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  1. He hasn’t produced anything for us so far and I’m not holding my breath that anything changes. The fact that Derby are happy for him to go to one of their relegation rivals speaks volumes.
  2. On paper, looks like a good signing - but football isn’t played on paper and you do wonder why he hasn’t been snapped up already by another club
  3. Yes, couldn’t agree more - however, I think, to a certain extent, that probably went out of the window with the recent publicity about players and staff not being paid on time.
  4. I suppose the pigs had to win a game sooner or later, but Newcastle made it relatively easy for them by going down to 10 men. I felt that once Fraser had been sent off they were inevitably dooo.........ooomed
  5. It is “the early part of 2021” now, so hopefully he’ll be back very shortly - I reckon he’s going to be needed !
  6. You may well be right - some Scottish football has now been suspended for a short time - and we tend to follow them in our response to COVID
  7. Ordinarily, I’d like an away tie at a ground that I haven’t yet been to - in this case Crawley or Cheltenham would do nicely - but, as we won’t be allowed in, I’m not desperately fussed at all
  8. Would have been a good signing, but probably out of our price range, wages wise
  9. In the days of Forestieri and Hooper at their best, Paterson wouldn't have got a look in, but those days are in the past and we have to make do with what falls within our current budget.
  10. Too often isolated on his own up front, would do better with more support
  11. Shaw for me, followed by Galvin. Harris was poor as was Hunt. FDB did OK when he came on, better at holding on to the ball
  12. Wow, they nearly equalised there - looking better than us at the moment
  13. Hope we bring on FDB at some stage in the second half, preferably replacing Hunt
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