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Birmingham City vsThe Owls. Official Matchday Thread.

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Guest trusty_left_peg

Would like a win but a Point is good today - more confident of our squad than Ipswich or Brums for run in

Ps maghoma will play well - "the immutable law of the ex"

Maghoma was one of their better players in the Boxing Day fixture, although they were poor that day.

They've also got Michael Morrison at centre-half who's developed into a decent centre-back for this level. Megson always seemed to play him at right-back when he was here, from memory, and he didn't look at all comfortable.

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There's 3 of them Leon


I'm a great wingman 


You have the one in the middle and I'll have the other two

That works, I'm not greedy! lol


Besides at our age just the one would probably be enough to ruin us! I no longer have the capability to render them speechless like you do!

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Just got off the phone to Loovens. He's in a good mood. He said this to me;

"I woke up today with this feeling that better things are coming our way. If the sunshine has a meaning,it's telling me not to let things get in my way. When the rainy days are dying, gotta keep on, keep on trying

All the bees and birds are flying. Ahhhh...

Never let go gotta hold on and non-stop until the break of dawn and keep on moving, don't stop rocking Ahhhh...

Wise man is the skipper.

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Note I said 'could' work. I would try Lees and Hutch, but I'm not convinced they will make our defence the amazing one everyone else is jizzing over.

They are the best two centre back at the club IMO the only thing that goes against them is that they are both right footers , I don't know what CC will do regards that, if he wants a leftie in there then it may mean they don't start together .

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