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  1. We need to most likely get 60+ points and that is only mid table form. With a few decent signings I would back us to stay up against the likes of Rotherham, Wycombe, Luton, Barnsley etc.
  2. Good news. Hopefully Weaver and Bullen go back to the development squads.
  3. You can't fault his commitment. He means well and I think he is / was desperate to succeed here. It is clear he was badly advised to begin with and whatever his links are to Doyen / Paixao they haven't helped the club progress. It is pretty evident he did not take FFP into account in his first few seasons here and was banking on a Wolves style quick promotion. I would say after working in Thailand on and off for nearly a decade, being married to a Thai and also briefly meeting DC and having an informal chat with him and my wife he does exhibit a common trait of people in this country. There is a huge hierarchical system here and people at the very top find it almost impossible to listen or take on advice from somebody who they would deem inferior to them. It isn't an arrogance, but it seems he hasn't adapted his way of working to a football context. I very much doubt he is willing to admit fault and cause himself to lose face with his failings here. Although, this may well turn out to be positive for SWFC in a sense that he will be desperate to make a success of his ownership rather than walking away having failed.
  4. Fantastic. I had a boy in my class prank me with that in his homework project a few months ago. Always brings a smile.
  5. Definitely a cult hero over the last 5 or so years. He should never start a game, but he is an effective player to bring on. He'll be missed.
  6. 100% would take him. I don't think he would fancy it and has said previously he wouldn't want to manage us.
  7. Can't see it making a difference at the moment. Anyone will struggle with this situation and it could take years to solve.
  8. It is a bang average squad in all aspects.
  9. Hopefully as good as the day Adam Le Fondre nearly signed.
  10. Definitely think something like this is true.
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