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  1. Was reading about Blondeau after seeing this, was surprised to see who his daughter is. Famous for a photo of her as a kid that you often see on those awful clickbait things underneath articles.
  2. That was the opinion of one knob who's been dead for a few years. Nothing to do with the current Bolton setup.
  3. He's probably about 15th choice CB at Chelsea, they'd probably play half the midfield there before they turned to him. Can't see them wanting a huge amount but we might end up having him on a season long loan.
  4. Calling me a woman is an insult is it? Shows the type of person you are doesn't it. Shitcunt
  5. I would prefer him to get injured, and then get relegated next season just so it annoys you ya shitcunt.
  6. It's a lot more fun when you're in the chasing pack isn't it? I'm sure the Villa and Preston fans are as optimistic as we are at the moment, whereas the Bristol,Derby and Boro fans are probably convinced they're going to throw it away. Could be a really exciting last day with loads of sides in with a shout.
  7. Yeah, great win for them tonight, won't deny that, and you could be completely right. I always feel they're liable to follow it up with a stinker though. Time will tell.
  8. Yep, they've been a bit rubbish really when you consider the squad they have. Pulis is so negative, starting to wonder if the game is beginning to pass him by.
  9. Not convinced, people have been saying this for 2 seasons now, they've never really put a really good run together. Too inconsistent for me. My money would be on Preston right now, but also wouldn't rule out Derby finding their feet again.
  10. Completely agree, I'm actually glad we've got to play those sides above us. Could be a few 6 pointers coming up soon.
  11. So what if they do? Bit of a small minded mentality that.
  12. Good results, actually pleased Villa won as I'd rather they overtake us at this point than for us to fall further behind Forest. Even the Preston win might not seem so bad if Boro start slipping, no way are they nailed on for the top 6 yet.
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