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  1. Glory years. I remember leaving school early to get the coach to both Villa and Blackburn away. It got pretty tasty at Blackburn I seem to remember too.
  2. Incredible move for him to be honest. I was expecting L2 or Conference.
  3. Pleased they’ve got it sorted. I think they will be fine this season once they sign a few but I don’t think they will be challenging near the top. They’ve left it too late but I would fully expect them to be out of this league in a few seasons.
  4. Some absolute horror shows this season. The best so far I think was the Hearts away.
  5. Yeah. I can't understand why Chelsea, Arsenal etc are after them. Classic South American players that look like Rivaldo one week and Pablo Bonvin for the next three.
  6. My man thebizzle has spoken. The only true ITKer on here.
  7. He had to rebuild a our squad last summer and he did well after a shaky start. This season the pressure is on and he has to deliver. A poor start and I don't think DC would keep him.
  8. Any idea for possible dates of this? I'm bloody away for the Pompey game.
  9. First Day: Plymouth away Boxing Day: Derby away Last Day: Fleetwood home
  10. Sheff Utd and then bizarrely it's also Charlton for me. Been to both four times.
  11. Brilliant. We wouldn't get anyone better than him in L1.
  12. A 6 week break is mental. It will be really interesting to see how teams do form wise after that break. Here's my predictions - 1: City 2: Liverpool 3: Tottenham 4: Chelsea 18: Forest 19: Fulham 20: Bournemouth
  13. Not surprised and I would expect him to drop down to L2 / Conference. When he came in for Westwood 6 - 7 years ago I thought he looked really promising for the future. Shame that didn't happen yet again at Wednesday.
  14. Goddamn that was a truly awful kit. Just like Wigan. The worst I can remember I think.
  15. Home Shirt: Images released mid July after we've played the first few friendlies in the old one. On sale from October. Away Shirt: Images released in mid August just before we're due to wear it away from home against Portsmouth. On sale with very limited numbers of stock from January.
  16. I'll be renewing as it's perfect for an expat. Decent price and I think it has vastly improved over recent years.
  17. Good signing. Similar feel to when we signed Bywater. We need an experienced head if we are aiming for the top 2.
  18. Not at all. I don't want any clubs to go bust. Even the blunts.
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