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Community Answers

  1. Lovely challenge and I bet he’s got a Dion Dublin ‘it can look around corners’ too.
  2. Hopefully some good pre-match potting around Borough Market before the game. Can’t beat a London away day if it’s a sunny one.
  3. When these boys start serenading you with some ‘Bump n Grind’ then you can’t say no.
  4. To show the millions of football fans watching around the world that we ain’t tinpot. This is the first Saturday televised game of the season, we could be looking at record breaking viewing figures.
  5. Let’s hope he’s in before Saturday. Not sure El Pato up front against Charlton will be a good thing.
  6. Exactamundo my man. Cash is king. All these hipsters thinking they’re cool paying contactless.
  7. Agreed. It’s a tough start. I wouldn’t be surprised if we only win one of our opening four.
  8. Massive owl up front to fire us to promotion. Perfect.
  9. I guess I didn’t like it because I’m comparing it to a GTA environment. Cruising through a city with a radio station on looking at the sights is what it’s all about for me, not riding through endless mountains on a horse in silence.
  10. Dempsey's Boogie Bus setting off at 10am from in front of John Lewis. Parking in London near the Market Porter. 50 quid all in which includes booze and poppers.
  11. Gregory would be a good signing. He can become our very own Billy Sharp.
  12. In the slammer. Got caught with some dodgy stuff on his computer.
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