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  1. I never knew Dave but do know his wife and therefore in the Facebook way felt I knew Dave, he 'friended' me just days ago. Through stories and photos his wife posted I saw him being an amazing family man, sorting boots out for the whole of his sons football team, plus general family events. What I didn't know from the voyeuristic view I had of his life was that he had cancer, at least not until very recently. This struck me more than anything else, it seemed he didn't want attention, he didn't want sympathy, he wanted only to be a husband and father and be the best he could at that in terrible circumstances. It hit me hard when I first heard the news, so sad when anyone passes away too soon and leaves young children, but I felt a hurt more personal than just empathy towards anothers situation. For someone I never knew. He seemed such a great guy. I hope his family, and mostly his son can take some comfort from the messages from the club and Keiran in particular. RIP
  2. I don't necessarily want him back but if his record at Hillsborough had been achieved at some foreign second division club in an equally respectable country, then he'd gone on to manage in that countries top division he'd be pretty high up the betting odds through Owls lumping on in the hope he came here. His CV, even at this stage, is far better than many of the fancies to take on the job here which just goes to show you need an element of fortune when appointing anyone. His management was a success for two season, then it wasn't. We should be neither championing nor vilifying him. He's now just a line in the history books.
  3. Agree its always been rather tasty leaving Bramall Lane so any comments from Utd fans on the atmosphere outside Hillsborough are a little short sighted.. One time I went with my Dad back in the day (I'd have been about 15 and eight stone soaking wet) and walking back towards town had a group of 30-40 year olds following us and giving it large. We realised as we were walking that we were the wrong side of the barrier at the side of the road so doubled back on ourselves. I swear all five or so of them flinched like they'd been tasered and scattered. Which is just as well as no matter how cat they were each of them would have still battered us one on one if they were that way inclined.
  4. SAG have announced a capacity for the Everton game of 18,000, but only following a new segregation tactic which requires all Sheffield Wednesday fans to wear red and white to differentiate themselves from the blue Everton fans will be required to wear.
  5. I shouldn't imagine the future is rosy for either club if they get taken over... at this stage there a 1/100 chance of a genuine owner coming in and 99/100 chance they'll get a vulture who specialises in this sort of thing, irrespective of the industry, and is only really in it to make a bit of money.
  6. Dear Sheffield Council I was most pleased and impressed with your promise to ensure I can attend Sheffield Wednesday games safely. In order to ensure you can meet your promise I'll outline my matchday experience. My journey to matches involves traveling on heavily potholed roads, roads which are sometimes gridlocked due to generations of inadequate town planning or simply road works which spring up at the worst possible times, like those arranging them don't consider any outside factors such as football matches being played locally on the very same night as a one night Street closure for road works (funnily the road works never seen to be in place to fix the potholes)... more often than not I end up walking, down streets which are often no-go areas after dark due to inadequate streetlighting. My path crosses numerous ne'er-do-wells who are either actively intimidating, spiced off their boobies or otherwise public nuisances due in no small part to the lack of adequate local policing levels which means the crimes they commit go unpunished and they remain free to roam the streets. I often turn my ankle on litter left lying on the pavements, though this is partially my fault as I'm normally too busy looking at the latest offensive graffiti adorning the sinkhole estates left to go to ruination by those with authority over them (side question: do you happen to know who has authority over these council estates?). I don't always walk, occasionally I will cycle, along the fantastic cycle network of Sheffield which has cycle lanes stopping abruptly, throwing me at the mercy of a dual carriageway, or cycle lanes with the aforementioned poor streetlights built across them, forcing me to once again merge into fast moving traffic or into pedestrians. In light of the above I genuinely welcome your promise to resolve these issues, then maybe once you are no longer headquartered in a glasshouse, you can look at that pesky Sheffield Wednesday without displaying ridiculous levels of double standards in regards to safety. Yours gratefully Binky
  7. No major bad decisions but certainly seemed to favour them in terms of free kicks for minimal contact... Either that or we're a set of niggly rumblezoids who do what it takes to win and will therefore give away a lot of free kicks for tactical fouls
  8. Considering the drinking culture at the club at that time I imagine he did his drying out after he'd left.
  9. "According to The Athletic , Roland Nilsson is a hot coach in the Championship club Sheffied Wednesday, where he actively dried out for five seasons back in the early 90s." I think I speak for us all when I say how fond I was of his drying out for us.
  10. It's this the worst clickbait yet from the Sheffield Star? The 'story' is Steven Fletcher considering international retirement, depending on outcome of a chat with the Scotland Manager... It's one paragraph tucked away on page three with two pages of nonsense about Luton, Huddersfield, Leeds, etc beforehand.. Makes my blood boil... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/sheffield-wednesday-star-considers-future-leeds-united-target-set-for-move-elsewhere-four-candidates-in-running-for-huddersfield-job-chionship-rumours-491069?amp
  11. Definitely felt he was looking to even it out, but without any massively contentious decisions. Felt we could have had more added time, the Millwall ball boys were excellently coached to take an age over everything as soon as it was 1-0 and even more so when they went to ten men. The crowd had been at the same seminar. Wouldn't have been inappropriate to add on five minutes before substitutions were added to the mix.
  12. Harris was a great outlet but we also played straight balls into the strikers then had midfielders running on. I felt Murphy tried a bit too much at times today, we had the numerical advantage and he should have used it a bit more... But he still caused them problems. I don't think there was a particularly bad performance by anyone today, things just didn't quite happen.
  13. A win against Luton and it's still been an excellent start to the season.
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