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  1. My feelings would be very very hurtful. Bloody international keepers with outstanding list of clean sheets jumping in my youthful, just got recalled from Chessie loan, shoes.
  2. Where does he say that? nowhere. So thats not 'clearing things up' Let me try. 'Westwood is not in the picture because hes in the shop window'....nope he hasnt said it. waffling about hes not seen him, KW has only missed one training session according to KW, was he looking the other way in those sessions? hes not seen Fletcher surely either on the basis of last season but he jumps straight into the 11. come clean Jos, you look very transparent on this. He's the best keeper we have today. 3rd choice means pretty much never.
  3. acquiescefc


    Which longpigs song? Presume 'Lost Myself' would be apt.
  4. acquiescefc

    We're On Our Way Back.

    flooooooooooooounce i do agree with the first two lines tho. we're properfacked. last seasons team minus about 8 players.. gonna be miserable
  5. acquiescefc

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Chansiri didnt say it tho, Jos clearly stated the other two have done well enough for him, the manager, to be 1 and 2.
  6. acquiescefc

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Yes. Its so we can afford to pay royalties to Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard. sorry Neilz couldnt resist
  7. acquiescefc

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    wonder why Andy Rhodes left
  8. acquiescefc

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    it was 30k about 10 posts ago. Weve saved us selves 10 grand already
  9. acquiescefc

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    never the keeper though until we started talking about cashing in chips
  10. acquiescefc

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    at least you got to listen to arctic monkeys now
  11. acquiescefc

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    in Jossys Giants he is
  12. Jos just said he will support the other two who play in first team or cup.
  13. acquiescefc

    Pardon me for being a bit thick, but

    Exactly why you should ignore them.
  14. acquiescefc

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    People love a conspiracy tho and to say 'in my opinion' as if they haveafuckin clue. Jos has been straight forward, in my opinion thats why he's saying nowt.