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  1. I'd be surprised if the majority of them can actually read.......
  2. I’m not sure what he or any other manager can do with this bunch of players. Not an ounce of decency any of them. Not helped by the fact our chairman has clearly adopted the North Korean management style and is completely ambivalent to what’s going on around him. I'm done with this lot, took 45 years to break me but I’m done.
  3. me neither mate.......and when apathy sets in with us we’re screwed. I just can’t be bothered anymore.
  4. Never mind Blackburn......can you just imagine what Man City are going to do to us?
  5. ok mate, for clarity, the copper is wrong and should be sacked etc. i am simply asking what the kid was doing prior to this?
  6. That’s incredible. if only we had a team worthy of such support
  7. reasonable point to ask. Much as the copper response is completely over the top we don’t what kid was doing before this. Whilst he doesn’t deserve to get his head shoved in, if he was playing silly buggers and fighting in the street he has to accept it might not end well surely?
  8. Stupid response by the copper, clearly going to be in lumber for that. Was the youth fighting someone?
  9. No....the players who are already on it seem to have bought them all
  10. More tonic less gin I would suggest mate........
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