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  1. Orlando_Trustful

    Has there ever ?

    I would love the club to release the half season ticket sales. I don't think people would buy them if they were 50% cheaper.
  2. Orlando_Trustful

    Jos in charge until the end of the season

    I think this is the most unlikely outcome. Once you lose the fans as a manager you're done, and he has lost 99% already. I reckon he signed a 1 year deal and will leave once that ends.
  3. Orlando_Trustful

    Is anyone else worried about the fans forum?

    I can't see any other way that this won't turn nasty. I really think this isn't a good time to be doing this from him.
  4. Orlando_Trustful

    Sitting on his backside all game....

    Absolutely bang on.
  5. Orlando_Trustful

    Credit Rotherham

    Fair play to them. Looked pretty dangerous too and went for the win.
  6. Orlando_Trustful

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Worst time to play these pluggers. 0 v 1
  7. Orlando_Trustful

    Our club is dying

    Great OP. From what many people associated at the club have suggested, Chansiri has all the hallmarks of many high upper class / wealthy Thai people I have worked / met over the years of living in Bangkok. They won't listen to anything people suggest, especially not someone who isn't Thai. They believe it should all be done their own way and that is indoctrinated into them. They CANNOT lose face and would rather fail than admit weakness. If he doesn't seek some real outside assistant from people who know 'English football' then he will take us to the dark days again without a doubt.
  8. Orlando_Trustful


    Such a shadow of his former self. Not much sympathy for him at all though because a lot of his antics disrupted us at important times.
  9. A cold grim night at Hillsborough. It will be either 4 v 0 or 0 v 1.
  10. Dreading it. Absolutely dreading it. 3 v 0 Blunt (9) Blunt (29) Blunt (67) They will bombard us early on and I just cannot see us withstanding much pressure. Norwich literally waltzed through us with ease last week. Dawson and our defence are going to be bricking it.
  11. Orlando_Trustful

    "I've managed bigger derbies than this ..."

    He may well have, however I see nothing in him that makes me believe he is able to motivate us to win a derby. Wilder on the other hand...............
  12. Orlando_Trustful


    No doubt he’d take it. Arguably the biggest club he’s ever managed. DC is the big hurdle.
  13. Orlando_Trustful


    Anyone post the screenshot? Can’t see it without a Twitter account.
  14. Orlando_Trustful

    Tom Lees

    A real shadow of his former self. Looks more like Ashley Westwood nowadays.
  15. Orlando_Trustful

    The Sacking of Jos, is inevitable- just when?

    Fully expect him here for a few more months and I highly doubt phone calls have been made by DC.