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  1. Mentality can be addressed if you have a manager that way inclined. Who would have thought the players Wilder signed would end up in the premiership. They would run through a wall for him. Can we say that about any of our players? Those players are there if they can be found. Are we prepared to take that gamble ?
  2. More bothered about why. The brown stuffs on the way.
  3. Chansiri can skin a fart, so this migh drag on a bit.
  4. It's the very fickle nature of football mate. Happens up and down the land. You've only got to take a look at other clubs forums. Up one week, down the next.
  5. To be fair, its an extremely valid point.
  6. Has to be doesn't it? All true, but in poor taste you'd say.
  7. We'll end up with Bonnie and Clyde.
  8. Preston linked with Dwight Gayle. Be a cracking signing if they pull it off.
  9. Up until Charlton away when Borner was out he'd been doing amazingly well. On comes Lee's and Hes a poorer player for it. Did very well today.
  10. I genuinely think he'd be better off with us for a year or two, to see how he develops. Then a big move for good money. We might not have that luxury though.
  11. Brushed past reach as if not tgere Tackle man.
  12. Hope Elton is coming too.
  13. If, and it's a big if there's some truth in this. Then apart from it being a players who was a complete flop 4 years ago at 29, what is anyone thinking that at 33 he or anyone else might be the answer to our problems anywhere on the park? Surely young hungry players has to be the way we should be going is it not. Doubt he'd probably want to come any way.
  14. V hull shitty? Why though? Leeds perhaps but not these. If we did it certainly backfired.
  15. To add some balance mate, there's going to be an atmosphere with Celtic V Rangers, as there would be were we to play the pigs. But I take your point.
  16. I don't think Chansiri has too much to worry about, this side is a million miles away from being genuine contenders. Soft under belly. We'll roll over, you can tickle us. Pathetic.
  17. Strange one as he's never let us down when he's played, but we can't have it all ways. The worry is Iorfa leaves (possibly) one injury and we're scratching about for cover. Can fully understand the lad for wanting to play though. All the best lad.
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