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  1. We'll loose to Forest Green in the cup. Bye bye Carlos. UTO
  2. Until we get a proper kit, as shown above, we will never get promoted, and that's a fact. Dump this rubbish blue Arsenal kit asap.
  3. 40 Years Ago - 8th October 1977

    Had a couple of cats back then. One called Jack the other Micky(Prendergast) He really turned it round for us. UTO
  4. I hate international breaks

    100% agree. I thought that was it with these incredibly boring qualifiers out of the way, now these friendlies. Things just get going then stop.
  5. Linesman yesterday

    That was the linesman.
  6. All this talk is pointless nonsense. Until we ditch this crap awful kit and go back to blue and white stripes and black shorts so that we look like 'the famous Sheffield Wednesday' we ain't going up. Proper football teams don't throw their traditional kit in the bin. Liverpool, red, spurs black and white, Man U. red and white etc etc
  7. Brilliant MDT Mr Snooty sir. Probably the best MDT in the history of MDTs and I include those written by Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe. I do have a bad feeling about this one though even the sheep dogs are nervous, which is a bad sign. Putting that to one side, 3-0 to us. Rhodes hat trick in the last 10 minutes UTO
  8. We should be playing in our proper kit of BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES. With this crap kit we look like a blue and white Arsenal. UTO
  9. Give SAG a break

    100% agree.
  10. Brilliant thread Mr Snooty sir. Sorry if I appeared to be addressing you incorrectly but I have no time for aristos. A farm I rent is owned by an earl and he is, well, a bit of a..... Anyway Colin today blunts next week. Both 1-0 to us. UTO
  11. It's bloody always like this. Gonna be different in the second half etc, etc but it won't be. We're just not good enough. Promotion, forget it.
  12. I don't think they'll just park the bus they'll stack two stretch limos on top of it. 1-0 to us and much frustration. UTO
  13. Owls - Forest - Tactical Review

    Brilliant. Every match please.