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  1. Let’s try and get the product right first before we start to worry about the packaging
  2. I’d go for Paterson as our MOM, but, when we’re attacking, we really need him to be in the box trying to get on the end of long throw ins, rather than him taking them himself. Is there nobody else at the club who can launch a long throw in into the box ?
  3. There were quite a few positives from last night, but we’re still very much a work in progress and Brentford had more quality than us in most areas. We also suffered from not having Brown and Iorfa available. People who want to slate Monk at any opportunity need to have proper regard to these factors.
  4. Yes, agreed - whilst quite rightly praising Brentford’s performance, they were both clearly fairly positive about us and our battling qualities. Both were also reasonably positive about our chances of clawing back the 12 point deduction and staying up.
  5. Agreed, he certainly couldn’t have done any worse than Rhodes
  6. I think that’s probably our best line up, but Windass seemed pretty anonymous tonight and I didn’t think Marriott contributed a lot either.
  7. He’s young and inexperienced and still learning - an investment for the future IMHO as he will get better
  8. If Toney was anticipating the keeper might parry the ball, then one of our defenders should have also been anticipating this and, at the very least, made an effort to get to the ball before Toney did, instead of just standing there watching.
  9. A draw tonight and 3 points against Luton would be a good outcome, I’d suggest
  10. I’ll settle for 4 points from these two home games - if we’re off the bottom by then, that’s a bonus
  11. Not a particularly useful or informative article -having read it carefully a couple of times, I cant say that I feel that I’ve learnt anything
  12. Early days yet, but 8 points from 5 games suggests we’ll end up ordinarily with around 70 points- taking 12 off that still leaves us with a comfortable safety margin
  13. Interesting analysis - many thanks to the OP for sharing this with us. Its very early days to be making comparisons between players, but I’m reasonably positive to date on the signings this season. Would have definitely liked Murphy back, but you don’t always get what you want. Life is full of disappointments. UTO
  14. Promising start from the likes of Paterson and Flint, but it’s very early days yet, Hope we can get Brown back fit pronto, we still need more creativity up front.
  15. Yes, a definite improvement with the photo that way
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