14. Eye that's true. So and so striker hasn't scored for months. Play against us and boom, he's on the score sheet. Ex players alway score against us and ex pigs too. But the killer is teams on poor runs, or those who ain't won at Hillsborough in decades.
  15. The damn result certainly was bloody madness.
  16. We're not tinpot at all. We haven't even got a pot to p1ss in.
  17. Plus a selection of pubs at the bottom, so you could get that p1ssed before you wouldn't notice the climb. Hey presto
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