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  1. Hopefully we might be able to then restructure and make the domestic game much more fairer. If they want to leave and have their own closed shop then I for one certainly won’t be watching and expect millions of others too. I still don’t think this will happen though. Player power will stop it I think. If their players are suddenly banned from FIFA and UEFA comps then I can’t see how it would work.
  2. Derby will survive by beating us on the final day.
  3. Going to be a big rebuild. The starting 11 could be entirely different in August. Hopefully Moore can recruit well.
  4. Don’t think it would have made a difference in the long run. We need to go down and restart again and the fact that we will most likely go down by more than 6 points shows we deserve it. If we somehow fluked survival this season then we would be in a relegation battle again next season.
  5. Got a lovely reacharound in the Market Porter after Charlton away back in 07.
  6. Fantastic news. Hopefully they’ve managed to restock the playoff final t shirts.
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