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  1. Palmer’s having some joy down t’right, final ball’s letting him down though
  2. Who’s t’co-commentator on Sky? Sounds like Tom Kerridge
  3. Another worldy by Reach due end o’next season....
  4. What’s frustrating is Dejphon said (on record) he wanted modern attaching English football but signed bang average players &appointed t’likes o’Monk & Pulis
  5. Cloud cuckoo land I’m afraid....them 2’ll keep getting involved
  6. Only won 10 all season....be a brave’un t’predict 4 wins outta them 5
  7. Seems t’be constantly making the wrong decisions Ravel....travels all t’way o’er there & doesn’t even get on t’bench whereas he coulda stayed here, played for t’under 23s & maybe earn a contract
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