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  1. I tend to agree with you but that’s no reason for them to moan about Monk before the team have even kicked a ball for him
  2. Never known such a negative bunch of ‘supporters’ as ours......People having a pop already and he hasn’t even taken a training session yet.....Jeeez, I thought the Geordies were fickle.....Not my first choice, but he’s here now so will get my backing...
  3. If we were going for an out of work manager, I’d rather have had Rowett
  4. Would love to get the Cowley’s in but they need to be given time and a free hand to get rid of any Billy Big B@ll@cks who think they are bigger than the club
  5. Don’t like Pulis, don’t like his style of play BUT I’d even take him at the moment
  6. Losing at home to QPR.....Anyone still think Bullen is the right man for the job? He hasn’t got a friggin clue....Beat 3 of the relegation favourites, played garbage in the last few games and scrape a win against League 1 Rotherham....And to make it worse the Scum from across the city are drawing at Chelsea....Wednesday are turning into a joke of a club with a joke of a manager and are quickly becoming a friggin laughing stock
  7. He’s not done anything to make be believe that he should get the job....he’s a great man and loves Wednesday through and through but we need more than that. Yes we have won 3 out of 5 league games against 3 of the favourites to go down and scraped a win in the cup against Rotherham....Not for me thanks
  8. Been saying that for weeks....What have we got to lose?
  9. Same as the last time Bullen was caretaker....Start off with a couple of wins then goes boobies up
  10. I don’t think Bullen is the right man for the job, and I don’t think Chansiri is all that convinced either or he would have given it him by now.....Yes, we’re top of the league at the moment but we won’t be by tonight but before anyone gets carried away, we’ve beaten the 3 favourites for relegation and the latter one only just
  11. Didn’t Bullen get a couple of good results the last time he was caretaker manager? I think it went a little bit pear shaped afterwards.....Could it be a bit of deja vu?
  12. One up front at home against Luton? Nearly as negative as Jos ;-)
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