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  1. Orlando_Trustful

    We're (Not) On Our Way....

    I can still remember the grim quiet walk back to the car after the Huddersfield game. Once in the car, all four of us agreed that the defeat could set us back years and we wouldn't get a potentially easier run again. I don't think we will challenge for promotion for another 3 years minimum. Our problems are too deep rooted.
  2. Orlando_Trustful

    Morgan Fox

    We don't half have some absolutely woeful left backs at times.
  3. Orlando_Trustful

    Fernando Forestieri

    Watched on iFollow as I live abroad.
  4. Orlando_Trustful

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Epitomises us right now. Farcical stuff at SWFC.
  5. Orlando_Trustful


    Hutch was CB. FF was out wide and Fletcher alone up front it seemed.
  6. Orlando_Trustful

    Joey Pelupessy

    I could easily do his role. Run around, put in a few tackles and pass everything sideways or backwards. Truly staggering that he has made it as a Championship player.
  7. Orlando_Trustful

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I know usually they count the ST numbers even if they haven't turned up, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get some - 20k attendances this season. The positive vibe around the club has pretty much disappeared. Only the hardcore remain.
  8. Orlando_Trustful


    A terribly defensive 5 4 1 in the first half is what it looked like.
  9. Orlando_Trustful

    Gonna be a long old season

    Hull were dreadful, but so were we. We just have nothing about us and the formations and selections are becoming more strange. Any realistic fan can see how this will ultimately end with Jos.
  10. Orlando_Trustful

    Fernando Forestieri

    Without FF I would bet on us to go down. The only, and I mean the ONLY good thing to come out of SWFC this summer was not selling him.
  11. Orlando_Trustful

    Another pathetic manager

    Today was far too negative from the start. We were effectively going 541 at home to Hull. Just bizarre.
  12. Orlando_Trustful

    Dingle Mick

    Another awe - inspiring performance. Seen nothing to tell me Jos has any idea about how to sort this out. And some people are worried about Mick because he plays crap football.
  13. Orlando_Trustful

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    A bottom half scramble seems the most realistic outcome at the moment.
  14. Orlando_Trustful

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    Cannot disagree with that.
  15. Orlando_Trustful


    The club need to be made very aware of this too seeing as at the moment they are trying to promote iFollow to the fans.