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  1. The only plus of having keown as Co commentator is it wasn't that bigger tw@t Mark lawrenson
  2. Thought keown a dreadful Co commentator. If your going to give stats at least get them right! Big ones was Ilorfa not played much and Fletcher scored 12 goals before Xmas and only scored 1 since and before anyone says yes its technically true but being out with a serious knee injury kind makes goals dry up
  3. I'd have said 3. thought murphy dint look out of place at that level(first half anyway). And young Alex hunt did more when he came on than any of our central midfielders
  4. This lad looks like he's ready to play more minutes. Got a couple of good tackles in and on the rare occasion we got the ball he was one of very few who had a bit of composure. Well done that lad
  5. But how far do u let players rule? Like I say its short term gains
  6. All there for you if you look. Physio says injury is fully recovered. But Westwood saying he"s not. Hence the the comment from monk about its just down to "his own pain threshold"
  7. The thing is Westwood probably would have claimed his place back by now. But for the ruling himself out over Xmas( basically saying I'm not going to sit on bench over Xmas) which is wrong attitude. And this attitude is one of reasons why this group won't get to where we should be. And this about other managers have dealt fine with it is just a case of they have let it go because they don't feel they have a choice as in a player of that quality. Which is just short term thinking because its only going to alienate everyone else.
  8. Stop right there! Only negative on here please!
  9. Don't know what game u watching Hutch is know where near the player Luongo is now. Plus he rarely finishes games with his biscuit legs
  10. Think people watch Hutchinson through Rose tinted glasses.. Most of time he is a liability. Throws himself into tackles and injures himself. Gives far too many free kicks away on edge of our box. And he is the main culprit for our inability to close games out with just kicking ball anywhere!
  11. Get new b layers that fit with your best players then. Simples!
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