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  1. With my knees as they are these days neil I dont think it would be a case of running on the pitch....more of an enthusiastic jog if i'm being honest.......
  2. Operation "Close the GAP"

    unless you are sunderland where upon you buy a team of premiership players and still end up in the 3rd division.......
  3. Joey Barton

    The fleetwood chairman is a bit of a character round these parts but this time he's really lost his marbles....
  4. Pyro

    you could do but I think its a load of sh.it.........
  5. Not really bothered about Leeds but would love to see the pigs miss out on the play offs with 93rd minute goal somewhere.....
  6. we live in hope........ even if we die in castleton.........
  7. Player of the Season?

    I'd give it to the groundsman this year.........
  8. Joey Barton

    I think we’re a bit too classy for the likes of him down the road would be perfect though.....
  9. Out. Need someone who knows this league and the short of players who can get us out of it.
  10. oh dear mate.....try a pint of moonshine from abbeydale brewery, you'll like it it. it what us grown ups drink.....
  11. Is it possible to mic up the room as apart from the radio sheffield guy i've no idea what was being asked??
  12. yep...with you there pal, beginning of next season could be very interesting....
  13. Unless someone offers a mind boggling amount for westwood then really he will stay. I have been really impressed with wildsmith and dawson though.
  14. To be fair on jos, if he can get joao and nuhiu to look half decent god only knows what he could do with rhodes and winnall after a proper pre season and training regime... just a thought......