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  1. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE HAVE A GO!!! (Days of my life given up to create the file and no buggers having a go!)
  2. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    Another handful of entries received so far today. Get involved, you know you want to...
  3. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    A handful of entries received so far today
  4. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    Seven entries today, hopefully get the same every day to the beginning of the actual football.
  5. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    Direct download link (i think) so it won't blinking open in office online which is no use to anyone - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9oug4xjbs1u8bob/World Cup2018EntrySheet v2.xlsm?dl=1
  6. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    Just bumping this as the time is nigh. Please, please, please have a go... it'll be fun, you have a chance of winning some cash (assuming you know your stuff) and most importantly you'll be supporting a competition which aims to raise a big dollop of cash for Parkinson's UK. Entry Sheet (Cos I think the original link might be a bit crap): https://www.dropbox.com/s/9oug4xjbs1u8bob/World Cup2018EntrySheet v2.xlsm?dl=0
  7. Nice to see Boro at the bottom score 81 goals, almost the waiting of a Dave Allen team preferring to lose 4-3 than win 1-0
  8. Figured I'd stick this in here for people who don't venture in to the Dressing Room. Long story short, it's a Sweepstake, two quid in and £40 to the winner. £20 to Parkinson's UK. Cheers.
  9. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    Thanks a lot dude, as they say "from small acorns do mighty world cup competitions grow" (or something like that) Also well done on the correct used of language, you can come and teach my daughter if your youngest does well!
  10. Binky Griptite

    World Cup 2018 Charity Prediction Competition

    Premier League season also now finished, just need the European leagues to shut down and it'll be all systems go for the World Cup
  11. Binky Griptite

    Offload dilemma

    Somebody will grab all four and they'll come back to haunt us as their new employers beat us 5-0 with a Fox hat-trick orchestrated by Abdi and with three knock downs supplied by Fletcher. Jones will be an unused sub.
  12. Now that the EFL season has finished it's time to turn attention towards the World Cup which is now just over five weeks away. Every World Cup year I run a charity prediction competition, this year is no different. Entry Sheet (you'll maybe have to download to PC to get the 'proper' full (usable) version of the file) Entry Fee - £5.00 (£1.00 from each entry will go to Parkinson's UK) Prize Fund (£4.00 from each entry) 50% - WINNER 30% - RUNNER UP 20% - THIRD PLACE Every penny received is paid back out either to charity or as part of the prize fund, previous years has seen the winner walk away with over £150 (over £200 in 2010) The scoring is simple: 2pts for each Correct Result in the Group Stage 3pts for each Correct Score in the Group Stage 5pts for each Correct League Placing in the Group Stage 10pts for each Correct Result in Round Two 20pts for each Correct Result in the Quarter Finals 30pts for each Correct Result in the Semi Finals 50pts for correctly predicting the Third Placed Team 50pts for correctly predicting the Winner *Second Round Onwards - Correct 'Result' means the correct team winning the fixture (No points awarded if you get the correct score but with the wrong teams) Entry Sheet (you'll maybe have to download to PC to get the 'proper' full (usable) version of the file) Entry is via an excel file which looks like this (I've poured a lot of time and effort into creating the entry sheet, some of it even outside of working hours...): Entering will take you 5-10 minutes, depending upon how much thought you put into it. The below video shows you how to complete the form... Simply complete your predicted scores for all Group Stage matches, the group tables will auto-populate, as will the second round fixtures. Scroll right and do the same for the second round games, quarter finals, semi, etc! There is one thing to be wary of... if two teams are inseparable (ie they have the same points and goal difference and their head-to-head result is a draw) then FIFA would in reality draw lots to determine who went through... the excel file is equally incapable of separating teams in such instances and will throw up an error (as can be seen in the below video at about 2:03)... you'll need to amend one of the scores featuring the inseparable teams in order to correctly populate the tables. Once completed you simply need to email the form to me at either of the addresses on the Instructions tab. Once entered you'll receive updates at regular intervals (at least once a week during the group stage and after every round thereafter, you will also be able to track your own progress by using the Actual Scores tab to record real life scores as and when games are completed, you can then use the Track Your Progress tab to monitor the points you're awarded for each fixture. The winner is the entry with the highest score after all games are played, in the event of a draw in the competition the entrant with the nearest predicted total number of goals will be the winner. The results for 2014 are below: Hopefully this is all fascinating for you and you'll be eager to have a go. If you do fancy a go you can submit your entry immediately and amend it up to Wednesday 13th June. I would encourage early entry and having a mess about with the file as despite me having tested it repeatedly for the last few months there will potentially be errors with the form which 'real life' testing will help to iron out. Entry Sheet (you'll maybe have to download to PC to get the 'proper' full (usable) version of the file) If you'd prefer to run your own local prediction competition using the spreadsheet you can do so, I'll release the keys to the entry sheet and the admin sheet for a nominal donation to Parkinson's UK
  13. Binky Griptite


    great idea, would need to be dripped in to the fund per game so people wouldn't notice it (I assume it will be rather than asking for £65 at the end of the season). I'm not able to participate this year (I've got a personal fundraising commitment that I'm badgering everyone to meet) but it'd be something I'd be interested next time around.
  14. I'm not on the pitch at Hillsborough so not sure if qualified to give my opinion, consider this more of a 'your thoughts on a chair in your living room in Chapeltown'... I thought on the whole the pitch looked well, you'll always get areas of degradation where the keepers warm up and more so if the kids are playing in the same place at half time, I'd like to see a pristine pitch but as long as it isn't causing the team any issues then appearance is only cosmetic.
  15. Binky Griptite

    Wildsmith in the air and his own box

    I'd take a miracle goal line save as opposed to doing a Lloris against Chelsea - coming for the cross, missing it and leaving an empty net that even Morata could find.