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  1. Fulham will have a lot of the ball tomorrow. Can we please just make our fans away of this, before the moaning begins. Counter attacking at it's finest. 1-0 win for us.
  2. No denying Knockeart is a good player, but he ain't at the levels he was a few years ago - a lot like FF tbh.
  3. If we flood the box against Fulham, they will murder us on the counter. No chance we'll be adopting that style on Saturday.
  4. Permanent contact though - quite a definitive statement that.
  5. Fulham didn't really know what to do with WBA's direct play on Saturday - I'd like to see us adopt a similar style this weekend, and get it up the field early. If we play Fulham at their own game, they'll win comfortably.
  6. I'm bored of the whole fuuuuuuuucking charade. Just appoint someone. Not Bullen, though.
  7. Rowett would get more out these players than Bullen could dream of. Thats one for you.
  8. Appoint a manager, and not a fuuuucking coach. ITS GLARINGLY OBVIOUS.
  9. His body language is of someone who really doesn't want to be here IMO.
  10. If FF can’t get any game time tonight, we may as well sell him before the European transfer window shuts next week.
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