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Community Answers

  1. He’s wearing boots that are far too big for him.
  2. I agree. We’re far too inconsistent for the top 2, but there’s no doubt we’ll be pushing for the top 6.
  3. Shockingly bad, as he was when he did our Morecambe away game.
  4. Cambridge are a glorious side, similar to how wonderful Wimbledon were.
  5. I call him flipper feet nowadays. It looks like he’s wearing boots about 3-4 sizes too big.
  6. Here we go. We absolutely love rolling over and having our balls tickled.
  7. They could really be cemented in the bottom three by the new year. This certainly is going to be a huge season for them to make sure they stay up.
  8. Half remaster half remake? Sounds promising. Hoping we might get release date info soon.
  9. I would take dingle mick in a flash. You won’t get capitulations like Saturday under him.
  10. Let's not forget, Wimbledon play wonderful football so a point is good.
  11. Another inconsistent one today for me. 1 v 1 Berahino (34) Them (85)
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