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  1. Deserved it, really hope they get promoted. I went to their playoff final when they lost on pens a few seasons ago, was gutted for them on that occasion. They've never reached the 2nd tier in their history so will be fantastic for them if they beat Poxford (who incidentally happen to be the club Wycombe fans hate the most) next Monday.
  2. It's during play, half time subs don't count towards it
  3. Good first ayf performance. Expecting Swansea to improve second half, hope we've not missed our chance.
  4. Big game for us both really. Never easy against West Brom, I'd be happy with a point, but you really need to be winning with Brentford breathing down your necks.
  5. Wigan's incredible run continues. Leeds equalise against Pooton
  6. Lots of sides around the bottom doing well. Another great win for Brentford, they're looking a good bet to catch West Brom.
  7. Yeah, I expected them to be in a relegation battle this season after what happened last season, it's very difficult dropping down when you've been annihilated in the division above.
  8. 9 point deduction and we stay up. Will be worried if its 12, although encouraging signs in the last 2 games. Any more than 12 and it's curtains.
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