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  1. Bout time..................how can a player score in the previous game and get dropped to the bench............yes he's a annoying little fffer but let him annoy the oppo even if he gets banned again
  2. More than you will ever know! He knew 14 different commands and 4 of them by hand signal.............best gun dog Iv'e ever owned in 47 years .........there wont be another
  3. Afternoon chums Why are we playing on a Sunday Sunday is for the kids dog walking and gardening By the way anyone who knows me I have to tell you that Ollie was put to sleep at home 5 weeks ago on his 15th Birthday. The last year was traumatic as he lost his mental capabilities and had no idea who he was and even what his name was. Comes to us all in the end
  4. TS commentators seemed certain that FF departure was nailed on tomorow
  5. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FFS
  6. Anybody got a link to talksport2 live commentary?
  7. Morning all Great understated OMDT Mi Lud It may be posted elsewhere but we are the live commentary match on Talksport............got me tranny tuned in already To those travelling have a great day out
  8. Wigan and Ull are two of the poorest teams in the division and we look like squandering 6 points in 2 games Get rid of JL and get a English manager with some ball s and experience in
  9. Lets put some more defenders on and really go for it
  10. Well save your money and cancel it Until SWFC have their own channel then I'm not interested Time for a member of DC's family to sponsor our own network
  11. COME ON WEDNESDAY.....................FFS Ollie is listening in the great kennel in the sky HULL....................a bunch of fishermen
  12. I'm outa here Not a good couple of days Wheres the fans money going