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  1. Was similar scenario for charlton and we sold most of that.
  2. sounds like commentator is swallowing oysters
  3. What time have they booked on the 360? It goes up really high and then drops like s tone.
  4. Tudgay coming on at Half time. Not sure who hes replacing.
  5. I love those who stand up for him turn it into 'but he won us the game' nonsense. When he starts we struggle to have any attacking influence or to prevent the opposition from moving forward. He's got us some great moments in time but these moments are few when starting. Thankfully Jordan is back ahead in the who should start. Get well fletch
  6. Imagine being so utterly useless after 10th second at home at your former employer you can be forgiven for not getting on the bus as quick as possible.
  7. no real contest but nice to have a team effort
  8. credit where its due not under the cosh but definitely way more solid
  9. Anyone seen him play on grass(green kind) yet. If not get rid.
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