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  1. Lythamowl

    John Marquis

    currently mate clinton ruddy morrison could replace hooper!!
  2. Lythamowl

    John Marquis

    Never gets injured? be no use here then.......
  3. Lythamowl

    Next 8 league fixtures

    oh yeah....remember were far too good to go down.........
  4. Lythamowl


    Reach is not the problem. In fact, send him to leeds for the rest of the season and watch. If he was in a decent team .......
  5. Lythamowl

    Next 8 league fixtures

    I just hope the bottom 3 has........
  6. Lythamowl


    we keep nuhiu and send rhodes out on loan. only at sheffield wednesday......
  7. Lythamowl

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    who is this madine bloke everyone's babbling on about....??
  8. Lythamowl

    The Star: Boyd's Turnaround

    quite the opposite actually!
  9. Lythamowl

    The Star: Boyd's Turnaround

    dyche spoke very highly of him too.
  10. Lythamowl

    Carl Bradshaw

    yep...both talentless plonkers trying to steal a living.
  11. Lythamowl

    Carl Bradshaw

    If memory serves didn’t he get done for smacking his missis up at some point?
  12. Lythamowl

    Steve bruce and FA cup

    Hutch v all of the buggers!
  13. Lythamowl

    New signing next week?

    said the man quietly on the internet whilst his wife was no where to be seen.......
  14. Lythamowl


    cincinatti surgeons
  15. Lythamowl

    New signing next week?

    I have it on good authority i know absolutely nothing. my wife tells me this on a regular basis.......