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  1. I keep saying i wont but i will be watching as soon as its back on. One thing though, post pandemic it just doesn't seem as important anymore.....??
  2. the biggest shock was actually that we had PR......
  3. new shirts ? brilliant! just no bugger to wear them.........
  4. non pots! theres a blast from the past , I used to go there to watch strongheart and Big chill.
  5. I would settle with someone from the club just telling us what the f*** is going on....... I appreciate that is far too much to ask though.
  6. Anusol https://www.anusol.co.uk/our-range/cream because everything about supporting this club is a pain in the ar$e.........
  7. Out of interest......what colour are the curtains?
  8. The only one I’m sad to see go.
  9. He was on the slide at boro....here merely confirmed it here. no doubt he will turn it ronaldo the minute he pulls on a huddersfield shirt....
  10. I live 3hours away from pride park and I agree if that helps......
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