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  1. Won’t be a problem wi t’pitch, not like the old days where they’d play in owt…,more about fan safety around grounds now.
  2. Injury crisis in defence but still insists on playing 3 at the back….against the mighty Cheltenham as well!!?!
  3. Definitely is…keeps my lad keep wanting t’attend games with me, though the burger vans have turned his head the last couple o’games
  4. Sounds shocking….Late change o’mind t’go property viewing with the wife sounds like a great decision!
  5. Entered…..I’ll just gi it t’mi lad
  6. Seriously though he wasn’t interested in playing for us for a long while, dawdled round the pitch not putting the effort in……like most o’bilge we’ve had t’put up with over years!
  7. Moore’s doing exactly what mi Donny mate at work told me he does!
  8. 2-0 Ipswich. Can’t see us getting owt I’m afraid-want Moore t’succeed but starting t’doubt.
  9. Standard o’refereeing in the entire football pyramid is proper throw….anyone see the West Ham match t’day
  10. Wonder what the odds are on him coming back within that timeframe…could be worth a flutter
  11. Still 2nd, be more worried if we’d had 20-odd% possession & came away with nothing…,wake up call.
  12. Easy victory though BPF will concede t’day…..3-1 t’Wednesday ️
  13. How many coaches from Rovrum’s that
  14. I ain’t bothered bout t’pizza cup….I’ll take the boi if he wants t’go though.
  15. Mi old man used t’tape ‘Tutti Frutti’ on Sat1
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