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  1. This podcast goes through the book, really funny and well worth a listen. https://play.acast.com/s/quicklykevin/ivograhamonstevebrucesstriker-s01e09
  2. I saw a poll on their forum a couple of weeks ago that was pretty much exactly 50/50 on whether they should keep him. In Internet World that's pretty high praise.
  3. Teams I always want to lose: Pigs Leeds Liverpool Manu (don't even dislike them really it just amuses me) Aston Villa Derby Birmingham Coventry (sympathise with them in recent years though) Oxford United MK Dons
  4. Other than the Pigs I like to see all the local sides do well, I become less fond when they become direct competitors with us though! Have a soft spot for Wycombe, Leyton Orient and Burton for various reasons. Don't think I could ever be fond of a bigger club than us, it wouldn't feel right. That YouGov survey that showed Barcelona to be the most popular club in the UK appalled me.
  5. The whole anti-Beckham stuff has become so common now that I'd actually describe him as underrated as a player. He was fantastic in his prime, and one of the very few who always loved playing for England.
  6. Zidane. Gary or Phil Neville? Brian or Michael Laudrup? Frank or Ronald De Boer? Bobby or Jack Charlton? Gary or David Flitcroft? Akpo, Sam or Effe Sodje? John Collins or Collins John? I'm saying Gary Michael Frank Jack Gary Sam John
  7. It's not all about the manager, the reason these guys keep "failing" at Wednesday, Leeds and Forest is because of the financial mess all 3 of us keep getting into. All 3 clubs have had some decent managers in the last 20 years yet inevitably they end up being sacked and labelled "useless" by the fans. The well ran clubs who do things right like Burton Albion and Everton become springboards for manager's careers and (the clubs) continue to perform well when each one moves on. Yet the likes of Rowett, Hasselbaink, Clough and Moyes usually don't repeat their previous success elsewhere - because they are no longer at such a well ran club. If Wednesday are mid-table again next season, is that because Bruce has become clueless or is it more a reflection on the trimming of the wage bill that will happen this summer? I personally believe the most important person at a football club is the Chairman.
  8. Reminds me of the good old days when we all get all get excited about signing a decent loanee, but inevitably lose out to a smaller club with more money.
  9. Like I said last week, he'll have almost certainly been after a 2 year deal, and we won't have been able to offer him one. Correct decision in my opinion, for both parties.
  10. Expected Hooper to be released, he'll be after a 2 year contract, no way are we in a position to offer that. Happy the rest have gone.
  11. Seems like a good lad and has really made an effort with the fans whilst he's been here, get the impression he's enjoyed his time with us and would be happy to come permanently.
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