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  1. Bet its killing you at moment ain't it? All this positivity around the team
  2. Dele looks great prospect, able to run at defenders with pace and power and looks very calm for someone who was only playing his 2nd professional game
  3. He's gone for a check up.... Feeling a little unwell
  4. Always had the money. just not able to spend it after spunking a lot cash on average players
  5. And for me penny has a lot more quality than fox. So hope so
  6. But it shows that championship teams are not taking these games seriously and you can't gauge results/performances from these games.
  7. That's the thing. I hope we give him that game time. Think he was doing great till jos played him out of position and ruined his confidence. But to look at him he has everything to succeed, the athleticism and ability. That game v villa a few year ago he looked premier league quality.
  8. My opinion of course but think from what I've seen in youth games and first team games mat penny has the best left foot since Brunt He has that certain style that he gets so much whip on his crosses.
  9. So what you make of other championship sides especially Cardiff as they lost 3-0 to Northampton and played most of first team like us?
  10. Why are people bed wetting over a game which was treated like a friendly
  11. They won't admit it but most would love us to lose to say "I told you so" because they've already pinned there colours to mast.
  12. Hate to think what he'd do if we lost 😄
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