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  1. Perhaps he’s been arrested by the Plod for not self isolating indoors when he got “pinged” earlier in the day ?
  2. Same here basically - with it being the first game for a long time, I suspect there will be a fair few wanting to go, despite it being live on Sky
  3. Pleased that I’m not the only one who’s baffled by this thread - what’s it about ?
  4. If I remember rightly, the United - Stevenage game kicked off later and they ended up drawing 2-2. That was when we overtook them in the League table for the first time and I - for one - really started to believe promotion was going to happen.
  5. I wouldn’t expect Bannan to be a regular starter at Brentford by any stretch of the imagination, but I think he could prove to be a useful squad player and lend a bit of experience to the younger players.’ For only £1 million, it’s a fairly low risk investment from Brentford’s viewpoint. I doubt that they’ll want him to take their corners and free kicks though
  6. He’s going to be sidelined “ for a significant period of time” according to the PNE website. I don’t like it when players get injured, whoever they play for, but I don’t have any sympathy for Preston here - they must have known the risk they were taking
  7. I’m still interested - it’s just that my interest this season is laced with apprehension, not the usual anticipation. We’re nowhere near ready for the first game of the season
  8. We would have been even more unhappy had DM come out and said that he was happy with the squad and that our transfer business was now done. Lets just hope we can at least part rectify this before the season starts. I can’t see DM sticking around too long otherwise,
  9. If he’s back to full fitness, I think he’ll definitely be a key player for us. Seems like a born leader- let’s hope he can be an inspiration and role model for the younger, less experienced squad members.
  10. I think we’ll do well to finish in the top half of the table, so I’ll be keeping my money in my pocket on this one
  11. Liam Palmer Bit of an anorak’s one this - Palmers is a brewery in Bridport in the West Country.
  12. I’m a big fan of Thornbridge beers - esp the Jaipur. Always on form in the Sheffield Tap.
  13. Yes, not sure at all why Borner is even in the match squad if he’s on his way out
  14. They’ve both been given opportunities, but neither has consistently impressed enough to make the position their own. Both seem to have regressed and lost some confidence. Also, the defenders in front of them don’t seem to have confidence in them either - and that’s an important “must have” IMHO. Yes, sadly, we do need a new No 1
  15. I reckon BB will be a marked man in League One and all the cloggers and hard men will be looking to get their studs into him early doors. This will reduce his effectiveness and impact on the game. BB is not getting any younger and I reckon we should cash in if a decent offer comes in and whilst he still has a resale value. Use the cash wisely - get a decent goalie for starters
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