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  1. We pretty much relied on Harris to do everything. Also, I think Bullen made a mistake and should have brought Dave on instead of Rhodes.
  2. No, but we will definitely get a sense of Bullen and this side's true ability if we can bounce back from defeats like today.
  3. I am trying to think of how many away grounds I have exited that run either alongside / very close to where the home fans exit too. Very quickly off the top of my head - Blades, Southampton, Burnley, Charlton, QPR, Aton Villa, Newcastle, Birmingham, Derby.
  4. Ge thee sen t'sausage cottage ya big mincer.
  5. It is exactly what we have been missing for years. Imagine if he had two proper pacey wingers in CC's second season? I think we would have gone up no doubt.
  6. Good point. If the reported £30,000 a week is true, then over his three seasons here it will have cost us around £4.5M. He has been easily worth that.
  7. I am not bothered about the table, but how nice is it to actually start the season well. We have games coming up where we can really pick up points too. Going into September with around 15 points would be incredible. It is all about momentum.
  8. No chance. He isn't up for the challenge and for some strange reason thinks he might get another Prem job.
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