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Community Answers

  1. I remember the quality of number 2 being abysmal, especially after following the really nice material number 1 was made from. I really don't rate any of the shirts Diadora manufactured. I think 11 is my favourite, closely followed by 7. Was a big fan of 13 though, I've always regretted not buying that. 2 and 4 the worst because of the terrible quality, also not a fan of 12.
  2. Yeah, 4 was awful, fitted like a tent. Number 1 was a really nicely made shirt just a shame it had the big Chupa Chups logo on it.
  3. Agree the stripes are too thin, but don't agree with the posts above about the really wide stripes. This one in 2005/06 was one of the worst home shirts we've ever had in my opinion.
  4. Great fight that, unlucky to lose that in the dying seconds.
  5. As much as some of us might be disappointed to lose him, we'll have done well out of this. He was well within his rights to wait and see if we stayed up before signing but he didn't, so a relegation release clause is perfectly understandable. He's more than proved himself at Championship level. A million quid is a lot of money to the club at the moment and we can't justify having anyone on big wages in League One. Over spending is the reason we've ended up in this position.
  6. Loved Vieira as a player, one of my all time favourites in the Premier League era.
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