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  1. Football has evolved since then. Not saying for the better. Even the so called football dinosaur like Warnock and Pulis don't play in that way
  2. On another day that game would have finished 4 or 5-1, due to a bit of poor finishing and bad luck these things happen in football and its just not your day UTO
  3. Only got that money if owner is willing to spend. The man himself has little money in terms of a football club owner
  4. Well he has been playing for Swansea so maybe he's picked up some of those soothing Welsh tones
  5. Was just a tongue in check comment mate because I'd read 4 or 5 people in the thread moaning about performance/ result
  6. What it says! Every year we have people in melt down on here cus we not won a pre season friendly. Results mean nothing
  7. It's like ground hogg day on here! Melt down after every preseason friendly. Haven't people got it yet
  8. What it doesn't say is its double the amount he got last month
  9. Your wrong about Seth Bennett.. He's to busy stuffing his face watching Steelers to think about us
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