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  1. If were going to play like this i suggest we stiffen our resolve......
  2. optimism and sheffield wednesday in the same sentance oh i love owlstalk.......
  3. If we had an official coffee....you would'nt be able to buy it.
  4. Honestly....It really would'nt do any harm whatsoever to tell us, even briefly, what the hellfire is going on. It's no different to any other business.
  5. Fox had a good game, cut the lad some slack for chrissakes.....or watch some 'highlights' of francis jeffers or adam proudlock to put it in perspective.
  6. If you are coming from the salmesbury motorway junction then past the ground tom finney statue, tom finney way to tom finney school (yes really!) there is a school on the left where I usually park and if memory serves it was 4 quid ish. Always been ok there and money goes to school so not a bad thing.
  7. I think you make a good point. We cant be unhappy, were top of the league for crying out loud. Last nights performance was uninspiring and we looked vague. Bannan and Reach didnt look 100% and fletcher at his age can't keep theat sort of effort up all season. Harris, murphy and Borner all looked good. preston will be a far stronger test for us to evaluate how well (or not) we are actually doing.
  8. He’s never been convincing to be honest, Rotherham away anyone? hope it’s decent money
  9. the last time we looked at over 100 people for a specific role we ended up with van aken.
  10. By eck he's got some brassed necked cheek.
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