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  1. Pig ringing in saying Wilder should be sacked, wants Allardyce
  2. Only slightly though, it's not like the League Cup where teams make 11 changes.
  3. Doubt it'll be a week side, FA Cup games are Saturdays aren't they?
  4. Yeah good points, I do think managers job is bigger at Rangers than Bournemouth though, especially when Bournemouth are in the Championship, as they were when O'Hara made the claim.
  5. I generally prefer Celtic, but really hope Rangers win it this year. I remember Jamie O'Hara on Talksport just before the season started, making a ridiculous statement that Bournemouth are a bigger club than Rangers, and that if Gerrard got the chance to replace Howe he'd leave Rangers. Unsurprisingly he got hammered for it, and tried to justify it with the ridiculous claim that Rangers had zero chance of winning the SPL this season, and that it would be much easier to win the Championship title with Bournemouth. I knew the guy was an idiot before any of this of course, but it anno
  6. Interesting interview, and fair play to the interviewer for giving some back to Klopp. I have no sympathy for Liverpool, they're a big part of the greedy Premier League clubs that have done these TV deals. It's Klopp's and Liverpool's problem to figure out how to rotate their squad across the season, they should appreciate being in the Champions League, only a handful of English clubs ever get to take part.
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