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  1. I appreciate the sentiment barry but actions not words are what we need.....
  2. not necessarily but maybe just the ones who posted the footage of them sniffing it off the corner flag?
  3. the way its going mate i'd get your boots ready !
  4. were they 'real' fans or just coked up idiots who have just been locked up for a bit too long......?
  5. I bought the rebels t shirt for a mate of mine when we finally meet up in a couple of weeks. Very nice it is too!
  6. Does anyone actually care anymore.....?
  7. I will have no problem boycotting social media this weekend mainly due to the fact that I’m not on any........
  8. if they put the same amount of effort into this they would get as far as the lepp.......
  9. and you reckon di canio was better than waddle.....? dear god help me now.....
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