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  1. I personally cant wait to see him back in the first team. oh sorry i thought this was the Winnall thread
  2. Probably doesn't want ppl to know that.
  3. acquiescefc

    Sheffield, city of students

    We are not talking about giving out season tickets and if you are suggesting I should buy one living in a different country its doubtful I would get enough use.
  4. acquiescefc

    Sheffield, city of students

    balls to them. they wont watch the game, just talk about their favourite mumford and son song and discuss beard styles and ask what types of hummus we sell. give me cheap tickets instead for making a little more effort
  5. acquiescefc

    Adam Reach WINS

  6. acquiescefc

    Adam Reach WINS

  7. you couldve added it to one of the other 6 Westwood threads tho and people couldve got 30 seconds of their life back.
  8. I'm horny Horny, horny, horny So horny I'm horny, horny, horny I'm horny Horny, horny, horny So horny I'm horny, horny, horny tonight Sorry wrong thread
  9. acquiescefc

    Shocking but happy

  10. They were going to add it to the banned list but couldnt spell it
  11. acquiescefc

    The streets of San Francisco

    i miss the wiggle