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  1. Probably the quietest captain I have ever seen. He was lucky to have Loovens with him under CC. I hope he goes in the summer and Monk can try and bring in a real captain.
  2. 0 v 1 A toxic and riotous atmosphere at full time.
  3. Over recent weeks I would say we won't stay up. We can't beat any of the sides down there.
  4. Such a shame from where we were two months ago. Bloody 3rd at Christmas. He seems like he doesn't want to be here now. Perhaps he realises there is such a mess here it can't be easily fixed.
  5. Poor player and a poor captain. Exhibits no attributes of a leader. Didn't even acknowledge Borner for a last ditch block when he saved him in the second half after losing the ball again.
  6. Not sure who to blame. Some individual performances again were so poor. Bannan and Lees were dreadful.
  7. As we well know, we absolutely love rolling over for teams on a bad run.
  8. A man that can pull off a mullet is a damn fine specimen. Big Gerry can definitely pull that look off. We could really do without this game. 2 v 0 to them.
  9. Still love him. Will always love him for that 15/16 season. We were so damn close.
  10. It has been obvious since Loovens left that we don't have a captain. Neither him or wee man should ever be the captain.
  11. Never replaced Loovens. Lees has never been a captain and wee man is too aggro on the pitch to be a suitable leader.
  12. He is becoming a bit like FF was a few years ago. No doubting the ability, but still not sure where to play him.
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