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  1. Yeah, why not get rid of one useless manager and replace him with another useless manager who hasn’t worked for years.....yeah, that’d work
  2. Joke of a performance from us.....Embarrassing. Yes City are a great team BUT Monks tactics were idiotic. Never even attempted to have a go. Maybe if we had gone for it then City might have put 4 or 5 past us but at least we would have gone out trying. The only players to come out with any credit was Wildsmith who has proved again that he is better than Dawson and Iorfa who was a rock
  3. No he isn’t a good keeper and anyone who thinks he is, is deluded
  4. Yeah....let’s go from one useless manager and replace him with another....Oh yeah, and one that hasn’t worked for years
  5. Yeah.....why not go for another useless manager and one who hasn’t worked for years?.......makes sense
  6. Do you really think Dawson is a good keeper or are you looking through blue tinted glasses? At crosses he flaps like a seal asking for a fish and his kicking is one of the worst I have ever seen.
  7. That doesn’t mean he’s any good though does it?
  8. Can’t kick and flaps like a seal wanting a fish.......Cameron Dawson? We’d be better of with Les Dawson
  9. Or compare the last 10......at least with Bruce in charge the players looked like they knew what they were doing
  10. I’d be more concerned about the other end of the table to be honest
  11. Can’t believe we’ve gone from Jos to Dross......not much difference to be honest
  12. Kieran Westwood???? Watching Dawson, I’d be happy with Vivian Westwood
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