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  1. Whilst feelings are starting to run high he’d do well to keep away. He won’t fancy it if this continues with the boos. There will end up being an article of fan bashing. We’re due one.
  2. He was,but his points still stand. Not goo enough. Right now I feel sorry for the players . One week it’s one position with one formation the next it’s another with another formation. They ain’t got a clue what is going off from week to week.
  3. Then changed him to opposite wing. Did anyone notice he was ready to come on then told to sit down? Moore waited for the Lincoln sub before deciding what to do Last min of 4 added on He takes the best corner of the game as BB didn’t fancy it. Just needed a head on it. Lad did well, but what the heck was Moore doing? Make you’re decisions Darren and let them worry about us ffs
  4. I’ve done that and ended up regretting it. Booked a holiday once too.
  5. I’m sure we must have a coach for everything. Has anyone taken a look at the team photo this season. More coaches than players nearly. Including Moore and his assistant I think I counted 20. Thought we were Man City at one point.
  6. OP has made some good points, but, to be fair I think the majority of sensible posters on here fully accept that this division is a bugger to get out of. More hard work than finesse, More fight than glory, More desire than reward, more grafting than tea breaking. In short, a team of want it more than the others tend to do better than the big time Charlie's. Just because of who we are sides will always raise their game against us and we have to be ready for that, yet in many cases I don't think we are.
  7. Not quite, he sits on the bench at best in a better league.
  8. I genuinely struggle to see what he's trying to do. That type of football has a place, better championship teams / premiership sides where players are much more comfortable on the ball. You can suddenly start to expect the likes on Iorfa and Dunklet to become great with the ball at their feet. We can't turn them into Maldini type players. Play to players strengths. Both Dunkley to a lesser degree but certainly Iorfa are kick it, head it and thump it away with a tackle thrown in too. Get them doing that even better, don't put unnecessary pressure on them by turning them into something they are not. I appreciate many aspects of the modern game require centre half's and fullbacks / wingbacks to be excellent with the ball at their feet, but come on Moore, we are in the dog and duck league ffs. Time and a place, and right now isn't that time or place. We're in a league of battlers. We need to match that side of the game and not fanny about with it, which has, and will continue to see us screw up.
  9. I'd have thought Chansiri wouldn't go back there. Honour and all that stuff which is very important in his culture. But I'm unsure if that applies to us as supporters. Especially those who are owed money. There are ways of doing things, and Bruce didn't handle his departure correctly.
  10. I fully understand where you're coming from, but as you and I both know, at the end of the season it won't matter one jot how many shots we had in that, or any other game for that matter, What will matter is how mant times we stuck it it the onion bag.
  11. No win after going behind in 2 years or luck has to change some time. doesn’t it?
  12. They can score em, but also conceed em. Draw all over. 18th in table.
  13. What the feck are you on about? Get off your high bloody horse I’m far too long in the tooth and too tired to be arguing with anyone on here about any football matter. I just thought we were discussing a point. My 1st post was in response to a poster who said that amount of folk who kick off simply because we haven’t won is unreal. I simply replied to that post. You were the one who waded in with it happens elsewhere, which I didn’t deny and started checking weekend results in your “ non scientific way” My only comment is that it just seems to happen to us frequently. Im not clever enough to be trying to win internet arguments. Apologies if I have misunderstood you in any way.
  14. As I said I’m not doubting it does happen. I just struggle with the frequency of how often it happens to us. How many points dropped is it from winning positions in the last few years? Not doubting it happens to a degree up and down the land, but in our case it’s as if we get our share plus a few others. we must be mentally stronger and be able to see games out. What’s the answer. Goodness only knows.
  15. Absolutely it does, and I wouldn’t dispute that. Up and down the land at 80 mins plus. What I would suggest is that those sides don’t do it as frequently as we do. And that is what becomes so frustrating.
  16. I disagree slightly there. It’s not that we haven’t won. Although I grant you there is an element who think we should steamroll everyone we play. Many cases are derived from our seemingly lack of ability to hang onto leads, and like Saturday just throw them away. It leads to frustration and lashing out because time after time it simply repeats itself. We’ have no God given right to beat sides, but no one can tell me that at 2 nil, most sides would not go on to win. I actually told my lad at 2 nil we could end up drawing, or worse loose it. I wonder what the odds were for the draw at 2-0. Might have to start looking.
  17. Excellent post so how is this dealt with in the short to eventually long term. We talk about a club culture, something not right and it has to be dealt with, but none of us are really sure how or where to start. Garry Neville love or loath him, often talks about fundamentals being wrong at this or that club and that this mentality needs to change. Now yesterday we again talked about the players and their lack of bottle but is it down to them? How can the new lads who joined in the Summer be tagged with that label? Chansiri, openly admits it isn’t his chosen area of expertise and he’s been in Thailand for goodness knows how long. And, yes he failed to pay players resulting in ultimate relegation, but not this season with 14 new players. The support, nah, not having that at all. We have amazing support considering everything we’ve put up with. So we still are no wiser in knowing. Ok, so it has to be a culture thing so as soon as they sign for us they are baptised into it. Is it a succession of generally poor players in the main. Released by clubs sent out all season on loan in the hope of getting some form back. I do know. Are our facilities poor.? Training ground, rotting huge stadium. Have we employed a succession of generally poor managers? Carlos aside. He wasn’t poor just stayed too long and should have been sacked after Huddersfield debacle. But, since big Ron have we had a manager who could turn mice into men and gave players the confidence they needed.? Even Wilder managed to throw a side together and get it playing to greater than the sum of its parts. So, is it the managers? Folk have said no it runs deeper but where? Can anyone tell me the source of the bloody Peckham spring? In some cases it’s as simple as the bloody tap. Sorry for the long post. Just thought’s.
  18. No, well, not the majority. Folk are fed up of chucking away leads. The problem is, I just don't see it "clicking" and neither do many. His job is to motivate and plan amongst othere things and right now he's a million miles away and showing little signs. I give you, it wasn't his fault we didn't take our chances, but changes needed to be made and it was just left.
  19. Absolutely brilliant post. Well done that man.
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