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  1. Same here. I was trying to follow the numbers but even they seem to change.
  2. I can't see them paying more than a few million for him.
  3. Austin is exactly the wrong signing IMO. I would definitely be happy with Odubajo and Powell on frees though.
  4. If he wants 2 years we should be giving him that. His form was exceptional recently.
  5. He is nowhere near 14M. We would be lucky to get half that IMO, and if the blades offer that, I would take it.
  6. Great player at times, but sadly the times were far too infrequent. I remember when we beat Cardiff late on in the 15/16 season and his performance was incredible. I thought he was the sort of player who would fire us to promotion eventually. Had he been fit for the 16/17 playoffs we would have beaten Huddersfield and Reading.
  7. I reckon Winnall will leave for around 1 - 2M, likewise Joao who maybe slightly more. The likes of Fox, Pelupussy, Rhodes etc will be available but not sure anyone will want them. I also expect one big sale, perhaps Reach or wee Barry.
  8. I think it will be. The 3 teams coming down do not worry me and I would like to see Villa promoted as eventually they will win the league. I expect Derby and West Brom to be up there, and the likes of Stoke and Swansea to perhaps be stronger, but after that there isn't much else. Leeds next season could come 1st or 12th, very much depends on Bielsa's ambitions. There will be an awful lot of average sides next season - Bristol City, Hull, Birmingham, Forest etc.
  9. A must for me. You can tell he is a huge personality around the place and losing someone like that is never easy. Bruce has to sweet talk him big time.
  10. It has been 99% faultless this season and no doubt I will be renewing. I have been paying since the Wednesday Player days and iFollow is far superior. The only issue I have, which has been mentioned before, is when we're on Sky or the 3pm TV game iFollow only provide commentary. As a paying customer for the full season I think this shouldn't happen and I have emailed them before about it. If we're on Sky let's say 10 times next season and then also selected for a fair few 3pm TV games then it could be a 1/3 or 1/4 of the games not shown.
  11. Absolutely. I still worry that the spending in the 16/17 season will haunt us for years.
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