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  1. Common sense posts like that won’t go down well on here. well said though, I’m inclined to agree
  2. I think someone lent Da cruz an old vhs video of Nigel Worthington's 'how to drop a corner on your strikers head' video. cracking delivery.
  3. I considered it but decided the inter city owl coach was the better offer........😎
  4. yes, four of us left stannington college early and walked from hillsborough corner. What a night!
  5. A brave thing to share and very moving. All my love to the family at this difficult time.
  6. 2 for me too how the hell was I supposed to know Paderborn were Wednesday in disguise?
  7. That was mine too. I was involved in the ‘kerfuffle’ in the south stand before kick off too.....those were the days. honourable mention too Man City about the same time, think we relegated them that match?
  8. Dear me, as if things aren’t bad enough. Genuinely don’t have the words. My condolences mate, truly.
  9. can't foooking wait for wilders luck to kick in then pal !
  10. To be honest, even if the entire forest team self isolate i still can't see us winning......
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