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  1. Kew Owl

    Heard it’s Pardew

    And Colin as well !
  2. Kew Owl

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Sorry, whatever criticism can be levelled at Nuhiu " not trying " is not one of them
  3. Kew Owl

    Credit Rotherham

    TBH, I wouldn't be too sure of that. I really hope that there are three teams below us at the end of the season - but there's much more likely candidates than Rotherham though. They seem to have a sense of togetherness, unity and team spirit that will serve them well in the coming months. We don't have this in any shape or form. They've ground out a few good draws recently - we keep on losing week in week out. Rotherham were the better team yesterday, particularly in the first half.
  4. Kew Owl

    Bannan Injured

    We're going to lose to both Swansea and Boro, whether Bannan plays or not, so IMO, it would be ideal if his 2 match ban could cover those games. We need Bannan to be playing in those games where we have a realistic chance of getting points - starting with Rotherham at home tomorrow
  5. Kew Owl


    I, for one, wouldn't begrudge Milan enjoying his latter years and the fruits of his labours - massive respect for the guy. Yes, he was most definitely a businessman first and a football man second, but, the problem we have at the moment, in a nutshell, is that Chansiri doesn't seem to be particularly good at either.
  6. Kew Owl

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Yes, I remember that game. Malcolm MacDonald scored a hat trick. Jackie Sinclair scored for us at the Kop End in the 2nd half, but we were about 4 - 0 down by then. The previous week, we came back from 2-0 down at Bramall Lane, but John Tudor, coming on as sub, then scored their winner late on in the second half. It was shortly after this that Peter Rodrigues signed for SWFC.
  7. Rotherham will be well up for it and will come to Hillsborough confident and expecting to win, but, if we match their desire, passion, work rate and commitment, we'll give ourselves a chance, irrespective of who Jos puts in the starting eleven
  8. I don't expect us to beat anybody at the moment - so yes, Jos must get some credit if we win, irrespective of his part in the victory.
  9. Kew Owl

    Players at Preston Station!

    Yawn ! Is there anything in this post that is SWFC related ? Posts like this make me lose the will to live, or, at the very least, to read and participate in this forum.
  10. Kew Owl

    Players at Preston Station!

    Lets hope they all got here in due time. Given the general ineptitude of the players, you wouldn't bet against them getting on the wrong train and ending up in either Carlisle or Glasgow !
  11. Kew Owl

    Ian Holloway

    My QPR supporting friends in general say that, at QPR, he built a good reputation as a man manager and motivator, getting the best out of what players he had at his disposal, but that, tactically, he was pretty inept and some of his substitutions during matches were, to put it kindly, bizarre. So he'd be an improvement on Jos in some areas, but not others
  12. Speaking personally, the answer is a resounding "no" 4 points from the last 8 games tells its own story. We struggled to beat Bolton, who are looking a good bet for the drop and, at the moment, given our current form, it's difficult to see us winning games. 50 points is looking like a distant speck on the horizon at the moment and offloading certain players in January will only make things more difficult
  13. Kew Owl

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    AFC Wimbledon or Barnet away - either of those would do nicely for me, never seen SWFC play at either ground, would probably have to go in with the home supporters though
  14. Kew Owl

    Our fan base at the moment

    Perhaps you could be good enough to provide us with some specific examples of actions taken by her that have directly contributed to this "absolute mess". I'm not disagreeing with your assessment of the current situation, I - and a few others here seemingly - are struggling to make any direct connection between her arrival on the scene and things turning into an absolute mess.
  15. Kew Owl


    Perhaps I'm being unduly pessimistic, but, given our current form, I wouldn't be desperately unhappy with a nought - nought. Would maintain the gap over Bolton, who are below us in the table as it stands.