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  1. Not if it's inclusive of a cycle lane, such is the case along portions of Penistone Road.
  2. People shouldn't be parking on the pavements, as a runner / walker, and occasional cyclist, it's very annoying and I have no issue with this as an action. However its not in isolation and does underline the suspicions of an agenda.
  3. I also enjoyed the post game where they asked Jermaine Beckford if Nketiah has proven he's about more than just scoring goals. Beckford: "I think that will have been Nketiahs main aim for today..." What...? Over scoring a hat-trick to secure victory...?
  4. I enjoyed the "Nuhiu pulled him back in the penalty area, that's a penalty" followed about 1 minute later by Ayling pulling Reach back... "Ayling just outmuscled Reach"...
  5. How about if lots of people turned up like this (only probably to a lesser extent): You can get rolls of Bubble Wrap for a quid so probably cheaper than wrapping yourself in cotton wool but with the same message sent that we're actually adults (apart from the ones who are actually actually kids) and don't need a 10 mile radius sanitising of all threats in order to survive a 90 minute game of football
  6. Should use the Trams as a honey trap, arrest a shed load of idiots and get them off the streets, the net impact on society would be a positive.
  7. Five yards behind the last man, in the eyeline of the ref. Apparently.
  8. To be fair, this is a load of nonsense and I can't believe I'm about to bite. It doesn't matter whether Dawson had x-ray vision or not, nor whether Flint is stood up, crouched or being fellated by the referee when the ball is kicked. He's stood in an "offside position", that's not up for debate. What is up for debate is whether he is "interfering with play", which is course he is; it was obvious at the time and it was admitted after the event - he was there to make a nuisance of himself. In what way is he, in his own words, making a nuisance of himself? There were 11 Sheffield Wednesday players on the pitch, ten of whom were further advanced up the pitch than Flint and looking away from him. There was one Sheffield Wednesday player who he was directly in the eyeline of, doing star jumps. The player Flint was distracting and getting in the eyeline of is the player in the position which most relies on reflexes and reaction time, slowing that reaction time down by even a single tenth of a second is the difference between a goal and a save. Whether the ball ultimately follows Dawson's line of vision or not is not totally irrelevant, so you do kind of have a point, however it's the opposite point to the one you are trying to make. If the ball follows Dawson's line of vision (as interfered with by Flint) then he makes a comfortable save whether or not Flint is there, but it doesn't, the angle of the ball means that Dawson needs to make quick lateral movements to get across his goal and make the save. His movements are slowed down, his reaction time is shortened by virtue of Flint blocking his view. Saying Flint isn't interfering because the ball doesn't follow Dawson's line of sight is like saying the pillars on the Kop don't obstruct your view unless the ball lands at your seat. Going back to your snarky content about x-ray vision allowing him to see through the wall, again you counter your own point. The wall massively blocks the goalkeepers view, but it's placed there to reduce the opportunity for the free kick taker to score - he can no longer drill the ball into the corner, he'll have to float it around or over the wall. Hopefully the keeper will react to the 'softer' shot and be able to save it. Once built the wall doesn't move, it doesn't do star jumps or duck. If it was a wall of Cardiff players (and it had no defensive player between it and the goalkeeper / last line of defence) it'd be 1000% offside as a result of blocking the goalkeepers view, but it's not, it's a defensive wall built by Wednesday. What isn't a defensive wall built by Wednesday is Flint, stood in an offside position and interfering with play. He's offside, plain and simple.
  9. ...a goal from a free kick that shouldn't have been, scored by a player who should have been off, with a player obstructing the goalkeepers view in an offside position.
  10. A game we won 8-1 and we didn't score 4 goals in either half?
  11. in fairness to him, he can't see due to the player obstructing his view therefore directive 13.4.2 applies whereby he must default to giving a foul against the Wednesday player.
  12. I never knew Dave but do know his wife and therefore in the Facebook way felt I knew Dave, he 'friended' me just days ago. Through stories and photos his wife posted I saw him being an amazing family man, sorting boots out for the whole of his sons football team, plus general family events. What I didn't know from the voyeuristic view I had of his life was that he had cancer, at least not until very recently. This struck me more than anything else, it seemed he didn't want attention, he didn't want sympathy, he wanted only to be a husband and father and be the best he could at that in terrible circumstances. It hit me hard when I first heard the news, so sad when anyone passes away too soon and leaves young children, but I felt a hurt more personal than just empathy towards anothers situation. For someone I never knew. He seemed such a great guy. I hope his family, and mostly his son can take some comfort from the messages from the club and Keiran in particular. RIP
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