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  1. And in other news Germany invaded Poland
  2. Well then I’ll have a couple more of run of mill Will Vaulks signings please
  3. As the screen says. It’s testing. From these short exercises and the fancy machinery they use in elite sport they can tell the physical condition players have reported back in
  4. Have to be ready and good enough first! Imagine if he played them and we start losing some games. The young players would get hammered by idiots and shouting for managers head! That already happens after odd lose
  5. Him and Shippton should be around squad next season, they are both good pals too
  6. This ! I was told (and it could be wrong) that Jack Hunt and Ross Wallace was through him. At end of day he’s not a scout, he has contacts to many agents and that’s what chansiri uses him for
  7. Surely that’s not the real Alan Lee? Can’t imagine an ex pro being that obsessed
  8. I noticed as players went towards the fans they looked fairly happy, especially Bannan. Not what you normally see in a defeat! I think the players are pretty confident of turning this around at Hillsborough. Let hope they are right!
  9. Dean, Hutchinson & Storey is way above this level!
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