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  1. I doubt he walks very far tbh, maybe down to the spar for a 4 pack of red bull and a loaf of tiger bread, but thats it.
  2. Macedonias will be like 'Is this it'?
  3. We wont get to the premier league by having players that give 100% or 110% passion.
  4. Hope the Trades Descriptions Act people arent aware of the term 'striker' being used.
  5. Thankfully those in charge of recruitment/retention are not within owlstalk
  6. Strikers need service. We need another bannan/Sheridan because today we relied on punts from hector/Lees which came to nothing. We are being undone by creativity every week which we can't match.
  7. In the minority but I agree. Its a flipping penalty. Even god makes mistakes.
  8. Agree. Didn't we ship joao out to blackburn not so long ago and suddenly we were desperate to get him back. To be fair he's deliveredmore than some.
  9. Haha. I'm becoming less plastic in my paddy every day. Just met a Wednesdayite that runs a bar in Derby so I'm sticking to the phonetics.
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