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  1. Whitechapel Owl

    Must read

    Eh? Why would he lie?
  2. If he went though Sij, do you think those 'missing' players would come back into the squad? and if not, would a new manager really make a difference with the current group?
  3. Whitechapel Owl

    Must read

    Interesting. The translation is slightly dodgy but couldn't believe this bit: “I saw the players in the morning pack their plates with bacon, sausage, beans and egg. And then they made such a soup. I could not stand it, didn’t want to smell it; terrible!"
  4. Whitechapel Owl

    Please assist ...

    The 'other' Lawrie Madden is a taxi driver I believe, maybe this photo inspired his profession as well as his username.
  5. Whitechapel Owl

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    What we need is a good crosser Not a boring, ginger tósser. While Jos has made my willy harden Gary's been busy, in his garden Blue and White, Simaniac too they come on here, posting poo I'm sorry lads he aint the answer Just like Carlos, the charming chancer
  6. Whitechapel Owl


    Exactly. I didn't hug, high five or punch the air either, but I also didn't feel 'embarrassed'. You seem to have got a thing about 'big clubs'. The last 18 years can't be ignored, we don't have a right to call ourselves one anymore I'm afraid. The comment about trophies was ridiculous in all honesty.
  7. Whitechapel Owl

    The 'pen'

    Yeah I think it probably was, I didn't think so initially but there appeared to be contact with his trailing leg.
  8. Whitechapel Owl


    Spot on. I honestly thought this would be the general consensus on here tonight, amazed at all the negativity.
  9. Whitechapel Owl

    Still dicraceful

    Some fans just want to whinge about everything and only look for the negatives. Is this what SWFC has come to?
  10. Whitechapel Owl


    All that goes out of the window in a derby doesn't it? You seem to be looking at this as any other game. If this had been against another side I'd agree with you. But the recent form and the importance of the derby is all about getting something from the game for me. Like it or not, they are currently a far better side than us.
  11. Whitechapel Owl


    But we're crap at the moment so this is a positive result tonight. Don't think it's necessary to look for negatives.
  12. Whitechapel Owl

    Well Done, Dawson

    Hear, hear
  13. It's all about the result tonight though isn't it?
  14. Excellent point. Well done Wednesday. MASSIVE well done Dawson