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  1. Just been in for a quick Jaipur and had fifteen mins in the glory hole in trap 3. It was being tended to exceptionally I must say.
  2. Forget about the Premier League.

    Agree with all of the OP. Jos needs to work wonders in the transfer market to get us up there again.
  3. Decent crowd expected Saturday

    27, 552
  4. Sixth-highest average attendance

    Exactly. This is precisely why I can never converse seriously with anything to with attendances with Leeds fans. Their attendances are good, very good away. But, when you think Sheffield is far smaller, and has two teams, the city as a whole averages FAR more than Leeds (if not double at times). Leeds is a rugger city, always has been, always will be. Sheffield is a real football city with the likes of Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle et al.
  5. Sixth-highest average attendance

    Easily one of the biggest leagues in Europe after the big five.
  6. Wednesday Prints On Ebay

    The top one is great. How much?
  7. Jos dropped a b******* today

    Very strange. Looks like two b*******s dropped in four days by Jossy.
  8. OK let it begin

    Playing no strikers away at Millwall? Utterly ridiculous.
  9. Relegation battle

    4 more wins and some more draws. I reckon low 50s and we will be definitely safe.
  10. Season 2018/19 Expectations

    Between 7 - 12. Similar to the blunts this season I reckon, we will just not have enough for the playoffs.
  11. Glenn loovens please retire

    Been a great captain and a real stalwart, especially in the 15/16 season. He should never still be starting for us this season though.
  12. Millwall pubs

    The Market Porter is the one for any London away game. Always full of Wednesday.
  13. Butterfield

    Given his minimal attacking attributes I'd say he'll probably be about as effective as Pat Butcher.
  14. Seems a fair applause. He deserved that from the football on show during 15/16.