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  1. OFFICIAL UPDATE For those wanting to know about bags this is from The club. To continue to ensure the safety of all supporters at Hillsborough, the Sheffield Wednesday Safety Team would like to limit the number of bags within the stadium, both on matchdays and none matchdays. This does not mean supporters cannot bring backpacks, rucksacks, handbags etc, but we strongly advise they only do so if completely necessary. In terms of any medical provisions, you may bring these into the stadium, this includes insulin, epi pens or other medication you need. Items brought from the club Megastore can be brought into the stadium. As with previous seasons, any bag brought to Hillsborough will be subject to a search by a member of our Safety Team. Sheffield Wednesday prioritises the welfare of all supporters to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience at Hillsborough. Kind regards, Swfc Operations Team
  2. They could fill it with hot air from this thread.
  3. This is how the big boys do it

    Didn’t their king just die. Havent they suffered enough?
  4. I’m determined to use ‘crackpot nonsense’ in an email today.
  5. Get there early, explain your situation, ask to be checked thoroughly, if they dont agree ask to speak to a senior steward. You will be fine. If everyone brought a rucksack it would take 3 hours to get into the ground. There point is ‘only if its necessary’ stop whining about a different agenda you have. seriously as the other guy said get a grip.
  6. Yes they did. And as part of these new security procedures at big concert venues they won't let anyone back in through exit doors once they've left, apart from in smoking areas of course. I doubt SWFC could do this at every exit but basic security checks(for booze etc) probably already took place so they decided to bomb open reception area.
  7. Nuhiu was instrumental in missing two shots but luckily someone showed him exactly where the goal was.
  8. You can't second guess these numpties. You can't prevent everything. You can't expect to be safe these days. Overreaction, possibly. Wonder what the folks on Ariana GrandeTalk think about a few extra restrictions at stadiums?
  9. I agree. The idea though is that they wont do it inside the venue/stadium as they would do more damage in the confined spaces and that security services have more chance of preventing outside. Was at Arena gig for Radiohead and I thought the same. Due to the increased security checks the lines to get in were pretty long and i thought any old Abdul could walk up and blow us up.
  10. Flares are fine then. Bring a box of flares and put your rucksack in there.
  11. He could sort out the west stand for a discount.
  12. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    I have a Golden Hurricane T shirt
  13. 2018/19 home kit - You decide

    POINTLESS you dont get to decide but you know you will have 100s of moany gits saying Option A
  14. Stewarding

    It’s like on Ryanair. They need to even the weight of supporters in the stadium in case it crashes. id love to see em try do that in a stadium in Istanbul