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  1. Top work yet again from the be bopping, rock and rolling Snootmeister. Heroic. We will beat them at theirs by two goals to nil. Due to an amazing hither and thither of magnetic fields and that, every planet in the solar system aligns at three o'clock on Satdi and a Wednesday victory is inevitable. This magnetic field is known as the "Fortune of the Hooties'. Below is a constellation of Hooties as they might appear in the night sky so that you know what it looks like.
  2. Pub before derby

    As Norway is not a member of the European Union, you must consume at least 16 pints before attempting to enter a British mainland customs control area.
  3. Brentford Tho'

    He was also poorly. Might even have turned into a ghost by now.
  4. Nah. It went in just as I came back from the kitchen with a bottle of wine.