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  1. Absolutely the same. Even after the Hull defeat I still thought that. Look at us now
  2. Best we can hope for is 21st and for that we would be needing another 50+ points. Sounds ridiculous to say in later October, but these next two games are season defining for me.
  3. Three massive players out currently. They make a huge difference.
  4. He didn't really say anything that makes me confident. We comfortably deserved to lose. Two big games coming up.
  5. Sadly I think Big Dave would offer more.
  6. iFollow should be able to provide to normal commentary with Rob and John for away games. Having Radio Sheffield and their bunch of chumps doing it is awful and the last few minutes yesterday epitomised that.
  7. Absolutely. Bullen would be out of his depth in the conference.
  8. We seemed happy to play attack v defence for the final 25 minutes. Players like Luongo etc were fooked so nobody was near their midfielder. It was a good cross but I do wonder if Dawson could have made more of an attempt to claim it. However, if Lees is still on the pitch I am guessing that goal isn't scored.
  9. 10M and I would snap their hand off. That sort of money could be reinvested very well.
  10. He looks a good player. Him and the other four CBs we have now are a strong group.
  11. He'll be just another Junior Agogo or Tony Crane and disappear into the abyss of the lower leagues in a few years never to be seen again.
  12. Not sure we will be attracting players much better than him this summer so I would take him.
  13. Absolutely. I think if we can move him on this summer for a decent fee it is definitely worth it.
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