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  1. He used to come round our house as my dad had a side business fixing disco equipment. Not sure any more than that but deffo the most famous person ever to come to our house.
  2. Can we have a locked post just with actual updates as and when? Dont care for 50 pages a day of speculation.
  3. Depends if we give Nuhiu another year or not i guess.
  4. Hes to be used as cover in case ozzie owl gets injured.
  5. i remember there was a locals v foreigners game in hillsborough park that just got bigger and bigger they put all their trash in bins too...weirdos
  6. Im not a gynaecologist but if its worth looking at why not.
  7. maybe corona will end this season early and we will stave off relegation think its our only hope
  8. Neither are defenders yet one is 3 foot taller than the other. I doubt FF is considered for his defensive abilities. Nuhiu also cant prevent the attacking team from creating an attack due to his tree like stature, FF has the mobility to pressure them. Nuhiu is used as a target, kick ball to his head see what happens.. Usually nothing, which is not his fault as he admittedly cant head the ball. Last night we had so much fluidity by creating attack after attack. May not work against better, positive teams but im sure was worth the admittance fee for once.
  9. Wheres all the folk saying his minds not in and hes not bothered and should be got rid? Probably left 5 mins early and still think we drew
  10. Named after Grandads Grandad FACT
  11. We dont get many points for Capitulating even tho it happens every week.
  12. Fact - hes not playing Fact - hes been told hes not playing Fact - there hasnt been a bust up. still the rumours continue
  13. i ask the question again what do we gain from this apart from giving possession straight back every single time.
  14. Are you far from express bus, surely an hour an half at most over the soft border.
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