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  1. Orlando_Trustful

    Matt Penney Contract

    He deserves double what Fox is on.
  2. Orlando_Trustful

    Sheffield, city of students

    My wife was an international student in Sheffield when we lived there during our two recent playoff seasons under CC. All the people she knew who went to watch games went to United, even though we were near the top of the Champ and they were still in L1. She was asked to go by friends on a few occasions, but thankfully she doesn't like footy. United do far more than us and in two years she said she was never once made aware that there were offers / tickets etc being publicised at the university for SWFC games despite her being a student ambassador and international student rep. Sheffield has the highest student retention in the country. My dad and uncle are two of those people who moved here years ago and will watch local football now. Money being lost by us over the last few years or more in this regard.
  3. Orlando_Trustful

    Wednesday - V - L**ds United (OMDT thingy)

    We've done them over quite a few times at home recently. Got a feeling it's their turn for a win. 1v2
  4. Orlando_Trustful


    I always plug a few bottles of miniatures when this crackdown gets announced. I've never had any issues getting them through the security.
  5. Orlando_Trustful


    A proper player. No doubt about it. If we let him go on the cheap it will be farcical.
  6. Orlando_Trustful

    Are we good enough to finish in the top half?

    It'll be interesting to see where we are in a few months. Impossible to predict IMO, we could be 5th or 15th.
  7. Orlando_Trustful

    Holte End

    They'll be here a while I think. This is already their third season and they look nowhere near an automatic promotion side.
  8. Orlando_Trustful

    Reyt day out

    I bet it was great away day. Going to a proper place with a real club always makes it. Villa Park is a great ground.
  9. Orlando_Trustful


    I'm in Bangkok and Thailand have no channels that show the EFL and mine still doesn't work here sadly.
  10. Orlando_Trustful


    Fair play mate. Seems you're a lucky one somehow not blocked.
  11. Orlando_Trustful


    Photo to show it?
  12. Orlando_Trustful


    Strange that it's working for you, yet iFollow say it's blocked.
  13. Orlando_Trustful


    You have a live stream through ifollow?
  14. Orlando_Trustful


    Got a reply from iFollow. International broadcast for today's match means iFollow can't show them. Can anyone remember if that was the same last season? I'm sure it was only when Sky showed it.