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  1. Orlando_Trustful

    Frustrating Joao

    Frustrating. I don’t think Big Bruce will take his attitude and laziness.
  2. Orlando_Trustful

    Out of Contracts

    Only Westwood.
  3. Orlando_Trustful

    Last nights clash of kit

    Bizarre. I can't work it out all, but watching the game it was ridiculous. Even Westwood was in blue.
  4. Orlando_Trustful

    What? No OMDT for Millwall game?

    Snooty is getting some sweet poontang pie.
  5. Orlando_Trustful

    Underlying Problems for SB to sort out.

    You can already feel a difference with him here. So nice to have a real British football man in charge. He’s got to be given time and next season is the season to start building. 20/21 is most likely our earliest shot.
  6. Orlando_Trustful


    Arguably our best player this season at times. Just wish he could get a few more goals.
  7. Orlando_Trustful

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    I quite like the guy and he’s been harshly treated by some fans. He gives it a good go it’s just very obvious he is nowhere near good enough. Reminds me of Tommy Spurr.
  8. Orlando_Trustful


    Crap yesterday. The performance of a youth team player.
  9. Orlando_Trustful

    Games in hand.

    It’s happening.
  10. Orlando_Trustful

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Big Brucie Baby is going to get Hillsborough rocking today. 3 v 0 FF J Wow Fletch
  11. Orlando_Trustful

    What the f**k is happening here

    I know someone who did exactly the same (except not play for England).
  12. Orlando_Trustful

    The goal yesterday

    Great point.
  13. Orlando_Trustful

    Morgan Fox

    Ultimately true. Same with Palmer. I think Big Brucie Baby knows this.
  14. Orlando_Trustful


    A lot of players out of contract this summer. He would be one of the first I would look to keep with those free wages. If we can.
  15. Orlando_Trustful


    Big Brucie Baby is going to love the fans.