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  1. Leopards and spots. ssn already peddling the excuses.
  2. What a reasonable post. An oasis of calm and a sense of perspective. A change from last night’s foaming at the mouth which covered just about everything from sacking the team, manager, chairman, ground and any songs!
  3. And there was me wanting to avoid mk dons!
  4. Unsurprisingly all the bottom feeders are out in force tonight. We tried, we failed, we’ll go again next season. Try and retain some sense of perspective.
  5. They’re doing the bounce…….really? shameless. Can they do anything original?
  6. If bannan isn’t fit then please don’t play however good he’s been this season
  7. Have both sets of supporters taken a vow of silence?
  8. Reading those is a lifetime of pain!
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