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  1. He’s been dogger in every league game this season. His feet look like flippers so it seems like he can’t move properly.
  2. Also very worrying that he has no idea on his best 11 and therefore what our style of play should be. With a bloated squad he needs to get this sorted ASAP for me.
  3. It’s clearly not working at the moment. We’re probably creating fewer chances than last season.
  4. It’s still early on so no need to panic, but the last few weeks have been worrying.
  5. Even with the wrong offside call we didn’t do anywhere near enough to win the game. Only two chances created in the second with the disallowed goal and Gregory’s header. That’s nowhere near good enough.
  6. A classic. I still have 97/98 on my laptop and play it occasionally especially when traveling internationally (pre COVID). There’s a website where you can download it for free.
  7. Cheers. Great info. I was ideally looking at the Eastern Province or Jeddah.
  8. I reckon he'll be gone before Christmas. It'll be a Dyche, Howe etc type appointment and the cycle then continues. Newcastle fans are laughable and still think it's 1997.
  9. What's with the Guest T Hardy and Guest mikedean about in here?
  10. It is a crap kit. We should always have our classic Brazilesque yellow and light blue shorts as our away kit.
  11. Absolutely spot on. Agree with everything there.
  12. Shodipo. Only player trying to make things happen and run past players.
  13. Definitely not panic stations yet, but questions need to be asked because so far this season we've only really looked half decent for about 90 - 180 minutes in total.
  14. Definitely the biggest concern for me. We haven't been able to win many midfield battles this season.
  15. Great post. Yesterday was as bad as it has been over the last few seasons. It's early days with a new management team and a new squad, but questions have to be asked about a lot of things after these last few weeks. The big worry for me is I just can't work out how we're trying to play, apart from the absurd playing out from the back approach. Yesterday will arguably be Plymouth's easiest game of the season.
  16. A few hallmarks of the Irvine 10/11 season here creeping in. Some decent signings (albeit older pros), a good start and everything seemed quite positive. Then by January we were fully cemented in the bottom half.
  17. It's all a bit meh from him. I really like him and what he's trying to do at the club, but it's just ''erm'', ''yeah'' and repeating words again and again. He said ''today'' about five times in 20 seconds there. If he's like this in the dressing room then I would be bored.
  18. Soft as sh**. We must be so easy to play against at times.
  19. He's been awful in the league games so far this season. Done absolutely nothing and I am not sure if that is our tactics stifling him.
  20. The performance was shockingly surprising. We have a good squad for this league and today we were second best for 89 minutes. We honestly looked like the players had been out on the sauce the night before the game. We keep hearing from all at the club about how positive and determined everyone is, but we aren't showing it. Something was very wrong yesterday.
  21. Very worrying. Once we feel behind to Morecambe and Plymouth we never even looked like really scoring. Yet again this season, we don't create anywhere near enough decent chances.
  22. Yes, that's true for people who would be able to set something like that up.
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