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  1. Beswetherick - Barca v Madrid
  2. Different world away from when Pete Drabble ran it.

    you been dogging?

    blame your ISP, worked fine for 90 minutes does that tell you something?
  5. Derby ticket raffle

    Ah well he can clog on then.... :)
  6. Adam Reach

    A rest...lol. one game after international break. Tough life...lol
  7. Derby ticket raffle

    Yep and we’ve had one every year but I don’t think £50 is a fair price for the benefits, not the i begrudge the stupid amounts ive spent on this club.....and don’t mention the £10 off games that never materialized after Villa. We’ve been asking for 10 game season tickets that would be much better value but they also never came.
  8. Derby ticket raffle

    I just don’t think pointing at us ‘foreigners’ is very nice. Many supporters clubs/groups see this as the must go to game. Its the only one guaranteed to sell regardless of form and its every man/woman/gayer for themself in my opinion. No other home game will be as over subscribed as this so its a one off. I apppreciate you also travel but flights, and usually hotels, as it wasn’t guaranteed to be Saturday or Sunday, are very expensive if you wait for a ticket. I cant go this year anyway but I helped a couple of the Irish lads out through a Good Samaritan.
  9. Adam Reach

    50 games in and people are just starting to realise.
  10. Derby ticket raffle

    Yeah those who book flights 3 months ahead don’t deserve to go even if they have manage to beg a ticket off someone who may not be able to go anyway and their ticket would be wasted. Local tickets for local people.
  11. Kit Fiasco

    It wont affect me in the slightest. I’m hoping they bring it out before the nuclear Armageddon.
  12. Kit Fiasco

    Wasn’t he the snooker fella?
  13. fredrico

    When did we sign Yeoman? Was it a deadline day double deal with Kit Fiasco?
  14. Kit Fiasco

    No he was definitely the one in Star Wars.