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  1. And I think you are just delusional and living in fantasy land….try taking the blue glasses off once in a while
  2. How about finishing first or second with a few more points?
  3. Choosing to back a manager who isn’t good enough?…..by saying you’ve never defended his tactics you’re basically agreeing that he’s not forward thinking enough……by all means back a manager but let it be one who can change things when they’re not going right….We’ve seen over the two legs that Alex Neil set his team out differently defensively to nullify us and it worked a treat and Darren Moore didn’t know how to respond
  4. About as moronic as you defending his tactics…..try taking off your blue tinted glasses and check just how many points we have thrown away by him not having a clue how to break down teams who get in our faces or having the ability to see what’s going wrong and changing it
  5. It’s not about who would or who wouldn’t come in…..Darren Moore has continued to get the tactics wrong on far too many occasions this season…..including both play off games
  6. Just think of how well those players would have done if Moore knew what he was doing
  7. Never mind Darren Moore, Roger Moore would be better and he’s been dead for years
  8. Just think how many points we would have got if he wasn’t tactically inept
  9. Moore got the tactics wrong (again) as he has a tendency of doing…..
  10. I thought we were poor…..yes there is no doubting the effort but the lack of chances created meant we got exactly what we deserved
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