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  1. I've been loving Hitman 2. I spent a couple of weeks just doing every challenge on the first couple of levels. Once you get to know the level inside out, and know exactly where everyone is going to be at certain points, it's extremely satisfying pulling off the perfect hit. The Grand Prix level is fantastic. I always enjoy games that are based around stealth a lot more than FPS where you run around shooting everything in sight.
  2. Giddings, "There is a moron on the field of play in the 6 yard box". Harsh way to describe Lee Gregory.
  3. Yeah he's dreadful. I heard him interviewing Pep on the BBC a few weeks ago. Couldn't believe it.
  4. I don't think I've ever heard Radio Sheffield as critical. Sounding like we've been awful.
  5. I've been thinking about it since that post actually, my list is up to 12 now. Steve Evans the latest. Just visioned his trousers falling down during green light, red light, shortly before being eliminated.
  6. That thought crossed my mind when watching it as well. I got as far as Piers Morgan in the list of people I'd like to watch competing.
  7. Thanks, I take my hat off to all of them. It's fantastic our away support.
  8. So impressive we sold this out a couple of weeks ago. How many tickets were we given?
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