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  1. I'm sure our club are greatful for his support and passion/commitment but at the end of the day he's an annoyance and every club has him marked. I'm sure it's been tolerated but when you verbally abuse a human being to the extent that is being suggested by eye witnesses the club has to act. It's a shame but only himself to blame.
  2. Dont ever remember us scoring 4 in one half. Not even Spora
  3. You should get a job on match of the day. Truly insightful.
  4. You make a good argument, i will have to consider your response. Hope you got home to Japan from the game ok.
  5. Think it's called stress/confidence and how to deal with it. Not limited to highly paid footballers.
  6. OK you were talking about a game in 2017 or something? I assumed as he'd played last night that last nights comment was about last night's performance.
  7. Yes I did. As a striker I don't remember anything of note he did. Chest the ball and pass it is what he's half decent.
  8. 2 matches in the last 4 weeks. Definitely needed a break last night.
  9. I'm a part timer due to Brexit. Should've brought Chrissy Maguire on at half time.
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