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  1. i think hes marginally second best behind KW but i think he deserves to keep the shirt. The way it goes he will make one howler and his head will be called for again. Fantastic performance last night, i dont think anyone can argue that 2nd goal was coming from 45 but never did.
  2. Always thought Gabriel Clarke was a clever interviewer. Dont think there'll be much about his time at Hillsborough, will be mostly about his time in ireland and possibly just a smidgen of 66.
  3. im sure hes still drawing 10 times a week in wages more than most of the fanzz in a tinpot league so id say hes not that fussed. back of the net
  4. Hes 31, not technically blessed, injury prone, yellow/red card prone. He will admit hes not Prem or Champ standard any more, theres no dressing up/down. Have a lot of love for the passion and determination he has given from a physical and mental position and he will always be recognised as one of the good guys. But to suggest hes taking a hit on his dreams is ludicrous.
  5. Hes in Cyprus not the Pitcairn Islands.
  6. my niece bought this from Shackletons you know
  7. we're winning 2 nil away from home I guess not everyone is happy
  8. The rules will be extensive, to cover the same situations as a regular season, this is the point. You are just reading into the headline.
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