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  1. Glad I grew up watching hirst, waddle and the likes then.......
  2. I like him too to be fair, this season is as important to monk as it is to us......
  3. Clearly they do or we wouldn’t be discussing it.......
  4. my thoughts? simply not enough goals to support a proper promotion push. we cannot continue to depend on a 33year old main striker who wasnt exactly prolific when he was in his prime. Nothing wrong with fletch, and he runs his blood to water every game effort wise.....but he simply cannot do it on his own. I'd give nando a run out and see if he can find some form or we hopefully sign a tammy abrahams type player in january. Nice, but unlikely as most championship teams are looking for one.
  5. That is an impressive piece of work sir, every credit. I hope youre wrong and we are promoted automatically by february but impressive all the same!
  6. very true mate....for me it was our first out and out 'proper' striker since hirsty and in true wednesday fashion fizzled out into a pile of poo.....
  7. I cant find anything...can we pay on the day this year??
  8. Not me buxton, i'm blissfully happy to be watching the future barca coach......
  9. A much improved player, every credit to the lad.
  10. excellent post. In fact if beilsa is world class then in Garry Monk we are clearly looking at the next Barcelona coach !!
  11. I had no idea alioski was from woodseats.......
  12. That took playing ugly to a whole new level.....
  13. I think we may be able to park at Dronfield or Stocksbridge and walk in from there........
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