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  1. Young George

    But @KivoOwl says he ain’t signing.
  2. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Yep. It’s ludicrous.
  3. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    What an absolute fraud. No other words for it. The thing this, there is no punishments for the officials. No whatsoever. He’s VAR referee on the cup final tomorrow, and he’ll probably be back reffing in the Prem next week. It absolutely bloody stinks.
  4. Pigs win anyone??

    Aye. Still hilarious to watch. And, when they don’t make it, we can all thank Chris for his honest assessment.
  5. Pigs win anyone??

    Wilders got reyt munk on here.
  6. Pigs win anyone??

    I don’t think you can count.
  7. Pigs win anyone??

    I bet Nigel is gonna have a reyt party in his room for improvement tonight.
  8. Good to hear. Maybe we'll see him in the squad on Tuesday then.
  9. Did Abdi play the full game? Wrong fred.
  10. Good to hear. I wonder if we'll see him involved on Tuesday night? Scenes when he smashes in the winner and ssshhs the Swansea bench.
  11. Bloody hell Neil, that didn't take you long. GET A JOB FFS.
  12. You beat me to it. Thanks for nowt, WhackShaft.
  13. I wonder if Jos is there watching George?