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  1. Fully changing my mind on him. He is generally solid.
  2. Need to stick with him now. He just oozes more confidence in his box compared to before.
  3. Charlton is a great away game. Lots of potting in the Market Porter afterwards I hope.
  4. 1 V 0 We never get much at Charlton away and I can't see it changing today.
  5. An average manager with a bang average squad. I am not expecting much more than we're offering now. It'll be solidly mid table until the points deduction hits.
  6. BB has annoyed me a bit recently. He had a pop at Fox against WBA too for not receiving his poor pass. Neither him or Lees are captains.
  7. Considering how bad they used to be it is good to see them doing proper stuff nowadays.
  8. Make sure you have a fire safety certificate for those flags.
  9. A typical midweek away performance by us. I would love to know how many Tuesday night away games we have won in the DC era.
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