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  1. Seems like he can't actually kick a ball properly at times.
  2. I love the little wee man, but I do wonder if you can have him as your main CM when he only averages about 1 goal a season. It really isn’t anywhere near good enough.
  3. If we can invest his fee in 2-3 new signings then it’s a definite yes from me.
  4. We’d be lucky get anything for him now. He’s been crap for over two years and will be on a big wage.
  5. I reckon he’ll disappear into the lower abyss of the Football League. He’ll probably make a decent career at somewhere like Carlisle.
  6. He has still got some years left. I would give him a 3 year deal.
  7. Get United up so we don't have to worry about them. I also hope Villa go up via the playoffs as they will win the league at some point. I think next season Leeds and West Brom will be up there again, but I don't see any of the sides coming down walking the league, perhaps only Fulham. I expect us, Derby, Forest etc to be around the second group of teams.
  8. You can't dislike him, but he is just nowhere near this level.
  9. Happy for him to go, but I would be surprised if we got over 2-3M.
  10. Yeah Nick has sold it so longer a place to watch us.
  11. I will always have found memories of his debut at Cardiff last season where he looked Maldini esque.
  12. It is great to see. We physically dominated them in all aspects on Saturday. If was very similar at Wembley with Bruce's Hull side with the likes of Livermore, Huddlestone, Diame etc destroying our midfield that day.
  13. Oozed class. I just wish he would chip in with more goals. Never ever looks like scoring.
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