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  1. Whitechapel Owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    Cheers @welsOwl74
  2. Whitechapel Owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    Reds are incorrect. The other colours are to highlight repeated answers.
  3. Whitechapel Owl

    Chris Sedgwick

    Enjoying it so far, especially the story about Mellor in the swimming pool and Clinton threatening to shoot Parkin.
  4. Whitechapel Owl

    So that survey

    Negged for the "So"
  5. Whitechapel Owl

    Hayley - Update

    Fernando turned up at her house with 10k in cash. Top lad. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/546053/Premier-League-Sheffield-Wednesday-Watford-Fernando-Forestieri-football-cancer-angel-Derby/amp
  6. Whitechapel Owl

    Top 6 The Maximum Expectation or the Minimum

    I'd say challenging for the top 6 is the minimum. Would be disappointed if we finished outside the top 10.
  7. Whitechapel Owl

    Westwood Going

    Think Winnall is on 16k, seem to remember that being reported when he signed.
  8. Whitechapel Owl

    Bookies slash odds on Forestieri going

    Obviously aren't gonna get that for Sessegnon but I think they'd be mad to accept less than 40. To win player of the season in The Championship at 17 years old is some achievement, with him being English as well his value is huge.
  9. Whitechapel Owl

    Sean Clare

    What a shame, hopefully we get a decent bit of compensation.
  10. Whitechapel Owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    Ah, what! Can I have another bash at number 8 please?
  11. Whitechapel Owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    Ah, I hope not...
  12. Whitechapel Owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    Thanks for the pin
  13. Whitechapel Owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    @Neal M Would it be okay to pin this for a couple of weeks? So that others who don't regularly visit this section see it. Cheers.
  14. Whitechapel Owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    Number 8 is a tough one.