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  1. I’m all for this....can throw Joey & Nuhiu t’lions at full time....
  2. throw up between t’match & glossin’ t’house.....latter for me
  3. Give him til next season when hes shifted some o't' shuffle hes been left from previous gaffers.
  4. Ooof brave man who say’s Dawson ain’t good enough....I tweeted I didn’t think he was number1 material yet & there was hell on....!
  5. Would never boo him, steady player....few times though in good passing positions but elected to pass back towards Westy when chasing the game second half-frustrating!!
  6. Every cloud and all....I’d love not being allowed t’enter Meadowhall
  7. Stop Joey PeluPotter taking corners & try t’get our players in the right mindset when seeing a game out when in front...
  8. Egg-ball’s shït & bothers me, makes me feel agitated not knowing which direction it’s gonna bounce....
  9. Agreed.....Barring injuries, Lees ain’t gonna walk straight back into that defence.
  10. Fox’s looked pretty steady (nowt sparking) managed t’get into a few decent crossing positions & gets t’do it in...clueless why our fans boo him
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