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  1. Gonna be mahoosive, says James Corden Recorded in Tommys gaff ahoosive
  2. yeah at least i didnt mention the bit where we found out JP was a cyborg from the future and had travelled back to make sure Romy wasnt terminated by Greta Thunberg. ah craaaaap sorry
  3. Finished last night. All good things must come to an end i guess. Different angle with Gilou's predicament. Very tense how it all fit together and they tripped each other up yet always had a solution. Random Question. Has JP ever uttered any lines greater than 'yes boss'
  4. Just started watching S8 Had to watch last episode of S7 to remind me as its been so long.
  5. Why did nobody mention S4 was out last month?
  6. Licensed to Ill - Beastie Boys totally not my type of music but my god i loved this, rented it from a video shop and had to pay late fees on it. White Stripes self title and De stijl Read about them in NME, planning their third album so bought first two. Just so simple and raw yet such varied songs. Missed them at a festival in 2001 because i got timing wrong. still regret. Falco 3 Strange love of this, even tho most of it is in german. Had a week in scotland with a walkman and two tapes, this and Stop Making Sense a close second. Wo
  7. Can you string a few passes across midfield? If so hows 20k a match sound? No your alright thanks
  8. With Oasis, they made one great album, a second good album and then it got tiresome. Idd add Masterplan as a bonus good album.
  9. It said something like 'Michael Johnson made 7 cups of tea at Sheffield Wednesday.'
  10. Michael Johnson as the wednesday related expert guest. Its like having Jess Ennis 'drove by' for the Blunts
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