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  1. As soon as I learned that Blackburn hadn’t won for 6 games, I knew we’d do our usual charity work
  2. We just need to accept we’re w@nk......We have a manager who’s pretty negative, a ground that’s falling to bits, one good striker who is rumoured to be on his way to WBA, an owner who doesn’t seem to know how to run a club, on the brink of a massive points deduction and to top it all off, our main rivals are flying in the premiership.......Oh well, time for a beer
  3. I fully expect that if (when) we are found guilty, we’re going to get a huge punishment for having the cheek to go against the EFL. They will make an example of us and it won’t be pretty.....Or in layman’s terms, ‘we’re fu@ked’
  4. Fu@k me....that’s 9 more points deducted and a 6 game ban for Fessi
  5. Third in the table at Christmas is great BUT I can’t help but think it’ll make no difference. The EFL will deduct enough points to ensure we’re nowhere near the top
  6. I can’t walk away....that’s the problem lol
  7. Is it just me who is struggling to get motivated at the moment? Even when we win it only feels like it’s 3 points away from relegation. We’re going to get hammered by the EFL, the Chairman is about to face a misconduct charge which could see him banned from football and what will happen then is anyone’s guess and on top of that, the scum from the other side of the city are having the season of their lives. I just can’t see any positives at all for the future and it feels like my guts have been ripped out....Can anyone out there allay my fears please?
  8. I tend to agree with you but that’s no reason for them to moan about Monk before the team have even kicked a ball for him
  9. Never known such a negative bunch of ‘supporters’ as ours......People having a pop already and he hasn’t even taken a training session yet.....Jeeez, I thought the Geordies were fickle.....Not my first choice, but he’s here now so will get my backing...
  10. If we were going for an out of work manager, I’d rather have had Rowett
  11. Would love to get the Cowley’s in but they need to be given time and a free hand to get rid of any Billy Big B@ll@cks who think they are bigger than the club
  12. Don’t like Pulis, don’t like his style of play BUT I’d even take him at the moment
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