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  1. My first gig in 18 months. Jack White playing off Damien Hirsts balcony of course.
  2. i remember when the 'rents got a new telly and you could manually move through teletext pages. It was like space travel.
  3. Id say 5% of it is good. Seeing that young un doing charity walks and stuff, finding out more about the players than just a page in the program that said Gary Shelton likes lasagna and The Godfather. Players were just your heroes week in week out. Watching the game on teletext and reading the play by play result in the Green Un. Could never quite fathom how a whole newspaper could be created between leaving the game and getting into town. Now its just numbskulls attacking everyone and everything after a bad game for likes/dislikes.
  4. Nothing worthy of a response. Enjoy your binary views New Schumacher doc on Netflix is out today tho.
  5. Well hes at full speed with a tow and no-one directly in front, hes already been pushed off track so hes wide on entry. Lewis doesnt give him room. Both to blame but only Max is penalised.
  6. No he should force him off the track on entry and then cut him off at the chicane. See how that works
  7. “The driver of Car 44 (Lewis) was driving an avoiding line"
  8. no wonder they dont like passing in F1
  9. Wow this video is amazing. First 20 seconds the 20 cars went round first corner and gave each other room and no-one died. 2 Mins.... later pit exit LH swings out left and gives the guy no room and boom.
  10. ill trust my own judgement, and the tv pundits and every poll on twitter. Lewis more to blame, if anyone. i think its 2 drivers both in the wrong for different reasons, one not giving enough room and the other taking too much of a risk, but christ if ppl cant get alongside one another without the consequence of penalty points and grid drops then why bother attempting.
  11. bottas driver of the day?
  12. jeez that photo guy was close
  13. I thought that. all the scenes you know from past Matrix's checked off the list in the trailer. Its that long since ive been to a cinema ill prob go out of desperation
  14. Missed a trick there Dejphon lad. You couldve sold a crapload of old 3rd shirts at Grand prix today
  15. crying cos they had to catch a flight home
  16. guess its the season for this. I see a new one on Netflix too. This was pretty sad. Survivor guilt must be so hard. The cameraman/presenter filming when 2nd tower started to go. lucky SOB
  17. They can t just say lets have it tomorrow, they have a schedule to keep and theres a race a week later. There are volunteer staff who cant just take the monday off. It was called, yeah it was pretty crap, but they cant run a race for the sake of it in those conditions, people wouldve probably died. Maybe they could run it behind closed doors at a later date yeah but its been called as a RESULT. Why would you go to court. The race officially started, albeit behind the pace car and they knew the 2 lap rule.
  18. Think it was my first foreign plane trip without parents. Remembered everything, except to change money. Didn't spend a single deutsch mark all day. Got on the end of season video tho and some good photos at Saarbrucken after game.
  19. His label is Third Man records, hes recorded and released a lot of bands albums and one offs generally. Im hoping some of the merch will be easier to get with a UK shop. Was lucky enough to get to the gig he did in The George pub when Lazaretto came out, not sure anything is going to happen but the guy is the master of secret random stuff.
  20. I have an invite to the opening next month. Its supposed to have a live stage section. Ive been to his store in Nashville, they have the booth there to record a song to vinyl, i doubt hes bringing that over i think its one of a kind. They do a tour, it was supposed to be 90 mins but it kinda lasted an extra hour. No photos allowed some amazing stuff in there. You can go into the sound booth upstairs and they show the equipment they use to record live shows to vinyl. Guy is a legend....slightly biased
  21. Started Cruel Summer Hella confusing. Everything is set on same day in 3 different years. Before/during and after thing going on.
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