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  1. i think bottas was following dry line. Overtaking at that speed when theres pretty much only one line is risky.
  2. No thanks, bit of a lanky get for a striker. Maybe Worksop will have him.
  3. My point is if hes more competitive he wont have to.
  4. Im going to go with the first film i ever saw that i considered great. Jaws. Actors can act but when you have a fake shark that looks like the most scariest thing on the planet and gives millions of people nightmares for generations it wins in my book. All the main actors made it a classic as well.
  5. Looking forward to season starting this weekend. Some interesting 'rookies' from different codes. Grosjean, Mclaughlin, Johnson.
  6. I think if hes got a car to challenge then he will have more opportunities and wont have to take so many risks.
  7. GTA on Gamepass now wowzer
  8. FIA getting medieval on track limits for Imola https://wtf1.com/post/f1-to-trial-no-nonsense-track-limits-at-imola/
  9. Versus Wrexham Oct 3rd 1981 - Only time ive ever seen away fans on the Kop Lost 3-0
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