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  1. So he's got a groin injury - really hope he's fit for the weekend.
  2. So the EFL basically wait until they won't go up, or down, and then deduct their points. Cracking decision making. The whole thing is a complete an utter farce.
  3. Full expecting a Doom exclusive later in the week. 'Another set back for Owls star Hooper'. Nailed on.
  4. Nuhiu. Winnall, Hooper and Matias on the bench.
  5. Ooof, tough one. Maybe. @oldishowl probably thinks its Tommy Miller.
  6. Hutch is talking to Pudil. Winnall at the back (in between Pudil and Hutch) Thornily ain't on there. .
  7. Winnall is behind/next to Pudil. I think it's Jones directly behind Fletch, not Lazaar.
  8. What a month. Tell you what though, given the run of fixtures it almost makes a top 6 spot in our own hands considering who we have to play. Bring 'em on.
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