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  1. Had tickets but laid up at home with a broken leg. Also had tickets for and missed the Bramall Lane Tudgay goal game in hospital having a plate in my arm. Seems I need to break something for Wednesday to have a good day... apparently 'wind' doesn't work as I've tried on numerous occasions with no luck.
  2. I'm firmly in the "look at those nóbheads" camp. I get that it's a nice feeling when we score and people might get a bit excited but to either a) lose all control of your body and involuntarily end up on the pitch or b) think that your heightened level of excitement somehow negates 'the rules' is poor form either way.
  3. You perhaps quoted the wrong person then because at no point have i made anyone out to be a traitor, quite the opposite.
  4. Don't fund him. Or do. Personal choice (but don't martyr yourself in the process)
  5. Not preaching about personal finance, if you fill your tank up every fortnight you make sure you've got enough money to fill up your tank every fortnight. You put slightly less in your tank if you can't afford to fill it up because a) the price has increased or b) you need to top up earlier than expected... But to say "I've got to find £50 to fill up my tank" when realistically you know full well you need to put petrol in your car at some point is, in my opinion, a flawed argument. If you can't afford to put petrol into a car, don't have a car. Of course where my example above is particularly flawed (and i expect plenty of people will find plenty of flaws), a lot of people need a car... Nobody needs a Sheffield Wednesday season ticket.
  6. All these people saying this has been sprung on them with no notice (Including the supporters group), you know you need to pay for your season ticket every season, you know the winter months are generally more expensive so money will be tighter from Dec (particularly) through to Feb... So why haven't you got a head start on putting money aside for the tickets? If you coughed up £400 on an early bird last February you've had 9-10 months notice (when you were expecting 12), you've not had no notice, you have to pay for your season ticket every year... £35 x 10 months = £350 so you've got £50 to find... heck, maybe next time put £50 away each month and you'll actually have £100 excess at this point which you can spend on something else. If you cant afford to put away £50 a month should you really be buying a season ticket? I can't really afford it (I could if I sacrificed something else) so I don't get a season ticket. I can't afford a matchday ticket (I could if I sacrificed something else) so I don't go to matches. Nobody is holding you to ransom, not buying a season ticket is an option. Its not a noble or grand gesture to 'refuse' to buy a season ticket, its simply exercising personal choice.
  7. If only there was a way for fans to know that if they wanted a season ticket for next year they'd have to pay for it; then they could put money aside each month in anticipation and it wouldn't matter when tickets went on sale... Also, if only fans had the option of buying a ticket immediately they go on sale or waiting a bit, say another six months, until they could afford it. Finally, if only fans actually had a choice of whether to buy a ticket or not, depending upon whether a) they could afford it and b) they considered it good value for money.
  8. Where can we read the musings of these wordsmiths? Give us the link, don't hog all the joy.
  9. My two takeaways from this; I'm paraphrasing but... "We came out all guns blazing and had a minute long period of raining in shots..." Blimey, even by Wednesday standards ruefully reminiscing about a single minute of footballing dominance is... Well, I'm not sure there's a word to adequately describe it... "Norrington-Davies looked quite a revelation... the way he pressed was phenomenal..." Fair play, can't be easy chasing shadows against Huddersfield's tiki-taka for 90 minutes...
  10. Them being dead to you is fine, that's just a situation of being totally emotionless towards them... there are billions of people in the world who I am entirely emotionless towards... why not add Adam Reach and Jordan Rhodes to that? But hating them... nah, not worth the emotional investment.
  11. The curse of being too emotionally involved in the game. At the end of the day you're watching 11 blokes kicking a synthetic pigs bladder around a field and being shouted at by another bloke telling them what to do. Depending upon your age these people might even be half your age (the players that is, and then ultimately the managers!). These people aren't for worshipping, they're not heroes, nor are they villains... Not unless they do something amazing in wider society to deserve such status... Yet they are heroes and villains - the lifecycle of a football is to go from hero to villain, it's inevitable. Fans use them up life a commodity and once they're empty of usefullness turn on them like they personally murdered your family. It's unhealthy. I don't have any animosity for any of our ex-players or ex-managers... Well, apart from maybe Michael Morrison... He's a bit of a ********.
  12. I really enjoy watching United play; there's something magical about following a team closely but always wanting the opposition to win It introduces you to new heroes on a weekly basis, new affinities with teams you otherwise couldn't give a shít about. But those affinities are short lived and warped by the enjoyment that they could beat United but then hilariously lose heavily to another crap team you're not evenly remotely bothered about. It brings the World Cup feel to the yearly drudgery of a football season of 1,070 matches, most of which don't involve your team. Now I have 24 teams to support across the season. I don't mind United winning, it does nothing to detract from or alter the performance of Wednesday. But my goodness it ain't half enjoyable when they lose.
  13. And that one takes them back down from 23rd to... 23rd...
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