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  1. Isnt it still like the Number 1 Multiplayer game still after 7 years? Wild guess, but amazing how a game can still be so relevant that i bought 2 consoles ago. I like to go on and play the new updates. About it really for me, ive 200 mill and can buy pretty much anything . I actually got the achievement last week for 15 hrs in 1st person after 7 years playing on/off
  2. If you wait long enough it might be a worldie
  3. Brilliant? If LH had pitted with everyone else it wouldve been a procession. Max's damage ruled him out of a fight. Was obvious he was still gonna end up pretty near the front with 50 laps to work with. Top two were within a coupla seconds of each other and couldnt pass.
  4. Jeez Hamilton looks like hes about to collapse
  5. #MooreOut oh game is today joking lol. Have a feeling this is gonna be a long season, i think DM is the man to do it. Patience and all that.
  6. Brendan Benson in Jan Alan Partridge in May or something. Another year sans gigs
  7. KV2 is fun when youve unlocked the 152 mill. Hits for 700 in T6. The KV line is very good, solid but slow tanks. The AT line however, its not fun. They are well armoured but at higher tiers your cupola can be penned easily. Even worse now with Arty laser accuracy. Not many people enjoy that line. CW is ridic expensive, i dont play it tbh. I free XPed the M1A2 for stupid money and played 50 games in it. Some tanks earn a lot of silver, I believe the MOBAT from season pass earns 6 figures a game. Just doesnt interest me. I was gonna play the lights but its ruined with missiles that do 1000-2000 damage. Maybe i will but from streamers i watch it looks a mess.
  8. Played that Tetris effect. graphics are super trippy on my OLED. Lost a few hours playing it. Tried multiplayer but they were hardcore lol.
  9. also btw, if you want to know the current map rotation, i.e. which map is scheduled to be at which particular time let me know. WG fixed the map rotation schedule and one of my ex clan guys figured it out and created a bot in a discord server. Very handy for picking tanks based on map
  10. KV-2 is a derp monster most ppl run it with the big gun to one shot tanks..lol If you have fun with it you will want to buy the Dreadnought. Yeah Lights are not for everyone, i played them really badly for years until i understood better how to use them. Spot for others and stay alive. Had a 9.5k assist game the other week at T8, was insane. As i say you prob wont need to do the Platoon ops if you do the regular ones and finish off your first win dailys for the extra XP. I could literally play in week 7 and finish the season in a couple of days. Have a second account i do that with.
  11. Hey.. so you switched to Russia. Fair enough. They are not something i run with that often, ive been trying to mark light tanks lately. I would say the 263 is better, lower plate is worse but still can bounce a fair bit. Mobility though is much better. Gonna be a saddo and say i know exactly where those videos where taken, Kubinka just outside Moscow, ive actually been there. Its an old military base that they use to put all their captured tanks. Its the only place in the world that has a Maus. Amazing to stand next to one in real life, there are so many tanks there. Only drawback was a lot of the info was in Russian. Still an amazing place to see. So with the Season pass you should now have 7 weekly ops, you can do them together so the same type of Ops count at the same time for open weeks. The 'as platoon' ops you need to be partnered and go into battle with someone or it to count. You can leave them until the end, if you play enough you should get to 100 without need to complete over the 7 or 8 weeks. If you want you can always go into the Games 'looking for group' and platoon with some randomer thats posted. other people are in same boat with these ops. i finished mine in the other day as ive been grinding a bit more than usual for the marks. you can add me if you like SWFC Ricardo. Not been on much, mainly at weekend. Light tanks.. not sure what to recommend most are good at mid tiers, the best 10s I would say are T100LT, Sheridan, Rhm PZW. Some people dont like them, i love em to be honest.
  12. There has been a couple of free bundles, there is one also if you have Ultimate or maybe that was it. Yeah i cant listen to the lobby loonies, plus it prevents me from getting banned for saying naughties. I got a 24hr ban once for it..lol Ive finished every line in the game a year ago... Been trying to fix my WN8 since.lol. I would say its a good line, the Tier 7s are painful, Tier 8s are fun, again though gun depression is horrible. I liked the SU101 once you get the T10 gun on it but with zero depression its tough. ISU 152 however is a derp monster and definitely a keeper. So yeah its an ok line once youve upgraded guns.
  13. Damn 9 kills that is pretty decent in any game. Sometimes you get that nice conveyor belt of one shots . This is my best one in clip below got me my only Pools medal for 11 kills. Its speeded up a lot to try and clip it in 2 x 2 min vids and not bore ppl to death. A lot of people dont get on with TDs, no issues obviously wihch is good. Some seal clubbing is ok, especially for doing annoying ops. Often do OP Tier 3s just to get easy noob kills. I would deffo say get the season pass even now, you will get more ops to complete and theres 8 weeks of them. Ive a second account and i play it after about 5 weeks as the ops all stack up Mediums, not really a fan of the tech tree mediums, i find it difficult to balance between light and heavy tank play personally. The Russian line is probably the best but gun depression is always bad on Russians. Generally i find the premium mediums fun, the draugen is a beast it has been in an earn op before. Italian heavies just came out, really cant be bothered as they are getting panned because of reload speeds and mobility is terrible.
  14. Cool, glad you got back in. I dont play heavies too much for the reason you mentioned, arty although it can affect any tank. Now being able to have 3 artys per side is so toxic. Would hate tto have to grind those again. TD's are much safer, just a different challenge with fixed turrets generally. Once you get the hang of it it can be rewarding, you will have low damage games until you get the hang of it. Arty got such an advantage with the change in perks system that they didnt have before and so many people want them to be nerfed. The update has meant laser accuracy, if youre familiar with RBRT, you can literally lock on aim a tank and pen a tank within a split second and not miss. Proper aiming obviously is the key though. Season pass for 2k is worth it totally, you get at least the same back if you finish 100 stages(within 8 weeks) and generally 2 free tanks at least and a few keycards. Sadly they are CW tanks this season but still deffo pays for itself. Regarding noises you can go into Settings >Options and see audio settings to change what you hear. I would recommend changing to Platoon chat as well. You dont have to be in a Platoon but it stops you hearing the idiots in the lobby. Their truly are some fruitcakes who scream in lobbys. You can customize other stuff like minimap position as well. Id recommend checking out some of the streamers on Twitch, some are very good and you can learn a lot. Its a lot more playable now for sure.
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