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  1. this is like a therapy session for a lot of people i imagine
  2. Lets get Fisayo, Fisayo I wanna get Fisayo Lets get into Fisayo
  3. Didnt even notice he was playing last night. Guy gives 100% but sadly its not a percentage that goes towards his ability as a striker when starting matches. I dont care much for stats, had to endure his inability's as a striker, the mercenary goals have been great and im thankful for those but beyond that id rather we had someone more capable to stop this goal drought at home.
  4. did you get decent wifi at the ground to watch it on ifollow?
  5. Watching us get relegated at home springs to mind.
  6. you had me until i saw www.dailymail.....
  7. Fixtures out for new season yet? if so which league are we in?
  8. .....and the rest they say is misery history.
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