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  1. No harm at all in fans letting off steam and celebrating their good fortune at the end of a season IMHO. However, people who attack and intimidate opposition players, match officials, stewards, opposition fans, or damage property etc should feel the full force of the law and be dealt with severely - otherwise the problem will only get worse next season.
  2. Yes, I’m afraid you’re right. If you’re outside the Premier League, as far as the media are concerned, you scarcely exist.
  3. I think it’s a case of DM thinking ahead. None of these 3 players would have been regular starters next season and all are getting near the end of their careers. Its a case of getting younger, faster and fitter players in for next season. Sorry to see Hutch go, but it’s probably the right call.
  4. If the transfer fee is right, then, yes, sell him - he’s not irreplaceable by any stretch of the imagination
  5. We need to start introducing younger, faster and fitter players to the team. Did OK for us, but time to move on and think long term
  6. That’s a fair enough stance to take - I just hope that DM is consulted before anyone is allowed to leave.
  7. Wednesday aren’t playing - so why on earth would I want to watch ? Will be out in the garden mowing the lawn unless it’s raining
  8. Disappointing - would have been more than happy to give him another 12 month contract
  9. Enjoy the day, hope Sunderland win, good luck guys Really wanted Wednesday to be in the final, but life is full of disappointments, as my wife keeps telling me ! Mind you, I say the same to her - we love each other really
  10. 10/10 for yet another moronic post
  11. Luongo is not irreplaceable - he looked tired towards the end of the season and we need someone with a better fitness record. He won’t be much use next year if he’s going to miss around half the games - which would not exactly be unexpected.
  12. Yes, Sky TV picked it up clearly. The moron just ran straight into Billy Sharp at speed and sent him flying -could have been seriously hurt when he fell, fingers crossed he’s OK
  13. Only saw Wednesday play once at Millmoor - it was April 83 and we won 3-0. Can’t remember much about the game at all TBH, but I do specifically remember turning up at the ground a few days before the game, more in hope than expectation and being able to get a ticket for one of the terraces down the side of the ground - no questions asked about who I supported or anything like that.
  14. Well he obviously doesn’t agree with you otherwise he wouldn’t have gone public and announced it to the world at large.
  15. Pleased for Tom Lees - always gave 100% for Wednesday, never let us down.
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