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Community Answers

  1. Why Norwood thought it was a good idea to go up so early and wait I've no idea. Played right into Samba's hands.
  2. 100% this. It’s happened all season.
  3. Hardly surprising. Another late goal conceded. Sums up our season perfectly.
  4. We were that bad, 1-0 defeat feels like a win. Roll on Monday.
  5. If we get away with. 1-0 defeat here it’ll feel like a win. it’s that bad.
  6. It's funny how stuff sticks with you... I'll always remembered the Sky commentary for the playoff game when we played Brighton in the 1st leg, and when we scored our 2nd... 'Keiran Lee's delight; Sheffield Wednesday's delight!' Same again tonight please. 'Lee Gregory's delight; Sheffield Wednesday delight!' 1-2.
  7. Us. 2-1 loss. Lee and Kachunga for them, with both players getting a standing ovation from the away end following at full time.
  8. See Chris Turner loads walking around Dronny Woodhouse. Either lives up this way or has nowt better to do.
  9. Great thread. Only thing for certain is that Lee Gregory has about 7 different places in Sheff.
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