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  1. Does anyone really care what Colin thinks ?
  2. Really like to see him back here next season, but it just isn’t going to happen, unfortunately
  3. Exciting player - you always felt something could happen whenever he got the ball, the problem was that it all too seldom did. As others have said he was frustratingly inconsistent
  4. ....or that other clubs aren’t exactly falling over themselves to offer him a contract
  5. Gabriel ? Doubt Man City would let him go though
  6. Shame it all ended here for him so suddenly, but hope it works out for him at Celtic - good luck Fletch, all the best
  7. Telling my Arsenal/ Spurs/ Chelsea/ Man Utd.... (etc) supporting friends that I have seen my team win at both Wembley and The Millenium Stadium - and then politely asking them if they have
  8. If away supporters don’t want to come to Hillsborough because it’s supposedly too far from the City Centre - which, incidentally, I do find hard to believe - then that’s their problem, not ours.
  9. Not good enough defensively - offers more than Palmer going forward, but until he improves his defending, that’s not much compensation. Needs to stop being reckless and giving away unnecessary penalties Jury’s still out IMHO as to whether he’s going to make the grade here or not
  10. Perhaps we built him up a bit too much, so we ended up being disappointed in what he produced overall, but, yes, there were some cracking goals that will live in the memory
  11. Yes, definitely agree - shame that Millwall away usually seems to be an evening midweek game, which adversely affects drinking hours for those with long journeys
  12. Good news in a way - if there’s load of clubs getting hit with 12 point deductions next season, it will give a massive boost to our chances of avoiding relegation to League One !
  13. Not really fussed whilst games are still having to be played behind closed doors TBH
  14. Whereas now it’s quite good, is it ?
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