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  1. What wanting to win? These are highly paid adults if they not doing what is required then I'm all for hauling them back off, yes Rhodes won't be happy and if he that upset then he can always right off his expense contract and we can get a proper striker in Jan
  2. We seem to have a love hate relationship with players like Harris. We had threads like this about Antonio "just a runner not a footballer" "JJ mk2". Not saying they are the same, think Antonio was stronger and buldozed his way through and got a few goals. But his crossing was worse than Harris. To get players with pace and end product is never going to happen in championship. Unless you manage to produce one of our own. Just wish Harris had more confidence in himself, get into area and really run at players.
  3. You obviously wasn't watching. Stoke defender stuck a foot out to stop it going in bottom corner
  4. They were well in the play offs till Gibson decided they can manage without there 2 best players
  5. Not really a disallowed goal. Ref blow before the last touch towards goal, but still was a decent situation
  6. No Monk would have said we had a fret or we had no fret! Insert which ever you feel fits
  7. See after I had watched his video call I thought Monk was on borrowed time. Soon as he said he was the manager "at the moment". He was gone
  8. Who cares if player dislike it ?? The thing that as a Wednesday fan i want to hear is that it gets results and Kitson admitted that it did. They get paid very well for a short time they train and play.
  9. I just want winning football.. Instead of terrible non winning football! But I'm a bit funny like that.
  10. There is going to be a lot of upset people if he does well
  11. How was Chris Houghton available till recently? How is Pochettino not in management at moment??. I didn't want Pulis, was hoping Eddie Howe or Ryan Lowe. But think the reaction to Pulis way over top! Yes the football won't be easy on the eye but Wilkinson time with us was remembered with fondness. And that is because we were winning. Look at his last job at Middlesbrough yes they should have made the play offs but lost Triore and Gibson at a crucial time. Look how they have done since he left! Had to revert back to Pulis mk2 in Warnock.
  12. How do we even know Paixao was involved in this? Can't imagine Pulis would be his type of person
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