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  1. I agree snoots, and we'd be daft not to.
  2. watching the football. proper parenting that is.
  3. like your style mate. you mean were playing spurs next season right?
  4. Not sure i'll be able to remember the words......
  5. me too. so i've gone for a 5-0 wednesday win at 80/1 with billy hills !!
  6. also on the red button is Birmingham v millwall I mean.....what could possibly go wrong......?
  7. Thats nothing trev.....I've 40-1 for us to make it to the play offs! believe!!!
  8. and another point and were safe from relegation........
  9. as the BWFC website is as clear as mud does anyone know if I can pay on the gate tommorow?
  10. This is Wednesday on on that basis we’ll beat Norwich and lose to Bolton
  11. we had a cat called wednesday big grey tom, hard as nails....used to stand at the bottom of the drive offering out all the others cats. Is was all part of my missionary work here in Lancashire as all the kids used to come round shouting for him. Wednesday, wednesday......worked a treat. He's gone now but he was a legend.
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