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  1. Don't think they really matter. We are just far too inconsistent so even if we did string 2 - 3 wins together you just know we'd go on a bad run. I think we'll finish pretty much exactly where we are now. A battle with the likes of Ipswich and Pompey for 8th
  2. Tempted by this as after I finish Days Gone there's nothing else for me to play. I thought the first one was decent, but definitely didn't find it amazing. Great gameplay but the storyline was a bit bizarre for me.
  3. It would be classic Wednesday if he signed for someone like Wigan next week, however I think he'll stay.
  4. Would have made no difference. The fact we couldn't make up a 6 point deficit was our own fault.
  5. Not surprised at all. The only players we will be attracting for the foreseeable future will be desperate just to join any club.
  6. Started Archive 81 on Netflix. A bit weird but quite intriguing so far.
  7. Finally started this. Overall pretty enjoyable.
  8. It was a good performance, however DM hasn't managed to get any consistency at all from our squad this season. This next 4 weeks or so are make or break for our season and him.
  9. He looked very good. Direct and pacey and always wanted to make things happen.
  10. Great thread, but what a bizarre story that one of our captains can’t access the ground
  11. Ridiculous. Neville summed it up pretty well last night.
  12. Let’s be reyt, the reason most people have no interest in it is because it’s on mid-season when people are following club football, pretty much all the sides are complete dogger (are there even more than a handful of African nations ranked in the top 50?) and then add in the ridiculous things that happen sometimes in this tournament like the other day. I’m not sure what respect they want. I would guess 95% of football fans in the UK have absolutely no interest in it and that’s fine. There’s still TV coverage for the ones that do. Similarly, I imagine a high percentage of African nations have no interest in watching the Euros. A podcast I was listening to a few days were talking about this ‘lack of respect’ and I still have no idea what they’re actually moaning about (apart from some club sides not ideally wanting to lose important players).
  13. Started it last night and finished it this morning. Not as good as the previous ones for me and it felt very samey this time round.
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