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  1. But much more important than the win ratio is the fact they finished 7th, which was a failure for a team expected to contend for automatic promotion. The Boro fans hated him and so did the Baggies before that, the game has passed him by for me, his style is no longer as effective as it once was. You can get away with playing turd football at some clubs but I've never thought we're one of them.
  2. It's difficult when managing a club that's just come down from the Premier League though. If we want anyone with experience there was almost always be at least one blemish on their record. The annoying thing about Rowett is, he'd have been perfect for us when we used to struggle in this league, he seems the type capable of squeezing top half finishes out of average squads, I'm not sure if this is a good time for him, depends on your expectations I suppose. It's a difficult job for whoever comes in because plenty of our fans still inexplicably expect that we should be getting promoted. Hughton is the only person I'd be really happy about, the rest are a mixture of indifferent to horrendous.
  3. We could do a lot worse than Rowett. Would much rather have him over Zola, Coleman or one of the dinosaurs like Megson or Pulis.
  4. Yeah, I thought the same when I saw earlier. Been good since he was young.
  5. Reyt jealous about Knockaert going to Fulham. Quality player in this division.
  6. It's interesting how quickly a manager's stock changes, I really don't want Pulis but I remember when he was appointed at Boro there was a lot of jealousy on here as he still had a good reputation at this level. I think the game has passed him by though now, his methods aren't effective anymore.
  7. So he regretted the one or two times he was actually loyal to the club he managed. Shows why he's jumped ship more times than a pirate.
  8. Roy Keane would be a laugh. Imagine what he'd do to Giddings.
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