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Sorry your Lordship. All I could come up with was to cancel the fixture because of the Covid scare and in it's stead put on a footy tournament of X-Box and Subuteo but the points count towards our relegation  I mean escape from relegation.


All our players will be black right backs with Urogihide emblazoned on their shirts. If that doesn't do the trick then nothing will.


                                0     0


    WAWAW GIVE IT EM             

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Great OMDT again Lord Snooty


Tbh I’m baffled as to why Stubbs doesn’t “start in” every OMDT. Are you being told who to include in your “line-up” by a higher power?


I think we’ll sneak this one this afternoon/evening.


1-0 to the Wednesday Club.



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Thanks,Snoots, I hope those final words don't become the theme of this thread today... "ffs" 😉


Come on Wednesday, one last push!


Not that there was one prior, but now would be a good time to push for 8 consecutive matches!






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This is it, final few games and all winnable. Don't think we'll win enough though. Unfortunately, Coventry and Rotherham have equally winnable games, so could be a defining day after Birmingham's win the other night.


We could end the day 10 points or 4 points adrift. 


No idea how our game will go, given up trying to second guess this group of players, or even if they'll bother to turn up and look interested...but hope they do and we win. 


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