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  1. Shiregreenowl 80

    Forestieri Red Card

    But my point is there is at least 2 occasions where he should not have been sent off if not more. Then his disaplinery record is nowhere near as bad
  2. Shiregreenowl 80

    Forestieri Red Card

    So why wasn't rest of our players sent off then? U not giving them stick for there celebration
  3. Shiregreenowl 80

    The Pitch again

    Shhhhh doesn't suit the agenda... Don't you know every thing Wednesday is doom and gloom at moment
  4. Shiregreenowl 80

    Completely wrong approach to the game

    Don't worry there is a chance the owlstalk bi-polor will swing the other way if we get a win on Saturday. H. M. S wee wee the league will set sail again
  5. Shiregreenowl 80


    Chelsea reserves so huiguin willium, azpilicueta, Barkley, rodiga, oh sorry and a kid who looks like signing for Bayern munich
  6. Shiregreenowl 80


    If we had opened up it would be a cricket score! The top 5 in prem are a different class to rest of prem nevermind championship
  7. Shiregreenowl 80

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Course they would And got battered 8-0
  8. Shiregreenowl 80

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Some of our fans on here are a disgrace! No wonder other teams fans think we r arrogant. We not played at this level for many years and probably for a few more. The lads have put one hell of a shift in
  9. Shiregreenowl 80


    Yes it would be if the person that owned house wasn't a friend of a family member
  10. Shiregreenowl 80


    Fernando doesn't own the house just rents it. So if he was leaving he wouldn't be putting it up for sale
  11. Shiregreenowl 80

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    I know which my money is on!
  12. Shiregreenowl 80

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    OUT.... Then when he wins next game IN
  13. Shiregreenowl 80

    FAO speedy.

    Gotta love this thread.. 5 pages of absolute Shiite and people scratching there heads wondering what the flippery is going on
  14. Shiregreenowl 80

    FAO speedy.

    No still here talking bull poo with rest
  15. Shiregreenowl 80


    Think he needs to be given time. His performances have steadily improved of late.