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  1. acquiescefc

    Forestieri Red Card

    This is the reality.
  2. acquiescefc

    Bruce Out (clickbait title)

    but he speaks perfect english and hes won stuff
  3. i think we are trying to keep em up so we can get 6 points off em next year (assuming we stay up too)
  4. acquiescefc


    sure cant be much different
  5. acquiescefc


    Team that ended game apart from nuhiu was best team we have.
  6. acquiescefc

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Isnt he a striker tho?
  7. acquiescefc

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Heading for pre match pints in the airport. Great OMDT again
  8. acquiescefc

    Good odds?

    Gonna have a €5 double on us winning champions league in 2021 and Dave getting Ballon D'or. And Donald Trump not being a diick for 24 hrs.
  9. acquiescefc

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    There isnt any shame at all. I prefer the reality that we are broke and need fixing and ill take the good days that will come. I flew over to Chelsea with Hope and Positivity and saw us get a footballing lesson. Different league altogether but we are nothing like we were in 2016.
  10. acquiescefc

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    People still getting carried away. Great result against the whipping boys of the Champ Bruce is the messiah and we're going to the play offs. It would be nice but jesus H christ do people seriously think we will 'challenge' for the Top six? Ill be paying my money in hope but not in expectation.
  11. Well done Rob O Neill. Good questions
  12. acquiescefc

    A proper manager

    agreed, guess i was jealous of the talent he had at Villa and the fans had enough. Can only see what the next few weeks brings i guess.
  13. acquiescefc

    A proper manager

    Im all for optimism but the way people are going off is a bit OTT