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  2. Given your time again would you invest in Sheffield Wednesday or go into something where you'd get less criticism, such as being a paedophiles middleman?
  3. Misleading thread title... he's not angry, he's just very disappointed.
  4. Anniversary watches

    I hope everyone cancelled their orders then mine will be a very limited edition of one... it'll be like having an ultra rare pressing of a cancelled vinyl run $$$$$
  5. Hooper - Waste of a Shirt...

    Yeah, cos I was making a serious point...
  6. Linesman yesterday

    The linesman on the North stand side WAS wearing black yesterday, albeit he had his Linesman shirt over the top of his Leeds away shirt.
  7. ...In the second half of games this season.
  8. Does anyone work with Leeds United fans?

    No blunts in my team but sadly one Leeds fan, told him I hoped he had a crap weekend.
  9. Help Required

    Keyboard which seems to want to register every seventh keystroke and then spam my message with aaaaaaaaaaaaasassaaaa when it decides to catch up
  10. Help Required

    Hi Guys / Gals I've put together a questionnaire, please can you answer and see where you sit? Q1. You phone is a few years old and prone to having blips. Do you: a) Bin it, its crap and literally any other phone will do b) Consider the merits of getting rid of your existing phone and the comparative functionality of your potential new phone before making a reasoned judgment as to what to do c) Nothing, your existing phone may be a few years old and it may show signs of becoming a bit staid… its not as satisfying to use as it once was but its doing a perfectly good job most of the time Q2. Your work colleague who you don’t really like seems to be having a great time with his girlfriend. Do you: a) Break up with your partner immediately, if you don’t find another long-term relationship at least you can sleep around for a bit b) Put out some tentative feelers around the office, the honeymoon period of your relationship is over and your partner does annoy you at times… besides, people at the office are always getting together and why shouldn’t it be you experiencing the thrill of a new office romance c) Nothing, you are your partner are perfectly happy, they stuck with you when their heads could have been turned and loyalty is important to both of you Q3. Carlos Out?: a) Yes, and not a moment too soon b) Not sure, lets give him a few more games c) No, he’s statistically the best manager we’ve had in decades MOSTLY A: You are everything which is wrong with society today, everything is disposable and loyalty is a word best confined to the history books. MOSTLY B: You’re quite balanced and logical, well done you. Having said that… your answer to question two…? That’s a bit cold dude… MOSTLY C: You seem to be very set in your ways, are you afraid of change? Say ‘Yes’ to life and see where it takes you.
  11. Ammunition from the dark side

    To be fair, if we'd scored four at theirs we'd be banging on about it quite a bit.
  12. It's just a bit of fun...
  13. "Look it was a bit of fun, no harm intended"
  14. How many people did Hitler personally kill? Yes it's an extreme comparison but what an idiot to be so dismissive of such an incendiary tweet (Hitler's ill thought tweet did start the war... Didn't it...?)
  15. Sheffield Wednesday fan hits the summit

    That's nowt to be proud of, whoever is taking the photo is actually higher... Possibly hovering supernaturally a few feet above the summit... That's the real story here...