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Community Answers

  1. I remember going there once for a night game in the early 00's. We drew 1 v 1 I think. It definitely wasn't the most welcoming of stadiums as I'm sure as you walk in there's some small alley that had barbed wire etc all over the top of it.
  2. I don’t think I really grasped just how amazing that ending was at the time. Thinking back it literally couldn’t have been any better.
  3. Sadly can't see any substantial money being put towards upgrading it. It would just become a money pit.
  4. If there’s not a statement from Wednesdayite by 5pm tonight I think we should start kicking off.
  5. I’ll be gutted if he’s off. Deserves another year after how well he’s performed at times this season.
  6. Possibly losing at Wembley to a side like Wycombe would have hurt far more.
  7. Unless it's an offer we can't refuse I can't see him leaving. I would be very surprised if he tried to force a move to become a bit part player in the bottom half of the Championship.
  8. Big questions about his overall tactical nous, but with the turmoil of the previous few years he did a good job to get us to within a few wins of the top 2. He gets one more season for me.
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