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  1. Getting bombarded with PMs so to cut out the middle man: B Cup Yes, I do Power top
  2. Surprisingly restrained response from a Sausage Cottage enthusiast
  3. Just found this, loathed to bin it but it's a bit tight on me now, 29 years after I bought it... (Scout cap also from when I was 11)
  4. Its spelled 'Soo Na Eve'... lovely Korean women but we've all been there so its nowt to brag about.
  5. It's a great shout but I wonder which other prospective managers had threads started back then that aren't being dug out... What's Philippe Troussier up to these days?
  6. I regularly dealt with estoppel in a former job in regards to employee pay, it can be very nuanced and open to interpretation. Q1: "Dear EFL, can I sell the Sheffield Wednesday Ground to myself for an inflated price and backdate the sale to the previous reporting year?" A1: "You could..." is not the same as: Q2 "Dear EFL, within the bounds of the P&S guidelines as they currently stand would I be able to sell the Sheffield Wednesday Ground to myself for an inflated price and backdate the sale to the previous reporting year without breach?" A2: "You could..." You might ask Q1 thinking you've actually asked Q2 but you haven't, Q1 would rely on existing 'T&Cs' to determine legitimacy whereas Q2 could be argued to supersede any existing T&Cs in terms of legitimising the sale, assuming the steps outlined in the enquiry mirrored the actual actions to a sufficient threshhold of accuracy. However A1 could also be argued to be green lighting in so much as the EFL hadn't taken the opportunity to point out the potential for breach (even though they were not asked specifically around guidelines / potential breaches); it would then come down to who had answered the question and whether the club had cause to rely on their answer as a complete unequivocal response. Often in my previous job there was stalemate and it would go to court, we mostly won but occasionally a judge would deem that a payslip stating 'Night Shift £90' was a statement of fact of payment entitlement, rather than a statement of fact of payment receipt (even in the face of ERA1996 and unequivocal proof that the employee in question hadn't worked anything other than 7am-3pm for 18mths...). In Summary: Depends what we asked and what the EFL responded with and even then sometimes the law is an ass.
  7. Very few football clubs run at a profit, whether challenging for promotion or scrambling for safety. Ambitious clubs in the Championship are competing for the chance to get into the Premier League, however unless they are already well established and have a decent squad (ie recently relegated from the Prem) they will need to buy in quality. Quality players in the Championship are now being 'routinely' sold for £10-20m, or even more. Such players do not typically stay with clubs at which they are not surrounded by quality and they do not typically move from one Championship team to another - a Championship team bidding on a real quality player from another Championship team will alert Premier League teams who will think "He's potentially Premier League quality... £10-15m? Not a problem". Because of the Premier League hoovering up real quality players a club attempting to improve their lot must first keep hold of their quality (not easy unless they're on good wages) and supplement it with more quality, however they're generally shopping only for players deemed not good enough for the Premier League, even though that's where they hope to be in 12 months time. In other words they're likely shopping for players who will offer only marginal gains, rather than game changers, unless of course they are lucky enough to stumble across a player who the Premier League teams with their army of scouts aren't aware of (or incorrectly don't rate). So, generally speaking championship clubs are buying in players who offer marginal gains and paying maybe £3-5m for those marginal gains. EFL rules will work for clubs with a good foundation, a solid squad needing nothing more than a tweak. Allow me to tell a story... --- Amongst the melee of Championship sides exists a club which has been in the doldrums for a while, circling the drain in the Championship and occasionally yoyo-ing between that and League One for the best part of two decades... they get taken over by a 'rich' owner. They arguably have a squad of overachieving players - they've just finished midtable with a team of cast-offs, has beens and never have beens who would be more suited to a relegation dogfight than a promotion push, barring one or two bright sparks... it's been a 'great' season but 'greatness' has just been redefined, the crosshairs have now been set on promotion, the fans expect and theclub know they need to invest in the playing side if they want to do better. Theres a feelgood factor around the club, the giant can be awoken and returned to former glories, all it needs is eight or nine quality first team players and another six or seven who can push them for places... so just 16 or so quality players, each costing £3-5m (unless they