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  1. Really poor from us isn't it? Our average may be higher than the Dingles but that counts for nothing really, at least they've made the last 8 on 3 occasions. About time we had a run, lets hope for a favourable draw later.
  2. Ipswich Town - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Loovens tackled his tackle
  3. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    What are your thoughts on Megson taking over @Baggiehy? I know he's popular with a lot of your fans, I think he splits ours, I personally can't stand the man but others love him.
  4. COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    What caused it to happen the one time? Too many disappointing incident to hazard a guess.
  5. COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    I assumed that would be the rule in all family stands. I've never sat up there because its impossible to get through 90 minutes of watching Wednesday without doing at least one swear.
  6. COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    Are you allowed in the family stand without a child then? I know for other clubs such as the pigs you have to purchase at least one child ticket with every adult ticket.
  7. Paul Walker is great, we were lucky to have him on Radio Sheffield for so long. He's a million times better than the likes of Clive Tyldesley and is on a par with the top tv commentators like Guy Mowbray. He deserves a much more prominent position with the bbc.
  8. Would you support a move to a new ground?

    What if it wasn't a horrible bowl and not on an industrial estate? I don't see the point in redeveloping when 3 of the stands need pulling down. Those World Cup developments might have looked nice from the pictures but how much would it cost and what would the improvements to the actual facilities around the entire ground? From what I remember the fancy bits were to be placed in the new West stand.
  9. South Stand Bedroom

    This is how I imagine @HOOTIE AND THE bobbar TU's bedroom to look.