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  1. I don't like watching things one week apart so waited until this series had almost finished before starting it. I decided to go back and watch all the previous 5 series beforehand, so basically I've just watched the whole thing over the last couple of weeks. It became very apparent to me from series 4 onwards that the writer was just making it up as he went along. It's a style which really frustrates me and you see it in American shows a lot. They take a character that plays a baddie and when they're eventually cornered the producers decide that the audience like the character, so
  2. It's sounded a good game so far. I might sack Wednesday off and become a Luton fan if we go down.
  3. Nearly got very exciting there, shame Murphy decided to take that red on. Good final though, and a good tournament.
  4. Apart from the 2 throwers in the snooker T-shirts.
  5. Saying the word 'pathetic' is pathetic. Pathetic.
  6. Derby are going to lose, and we're going to have to go through this all again on Saturday.
  7. 7 more days and the nightmare will be over.
  8. I've got DAZN for the boxing, it's only £3 a month at the moment, not much on yet but you get the odd massive fight like Canelo v Saunders this weekend so it's well worth it.
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