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  1. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    SWFC Bad Taste Bear, worth upward of £100 on a good day. Open to offers of £250 or more
  2. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    Don't get too excited, they also had Barnet and Lincoln (and basically every other team down to the conference)...
  3. Not massively scientific but gives a flavour of where we are in the grand scheme of the Championship until someone can point to a table of actual budgets for this season... A couple of notable over-performers (including our city rivals) but just because some Managers are overperforming doesn't automatically mean that other managers are underperforming... of course as a TEAM we are currently underperforming but thats different, still anecdotal evidence that we shouldn't necessarily be walking a league in which some people believe we should be 16pts clear having won 17 games out of 16. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/marktwerteverein/wettbewerb/GB2
  4. Streams for tomorrow

    What channel?
  5. Did Loovens push him over?

    Whichever way you look at the Fletcher penalty claim it is woeful refereeing. The way that Fletcher goes down its either: A) A penalty and sending off for a foul with no attempt to play the ball B) A Yellow for Fletcher for simulation In giving nothing the only thing that the referee can be thinking is that Fletcher has felt contact and gone down but the defender has actually made a clean contact on the ball so it's a legitimate challenge.
  6. Did Loovens push him over?

    If Russell went down as well thats got to be simulation
  7. Did Loovens push him over?

    Shocking assault by Loovens and judging by the way Vydra went down I'd be surprised if he's fit to play again this season...
  8. Referees

    Penalty and a red all day long based upon the refs earlier decision.

  10. Given your time again would you invest in Sheffield Wednesday or go into something where you'd get less criticism, such as being a paedophiles middleman?
  11. Misleading thread title... he's not angry, he's just very disappointed.
  12. Anniversary watches

    I hope everyone cancelled their orders then mine will be a very limited edition of one... it'll be like having an ultra rare pressing of a cancelled vinyl run $$$$$
  13. Hooper - Waste of a Shirt...

    Yeah, cos I was making a serious point...
  14. Linesman yesterday

    The linesman on the North stand side WAS wearing black yesterday, albeit he had his Linesman shirt over the top of his Leeds away shirt.