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  1. Thats not a red 999 times out of 1000 It's not even a yellow 7 out of 10 Amazingly atrocious decision, only matched by our performance in the first 40 minutes (couldn't watch any more)
  2. I think that's how he thinks. I also agree it is frontloading. £5k spent over ten years is no use to anyone whereas it might be useful now (when multiplied by however many take up the offer)... he's always said the fans need to play their part and there is a hardcore of fans who would probably remortgage their house if it meant they could still go home and away. Hence higher prices 'work' in terms of bringing in more revenue than lower prices (though random cheap games twice a season doesn't really give the low price strategy much of a chance). Lower prices are only viable if we get the money in bulk and if we reap the rewards of the policy of high spending (which we haven't so far). It's risk and reward. We seem to be tweaking our recruitment policy so whilst the Chairman is arguably making the same mistake of not understanding the financial constraints of the average fan we might be able to take positive steps on the field... the only issue is we can't do that unless we still have buy in from the fans so we don't fall foul of the EFL rules. Not so long ago we were paying something like 70% of current prices to watch Brian Barry-Murphy, Burton O'Brien, Steve Howard, etc... pound for pound we're arguably getting much more for our money now than we were back then. The Chairman can give us a good team and if it wasn't for EFL rules I think he would do so whilst also reducing ticket prices. He could be a hero but the EFL don't really allow him to be. He's getting more and more creative trying to find a winning formula which appeases the fans whilst delivery the funds we need. Trouble is its very difficult to do both and he could certainly be said to be guilty of naivety (in many areas) and of not really understanding the fans. But I think it comes from a good place.
  3. Contract scenarios for youngsters: 1) Short term contract based on their worth now considering their prime is at least a few years away 2) Long term contract offering significantly higher wages considering the contract will run down when in their prime. Both have risks associated with them but five kids who don't reach their potential stuck on long contracts which they aren't justifying are potentially just as expensive as one star buy who fails to light up the team. I'd offer Dawson a new contract in a heartbeat but it has to be on the right terms, otherwise good luck to the lad.
  4. The Chairman is firm on matchday prices and offers a decent discount on season tickets. Or alternatively he's firm on season ticket prices and has a pricing strategy that then promotes the ST by pairing it up with high matchday prices. Either way, he's signalling that the season ticket offers exceptional value for money compared to matchday prices. The fans have been crying out for cheaper tickets and it's abundantly clear the chairman doesn't want to offer cheaper tickets... unless they're offset with a guarantee of commitment. Elasticity of demand. We don't have much. Halving ticket prices for one off games doesn't double attendances so is counterproductive when the aim of the game is increasing revenue. Would attendances rocket if £20 a ticket was the norm? Possibly but our ground isn't big enough to justify it as we're at more than 50% capacity, you'll lose revenue. Would making tickets three quarter of current cost see attendances increase enough to offset any potential single ticket revenue loss? Probably not. Also, the Chairman thinks we're one big, loyal family, all in this together. That's his belief. Cheap matchday tickets don't promote commitment to the cause. So he's trying to find another way of lowering the cost of watching Wednesday. He's going about it in a 'unique' way, if you can't afford £40 for a matchday ticket you certainly can't afford £4.5k on a long term ticket, but the latter does in the long term offer exceptional value for money. £4.5k is a lot of money, obviously. But think of the cycle of other expenditure. New kitchen every 15 years? Set you back £5k. New car? £6k down. Holiday twice a year? £3k for a couple. It's not just watching Wednesday that tests the purse strings. Life is expensive. But... If people are really committed to something they'll find the money. I think the chairman is learning that football fans aren't quite as passionate as he thinks. I've been 'priced out of Wednesday' for about 24 years - since I turned 16 and had to pay grown up prices. Prior to that I'd had a season ticket for 12 years. My parents could (just) afford to get me a season ticket but they couldn't justify it... So me and my Dad followed Wednesday from 'afar' and got an occasional football fix by going to Rotherham or Barnsley to watch lower League football for about a tenner each. We'd maybe go to five or six games a season. I promised my Dad when I got a job I'd buy him a season ticket. 19 years on I still haven't. In the early years pricing was ok but quality on offer was awful (aside from some individual players), lately the quality has (generally) improved but the pricing is 'too high' in so much as I could afford it but not justify it. The are two ways to offer high quality, winning football - 1) Chuck money at it to buy players who (on paper) are sufficient quality to do the job; 2) Ride some 'luck' alongside no little skill to pick up cheaper players who excel. Due to P&S rules the former approach requires hefty buy in from fans. The latter doesn't. The Chairman asked the fans, in a rather clumsy way, which approach they wanted to take - do we want to continue with high prices and shop at Waitrose or sell our assets and start shopping at Aldi. The fans spoke, Waitrose it is. But we still need to tow the line - we're not allowed to shop at Waitrose because our salary isn't high enough, even though we've won the lottery and don't need a high salary to be able to afford Waitrose. What an I going on about? I've no idea any more, I'm unwell and I can't sleep, maybe I'm slightly delirious...
  5. The best NFL coach ever: Straight bats 99% of questions, give stock answers, moves on to next week, invariably wins. (Apart from this season... B*stard)
  6. That highlights video goes down hill very quickly and interesting to note: His team are generally always 1-0 down (or worse) Not one assist on the highlight video No goals https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/manuel-hidalgo/leistungsdaten/spieler/534358/saison//plus/1#gesamt suggests he's literally NEVER scored or assisted a goal... Still, good luck Manuel
  7. And that's the issue, many who would might already have committed to a previous five year ticket. I maintain its a good deal but it's attractive to an already diluted sector of the fanbase.
  8. Yeah, housing is more of a guarantee but a million pound house takes a lot of upkeep, won't remain a million pound house unless you put a lot of money into it. Houses are money pits. Whereas the "ten year" season ticket is actually a 15 year season ticket and you can sell any one season at full price (one tenth of the price you paid) (minus mysterious admin fee) so sell ten years back and you've got five years for free. The total 'value' of your investment ends up 150% of the purchase value, effectively the same as the million pound house being worth £1.5m in ten years. Not a bad 'return on investment'.
  9. It seems so, on that basis I'm glad I kept my powder dry and didn't call anyone insufferably smug
  10. Or you could see it that you've been asked to buy a season ticket at the same price it's been for the past few seasons. But if you can afford a ten year ticket... Great - it's mutually beneficial.
  11. I would agree with both points. Is £39.92 each month (or £45.50 or month over 10mths) for a one year ticket not affordable? It just about is for me, but it's not value for money relative to my other expenses so I will continue to not get a season ticket.
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