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  1. Terry Curran could give as good as he got if an opponent got him riled and all wound up
  2. Yes, we are indeed a “sinking ship” and under DC, we are likely to sink further. Ironically, the further we sink into the mire, the more attractive we probably become to prospective buyers and new investors. There is then much more potential upside for them to explore and, provided they bring the right management team in, to benefit from financially, as the sinking ship resurfaces and becomes buoyant once again.
  3. A very moving story - and a timely reminder that, as the article indeed points out, there are more important things in the world than football. All the best to Dan and the family at this difficult time.
  4. Gary Monk would probably play them out of position - Messi at left back and Ronaldo as a defensive midfielder ?
  5. I like it, but I suspect that its subtlety is lost on a good number of Owlstalk contributors !
  6. Yes, hard to disagree with the sentiments expressed here. Pub companies tend to see pubs as property assets and can often make more money from converting them to alternative use - eg flats. Im not very familiar with the pub in question here, but, what makes it even more galling in this case is that the pub company in question - Greene King - are now wholly owned by a Hong Kong conglomerate and no longer has any UK shareholders.
  7. A great night - one of those games where you will always remember, if you weren’t at the game, which pub you saw it in - in my case The Alexandra Pub in Clapham with about a dozen or so other Wednesdayites. Definitely uncomfortable viewing in the first half hour or so, but Wallace’s goal rather knocked the stuffing out of them - you could almost literally see Brighton players’ heads dropping. The second half was much more comfortable viewing. Looking at the respective progress of the two clubs since that evening is an ongoing major disappointment
  8. If you look on the website you’ll see that it was previously £ 595 - wow ! I think I’ll give it a miss even at the lower price
  9. Yes, definitely keep Fletcher, but we need someone else who can be a serious and consistent goal threat as well, as Fletcher is inevitably going to miss a number of games through injury. We can’t just be totally reliant on the one person, as we have been this season.
  10. Which other club is this - have I missed a news item somewhere along the line ?
  11. I suppose that with no football matches to report on, and not a lot else happening at the club, he’s got to try to justify his existence by finding something to write about until the EFL case is heard in July. I don’t find the article at all informative or helpful as it doesn’t really tell us anything new
  12. He’s making all the right noises - let’s hope he can back this up with improved and more consistent performances next season, if he’s still at the club.
  13. Yes, definitely, I remember seeing us lose there 7-1 in the early 90’s. Nigel Worthington equalised just before half time to make it 1-1 and, somewhat incredibly, that remained the score till about 20 minutes from the end, when the wheels fell off the bus big time. Every time they attacked in the latter stages of that second half the ball seemed to end up in our net A game to remember, but for all the wrong reasons
  14. Did well against Brighton and Leeds, but the Blackburn mauling and the Reading sending off will undoubtedly have damaged his confidence and set him back. Perhaps one of the more senior and experienced players - Iorfa perhaps - should be tasked with taking him under his wing and actively helping in his development - it’s far too early to be writing him off just yet - there’s potential there IMHO.
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