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  1. Much respect for NT but the tictacs he employed vs. Brim at home were diabolical
  2. Had a 10minute natter with John Newsome in a urinal at a diirty house music club bout 3 in t’morning a few days before t’play-off final…surprise surprise he said none o’em would cut it in t’prem etc etc…nice bloke, we kept the convo going well considering I was smashed…..
  3. We’re in a no-win situation pal….shuffle owner & players
  4. Another disappointing result in a debacle of a season I’m afraid
  5. Shîte we’ve had t’endure this season t’vast majority o’squad won’t even be bothered bout these last 2 games
  6. Said he’s one o’their better players & would prefer him t’stay
  7. Says he’s stalling on signing a new contract wi em...
  8. Donny mate o’mine says we’re after that Okenabirihre bloke
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