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  1. Surely it would be today if they is travelling?
  2. Nothing on Ceefax for days. Chansiri out
  3. acquiescefc

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Hi OP You seem very good with words. Do you know if its spelt Gullible or Gulible? Never quite sure which is correct
  4. acquiescefc

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Id rather we employed a blancmange than StevefckinBruce
  5. acquiescefc

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    No crowdsurfing allowed
  6. acquiescefc

    Barry Bannon - unhappy at the club?

    Still trying to say something?
  7. acquiescefc

    Barry Bannon - unhappy at the club?

    It will be passed to the Owlstalk body language experts dept who will respond in due course.
  8. Do you have a point? Id love to hear one.
  9. Because you might hurt my feelings. Its ok you wont. You re correct I dont attend many games, good reason for that. Not sure what difference that makes. But then i dont slag off management team in a public forum based on what you 'suggest'.
  10. you had to edit? Did you spell it wrong?