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  1. Some of the more obscure spellings don't bother me, but Bannon and Hurst are definitely two of my favourites that I have seen on here at times.
  2. I hope he's doing okay. I used to regularly be on the same Inter City Owl coach as him in the joyous days of around 01 - 06. The definite highlight was a midweek away game at Coventry in the last season they played at Highfield Road. We drew 1 v 1 and on the way back I ended up sitting behind him. After about 20 minutes he stood up and announced to the rest of the coach his match ratings. Pressman 1, Bromby 1, Maddix 0 etc etc. Anyone else who was on his Inter City Owl would also remember the frog ringtone he used to play .
  3. Watched the Han Solo spin off movie again the other day. Very good and definitely up there as one of the best of the new generation for me.
  4. Could be a good thing. Players back from injury, one or two signings and possibly a new manager.
  5. Sadly it was bound to happen sooner or later. Looking at the table now another few wins and they could be back in the mix on around 10 points.
  6. The Cossack was the only place to be after a home win during that season.
  7. I think sadly Cook isn't cool enough for DC or his bum chum Paxo.
  8. I would take him over some foreign no - mark any day. At least he could bring a bit of style and suave to S6.
  9. Tough and impossible to put in any order for me. I think these would be my top games on each console. If I could add in another it would be God of War on PS4. Tomb Raider 2 (PS1) GTA San Andreas (PS2) Pro Evo 4 (PS2) The Last of Us (PS3) Call of Duty MW2 (PS3)
  10. A Beres pork sandwich, a few swedgers in the New Barrack before and then the Sausage Cottage for a post game reacharound.
  11. Not surprised in the slightest. It has been obvious for a while he wants out. Another decent player we could have sold previously yet we will now lose for nothing.
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