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  1. cain


    You say it’s a FACT that he wants away.....I’d be interested to know how you know that fact......My guess is you haven’t got a clue whether he wants away or not but just think he does.....either that or your just fishing for a response
  2. cain

    Jos’s debut

    It looks clear to me that in the 5 days he’s been here, he’s worked on making the team solid and he cracked it
  3. cain

    Jordan Rhodes..

    Can’t believe anyone is slagging ANY player off tonight....It looks clear to me that in the 5 days Jos has been here, he’s worked solely on being solid and I think he did a cracking job
  4. cain

    Jos Luhukay

    Don’t know him so can’t comment but it’s not just him, it’s everyone who’s rumoured
  5. cain

    Jos Luhukay

    I don’t know him so I can’t comment on that....He could well be shi te but he could easily be great....It was more the fact that everyone who has been rumoured has been slagged off....McClaren, Lambert, Poyet to name just a few....People need to realise we’re not going to get a top rate manager yet....Let’s trust DC and give whoever he chooses our support until proven differently
  6. Cult? I didn’t know it had an ‘L’ in....thought it was an ‘N’ Oh well, spelling has never been my strongest point
  7. cain

    Jos Luhukay

    How come everyone who is mentioned is slagged off....There’s some whinging fuks on this site
  8. cain


    Shi te and that’s why I wanted Carlos sacked....but I don’t want to swap one boring manager for another....But to be honest...it doesn’t matter because no matter how much you want Megson, he’s got about as much chance as me of getting the job....thankfully
  9. cain


    I lost interest in your post after the first paragraph and can’t be arsed to read the rest...If you really do believe that the majority of people want Megson back then you’re living in a dream world. You obviously don’t sit anywhere near me at the ground or you’d believe differently. It’s only the idiots on this site that want him back and I’d like to see a poll on actuall fans who go home and away as I know which way most of them would vote....As for you insinuating I’m a pig I’d like to insinuate that you are a c un t
  10. cain


    He failed in division one but because he used to play for us he’s seen as some sort of messiah. He hasn’t had one managers job since he left us and that’s not because he has been unlucky, it’s because he’s shi te. If he was an ex Wednesday manager who had never played for us he would be seen as no different to Jewel, Irvine or the rest of the failures. If he’s the best we can hope for then we really are fu ck ed
  11. cain


    Not if he was the last manager alive would I ever want to watch his boring, miserable style of football ever again...I’d rather hang from a tree by my gonads while shoving unopened conkers up my jacksy
  12. Paul Daniels David Copperfield David Blaine Dynamo
  13. What kind of defending was that? For all those who were calling for Bullen to be given the managers job after the Forest game, give your heads a wobble....he’s as clueless as Carlos. This man coaches THAT defence
  14. cain

    The Case for Megson

    Give your head a shake man
  15. Because he’s poo ...His brand of football is the worst I’ve ever seen and my thoughts are justified by the fact that NO league chairman has offered him a managers position since he left us. If he wasn’t a Wednesday fan, not one person would want him back