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  1. 7-3, Palmer with all 10.
  2. Personally this would be my team Westwood JvA Lees Thorniley Palmer Bannan Pelupessy Reach Forestieri Joao Nuhiu
  3. I think we’ll see a more defensive outlook all season than the last 10 matches of last season, especially away from home. Number 1 keeper Palmer Lees JvA Pudil Boyd Hutchinson Pelupessy Bannan Forestieri Nuhiu Reach and Joao super subs.
  4. Bet he’s never been more desperate for a win on Saturday
  5. Still unsure about Dawson vs Wildsmith. Guess we haven’t seen enough of either to confidently decide. Real shame one of them is likely to be sat on the bench all season. Other way of looking at it is how good it is to have such a good number 2! Assume Westwood will be sold, but if he isn’t and is also not named as number 1 that’s a bit shambolic.
  6. joelswfc

    Team for Saturday

    Dawson Van Aken Lees Pudil Palmer Pelupessy Bannan Reach Forestieri Joao Nuhiu
  7. joelswfc

    Tonight's starting lineup...

    Wonder if we’ve got a behind closed doors match tomorrow or something. Joao/Abdi/Matias/Westwood/Pudil etc all missing, unless there’s more on the bench. Alternatively they could have all played vs Bradford earlier today, although I thought that was all youngsters.
  8. joelswfc

    Breda Video

    Manchester City training complex I think mate
  9. Noticed this. As far as I can tell it’s just from a couple of ‘suggestion’ articles as opposed to rumours with any substance.
  10. joelswfc

    Breda Video

    Who was right wing back in the second half? Baker?
  11. He also follows Man City youngster Diaz. Maybe he’s just a fan of these exciting youngsters. Or, more optimistically, were signing all 3...!
  12. joelswfc

    Breda Video

    At the risk of the jokes, could it be Abdi?
  13. joelswfc

    Breda Video

    Thanks for this. Hard to know whether the highlights are biased or if they did have the majority of chances! Defence looked a bit dodgy, more work to be done on the sharp when there’s a turnover of possession I think. Looked like Hutch was playing a bit further forward than we are used to. Anyone know who it was with the run and shot on target towards the end of the video? Looked like 40-odd on the back of the shirt. EDIT: maybe number 42?