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  1. Dawson Lees Hector Thorniley Palmer Reach Bannan Pessy Penney Fletcher Forestieri
  2. Baker possibly more suited to wing back role than Palmer, but Palmer is the better player. This wouldn’t surprise me, wonder how long a ‘ban’ like this would last.
  3. Great team that. Penney understandably needs a rest, Fox apparently been doing well in training. Baker breathing down Pakmer’s neck and deserves another shot. Surprised at Onomah over Pelupessy, expected JP to start away at Forest given his style of play. Excited to see how Onomah does, definitely seems a talent. Nuhiu and Fletch still much of a muchness I think but Atdhe perfect player away from home. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  4. Definitely a case where picking the best individuals won’t necessarily allow for the best team performance.
  5. As much as we talk about being completely reliant on Baz, he wasn’t st his absolute best at Reading yet we got the 3 points with 2 stunning team goals. Great position to be in really.
  6. Bannan is in such good form that if coming deeper means he gets the ball more often I’m all for it. As for Onomah, he started as a winger but is now a deep ball playing midfielder.
  7. We’ll have learnt a lot from that today. Comeback absolutely massive for confidence, and hopefully that start ensures we don’t make the same mistake again any time soon.
  8. Spot on. Only thing I can assume is that we weren’t willing to loan out for any less than 100% of wages and no one made that offer. For some reason not willing to sell, perhaps other teams too wary of wages.
  9. Do the rules still apply where the person on Press duty has to be one of the starters for the next match?
  10. Me too, been dreaming of this day for a long time
  11. As much as he feels hard done by, and has a fair right to, I think he’s dealt with all this quite unprofessionally. Can’t be helpful for Dawson and Wildsmith knowing there’s a personality like KW kicking up a fuss. Personally my respect for him is starting to decrease although that may say more about me than it does about him!
  12. Brilliant piece love it. Sadly not in the position to go and buy it, but a stunning item nonetheless!
  13. As I’m a bit of a part timer (live in Bristol - please forgive me!) I think Saturday was the first time I’ve seen Dawson live. He actually seemed much more comfortable and intimidating than I’d thought before. He had a brilliant match, dominating his penalty area and superb one on one save. Corner was at the other end so can’t really judge, but didn’t seem to be down to him. 3 top keepers at this club and, whatever people think, it’s a joy to see an academy graduate between the sticks week in week out.
  14. Worked so hard today. Incredibly disciplined. Best I’ve ever seen in that respect from Matias and Joao today. Brilliant to see.
  15. Makes me nervous when he plays full back/wing back for that very reason. Still think CM is his best position.
  16. Apologies, didn’t notice before posting. The problems that come with successful performances...!
  17. Arguably our most valuable player financially. I think you may be right, just hoping we don’t get too desperate and that we do actually receive what he’s worth.
  18. Not much doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t look out of place at a Prem side. Fancy we’ll have bids for him, especially given the fact he’s English. Shouldn’t be considering any of them, unless he actively wants to leave.
  19. Becoming a real talisman for us. Genius on the ball, tactically aware and I love watching his runs when breaking forward. Now he’s scoring goals on a regular basis he simply is looking like a class above. He was in brilliant positions on the counter a couple of times today but teammates failed to notice/find him. Real leader, who adds vital energy and quality to this team. Success story after his tough start at the club. Well done lad, and keep it up!
  20. Great to watch him today. Stopped several counter attacks, won the back back high up the pitch as well as last ditch tackles and made many valuable clearances. He knows what he’s doing, and it’s no coincidence Jos keeps picking him. He’ll keep on getting better and is becoming an important part of this team. EDIT: Can’t forget about his passion and commitment. Brilliant celebrations at the end. Also a bonus that he takes set pieces, unusual for a player of his type.
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