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  1. joelswfc

    Next season

    Love the sentiment OP. I’m stating the obvious really, but our hopes next season rely on Jos being the real deal. Nothing to suggest he isn’t, but it’s a different challenge now to what he’s faced with us already. His style is exactly what we need so I’m hopeful. But as we know, there are no guarantees in this league. I’d fancy Boro to be up there. I think Birmingham will get themselves sorted but not sure Monk can do it for a whole season. Not sure any relegated sides will go straight back up. Villa and Derby getting worse. It could be very open next year. Let’s hope we make the most of it!
  2. Came across this piece with Adam Maher from a few days ago. Translated from Dutch hence the dodgy language! Adam Maher has no interest in complaining, clubs from several fine leagues around the Eredivisie to whistle to his services. In an extensive interview with Voetbal International, the 24-year-old midfielder looks back at his time at PSV and the relegation with FC Twente, but he also looks ahead. Maher discusses, among other things, the last five seasons - the years after his departure from AZ - which have by no means gone flawlessly. 'I could have done more, it seems clear to me that I would have preferred to see it differently. In the last years I have experienced beautiful, but also bad and difficult things. These are all experiences that I can take to the future. ' That future is probably outside the Netherlands. Clubs in the countries around us have not forgotten Maher, he says himself. 'Certainly not. I prefer to get started in a nice competition in Western Europe. There is also interest enough, from England, France and Belgium for example. But Spain and Germany are also beautiful countries. It is now up to me to make the right choice. ' Maher knows that the choice he makes this summer is crucial for his future. He has to show it, the ball is to himself. 'I am transfer free. In addition, I have played almost everything for six months, so I am top fit. The obstacles are gone, there are no more excuses. It comes to me. Or that gives pressure? No, on the contrary. It's time to take revenge on myself. People can expect that from me, I demand it from myself. '
  3. joelswfc

    Matias wants to stay..

    Delighted to see that he has the motivation to keep going. Hopefully some time under Jos can get the best out of him. Got pace, aggression and works hard so I’m convinced he’ll make it in this league if he gets a good run.
  4. Can you invest in some full stops please mate?
  5. Bryan would be perfect for the wing back role, great shout
  6. Crikey, that must have been the marquee friendly that never happened.
  7. Not for me. Very different in that the club want Hirst to stay. We rejected Vardy.
  8. joelswfc

    Starting XI

    Wildsmith Venancio Lees Van Aken Hunt Bannan Joey Reach Joao Nuhiu FF Reading through the selections and thinking about my own did remind me - we’ve got some fantastic players at this club!
  9. joelswfc

    The future of Joao

    If we can’t get him to sign a new contract I wonder if we’ll try and get some money for him. Just a thought. Clearly an ambitious lad but he’s going to have to show much more consistency if he wants to make it to the big time. Hopefully he’ll show it next season.
  10. joelswfc

    Harrison Reed

    Yes, just read that he's played at wing back for Norwich this season as well as central midfield. Starting to make sense this.
  11. Yorkshire Post also saying it will take £1.8 million to get Venancio back, as opposed to the £800,000 suggested by the Star. Helpful stuff.
  12. joelswfc

    Harrison Reed

    Big fan of this lad but obviously not seen loads of him. Defo worth a punt if he's not gonna cost a bomb, or on loan. Very energetic, exactly the sort of player we seem to be after at the moment.
  13. Harrison Reed is a fantastic player. Lets make this happen.
  14. Not only has it been a lack of pacey players that’s held us back, but also our style of play is far too slow. Now under Jos it looks like the latter is changing, and if we bring in the players to suit it things will look even better.
  15. Thanks for pinning the thread, whoever did that. Saves a bit of scrolling!