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  1. No way will he start on Saturday IMO.
  2. owlZfan84

    International Break

    Onomah has pulled out of England U21's with an injury.
  3. It’s going to be BRILLIANT.
  4. owlZfan84

    It's a sign. Literally!

    Yep. Him and Tudgay were a great partnership up top.
  5. owlZfan84

    It's a sign. Literally!

    Deon even shops in blue and white. ITS A SIGN.
  6. owlZfan84

    Line up

    Totally agree. He was absolutely fantastic in the fixture last season too.
  7. owlZfan84

    Line up

    That, for me, is the worry. It's going to be a long night.
  8. owlZfan84

    Line up

    FF/MM/Joao on the bench? Not that I'm expecting you to answer that...
  9. owlZfan84

    Line up

    Just imagine if this was all smoke and mirrors, and come 6:45 this evening it's announced that FF, MM and Joao all start.
  10. owlZfan84

    Line up

    I've just looked at the team he put out last year... Wildsmith Venâncio Loovens Pudil Palmer Wallace Jones Reach Fox Rhodes Joao
  11. owlZfan84

    Line up

    Well there we have it then. Pretty obvious we're going there to try and contain them. Which ain't going to work. I just hope FF and MM are on the bench.
  12. owlZfan84

    Line up

    Owlstalk meltdown and it's only 10:12 am.