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  1. Get ready then. Absolute scenes when we're in League One 1 next season, and that lot at S2 are playing in Europe.
  2. For me, the fact we 'sold' the ground for 60mill should have immediately raised eyebrows at the EFL. This whole saga is a complete farce. We'll deserve to get the book thrown at us, if we're found guilty.
  3. Chansiri had a dream, To build a football team, But blew our golden chance as well as our cash, So he cooked the books, and now we are fooooooked, We're Sheffield Wednesday; we're being run by schmucks.
  4. Good old Wednesday - never a dull moment.
  5. Sounds like a new afternoon cop drama on BBC2.
  6. The fact the league this season is bang average, and we sit in 7th, tell us you everything you need to know. Good old Wednesday.
  7. And that exactly why Fletcher won’t get anywhere near 15 goals this season.
  8. All being well the car is a right off and the insurance company won't pay out.
  9. It's Joey Pelupessy. He's that desperate to improve his corner kicks, that he's resorted to wandering around S6 after training in the hope of catching a game on someones TV. I believe in this photo, he managed to stumble across a local resident watching the Real Madrid game over the weekend who had Toni Kroos on corner duties. Let's hope he's learnt something.
  10. On the subject of Che Adams - he's hardly getting a look-in at Southampton. I wonder whether we'll be sniffing around with a loan bid in January, with links to Monk/Beattie etc.
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