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  1. Got till 7pm tomorrow (Friday) if anyone else wants to take part.
  2. Wrong thread! This is the first game!! @roaminowl can you close this thread please to save any more confusion? Thanks Or Neil @@owlstalk ta
  3. Back for the 2nd time this season! @DIPPS_S.W.F.C defends his title after surviving 5 weeks in game 1. Each week you pick a Championship team you think will win in their fixture. Lose or Draw and you're out. If your team wins, you will go through to the next week but that team will no longer be available for you to pick again. If the game featuring your picked team is postponed at late notice, you will go through, but you won't be able to use that team again. If you go through, and fail to pick a team the following week you will be given the lowest placed team you haven't yet used. If all remaining players picks lose, the following week they will have another chance to win it. Deadline for picks will usually be Friday nights at 7PM (unless fixtures are midweek). Derby v Cardiff is on Friday so the deadline to enter is Friday the 13th at 7pm Post your picks each week onto this thread. Fixtures available here - https://www.livescore.com/soccer/england/championship/#/round-7 Spreadsheet with entrants here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oaNkqsgs-YA99217dYna5EloYBAhETf9-O-ujjOHAxs/edit#gid=611059136 I'm going for QPR Good luck
  4. Man City manager, can't see him coming here really.
  5. Just read he's said tonight that "it's news to me" when asked about being in talks with us, that ends it then doesn't it? Not him coming here altogether but surely it puts Sky's story to bed?
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