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  1. Good on him, no reason to criticise him for this video, no reason at all.
  2. Not seen it, will hunt it out. I was only three or four at the time so don't have much recollection of the whole neighbor thing!
  3. On a related note, EFL not having a great time of it with charges against clubs. New man at the top throwing his weight around, loses case against Birmingham, early negative signs against us... Where does this leave the likes of Bury? Out of business under this EFL leadership... Very little hope of redemption at the lower end of the pyramid when EFL make rash decisions with grave consequences.
  4. Controversial thought but David Silva did very little on Wednesday, possibly due to Pelupessy being his shadow. Perhaps a similar role planned on Benrahma?
  5. I'm sure in 12 pages someone had already said this but I'd be more surprised if any of our squad came out as footballers.
  6. To put EFL spending caps into perspective, we're allowed to lose £39m over three years yet we'd have to spend £70m to get a team of Lucas Joãos. Or £50m for a team of Abdis. We want to build a team to take us to the Premier League and stay there, yet we can't shop for Premier League players, other than those on a downward trajectory, like Abdi. We can't afford to spend £15m on a young, hungry premier League striker because one player doesn't make a team, we'd need a few others along the done if the team. So instead we spend £10m on a Rhodes. There is another way, buy young players from the lower leagues but a genuinely talented lower league player will be hoovered up by the Prem nine times out of ten so you're looking at the next tier down - players too good for League One but not that good. That might work but it might not, you could very well end up with the best team in League One with that approach, so instead you spend anything up to few mill on a foreign player in the hope you pick out a diamond. Without EFL rules (or if you go balls deep and just ignore them like Wolves) and with a decent scouting department you can spend the sort of money to more or less guarantee even an underperforming expensive squad will still perform adequately to fire you into contention.
  7. As others have basically said, you run around for 80 minutes chasing shadows, putting 12km in the legs and it all of a sudden becomes far more difficult to execute bursts of speed to get forward / back. There was no lack of effort or will, it's just that some of our players seemed out on their feet. Thats the reality of the situation. However, that begs the question why they were out on their feet. Fitness and stamina should be a given. A £60m player is typically a £60m player because of their technical abilities, the fitness level of ANY professional footballer should be sufficient to run around like a headless chicken for 90 minutes if the need arises.
  8. Newport played Man City "on their own terms" on a pitch that disrupted City's normal style and played into the hands of a bustling lower League side. The pitch was a leveller. The pitch didn't level the game last night so we were shown up to be the team we are, against the team Man City are.
  9. Man City went one up after 20 minutes, therefore Oxford had to open up when they were less tired. Oxford also score for fun at home in 'normal' games whereas we struggle to create chances against Hull, Cardiff, Reading, etc. We're not going to treat Man City apart.
  10. Pelupessy supporting Fessi according to the BBC... Scary thing is it wouldn't be that surprising...
  11. Live on the BBC, I'd want at least a tenner to go and watch it
  12. Fail to see how a massive deflection wrong footing the keeper, Lees getting caught in possession and Harris passing the ball straight to them in a dangerous position is Chansiris fault
  13. We've played against the wind with Brum (a team renowned for playing off a six foot five CF) throwing long balls free kicks and throw ins into the box whilst playing with two outfield players over five foot. It's asking for trouble, but we have that outball with the pacier attackers.
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