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  1. He must be passing forward at some point to have 14 assists... Unless he's getting to byline and cutting them back
  2. Yep people make stuff up to fit there point of view. It's a good job bruce knows what he is doing and thinks he's key to us. Only have to look how much we miss him when he doesn't play! E.g qpr last match
  3. Same Bristol City who were close to breaking ffp last season
  4. And what is wrong with that. Should we be all morally correct while rest of football isn't e.g the likes of man City! Sure all there fan are complaining at moment
  5. Dont really get your point. We've had chansiri sponsor long before any ffp problems. As for mammadov sponsor he was involved with there government so had a vested interest so not really much difference to what chansiri is doing
  6. But your point of having a sponsor that not trading( which by the way I don't see problem with it) as something we wouldn't accepted. correct me if I'm wrong but don't think land of fire is a trading company
  7. What like the mamadov sponsor on shirts when we thought he had all but taken over! Oh and never got paid for. That type of not accepting it?
  8. Well if rumours are true.. They only have a budget of £30m so can't see them spending half on bazza
  9. I'd imagine Mr chansiri hasn't stopped laughing yet!
  10. Well according to that link on here to Newcastle's wages he's on about 9k a week. How low do you want him to drop?
  11. Don't u know its not the done thing to praise nuhiu on here
  12. I'd say its the opposite. If those what's app qoute is right then Pearce is saying he didn't hear from touchline. So how can be a witness
  13. But my point is there is at least 2 occasions where he should not have been sent off if not more. Then his disaplinery record is nowhere near as bad
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