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  1. I'll be in wigan today. Certain parts of it are bit like kiev if that helps......
  2. jordan could well be key if only we could find the f*****g door
  3. Lythamowl

    If you HAD to choose...

    It so very very close Hirst was outstanding and really was local lad made good. Waddle was world class and could have gone to numerous other places but for some obscure reason chose us. We had never seen his like before at Hillsborough and him coming opened the door for other top players to come at that time. Signing waddle was a watershed moment for the club and us as supporters. I doubt we will ever sign a player of that calibre again. So for me...its waddle
  4. Lythamowl

    John Terry

    John Terry captain leader legend quitter
  5. Lythamowl

    Big sam

    To be honest weve no idea whether we have or not but next season could be interesting......
  6. Lythamowl

    Big sam

    Thats it in a nutshell. Love him or loath him he carved out quite a profitbable niche for himself as the premierships go to man when a teams in the $hit. I doubt very much he would go to any championship club, he'll put his feet up at his villa in spain until december when someone comes knocking. Another £5 million for the coffers, thank you very much....NEXT!
  7. Lythamowl

    What price would you pay?

    on the unlikely event that we do get there, which would be great fun, lets face it people a home win against bornemouth will unleash unmittigated joy and the top 6 would just batter the living $hit out of us.
  8. Lythamowl

    Jack Marriott

    51 years of following the Wednesday has made me a touch cynical I’ll grant you......
  9. Lythamowl

    Jack Marriott

    sadly we have too many strikers its the 'good' bit were struggling with......
  10. Lythamowl

    Will they or won't they?

    Do you know.......I couldn’t care less anymore club is is bigger than one individual player
  11. How long should we give him ? I'd say 18 months is fair to make an impact. How long will we give him? Probably until January 19 where upon if we are not doing well then people will start foaming at the mouth and the usual chaos will ensue.....
  12. Lythamowl

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    I can't say i've ever hated the lad but come on, blue tinted specs to oneside, he's stepped up and had a good 6 months but in previous years he's been sadly lacking in pace and goals. If he stays, thats great but if not then I do believe we have other options available.
  13. Lythamowl

    Loovens on Sunday

    He’s been a great captain for us and I for one wish him well. and that goal away at Newcastle........pure class.
  14. Lythamowl

    Next Season Highlights...

    Next seasons highlight???? clearly that will be the 5-0 demolition of the pigs at the lane which relegates them back to the pub league for another five year stretch thanks for asking......
  15. it cannot be worse than C5's somewhat confusing coverage and there's a lot more content, colin murray likes us and is a good pundit so its a yes from me. think about people....you could have ended up with robbie savage and garth crookes.....