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  1. not exactly wordy that article now is it.........?
  2. Lythamowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    fair do's for listening
  3. its his notice.......
  4. Lythamowl

    Operation Blame the Fans

    No, i'm saying its reasonable to expect constructive critisism but to abuse him or his family personally is not. oh its football...just not very good pal.......
  5. Lythamowl

    Operation Blame the Fans

    we are customers so we can complain about the 'product' weve bought if its not good enough. abuse though is a step too far.
  6. I was most disappointed with the point he made about his family not feeling safe coming to the club. whatever our differences maybe, him and his family deserves our respect. we are not united, we have more class than that and we need to show it.
  7. Lythamowl

    Good Feelings

    i've been telling myself that for 20 odd years now mate I'm starting to disbelieve myself though.....
  8. one thing we do not have is a 'clear situation'. clearly
  9. Lythamowl

    Sad but true

    If jos can get a tune out of the current squad we will be promoted by christmas......
  10. This season I have absolutely no idea......
  11. Lythamowl

    Let's back Fernando

    I had no idea you were from argentina you know......
  12. Lythamowl

    Fair play Nando

  13. Lythamowl

    FF, vid showing incident.

    I would like to award the kid doing the video the owlstalk weekly award in stating the bleeding obvious son......
  14. Lythamowl

    Let's back Fernando

    I am not taking my shoes off in the car park for him...nope,no way.
  15. Lythamowl


    my expectations are low. 50 years of supporting wednesday does that to you. I'm hoping they improve as the season goes on.