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  1. Get new b layers that fit with your best players then. Simples!
  2. Wilder seems to do OK and he does this all time. Last one was only the other day about signing contracts. They are not kids. If they can't take it then they the mental strength to succeed here anyway
  3. How many of our players do you ever hear about people interested ? And don't give me that all our player aren't good enough. He in top 5 championship assists every season. Depends what you are looking for. To me somebody who consistently creates chance is worth there weight in gold
  4. So one player gets you promotion... You need a collection of good player like Bannan to do that
  5. Who said prem teams ?? And you have pick all teams in top 6..
  6. Nobody in this league is spending that type of money. Every manager, puntit picks Bannan out as one of the top midfielders in championship with stats that prove it
  7. So every other club would snatch our hands of to have Bannan but not good enough here
  8. What he did was absolute suicide! Playing young player that weren't good enough/ready for first team. And would have got us relegated. Monk is playing the only sensible hand he's got. But that doesn't make them good enough to be consistent winner's. Patience is going to be needed here
  9. Yes cus he's in charge of getting deals over the line anybody who knows anything about the game knows January window is a sellers market
  10. Booo! We will have no positivity on owlstalk right now
  11. After one disastrous game everyone is rubbish and need there contracts canceling! Personally I blame Fox, Rhodes & Palmer.... Don't know why but its usually there fault
  12. Just because someone's studs are higher than the opponents does not mean studs are up. His studs facing turf as apposed to the outlawed to tacking with toes pointing skywards hence "studs up" you can thank me later for explaining these simple football rules
  13. Wish rest of team had his fitness! The lad is up and down that wing all game. His bound to feel it at end nerves and a high tempo game. It's early days but I think he will only grow as being a first team play comes the norm
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