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  1. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/who-michael-hector-will-be-rooting-for-when-sheffield-wednesday-face-his-parent-club-chelsea-in-the-fa-cup-fourth-round-1-9547174 I think that tells you all you need to know about Hector's feelings towards Chelsea. Sounds like he's really enjoying his time here. I'd like to think if we can afford to sign him up, we will.
  2. owlZfan84


    He's a proper crack pot though. Got suspended from Lille. Got suspended from Marseille. Quit Lazio after 2 days. Every chance he could walk, if he's in the mood for it.
  3. owlZfan84


    I'd love him to walk. And if he walked down the road to Huddersfield it'd be even better. Lolz. (Might help Utd's promotion push though)
  4. owlZfan84


    He's leaving. For Huddersfield.
  5. owlZfan84


    Ohhh, I'd love that.
  6. owlZfan84

    Which Kit?

    Skins. Can't wait to see Hutch.
  7. owlZfan84

    Substitutes (or lack of)

    The only reason I can think for not starting Winnall, or giving him minutes last night, is that he's maybe in line to start at the weekend?
  8. owlZfan84

    FF and Joao - positive news

    I wonder if Westwood will be too.
  9. I'd love to know how folk think we can afford to sign Hector, and match his wages.
  10. owlZfan84

    Chelsea fixtures

    I wonder if Bruce will cut short his holiday by 5 days.
  11. I can't wait for Bruce to get here and sort out our back line. It's absolutely fuuuuuuuucking woeful.
  12. I can’t believe Winnall hasn’t started tonight.