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  1. By eck he's got some brassed necked cheek.
  2. well....at least somethings gone right this week.......
  3. Megson definitely knows where Sheffield is just saying like........
  4. cant say I hate him, bit old for all that shybo, but very dissappointed. Should'nt be really thats modern football for us. So close to the beginning of what could potentially be a good season and with the entire coaching staff is a right pain. Also, why on gods green earth he would want the poisened chalice that is newcastle is beyond me, boyhood club or not......
  5. wow.....I had no idea he was going to scunthorpe......
  6. its up there with the footballing genius that was francis jeffers.......
  7. it'll be a struggle getting an elecrtic guitar and speakers on the kop..........
  8. gutted he didnt get to work with abdi.......
  9. Good read, and in fairness to alex I thought he was great when he was with us.
  10. well I'll be damned.....I've just seen him go past my office then, near paris of course........
  11. Good to see Dean Smith give credit to Bruce for his signings in his post match. Class act that fella.
  12. probably cheaper than having half the team arrested in mansfield......
  13. could'nt we just go the whole hog and get maupay too?
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