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Birmingham City vsThe Owls. Official Matchday Thread.

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I dreamt (seriously, it's true) that we won our next four games by 4-0!!


So starting today: FF 1, 12 mins / Hoops 1, 38 mins / Bannan 1, 66 mins / Nuhiu 1 pen 90+3 mins.


I dreamt that Serena Williams and Davina McCall came round to play.

Given that both our dreams coming true would be rediculously unlikely, we should compromise. Would you accept three wins and a draw, and I will agree to just Davina?

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Guest trusty_left_peg

First away game of the season today, looking forward to it. Fancy us to win with a repeat of the same scoreline at St Andrews last season, 2-0. Hooper and Bannan to score.

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Some Brum fans on twitter


Not won 5 consecutive home games in 13 years. Longest run of clean sheets in 10. Massive game against promotion rivals. We're doomed #bcfc


Paul Duffy â€@DuffersKRO  1h

I think we'll know if our play-off credentials are genuine come 5pm today #KRO #bcfc


Ade Beaufoy â€@BluenoseBeau  1h

Got a good feeling about the Blues today, this normally ends in disaster lol#kro #bcfc

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I was at that 1965 game,one of my first away matches. Hillsborough at that time was by far the best ground in the country and St Andrews just seemed like a collection of corrugated iron 


sheds.(Perhaps it still does?) Had my scarf pinched and us little'uns were chased,caught and given a bit of a going over by some 'big lads'   Happy days.


Got a bit of a bad feeling about this one,hope I'm wrong, Brum are on a bit of a roll.



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Morning Chums


I hate Birmingham City.............nearly as much as I hate the Weeds. Ollie alas comes from Birmingham but he also hates the blues (cos I told him to tee hee)


Shopping in a minute as instructed by Mrs MK6.............pick up some cobras.........and pretend I'm going to help her. Carry the bags and back for a big fry up as we are out to a do tonite.......black tie don't you know........lah di dah.........bit posh for a boy from a 2up and 2 down in Crookes.


Don't know about today's result but I do like the quality of the players King Carlos has available both to start and on the bench.............anyone know how much timber Mr Mcready is carrying ............I reckon he'll get 50-60 mins with Wallace on at the back end. Attack Attack Attack..............Fessi to score early then we defend............concede an equaliser with 15 mins to go..............then we attack and win 2-1 with a late Hooper winner.


COME ON WEDNESDAY...................and a large WOOF from the Ollmeister

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