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  1. Oi, that's my second team you're talking about...
  2. Tom Lees....

    You expect a midfielder to make many more tackles and interceptions than a defender
  3. Where was the wall?

    'Bout 1km of the original wall, thats like the equivalent of half a Ross Wallace (in present injured state) compared to the original full scale Berlin Wall.
  4. Where was the wall?

    I'm in Berlin, can confirm there's not much of a wall here either

    How does that explain all the comments during the match, whilst we we're winning, saying the ref was abysmal? Owlstalk, Facebook & Twitter were all full of it throughout the game.
  6. Injuries or not we need to look at what's happening off the pitch, we've got u23s in the first team whilst having seemingly loaned literally 50% of our squad to Liverpool...
  7. Here's not injury prone but he misses a lot of games with illness. Typically yeast infections.
  8. My take

    Yet we lost to a goalkeeping error and a set piece. Fine margins.
  9. My take

    We lost to a goalkeeping error and a set piece. Fine margins. If Carlos has to go then fair enough but let's not pretend he's an awful coach as he isn't. If we get rid, we might do better or we might not. Had we got someone else rather than him two and a half seasons ago we might be in the Prem or we might not. What Carlos has given us it's back to back seasons of winning football and after a gap of 18yrs since we last had that I'll always be thankful to him for that and won't have any personal slurs or reactionary negative comments to say about him.
  10. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    SWFC Bad Taste Bear, worth upward of £100 on a good day. Open to offers of £250 or more
  11. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    Don't get too excited, they also had Barnet and Lincoln (and basically every other team down to the conference)...
  12. Not massively scientific but gives a flavour of where we are in the grand scheme of the Championship until someone can point to a table of actual budgets for this season... A couple of notable over-performers (including our city rivals) but just because some Managers are overperforming doesn't automatically mean that other managers are underperforming... of course as a TEAM we are currently underperforming but thats different, still anecdotal evidence that we shouldn't necessarily be walking a league in which some people believe we should be 16pts clear having won 17 games out of 16. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/marktwerteverein/wettbewerb/GB2
  13. Streams for tomorrow

    What channel?