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  1. probably cheaper than having half the team arrested in mansfield......
  2. could'nt we just go the whole hog and get maupay too?
  3. They peaked when they got the footballing genius that was Leon Clarke........
  4. Form is temporary class is permanent no wonder he's bitter
  5. He's a funny specimen is wilder. Saw on sky sports him on the town hall, half cut starting the 'mind the gap' song. I'm baffled, if I had just achieved what potentially could be the pinnacle of my work career I would be talking about MY team and its achievements, not foaming at the mouth about my city rivals. I never gave much creedence to the to united being obsessed with us routine but with this, the banner above and the plane thing they are....they really are. Here's hoping they beat Derby's record of the worst ever premiership season........now that would be a gap.......
  6. My local team technically. Previously they were Kirkham & Wesham until local businessman David Haythornthwaite took over. Big new stadium on the outskirts of the town (great sports bar too!). Still only get gates of around the 1500 hundred mark so be interesting if they do make into the football league. They got quite a few that were boycotting blackpool under the oystens so be interesting to see how attendances hold up now they have gone.
  7. Proof if it were needed that pigs can actually fly.........
  8. in on a par with our famous rivalry with barcelona.......
  9. He made Adam Proudlock look like good business.......
  10. Brilliant that, christ its dusty in here.......
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