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  1. Pleased. We've got too many strikers, and I can't see Norwich troubling the top 6 with or without him (doubt we will anyway). Hope he can find the form down there that he's shown in this division in the past. Good luck to him.
  2. Hope so, I'd love to see Brazil go out, so much talent but I've hated the way they've played in this tournament. Along with Uruguay they can defend though, not many sides can at this tournament so far. Would love that to be the final 4
  3. Uruguay are an excellent side, arguably the best "team" in the tournament, they work so hard for each other. They'd be an absolute shoe-in for the final in our half of the draw. Big ask for them to get past France and then Brazil or Belgium but I wouldn't write them off winning the tournament. Loving this World Cup.
  4. The official Villarreal website Think some of their fans might be a bit disappointed when they turn up and see the ground.
  5. Whitechapel Owl

    This World Cup and the FA Cup in England

    Alright mate, the Premier League clubs wouldn't go for it in a million years sadly. It's certainly time for a 3rd Conference promotion spot though, they're all professional these days, and standard wise very similar. Also a fan of the FA Cup, as fans we want to see as much football as possible so never quite understand from a fans perspective why people call for a competition to be scrapped.
  6. Whitechapel Owl

    This World Cup and the FA Cup in England

    If we are talking rule changes I'd like to see 5 promotions and relegations in all divisions, right down to and including the Conference. It would help to spread money further down the football pyramid and give smaller clubs a chance of reaching the Premier League.
  7. My Rachel memento from when I went to see Countdown several years ago
  8. Whitechapel Owl

    Love these...

    Love this Dundee United shirt.
  9. Whitechapel Owl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Why does Hirst want to avoid "compo"? Edit - for the reason you explained haha
  10. Whitechapel Owl

    Rhodes to Norwich

    I hope he does do well, everyone wins.
  11. Whitechapel Owl

    Sam Winnall at #SWFC

    They can't afford him now can they?
  12. Me too. England winning the World Cup has to be the ultimate aim for any English football fan I reckon.
  13. It was Steven, you put Andy.
  14. Yeah, missed that. Sorry Daz.
  15. Congratulations and well done to @Neal M Also Congratulations to @Tamworthowl who spotted the hidden team in the picture round. From left to right: Matteo Agger Nelsen Calderwood Hibbert Edinburgh Short Taylor Ehiogu Rae Upson Neal Ireland Thatcher Essien Dodd