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  1. Since when has Biggs ever known anything? About on a par with star!
  2. Get off EFL ground sale charge. Only to be deducted 12 points for playing an ineligible player... Its the Wednesday way
  3. They must have all had an argument cus non of them have a smile on there face while sprinting there knackers off 🤣
  4. Who would buy the club without the stadium? And if he was to, the value would be drastically reduced. The only way I can see it going royaly wrong is if we do a macabe and get an outside investor in and there is a fall out.
  5. It was to an opponent. But that doesn't fit with everything is bad and they all hate each other
  6. Ur would think they would have put clean water in that vase... Right off putting
  7. He's played same way under all mangers since he was moved off left into centre but let's not ruin your agenda and use it as another monk bashing like all your other posts in other threads
  8. You could say he got in better positions than wickham today
  9. Most have some talent about him to have been looked at by Liverpool arsenal and inter only a couple of years ago
  10. This. Got himself in some good positions today. Wouldn't say his chances were sitters, probably disappointed with the headed chance not keeping it down. But see a lot of potential in him when he's settled in fully.
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