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  1. Be reight, he'll take it on the chin and get on with it
  2. Made contact so far up his leg I reckon he kicked it with his hip.
  3. Lovely stuff, looking forward to Wilder getting a really awkward, poorly delivered dig in in return
  4. In other news heres Ayews position compared to the high foot: And heres Ayew holding his head in pain at the 'contact' which he miraculously recovers from to commence the aforementioned windmilling
  5. Nothing to see here. Ayew went in windmilling his arms and legs, he probably committed about eight fouls in the space of half a second and I'm pretty sure it struck his arm at one point too.
  6. I don't like to slate players but so far impressions are he's not fast, he's not skilful, he's not great in the air, he's not great with back to goal... just hope Pulis can find a way of getting a tune out of him and the rest of the players
  7. Football is a simple game, put the ball in the net and stop the other team doing the same. Belgium have quality players who play as a team, keep their shape and make it hard to score against them. They attack with pace and purpose. England have individual players at both ends of the pitch, those individuals will win games against lesser opposition and that feeds the delusion that were a good team. I take nothing from that performance in defeat from the the likes of Grealish who look pretty but run around in circles long enough for the opposition to get into
  8. In fairness those twitter comments are absolutely HILARIOUS...
  9. Explain to me how a team can lose its sixth game out of seven, having previously picked up a solitary point, and go UP the league table... Some proper guff in that league this season (yes, I realise how daft that sounds given our own predicament) and that might very well save them
  10. Brewster is looking like great value for money at the minute. Playing second fiddle to McBurnie in a very average front two.
  11. I think he tends to do things in slow motion, I'd like to see more urgency from him
  12. Would work, but I'm already proposing to revolutionise ticket prices based upon goals scored so wouldn't want to muddy the waters We could maybe use goals scored as some sort of tie breaker if two teams had the same points
  13. The game isn't changing, that's the beauty... Football is still football, just under a new points scheme
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