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  1. Yeah, I thought it was Ron Flowers.
  2. Highest ever 3rd tier attendance. 49000.
  3. Love it. Never mind the orcs, it's the porcs that's the problem.
  4. moffatowl

    A Good Result Today

    Quite right. Wallace was MOM today. Just ahead of Boyd and Palmer.
  5. Going down the right side I thought palmer (v. good) Wallace, and Boyd very positive, some good balls in. Carlisle saved by the woodwork and their keeper having a blinder.
  6. Got me ticket,going with a mate who's a Burnley fan. I've told him that although it's only 6th January this could be the worst game he sees this year!!! UTO
  7. moffatowl

    The final straw

    Agree 100% with this and Kivo's post.
  8. That's right. McClaren was odds on even when he'd been ruled out!!
  9. moffatowl

    Chris Kirkland

    The "sheffield" thing kills it for me. Its usually meeja idiots that do it, but when an ex player does it, sorry, complete plonker.
  10. moffatowl

    Before the meltdown...

    Dead right. Plus well done Bolton and brum.
  11. moffatowl

    Next manager odds

    Giggs, complete disaster.
  12. It was meant to be a compliment. I thought it was very interesting. Don't be so touchy.