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  1. With a 12pt deduction, I don’t think we’ve got a snowball on a gas rings chance of staying up at the moment. Chansiri is bad news - time for him to ride off into the sunset
  2. The problem is - could you see people like Megson and Colin working for Chansiri ?
  3. "Average " maybe - but I think a lot of us would take that at the minute.
  4. And Rotherham would be in a higher division than us as well !
  5. It’s a damage limitation exercise now, make sure it doesn’t get any worse than 1-0. Barnsley and Luton both winning away as well, can it get much worse ?
  6. I immediately thought of Dennis Wise - who Alex Ferguson once famously described as being able to " start a fight in an empty room" Perhaps he'd fit in well in the Hillsborough changing room if there's even a grain of truth in the current talk of player unrest.!
  7. Based on current form, I wouldn’t be confident of staying up even if we only had a 6 point deduction. That would take us down to 38 - based on current form, that gives us a mountain to climb to get to the perceived safety figure of 50.
  8. Yes, exactly, he's too lightweight and just gets brushed off the ball far too easily, as does Kieran Lee. I thought Luton just seemed stronger, faster and fitter than us tonight and seemed to win more of the 50/50 balls. Bannan needs to be dropped, but he's certainly not the only one
  9. All of our next few games are winnable in theory the problem is that the moment, it’s difficult to see us winning any of them
  10. Yes, exactly, couldn’t agree more. I’m just curious as to who the wind up merchant here is - was the old man winding Hodgyowl up and talking testicles, or is Hodgyowl now taking the p**s out of all of us ? In any event, Jackanory rules OK !
  11. On paper we should win, but the problem is that the game isn't being played on paper. Luton will be well up for it as they wont want to be cut adrift at the bottom - and we will need to match their commitment and energy if we are going to get a result. TBH, I'm half expecting the worst.
  12. I hadn't previously heard of the guys now managing Brentford and Nottingham Forest respectively, but I don't imagine there's too many complaints from their fans at the moment. If Monk does go, let's all get behind his successor whoever he is and wherever he's from.
  13. True, but he's probably even more unhappy now that they're in the Vauxhall Conference ( or whatever it's called now ) !
  14. I didn’t detect any noticeable lack of commitment or effort, but, the fact that he’s below Christian Benteke in the pecking order at Crystal Palace speaks volumes -yes, below someone who scored their first goal in yonks today ( and even that was due to a Pickford howler at Everton today ) Wickham will need a few games to bed in, and he’s not yet fully fit, I reckon, but he’s no Jamie Vardy or Danny Ings. I’m afraid
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