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  1. Binky Griptite

    Well this is awkward

    Making money hand over fist
  2. Mid 80s squad Rosette. Not sure of the significance, perhaps my Birthday?
  3. Scored two, could have had a hat trick and did very little else. Definitely worth serious cash as that's what top quality players can do on an "off" day
  4. Binky Griptite

    Kop children

    Thought this was gonna be about people procreating on the Kop after Bannans free kick
  5. Binky Griptite

    Is it just me

    He didn't do a great deal wrong but nor did he do much right. We need more forward thinking midfielders at home. Onomah showed straight away his difference in class going forward.
  6. Absolutely right about the state of the Academy, just think decisions on youths were probably not Carlos responsibility... a bit like on Football Manager when you can choose to have someone else manage the youth team!
  7. probably find that recruitment at that level didn't involve Carlos... could be wrong but i don't imagine he was out scouring the academies.
  8. Binky Griptite

    Who's the second toughest

    Thats just a stereotypical Scottish look, show me a typical reception class school photo from somewhere like Kelso and it'll be full of four/five year olds with this look. Surprised with the number of Lawrie madden shouts... only remember him from the very tail end of his time with Wednesday and wouldn't have thought it of him.
  9. Binky Griptite

    Retro Wednesday Shirts For Sale / Charity

    About age 7
  10. Binky Griptite

    Retro Wednesday Shirts For Sale / Charity

    Not sure, adult versions sell for decent cash but have more longevity than kids ones Want to give the good folks on Owlstalk first refusal.
  11. So, the old timer has been up in the loft and found my old Wednesday Shirts Amongst the pile appears to be a 1987(?) purple away shirt and shorts... which goes for a bomb. Also, same year (or maybe 88?) Home shirt. Classic promotion year / league cup away shirt is there too. Here's the thing...I was born in 1980 so the shirts / kits are child sizes... If anyone had use for them (ie a 7yr old size purple away, 10yr old yellow away, etc) I'll happily give them up for a donation to Parkinson's UK for who I am running the Great North Run in about 10 days. There may also be adult shirts available assuming the old timer kept his from back in the day. I'm away at the minute but if there is interest I'll get further pictures and descriptions on quality when back.
  12. Binky Griptite

    Anybody notice....

    Chansiri is finding promotion a tough nut to crack so is bringing in a Neanderthal with a track record to help crack it. As for why Kozluk went to the game, no reason... just Kozzy can
  13. Didn't watch the games aside from about 20 min on an awful stream but there's a lot to be said for making the opposition look poor.
  14. Agreed, scoring twice as many goals as our opponents won't win us many games.
  15. After the BBC nailed it with their one word description of Reading FC, what one word would nail Sheffield Wednesday past and/or present and what one word would you assign to other teams? Also, given that Pointless Reading sounds like it should be their official name are there any UK clubs where the place name is secondary a la Real Madrid, Spartak Moscow, Inter Milan, etc... I can't think of any (though I've not thought that hard).