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  1. Rhodes is a finisher, he needs service. How many crosses were made for him? Hes not an aggressive forward sadly which is why we miss fletcher so much. You can fawn over one pass, it was great but the left side was completely wide open. He has 50p shoes and a 50p head. One in 7 pass/header goes where it should and his gameplan is trying to win free kicks with his Clinton-esque waving any time hes lost the ball.
  2. Only our fans could come up with negatives after last night.
  3. Coming on as an impact sub when the other team is knackered yes. Starting a game he offers nothing except a benefit to the other team.
  4. He seemed to not want to celebrate towards the fans is what I thought personally. Not an issue but he just seemed to turn away.
  5. Talking sense to fruitloops doesn't work. They think there's a clause in contract to 'get rid' based on owlstalk threads.
  6. Did he run out of underlay when he did his wallpaper?
  7. Had to pick Borner, was in the right place a lot to stop them getting behind us.
  8. Me too at pitch level. Looked like they were clean thru and then boom.
  9. Maybe it wasnt as knife edge as it looked from my vantage point. Cant believe ive been to london twice in a coupla months and seen us win.
  10. Him and Borner get the job done really well.
  11. Hard to see from where i was stood in 3rd row but it definitely looked like they had most of the opportunities albeit seemed to fluff them.
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