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  1. Dogger.....typical prem loan signing, not really bothered.
  2. Still tryin’ t’get over the open wallet surgery I had t’endure to watch us against QPR....
  3. He needs t’bring a new backroom staff in anorl....as much I respect LB he’s taken us as far as he can now, need a clean slate, no player guaranteed as starting place.
  4. Never trust anyone that calls football ‘soccer’
  5. Hi Paul....welcome t’Owlstalk
  6. Me & t’lad’s ticket wouldn’t scan on t’way in....knew it was a sign
  7. Sky’ll be gutted l**ds & Salford are out....
  8. Blindin’ 15minute hat trick by Nuhiu....won’t see owt like that again for some time...
  9. Hi Adrian, welcome t’Owlstalk
  10. Ain’t broke....don’t fix it....Bannan on t’bench. UTO!
  11. They’ve stuck a beach-style theme in the window....what more do you want?!?
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