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  1. The weeknd really? Dorothy Ashby Afro Harp The sexiest grandma that you have not earned. Im not even putting the Lin k on
  2. So here I am busy with Bobbie Gentry https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/joan-baezs-fighting-side-the-life-and-times-of-a-secret-badass-129051/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Baez Joan Baez had sex with Bob Dylan while both were on drugs. WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am in love with Joan Baez
  3. Seems to be zipping along today. Called up the Admin page on my router... So much for 50 down, 20 up.
  4. Complaining about feminism in a thread about a serial killer who specifically targeted women and mutilated their reproductive organs. Really?
  5. 50 down. 20 up. Vodafone.de 26,99 euros, no data cap.
  6. Also showing 12 - 14 weeks for delivery to Germany. As an Apple user and a hifi nutcase, this headset is a bit expensive considering that the DACs in Apple stuff are nothing to get excited about and they only connect to other Apple stuff. I'm a bit suspicious that these headphones are the result of Apple buying the Beats brand a couple of years ago. Beats are well known for the accentuated bass and rolled off top end, similar to Bose. People buy those brands for the wrong reasons. Where's my flat response? I want to hear the music as it was recorded, not pu
  7. Lee Morgan's epic album gets a Tone Poet quality release on 180 gram vinyl without the lavish cover. 20 quid a pop. Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series. Listen here... One criticism, paper inner sleeves. Don? Really?
  8. Art Blakey has returned from the dead again with a re-issue of his 1961 album, Roots and Herbs. It's a Blue Note remaster as part of the Tone Poet Vinyl series and it sounds effing awesome. It comes in a heavy card laminated gatefold cover with a flawless flat record. Thunerdrous drum solos. If you are planning on going deaf in the future, buy a Art Blakey record, Listen here:
  9. And YouTube says no. Pay yo bills @Owlstalk Admin Team
  10. Seriously Tension and theme and solo. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers...
  11. Been running the Appleseed beta previews since WWDC in June. Wonky and very slow. Got better. Release looks nice, Have it on an external drive. macOS 11. My 27 inch iMac now looks like a giant iPad
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