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  1. This SAG are laughable. They and SYP must be the only organisations in the country that are incapable of dealing with a crowd. I think it is them that needs a look at themselves not SWFC. I find it hard, under any circumstance, to find one good reason as to why pushing 10,000 or more fans onto an extremely busy main road is more safer than allowing entry/access via the LL. I can only take the impression that they seem to be waiting for accidents to happen to allow them to justify this shoddy, ill-thought report they have approved. Surely, holding the away fans for 10 minutes to allow the surrounding areas to disperse is more safer than the current poo show they have created? (not that it was a problem before).
  2. They're a good "footballing side". Pretty in possession and all that. Any goal kick will be played short. Press them in their own half and watch a Jones' side collapse. 3-1 Wednesday. Mon the Owls !
  3. Again another limited footballer. He's currently with us. Given we paid £15mil for him we have to invest some time in him. He's not very good mind. Seems to have gone backwards from that wonder kid of a few years ago. He's on a separate coaching plan to the others.
  4. I thought he was going to be an excellent signing Signing a good player who had seemingly done well in the Premier League then realised I was referring to his twin brother.
  5. Apologies if not, but I thought they were looking at another loan? Might be wrong, but I'd certainly explore those Premier League academies.
  6. I did not hide on here regarding the deficiencies of our squad last season. Nor did I expect Premier League quality. I did expect a bit of presence and someone who could use his pace to get in behind defences, or at least be able to provide some decent crosses to Gayle and Rodriguez. He was extremely lightweight and a player who would shirk those 60/40 challenges. He did score a decent goal at QPR and scored from a few yards out at home against Forest. That aside, he, like Montero was a very poor signing. His performances were regularly outshone by Kyle Edwards - whom could not get into the side because of Murphy.
  7. I understand that - but I would state there are probably "better" options out there at more affordable prices. I would rather explore the youth set ups of the likes of Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea etc. Ryan Kent would be a much better signing and he's linked with a move to Leeds. I've seen it cited that Murphy has pace - indeed he does, but he is so lightweight it is irrelevant when he's knocked off the ball every time he has it. I cannot recall any redeeming features to his game that made me stand and take notice. It was a major source of annoyance that he featured so heavily for us - providing so very little - whereas our academy graduates were left to rot.
  8. Murphy is garbage. We had the miss-fortune of putting up with him last season. He has the heart & testicles the size of a pea. I'd rather you put faith in your academy then sign players on relatively good wages whom will offer nothing.
  9. That man should not be allowed within 100 yards of a football club. The height of his man-management skills is to bully an academy graduate infront of his team mates. Publicly called out by some of our players too as more or less being a whopper. Hes a joker.
  10. He's rubbish. Far too interested in managing his restaurants. He got lucky that he inherited an Albion side that was far too good for this division previously. Failed to take Villa up with resources that Wednesday would currently love.
  11. Late to the party - but Bruce has proved himself to be a massive ****. Wednesday were very good to him - to the detriment of their own club - when he wanted to continue swanning around the Caribbean watching the cricket. And this is how he repays you. A disgusting way to act. I hope Chansiri remains resolute and receives the appropriate compensation. Then with a bit of luck this prat will get relegated next season.
  12. Excellent centre half - one of the better defenders in the division. Any good side requires a solid spine at the back and Lees has provided that alongside Westwood, Hector & Loovens before him. I'd love him at the Albion.
  13. Great player in this division - great goal scorer and by all accounts has been an excellent bloke with the work he has done with our foundation. No surprise to see his injury record when you consider the amount of times he's booted around the football pitch. Would love to have him back but not at £55k a week. And certainly not at £16million.
  14. Haven't Derby now recorded a profit by selling their ground? I am not sure whether that is clever accounting or breaking the rules. Personally - I am not a fan of football clubs not owning their home - I do not subscribe to the lease idea. In that case, I would be considering that as a rules break. I think there has to be some clear guidance across the board about what is allowed - and what contributes a breaking of the rules. I think it would be a dangerous road to go down if clubs continued to sell their home assets purely to get them infront of FFP.
  15. Seems a classic case of Gibson throwing his toys out the pram because he blew his chance of promotion when appointing that dinosaur. If clubs have broken the rules however then their should be punishments accordingly. I think this boils down to the problem though - because the punishments appear to be so weak and pathetic that chairman across the country will be willing to speculate to accumulate and hope that promotion pays off, knowing they have the luxuries of the Premier League to pay any resulting fines. The whole concept is ridiculously confusing from the outset - and I am not sure it can be fair play when there are several clubs in the division whom will be feeding off parachute payments. The simple concept is clear: Get rid of financial fair play. Get rid of parachute payments. Let clubs spend exactly what they want. Should clubs then run into financial difficulty at a later date, then that is there own fault and they should live by those decisions.
  16. A very good footballer and a fantastic bloke to boot. I was gutted for him that injury ruled him out of Euro 2016 as he deserve that opportunity on the greatest level. He has been a fantastic signing for us and his dedication over the last 13 years has been admirable. It is disappointing however to see how much his age has caught up with him in recent months as he should really leave The Hawthorns as a modern day hero.
  17. Excellent tonight that shoulder to shoulder where he sent Billy Sharp into Rotherham was superb
  18. I hope we stuff them. Then I hope Wednesday make it a blue and white double.
  19. They're a strange breed at Rotherham I went some weeks ago and we was drinking in a Weatherspoons in town. I'd never met such a strange bunch with such a burning hatred.
  20. It was bad enough putting up with him at the Hawthorns I can't possibly settle for it at Hillsborough aswell The bloke is **** of massive proportions
  21. Liking the look of the line-up Expecting a few goals. Desmond Tutu
  22. If I was in Chansiri's shoes then I'd be going for Dean Smith Its an appointment which doesn't rock the boat, will have a far more attractive brand of football and will not require a major player overhaul. I think Smith would fit the likes of Bannan, Wallace, Forestieri (when fit) and Hooper. Dare I say it - I think Smith would get more from this squad than Carvalhal has managed.
  23. Size of the squad isn't a massive issue - the make up of it is I cannot believe that for all the millions that has been spent that the wide and central midfield issues have not been addressed. There's a distinct lack of pace within the squad and furthermore its a powder puff midfield. The squad is far too samey - some nice pretty fancy players and that is it. Recruitment just for the sake of it.
  24. Mate, give it a rest for christ sake. Its boring
  25. Well I have to pay for travel to Sheffield as well you know..
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