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  1. Hernandez Roofe Beradi Bamford All out. Let's smash em'.
  2. owlZfan84


    Looks like Leeds will be missing the likes of Bamford, Roofe, Beradi and Hernandez. Hernandez is a HUGE miss for them. Attack, attack, attack!!
  3. Tell you what, I'd hate being a Leeds player and seeing FF come onto the pitch after an hour. Totally rested up, and raring to go.
  4. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/september/talent-beyond-his-years/ Fantastic to hear from Jos. At last, we have a manager who isn't afraid to play the youngsters - if they are ready, they are ready.
  5. owlZfan84

    Villa on Tour Vid

    State of some of those teeth.
  6. What do we think? Can't see how Matias can be dropped TBH. In fact, can't see how anyone can, or will be dropped after Saturday's performance. A fit and raring to go FF on the bench is my call. And he'll bag our third in a 3-1 win.
  7. owlZfan84


    I think this is the fittest we've seen Fletch since he's been at the club. Long may it continue.
  8. owlZfan84


    I've read this 10 times and still can't make sense of what you mean.
  9. Which makes our abject performance at Forest even more frustrating.
  10. owlZfan84

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    You'll all change your tune when we win tomorrow. Believe you, me.
  11. owlZfan84

    Next 7 games

    At least we'll have FF back and available for 6 of them. And possibly Hooper. I really worry about us, defensively though. We're all over the shop.