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  1. One Foot in the Grave DC as the crotchety old Victor Meldrew blaming everybody for everything going wrong - the fans, the weather, the EFL.....(etc)
  2. Feel a bit sorry for Rovrum TBH - seems like their fixture backlog has caught up with them - remember they played two midweek games last week, Tuesday and Thursday. Can you imagine some of our lot playing three games in a week - we’d be playing little more than walking football by the second half ?
  3. With wins for Birmingham and Coventry today, we would be mathematically down after Tuesdays games if we lose at home to Blackburn and Derby win at Preston. Looking on the bright side, at least that would deny Colin the undoubted pleasure he would get at putting the final nail in our coffin up at Middlesborough next weekend
  4. I’m undoubtedly going to be ridiculed and abused mercilessly for saying this, but I would give Pelupessy a one year deal Think we brings some attributes that we’re going to need next season ( I’ll get my coat now ......)
  5. Good for you - great stuff. Presumably if Bristol had scored again before you cashed out, you’d have lost ?
  6. He’s not a good player - but then he’s not in a good team. I think he’ll do OK for us in League One next year.
  7. I think it’s down to fitness, to a certain extent. We just don’t seem to have the pace, power or energy to keep going at full throttle for the full 90 minutes, so sitting deeper and letting the other side have the ball and make the running becomes an attractive option
  8. Every now and then people miss penalties - it happens, no point dwelling on it
  9. He’s not going to get what he regards as an acceptable selling price, so, basically, I think he’s here until he runs out of money - your guess is as good as mine when that will be
  10. Could have had the game won by half time, but you always felt an equaliser was inevitable when we didn’t get a second - it’s the Wednesday way. We move on, take the positives from the game and prepare for Blackburn on Tuesday - as I’m sure DM or JS will remind us in the post match interview
  11. Derby losing 2-1 with 10 mins to go
  12. I don’t think 47 will be enough - we need to win all 5 and get to 50 IMHO. Its not going to happen - we don’t disagree on that though !
  13. Get well soon DM - your health comes first, football is a distant second in situations such as this
  14. Agreed, it should be a decision for clubs to take individually
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