can polish a few turds along the way)... or they could shop in the Premier League bargain bin for released players on the decline; even then they'll have to offer seriously good wages for players who are reaching the twilight of their careers and have little to no resale value. They get off to a good start in their first full season of new ownership by going down the free transfer / high wages route and riding the wave of excitement, anticipation and general good feeling around the club but they fall just short, losing in the play-off final. They've already taken their budget into the FFP dangerzone (they cant really afford another season of similar budget stretching) but now they theoretically only need two or three real quality players, the missing pieces in the jigsaw. So they go big, turfing out some larger transfer fees and bringing in a headline veteran striker who redefines the wage structure at the club. Existing players get wind of this and realised they're now underpaid relative to their worth and to certain colleagues, one player even refuses to play a game. Eventually calmness is returned at the expense of an extra million or three added to the annual cost of wages. They 'fail' that season, finishing fourth (higher than they actually did the season before) and losing on penalties in the play-offs. The fans deem the season to be a disaster. More marginal gains are required but they've reached a crossroads... the squad is another year older and marginal gains are more difficult to identify, they can't afford to actually spend any money as the leap from relegation fodder to challengers has well and truly burst the FFP barriers... they're going to have to go into a slightly more 'experimental' phase, eeking out the final few drops of quality from existing players whilst picking up unknown players from the Dutch / German leagues and adding in occasional loans which may or may not work... unless they change track and go for a more sustain, slower build... but theres nothing 'sexy' about having tonnes of money to spend and not spending it... The club poll their fans on the ongoing strategy and the fans speak loudly on continuation of existing strategy of retaining quality and adding to it, rather than selling to buy. This strategy doesn't work and a string of managers come and go as they try to get the winning formula. All the while they still need to trim the wage budget... they need to sell their decent players but who to? Who will take them on decent wages and with the downward trajectory of their careers reaching its steepest section? They'll just have to let contracts run down... All the while new Managers want new players and theres EFL trouble on the horizon, they're under an embargo but gain EFL consent to 'sell the ground' to loosen the FFP noose around their neck... only it turns out they shouldn't have done that and now they're under threat of a points deduction, a season which was promising so much goes well and truly off the rails and they're lucky to avoid relegation with the post Christmas form being absolutely horrendous. --- Morale of the story - 'Rich' owners breed expectations but 'rich' owners cannot really meet those expectations unless they have a naturally advantageous platform in terms of playing staff to start with in an environment where they can only buy half a team of top end Championship players (not good enough for the Prem) due to an arbitrary cap on losses. There's bugger all to gain from having a 'rich' owner if the club is starting low and has a strategy to slowly build over ten years, complying with FFP. A destitute owner can arguably do that. So what benefit a rich owner at a traditionally 'big' club in a world with spending caps? With the odd exception, the rules keep the small clubs small, the sleeping giants sleeping and the Premier League yoyo clubs yoyoing.
  8. "The key is to grab a handful of one breast and just tweak the nipple on the other... believe me Neil loves that..."
  9. I think its safe to say from this news that we're 100% confident we won't be in League One next year as he'd tear up that league... Good luck Adthe and thanks for the memories
  10. 28pts at home 28pts away Chalk and cheese... 😐
  11. I'm not a fan of Garry Monk. I'm a fan of Sheffield Wednesday, as such I want Sheffield Wednesday to do well, under whoever is the incumbent manager; the manager is currently Garry Monk and as such I really hope he does well.
  12. I thought he did well, he does look lightweight but thats to be expected. He lost the ball a couple of times but if my memory is correct he only lost it in 'good' areas. He looked the kind of player I'd want to see do well... its sttill early doors and at the minute he's like a homegrown Kenny Lunt... tiny but a neat footballer, in my mind I foresee for next season a Xavi / Iniesta style relationship between Hunt and Bannan with us tiki-taka footballing our way to the Prem
  13. Agreed, ref giving them literally everything so far
  14. My Dad started trying to tell me all about it "Woah... Spoiler alert..." Hung up on him.
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