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  1. Patrick Collins came on here a few years ago.
  2. I've read a lot of football autobiographies but can't remember any Wednesday ones off the top of my head. (Apart from Sterland's which isn't great) If you're willing to move away from Wednesday one I'd really recommend is Journeyman by Ben Smith. He played in the lower leagues but is a smart guy and wrote the book himself, so many of them use ghostwriters and end up very similar to each other, he looks at things a bit differently and there's some great stories about playing under Steve Evans.
  3. Quite common with older players, the problem being that if the club doesn't want to keep you they're forced to end the player's season early, even if they're needed. Daft giving them out in my opinion.
  4. Comes across as more spite than anything, many players in Leagues one and two aren't "massively overpaid" and have the same bills to pay as the rest of us.
  5. I was worried I was experiencing Groundhog Day for a moment.
  6. The old Forest fan ringing in with the exact same call he made last night.
  7. Kinell I never even thought about that possibility. Has to be this season definitely. Starting a season on minus points would be rubbish and would make it difficult to recruit players in the summer.
  8. Because it seems extremely unlikely, companies are always going to try and defend themselves even when they've been caught red-handed. If we do go down this season then the one positive at least is that a lot of high earners and deadwood are out of contract. Would mean we could at least start to assemble a squad that can try and get us promoted next season. Starting 2020/21 on a points deduction would make next season a complete waste of time, we'd have no chance of survival when you consider the budget we'd have to work with.
  9. Yeah, been ringing up for years hasn't he. Remember he used to be awful with Paul Walker.
  10. What a tail face that Wednesday fan was just on. Giddings hating it tonight.
  11. If we need a firefighter to come in for the last 9 games then Warnock would be ideal, he's retiring at the end of the season so it would only be very short term. Then bring someone new in, in the summer when all the deadwood has been released. As for Megson I can guarantee he wouldn't come to the club under Chansiri, I know people who know him and let's just say he's not exactly a fan.
  12. To be fair that's the case with any employer, you can't publicly criticise them and expect to keep your job. I think it's pretty routine these days that managers sign non-disclosure deals when they leave clubs as part of their compensation, which is why we never hear 'what really happened' afterwards. If Monk goes we won't hear anything from him about his time here.
  13. Yep, says so here https://www.efl.com/supporters/supporters-charter/consultation--supporter-engagement/ Might be worth someone reminding the club of this.
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