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  1. Have A Speedy Recovery Jordan Thorniley

    Jos Luhukay: "I cannot give an answer on Jordan (Thorniley). He was unconscious on the field. We don't have a good feeling about the injury. He has gone to the hospital with our doctor."
  2. Like the Egyptian without a boat.
  3. Kinell staton bloody hell
  4. FA Cup Replays on TV

    You'd think BT will pick Spurs, so the replays will switch channels I reckon. Should mean we are on the BBC.
  5. Hope so, the BBC seem to be really keen to show the big sides though sadly, the FA Cup is their only chance to do it nowadays. Always disappoints me when they choose the likes of Manchester United at home to someone like Reading.
  6. Pleased for Rochdale, although, would our replay at Swansea have been on the bbc if it wasn't for this? Ours was the only tie going to a replay before this game.
  7. BBC biased highlights.

    I thought the same about the match report on the bbc website, implied that Swansea were the better side.
  8. FA Quarter Final Draw Tonight - OMDT

    Can't complain at that.
  9. What was all that nonsense about Carlos about then? Is it hate Carlos first, support Wednesday second now?
  10. Really pleasing performance, thought we were going to win it at the end. In the hat for the quarters, good stuff.
  11. We're still in the cup you daft tail
  12. I thought that was it, what a chance