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  1. Quite happy with tonight’s performance....Yes, it’s only Rochdale but the young fringe players have done themselves proud. Loads of chances created which is good to see, could have scored more but overall, well pleased
  2. They could share with Worsbrough Miners Welfare
  3. Is this the team to be proud of Monk said we’d have?
  4. It’s plain to see that Monk is signing young hungry players or players with a point to prove rather than the ones previously who were here for one final pay day....Just a main striker needed now
  5. But the worrying fact is he’s still here and still signing players
  6. What player that’s any good is going to join a team on minus 12?
  7. They obviously are calling for the same point deduction as they have fingers....that’ll be 12 then 😁
  8. We’ve got to hope we’re not guilty or we’re down
  9. Absolute joke of a club.......A manager worse than Jos, rubbish keepers, poor defence, joke of a midfield, worst strike force in the league and an owner who is doing his very best to destroy us......wish they’d all [email protected] off
  10. We need to win because there’s a chance if found guilty we’ll get a 9 point deduction....currently that will put us below the Dingles (can you imagine that?)..
  11. I don’t recall saying I wanted them as the management team.....I actually said that I believe that they have done a better job at Huddersfield than the clown we have has done here. As for a preference to Monk...I’d have Danny LaRue, never mind Danny Cowley
  12. I think they’ve done a much better job at Huddersfield than Monk has at Wednesday.....and I’d still have them here instead of the clown that we’ve got
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