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Birmingham City vsThe Owls. Official Matchday Thread.

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Cheers Pauli. Epic opening. This thread is in danger of spontaneous combustion with this much soulful coolness kicking off. Farewell Maurice.

I'm all for the new goal celebration, though given the lateness of the hour I suspect that Mrs Maskedowl will be less than keen as I kick off. ...meh, maybe one of the loverly EW&F laydeez will join me for a spin (once they've finished crisps at Pauli's place obvs).


Nice pic there Nev. All draped over a sun lounge. What a simply scrumptious towel. I totally would!


I don't see anything but a win here (I never do) as the super terrific happy owls will be all over this one from the off.


Evening all, and hope you're keeping well. Safe journey to all the travelling owls.

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Ffs why?

At the best of times it's been very poor commentary wise this season but when you throw laws in it's on another level. There's just dead end summarising from the guy stating the bleeding obvious all the time.

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