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  1. Yet again another player heaping praise on Darren Moore. It clear to see he's having a MASSIVE influence and say on a lot of things in and around the club. Really great to hear.
  2. Reyt odd thread this. Whilst we're at it, can we find out which players released at the end of 2001/02 season got a contract else where too. Ta.
  3. I didn't think that when we got battered 5 nowt down at Stevenage.
  4. Deffo need a keeper IMO. Dawson and Wildsmith not good enough for League One.
  5. Wayne Andrews ripped us to bits that afternoon. Wayne. Andrews.
  6. I wonder if he's learnt how to cross a ball yet? No thanks.
  7. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than failing to beat 9 men Yeovil on a cold Tuesday night. Get ready.
  8. If we (somehow) avoid relegation it'll be absolute criminal. We're fuuuuuuuuuuucking garbage.
  9. We do love a trier don’t we. Probably sums up how dog shiiiit our season has been tbh.
  10. Is it still on 5 days a week?? Its fucccccking awful, and has been for years.
  11. Fletch off injured (thats a given anyway) Fox O.G. 1-3 win. SCENES.
  12. Exactly. So he should have rotated the 11. Very poor from NT today.
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