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  1. Kew Owl

    QPR Restricted View

    Yes, agreed - I've been to QPR with so called "restricted view" seats several times - never had any problems
  2. Kew Owl

    QPR Away Details

    So, if we did get allocated another 1300 or so tickets, who would buy them ?. Isn't it reasonable to assume that ST Holders and all categories of Members who wished to attend the game would have already bought tickets in the appropriate window when they went on sale earlier in the month ? I wouldn't have thought the fact that there's still almost 2 weeks to the game has any relevance - I just can't see us selling many more tickets at all, let alone another 1300 Presumably the Villa game that is referred to was a weekend game, not mid week, unlike ours ?.
  3. Yes, that's a valid point - the only League game where we didn't score was Brentford away. So if we can start keeping a few clean sheets, we should start motoring up the table. On the other hand if the goals scored starts to dry up, the opposite is likely !
  4. Kew Owl


    Mine arrived this morning - postmarked 25th ( Saturday )
  5. My favourite pre- match pub for Reading is The Swan in the village of Three Mile Cross. It's the other side of the M4 motorway from the Madejski Stadium and is probably a bit further to walk from, but its a decent traditional pub with a country feel which is away fan friendly and is well geared up for dealing with pre match crowds. I've been there several times now before SWFC games at The Majedski, never seen any bother or had any complaints. If you have lunch there, they let you park in their car park till after the game. Don't forget to go into the garden to admire the large Irish Wolfhound, which is the official mascot of London Irish Rugby Club, who share the Madejski with Reading F C.
  6. Kew Owl

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    We really need to play our best goalkeeper to give us the best chance of not dropping into League One - its as simple as that. Westwood is our best goalkeeper - I think most of us agree on that
  7. You forgot to mention that the Venkeys would put the prices up as soon as they came on board !
  8. Kew Owl

    Phone call from ticket office

    The fourth pub - The Royal Oak - the one on the north west corner - has now reopened. But the best pub by far is the other away supporters pub - The Griffin.
  9. Kew Owl


    To get back to the OP which was about "fitness", I have not seen anything in the 2 league games so far that specifically indicates to me that we are noticeably more or less fit than the opponents - namely Wigan and Hull.
  10. Kew Owl

    Brentford Tickets

    Still not all gone - bought one standing ticket from the Online Shop about 10 minutes ago. Quite chuffed as I live within a short walk from Griffin Park
  11. Kew Owl

    Almen ad thi pants down

    I'm not a lawyer, but on what grounds are you suggesting we proceed with any prosecution ?
  12. Cant see Dull bringing many. POTG will probably be negligible. Loads of people I know are away on Hols So, all in all, I'm going for 22, 667
  13. At the risk of stating the obvious, the longer that DC stays, without bringing in any proper football people, the deeper the big hole will get.
  14. Looking at the poll results so far ( at approx. 10.15 on Sunday evening ), of the 490 respondents, 261 indicated that they usually buy a membership. Only 21 of these indicated that they will be doing so this year - around 8 %. Whilst I accept that Owlstalk might well not be representative of the wider fan base as a whole, if I was Mr Chansiri, I'd be choking on my tuna sandwich tonight. ,
  15. Yes, same here exactly. A couple of my mates at work who support Charlton are now winding me up incessantly saying that Katrein " night" Meire is behind this, but, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter, I won't be renewing either. I'm still in love with SWFC., just a shame that our paths won't be crossing half as often this season