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  1. Ebony and ivory
  2. acquiescefc

    Shirt maker

    If it was Nike we would need to be charging 90 pound to make it pay for them. OP is completely full of shi(r)t
  3. acquiescefc

    Rhodes to Rangers

    Nothing official yet on their website http://aflyarraranges.com/ Interesting switch to the AFL could work out for him.
  4. acquiescefc

    New Kit

    doubt many noticed
  5. acquiescefc

    Westwood interview

  6. Betis hotpot more like
  7. acquiescefc

    Surely bloody not!

    15 pages minumum
  8. acquiescefc

    Westwood Going

    'Have a word'. ok heres two.. jog on.
  9. acquiescefc

    Westwood Going

    Liam Palmer as an example. Great home grown talent but never quite became a great. Theres no guarantee these two young keepers will be anything but good cover consistently. I hope they do become greats but hey im not an expert unlike the ITKnowt-ers in this thread.
  10. acquiescefc

    Westwood Going

    a player who had 17 clean sheets in two seasons?
  11. acquiescefc

    Westwood Going

    not according to the numptys in this thread. we are apparently fine with this
  12. acquiescefc

    Westwood Going

    My Ferguson Videostar was being repaired and didnt record that episode of MOTD hence i didnt know.