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  1. All 16 visits were in the third round of the 87-88 FA Cup
  2. On the Liverpool fans - Anyone who has ever tried to purchase a ticket to a UEFA event would know that resale of tickets through anything other than the official resale platform is 'illegal', therefore I don't have much sympathy for any Liverpool fan who 'inadvertently' bought a counterfeit ticket. You could call them foolish, you could call them desperate... or you could just call them stupid, or call them out for knowing exactly what they were doing. On the Policing / Organisation around the stadium - it is abysmal, I speak from experience of going to see a Womens World Cup game there in 2019 (Japan 0 - 0 Argentina), attendance of circa 25,000, we arrived a couple of hours before kick off and were held in the exit to the metro for a good half an hour as they checked that everyone had tickets... they couldn't check quick enough to clear the arrivals from the Metro trains even for a small crowd, it got very claustrophobic / tense and there were people bursting through the checkpoints as a result (taken advantage of the mayhem)... I'm going out on a limb and suggesting those bursting through were 'locals' given tickets were dirt cheap, you probably wouldn't travel 10,000km if you didn't have a ticket and they looked neither Japanese nor Argentinian I think it's fair to extrapolate from that and determine that there would have been an element of local trouble causers last night, as there would have been wherever the game was held, but you can't ignore the hoardes of Liverpool fans who didn't have tickets. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone caught up in it with a genuine ticket but they can undoubtedly thank their fellow Scousers just as much as they can thank the heavy handed policing / poor organisation.
  3. You believe what you want to fella, nothing i can say to change your mind.
  4. No, not really. If i thought I'd be disbelieved if have thrown in: - fans punching fans - coin chucking - someone sat in my seat - smelly farts - a hand job
  5. Excellent, so we've had "it's you who has the problem, it's everyday behavior" and now we've got "it didn't happen". Good stuff.
  6. Is it odd or is it a sad fact in life that often the best course of action is no action, which admittedly does nothing to suppress the behavior but does avoid me getting my face punched. The fact that I'm not man enough to be a "hero" on this shouldn't detract from the behavior of the aggressors.
  7. Fair point... homophobia, misogyny, racism and general tw*ttish behavior by five people in a 12 seat or so block around me is all just me being too sensitive
  8. Possible. If so i hope they stay away for everyone else sake.
  9. Its all well and good adding time on but if there's 80 minutes on the big screen in the corner you know you've got ten minutes (plus added time) left, when the big screen in the corner ticks on to 85 minutes you know you've got five minutes left. When the screen ticks onto 90 minutes it stops. The team with the advantage just has to continue being resolute and not concede, the team who needs to change the game starts to rush things, anxiety and impatience grows in the crowd, players make stupid choices predicated on the need to make things happen NOW. Ten minutes added on is psychologically not the same as ten minutes left in normal time and we don't seem to have the players required to be able to handle it. In that way time wasting is ridiculously effective against us (and many other teams).
  10. I honestly don't think i will feel any different, i certainly won't be cutting things out to go to games. I think i just don't like people full stop...
  11. I was sat on the end seat immediately next to the steward, who seemed nice enough but was more interested in high fiving the regulars rather than dealing with the incredibly anti-social behavior. He certainly wouldn't have waded in to stop me getting my head caved in and i can't blame him for that. I might be part of the problem, I'm a delicate wallflower, but the bigger problem isn't really people unwilling to tackle the problem, it's that the problem needs tackling because some people just can't act civilized.
  12. Yes, I'm a fan who is moaning. Glad to have got pointing out that irony out the way. Last night was my first game this season, i was so excited... Plotting how i was going to fall back in love with actually attending games. If i cut back on x i can afford to get a season ticket and if i stop doing y on Saturdays i would be able to attend most matches... Then i remembered, or rather was reminded how annoying fans can be. You've got the old timer to my left who we should build a team around next season - he spent 105 minutes using very colorful language, some from a bygone era when his words weren't quite so shocking as they were last night, alluding to the fact he could head a ball better than Storey, pass better than Bannan, tackle better than Byers, actually put in crosses unlike Johnson, get on the end of crosses unlike Gregory... Honestly, he might have been in his 70s but i think he's the answer. You've got the 20 something two rows in front of me who when asked (very politely and considered) to sit down as the lady behind him (doing the asking) couldn't see, turned around and told her to "F Off you stupid F'ing C" whilst spraying about five rows with saliva. He then appeared purposely stand up as much as possible whilst hurling abuse at our players. You've got three or four blokes immediately behind me using language that'd be a hate crime in any other setting. Towards our players. Then there's the general noise of the same thing happening further away from me. In no way do i think it transmitted to the players and I'm sure the same plays out in every stadium, i don't think we have a monopoly on idiots but i heard enough to know I'm looking forward to following next season from my sofa. I'm sure I'll be missed so please feel free to tell me so in reply.
  13. If Hutch isn't a Wednesday player next season he needs to be offered some other role at the club; unless of course he wants to carry on playing, in which case good luck to him.
  14. The only thing the ref got right was the added time at the end of added time. 10 mind added on that turned into 13 or 14mins (or so it felt)? He couldn't wait to book one of our players and although neither Bannan or Byers are hatchet men he skewed the balance of the midfield battle by booking them both for nothing, early in the game so they were both a bit standoffish going into challenges. On the other hand the only card that ref will ever give O'Nien is a fruity Valentine's card. The level of inconsistency on the handling of fouls was incredible, the lack of action on Pritchard diving bewildering and the allowance of slow timing from minute one completely ridiculous. Having said that he really stood up booking their player for time wasting in the 100th minute... That showed them time wasting would be punished... If the game had finished 0-0 we could legitimately track down his home and visit it, pitchforks and all, but once we got the goal we should have done so much better.
  15. Add an incentive to grass up people on Owlstalk / Facebook / at family gatherings who boast about / provide evidence of going on the pitch. I'd grass up my own child for a Danny Wilson Toby Jug.
  16. I just saw Bazza in Ocean Blue chippy in Chap, drinking an Irn Bru whilst waiting for his Mars bar to finish deep frying. He says he "oot", combination of slight injury and wrapping himself in cotton wool for his medical at Kenilworth Road. Also says Fizz is his natural successor in the engine room so it's "nae bovver" that he's not playing anyway.
  17. Got her looks from her Mother and her footballing ability from her father (assuming she's not very good at football) https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/thylane-blondeau-premier-league-daughter-26864016
  18. I find pitch invasions moronic in any situation and don't think there's any excuse other than to save a life. No amount of joy or anger makes it acceptable and you're either of such a low intelligence as to not know it's wrong, or you know it's wrong and still do it, either way you're a bit of a cóck. "He just got a bit carried away" is no excuse, you couldn't use it as an excuse if you entered someones house without consent, or if you entered someones person without consent, so why should it be excusable if you entered a patch of grass you're prohibited from going on? I'm all for banning orders being handed out, whether there are six people or six thousand people on the pitch.
  19. That's my confirmation email, no pdf attached and for extra fun see below for where the header and footer send me if i click on them...
  20. I got that for a while, then somehow got in the queue, now bought my ticket but all I've got is a receipt, no actual ticket to print...
  21. I'm caller number 8 in the queue... selling my position to the highest bidder...
  22. Mine too, can't get through on the phone either
  23. Next to the toilet... Don't forget, you always need it when having a slash
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