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  1. owlZfan84

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Whens the DVD out?
  2. I wouldn't laugh at them too much. How much did we spend on Rhodes? Glass houses and all that. TBH, I think Egan is a good price at 4mill. He's very good player.
  3. owlZfan84

    Sign him up!

    Make him captain, and give him a new deal. NOW. Pivotal to any potential success we may have at this club.
  4. owlZfan84

    Charlie Browns

    Was hoping this thread was about our new signing. Damn.
  5. Blades singing John Egan from Brentford. Good player.
  6. owlZfan84

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Does Danny Batth?
  7. It's going to end in tears for Lampard @ Derby, believe you me.
  8. owlZfan84


    I totally read this title thread in a Carlos style voice. Anyone else?
  9. owlZfan84

    Number of pre-season fixtures...

    I went down to my local last night to watch Sheffield FC v Rovrum. Rovrum won 3-0. Sheffield did pretty well, and should of got on the scoresheet. Tell you what though, them Rovrum fans LOVE Woodeh. He's like some messiah or summat. Oh, and Joe Mattock is still absolutely waaaaaaaaaaaaaank.
  10. owlZfan84

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    That’s because it’s not him.
  11. owlZfan84

    Chris Waddle - #SWFC LEGEND

    I particularly enjoyed the argument Waddle and Palmer were having about CW reversing into CP's car on the 93/94 season review video (I think). Carlton was proper angrymad.
  12. owlZfan84

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Fletcher training down at Middlewood today according to SWFC twitter feed. When's the next flight to Greece?
  13. Nixon saying Blunts have a very decent offer in for striker and it's being considered. Winnall?
  14. The thought of Liam Palmer starting the season as our first choice RWB fills me with absolute dread. In saying that though, look what Jos did with Attey.