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  1. cain

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    When you’re sick of watching dross? So let’s get Megson back....
  2. cain

    Robert Huth

    Unfortunately he’s over 30.....so according to Jos, he will have got arthritis and his heart won’t hold up
  3. He’s a tool....plain and simple
  4. Unfortunately they’re a lot closer to being a top two team than we are at the moment.....You say we have money but can’t spend it, maybe so.....but it doesn’t help when Chansiri says if we don’t go up this season we’re in the poo ...If that’s the case then guess what? We’re in the poo because this team isn’t going up.
  5. Yeah course you can.....you can think what you want, I don’t give a w@nk....If you seriously think what I’ve said is wrong then you’re totally deluded.....As for the grunters from S2, I hate everything about them with a passion BUT unfortunately the table doesn’t lie
  6. Don’t talk like a tw@t
  7. In a couple of years we’ve gone from being a whisker away from becoming a premiership club, spending loads of money...to a slow, boring, predictable club which appears to not have two pennies to rub together. On top of that, our poor relations from across the city are, unfortunately, on top of the league playing a brand of football we can only dream of.......AND we play them soon...and I for one are sh1tting myself
  8. God almighty we are f@ckin w@nk
  9. I’m actually bored.....quite happy I’ve broken my leg and can’t use my season ticket Lol
  10. I don’t think I have a choice
  11. I’m sat on the sh1tter with the trotts here in Turkey after a dodgy kebab reading Owlstalk, and I’m quite happy....Come on Wednesday
  12. cain

    Mr Chansiri

    I agree and was quite excited at the prospect of having Rhodes but surely they knew we would be close to FFP so why not move some of the other forwards on and generate money for strengthening one of the weakest defences in the league?