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  1. I reckon that's what we modelled our 150th anniversary cake on. Danny Wilson's package.
  2. George Hirst Saga

    Ahhh, another George Hirst thread. The sooner he goes, the better. Just another clusterfuuuuck to add to our seasons woes.
  3. home tickets

    ...and then Carlos was given an open cheque book. Worked out well, hasn't it.
  4. Do we need Forestieri back OR...

    What we need is someone we can give the ball to and say 'there you go fella, run at them. Give them a fright. Do something different'. We've got NO-ONE in our current squad who can do that. Not one. I've excluded Matias, just like Carlos has. He's probably the only one from out current lot who COULD do that. But he's either injured, or dumped in the U23 squad. Thus, we are so predictable. I've said it time and time again, teams must love playing us cause they know EXACTLY what they are going to get. Yes, FF, obviously does the above (and more). But we're crying out for an outlet. Someone who can run with the ball and change a game. We keep going back to it, but our transfer dealings have been so tragic. It's absurd.
  5. Caption Competition

    Jordan's just popped one out. Wildsmith can taste it, and Dawson has just cracked on to the smell. Poor old Butterfield has no idea what's about to hit him...
  6. Caption Competition

    Reach? Bloody part timer.
  7. We also went 250 minutes without a shot on target in those games. Stats are great, aren't they.
  8. Right...Team for Saturday

    All this craaaaaap about it 'needs shaking up'. We all know it does. Carlos will field the same old 11 though. He is SO predictable. Teams must love playing us.
  9. He'd of took one look at Loovens and Lees last night and thought 'It's c0ck and balls, man!'
  10. He needs to go

    What pains me is that Wallace should be nowhere near the squad, let alone in the 11. Have you EVER seen squad which has been invested in so heavily lace pace and tempo as ours? I haven't. It's embarrassing. Like I've said so many times before though, the fact that DC are CC are best buddies really doesn't help the situation. Can we just fast forward to May now? Because NOTHING is going to change.
  11. We can all see it. I'd even go as far as some players can see it. The million dollar question is, can DC see? I'd suspect not. What a god awful season, so far. On so many fronts.
  12. That bench is bloody AWFUL. Christ on a bike.
  13. McCarthy on Carlos

    All the opposites love Carlos. I'd imagine that's because they know exactly how we're going to set up, and that we have no plan b.