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  1. Think at Birmingham it was more needing wins with the players available. Rowett had built a physical direct squad. Think your bang on about give him time to develop the squad and the way he wants us to play.
  2. What do you think of him guru? Thought he would be your type of manager. High press good attacking style. Always been impressed with his teams( other than Middlesbrough) when I've seen them
  3. I'm not say monk is the messiah. And if given the choice between him and Bruce it would have to be Bruce not because I think he's better. It's just his knack and know how to get out of this division. It might sound odd but given the choice again in the prem I'd pick monk because he is a modern farward thinking manager/coach
  4. ?? Don't know does it matter? I know they was at least 5 at one stage. All I know is every side I've seen monk bring to Hillsborough I've been impressed with. Especially that Leeds side and he had nowhere near the money Leeds spent last season.
  5. Bit like when they was top of league and missed out of automatic places?
  6. What like Leeds choked last season under a manager that everybody would love at Hillsborough. Yes Middlesbrough wasn't great but all the best managers have failed somewhere!
  7. What 8 in the prem with a small club like Swansea... I'd measure that as success myself. And deducted 9 points at Birmingham and still kept them up! That's arguably even better! Wasn't my fist choice. But on his past clubs he's done a good job. And his style is good football with a high press. So it's a thumbs up from me.
  8. Think you got that the wrong way round.... Red chilies Brown eye Red raw
  9. I think 2nd 11 midfield would be too strong in creativity terms
  10. See if you had put that I wouldn't have done it... Too obvious
  11. Thought it was getting too positive on here!
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