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  1. Yes, I also had a ticket for the Brighton end - The Clock End. It was standing on the terrace in those days - not numbered seats - and I went along to the Highbury Ticket Office on the day of the game and managed to swop it for a Wednesday ticket for the North Bank without any real difficulty or questions asked. From memory, quite a few other people were there doing the same. The rest is history - but it was a memorable day out nevertheless.
  2. You 've probably already realised this, but, with a 7.45 pm KO, you would need to leave before the final whistle to get the 9.31 from South Bermondsey. The next one is the 9.46 pm from South Bermondsey which is scheduled to get you to London Bridge at 9.51, but that's probably cutting it fine, if you need to be at St Pancras for the 10.20 pm train. Unfortunately you will lose a few minutes when you change at London Bridge fannying about getting down on to the Northern Line Underground platform Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, well done Barnet, but perhaps the Blades have got a more sensible attitude towards what their real priorities are than us lot. Quite sensibly, they made a lot of changes to their starting XI. We've got a difficult replay at Luton which we don't really want, whereas Dem Blades can now focus 100% on reaching the play offs which, much as it grieves me to say, they will probably do. If I was the detestable Mr Wilder, I wouldn't be losing too much sleep over todays result.
  4. " Giving his all whilst wearing a Wednesday shirt" should be a basic job requirement, not something to be regarded as a specific attribute that warrants praise IMHO, which is what appears to be suggested here.
  5. Not playing our strongest side is not disrespecting Luton at all IMHO, if anything its disrespecting the F A Cup competition. There have been numerous instances of teams putting out weakened sides over the years and I don't see any reason why this won't continue. Whoever plays in the side on Saturday should be well up for it and looking to impress the new management team - everyone is starting with a clean slate, remember.
  6. No point playing a strong side and risking needless injury to key players in what is a nothing game. Bruce's right hand men should take the opportunity to see for themselves what some of the youngsters can do - Thorniley, Penny, Baker etc. Reach, Bannan etc deserve to be allowed to sit this one out.
  7. I agree that it is perfectly legitimate to query Bruce's commitment, but I don't think that the case is proven in any shape or form. I think the most likely scenario is that Bruce has realised that SWFC need a decent manager far more than he needs a new job. To a large extent, he has realised that he can call the shots and dictate terms. One of those terms that he has set is that he has a family holiday and time to recharge his batteries after a difficult 2018, the events of which are well documented elsewhere in this thread. DC had the option of saying to Bruce - " jog on, I'll find someone else to manage my club then" - but, wisely in my view, he decided not to.
  8. Perhaps predictably, in true Owlstalk style, this thread seems to have gone off track and now seems to have become a "capitalist" versus "socialist" thread. Whichever side on the fence you're on, and I fully accept the point about Jos being financially comfortable, I'm sorry, but you really do need to be a cold - hearted, bitter old bu**er not to feel at least one shred of sympathy for someone - in what is allegedly the season of goodwill - who gets red carded just before Xmas.
  9. The ones that I've met ( thankfully not too many ) aren't desperately clever either - seems that they were at the end of the queue when brains and common sense were dished out.
  10. Yes, definitely, lets hope we're still feeling positive about his return come 5 pm later today
  11. Yup, I'd be over the moon with a draw, Preston are on a good run of form at the moment and we need to be at our very best to have even a snowball on a gas rings chance of avoiding yet another defeat
  12. Many thanks for this info, which is appreciated. I'll make sure that I get to New Street Station in plenty of time. Can we assume that The Metro service between Snow Hill and The Hawthorns should ordinarily be running normally on 29/12, or is this line likely to be affected in any way by the new Metro track laying ? Regards and thanks, best wishes for the festive season
  13. Yes, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, no ill feelings here either. Best wishes, Jos
  14. Or Ian Holloway, another one I expected to be in the frame
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