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  1. Lythamowl

    My Balanced View

    Don’t usually foam at the mouth as regards managers but he simply is out of his depth and needs to go.
  2. Lythamowl

    Lump On Both Teams To Score

    get to a launderette then........
  3. Lythamowl

    The End is Nigh

    We weren’t outclassed by any stretch of the imagination, a rare mistake from a reliable player cost us. Joao is far more of a problem than lees will ever be.
  4. Lythamowl

    Joao get him off

    Joao is a luxury player we can I’ll afford at the moment. He doesn’t possess the mentality for the championship. Sooner winall is back the better.
  5. Lythamowl

    Premier league 2

    The club that finishes bottom of the premiership receives a guaranteed £100 million.....the championship teams don’t receive a tenth of that. something needs to change and frankly I don’t give a flying f*cik if they call it the Daffy Duck league 12.
  6. very brave and very moving, the dad who'd lost his lad was particularly difficult watch. Credit to McAteer for fronting the programme too. Look after those people you love folks, depression has no boundries to class, creed or colour. x
  7. Lythamowl

    EFL team of the week

    yep...me too
  8. Lythamowl

    EFL team of the week

    Not surprised wallace made that list......
  9. Lythamowl

    Something is seriously wrong with the game

    its poor, Hutch would have managed that by the second match in.......
  10. Lythamowl

    New song.

    Or not......thanks
  11. Or perhaps something vaguely resembling a defence?
  12. Lythamowl

    The new 5 million pound man

    Best new player we have at the moment is Reach playing like a man posessed
  13. Tonight mate he couldn’t win a raffle......
  14. Another one of those hit and hope goals