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  1. Unless it's an absolute screamer how is he ment to score? Patrols the halfway line on attacks and for corners is used as last man! so better get practicing his 40yrd screamers
  2. Totally disagree. You watch kante, very rarely set any chances up but what he does do is his defensive job and keeps things ticking over on the ball. But the difference is he has/had quality attacking players around him. Where as we only have Bannan with any attacking quality. I'm not saying he is as good as kante but he doesn't need to be as we are not in premier league. I've said it before but pelepessy is the least of our problems.
  3. Seen as tackling is virtually outlawed these days that's not bad!
  4. Then he will be an even bigger fool then I already think he is! If that's possible.
  5. Westwood wasn't fully fit for cradiff game and after that performance how could you drop anyone? Yes Westwood is a better keeper but the day you start not reward players for a good performance is the day you start to lose dressing room.
  6. Depend what you call long? I'd say 6 years is fairly long in this day and age
  7. I thought it was time he was going to score
  8. So you knew all about Dikes before Barnsley signed him?
  9. But the team we have now won't be the team next season so impossible to compare
  10. So we still got people that believe another manager could do better with these players. We could have pep and the results would be same
  11. What I think we should do is sack Moore than get a new manager in.. When results stay same we can all call for said manager to be sacked
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