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  1. F@ck me, there’s some managers on here tonight
  2. Maybe Chelsea were just much better than us.....If we can’t get the ball we can’t attack, and if we hadn’t kept it tight at the back then Chelsea could have scored at will.....At least we weren’t embarrassed like Toytown against City or The Pigs losing at home to non league Barnet...
  3. Why? Agree it wasn’t a penalty but surely then it should have been a corner....Why a drop ball?
  4. Well that put paid to that idea then
  5. Someone posted on here that he was going to sell the ground fo 30 million and it got me wondering.... He says he would like to spend more but isn’t allowed so could he sell the ground to one of his own companies therefore bringing money into the club but still owning the ground?
  6. This c@nt should stick to selling pasties
  7. Not even got the job yet and he’s getting slagged off....you couldn’t make it up....I’m sure some people think we’re on a par with Real Madrid
  8. Did any of them ask if you can play in midfield?
  9. Maybe DC won’t like it either but here’s the truth.....carry on with that clown as manager Mr Chansiri and be prepared for 15000 crowds....Oh and do you mind telling us what happened to that rounduns you spouted about us either having cheap tickets and poorer players or high prices and better quality ones.... If these are the better quality ones, I’m glad we didn’t decide on the poorer ones
  10. I think this will be a close vote......might even need a recount lol
  11. RIP mate......He helped me out on more than one occasion when I worked the doors in various clubs in Sheffield in the 80s and I was with him at many an away match.....we’ve lost a good one there
  12. Probably is.....he seems to have taken all the life out of all the players.....It’s that bad under Jos that I’m hoping for a transfer in January and I’m a fukkin supporter
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