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  1. Thats where Nando is now. Obviously theres a pecking order.
  2. Was he giving a 'L' Loser hand gesture?
  3. Not really working tho. Way too deep inviting pressure.
  4. Monky chants are banned aren't they?
  5. Stewards at Plymouth were pretty decent I remember. Bye
  6. people who go to football matches complain about traffic during match. ok
  7. In conjunction SWFC are selling half game season tickets for those who cant get down Penistone rd at 4pm and are encouraged to sit in the limited view seats on t'kop and complain about the band.
  8. We lose most penalty shootouts. you are angry cos you dissed the 'RA, probably in an Irish pub, and he busted your face.
  9. I saw a St Pauli fan once. He was wearing a half open jacket and I thought he was a fan of T'Pau
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