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Community Answers

  1. PJ Harvey still the greatest female singer/poet/sexy mofo
  2. not really black friday type deals. Keep an eye on HUKD for best prices.
  3. La Haine (1995) Think someone recommended it to me. 90s French angry young men in a time of riots, police brutality and racism. Black and white film makes it seem older and reminded me a bit of another similar film 'Made in Britain' with Tim Roth Really enjoyed 8/10 definitely a classic French film
  4. Changed my console settings to Australia so i could play prologue early last night. Gonna get on tonight. Looking forward to something new. Excited Gus Fring is a baddie in it. I will invite him to a nursing home to kill him..lol
  5. i started with the dub but i had a feeling they werent right and i dont like seeing the gob move and the sound not the same. Switched to the subs as i felt it was more authentic. Probably completely the same translations
  6. Watched it this week, finished last night. Ending was a bit weird, particularly the 001 bit. Imagine all that money and you change your hair to Sharon Osbourne..lol Its kinda like how i wish they would change the format of 'Im a Celebrity'.
  7. you can regularly get 700s for around 200 on euro amazon sites. QC 35 II for around 50 less. But yeah they are worth keeping an eye on prices and their customer service(not that ive used it) is well known. Black friday coming up as well.
  8. your contract is with Opodo. They buy the flights from airline. You cant call airline and ask for money back as your contract is not with them. Depends what their policy is but i imagine its not great. Shouldnt be a problem if you go ahead, just they are not good at notifying you of any timing changes. I had a similar OTA booking flight cancelled that i wasnt told about even on the day and it was a mess. I had to buy a new flight. Always better off booking with airline direct as they are way more contactable.
  9. Bose QC 35 II or newer Bose 700
  10. Just coming back from Poland direct to Ireland. Just showed my EU CDC and good to go. No tests and stuff. Not a bother. Price of brexit eh.. Lol
  11. Sweet.. Rolling Stone are showing my videos. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/jack-white-third-man-london-concert-1232568/
  12. My first gig in 18 months. Jack White playing off Damien Hirsts balcony of course.
  13. i remember when the 'rents got a new telly and you could manually move through teletext pages. It was like space travel.
  14. Id say 5% of it is good. Seeing that young un doing charity walks and stuff, finding out more about the players than just a page in the program that said Gary Shelton likes lasagna and The Godfather. Players were just your heroes week in week out. Watching the game on teletext and reading the play by play result in the Green Un. Could never quite fathom how a whole newspaper could be created between leaving the game and getting into town. Now its just numbskulls attacking everyone and everything after a bad game for likes/dislikes.
  15. Nothing worthy of a response. Enjoy your binary views New Schumacher doc on Netflix is out today tho.
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