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  1. Out of the relegation zone at half time, 6 points adrift less than an hour later.
  2. That's why we're going down That's why we're going down
  3. I thought Carlos would have been linked to the job when Lennon went, I don't know if he deserves to be etc but I think he'd jump at a chance to come back to Britain. Surprised he's not even on the list.
  4. Enjoyed this, quite a few of these are some of my favourite games ever, like San Andreas, GTA 5, Fallout 3, Minecraft, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption and Metal Gear Solid 5.
  5. We'd have been the best club in the country for one of those documentaries this season. There's so many great ones, especially from the 90s when the clubs were a lot more relaxed about what was shown. I watched the Warnock one again recently, so many funny moments. "Danny, go and get in the shower son, I'll be sick if I have to look at ya".
  6. My West Ham supporting friend sent me this, glad to see he remembers that game as fondly as we do.
  7. Why are these 'issues'? Apr 2015 - Chief buddhist 'blessed' the ground. Sep 2016 - Golden elephants placed outside of South Stand for good luck Sep 2017 - Cakeball 29th September 2017 - Club announce ltd edition Seikonda watch
  8. I'm amazed how small that list of players is, is that really them all? Just shows how little we've brought in, in recent years.
  9. Ok then May 2016 - 6th place finish May 2016 - Beaten in play-off final May 2017 - 4th place finish May 2017 Beaten in play-off semi-final
  10. It's like an artist putting a half finished painting in a gallery and shouting IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS at anyone who comments on it. Either don't put it in a thread until it's finished OR accept that people will offer their opinions as to what should be added.
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