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  1. I hope not.....I’d rather get relegated for being poo then have the embarrassment of staying up on a technicality
  2. Even Rotherham are showing effort, unlike the shower of shhht at Hillsboro
  3. What really upsets me and I’m trying not to be negative during such a brilliant performance is, the players are showing they’re easily good enough and are capable of fighting....so why not do it earlier?
  4. Have we just had a windfall then that I’ve missed?
  5. They can play then......so why has it taken so long?
  6. I accepted relegation weeks ago.....and after watching Wednesday for 50 years, sadly this is the first time that I’m genuinely not that upset....this excuse of a club isn’t the club that I’ve supported for half a century as it’s only a tiny shadow of it. When I’m watching them on tv I find myself looking at my phone most of the game....I might get my passion back but that will only be when Tuna Man has left....in such a short time this idiot has taken away what has been a massive part of my life....
  7. Are Blue and White stripes camouflage.....because our players clearly can’t see anyone wearing them
  8. If Wildsmith is out number 2 keeper, then god help us
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