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Is Dunkley the new Mick Lyons?

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3 minutes ago, matt68owls said:

he's not a patch on Lyons

I loved Mick Lyons. Unreal.


OK, we are two divisions below where Mick played for us, but I can see the similarities between how Chey is  playing  currently, and Mick.


That’s some compliment. 

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Lyons was far less animated than Dunkley. 

In fact anyone who has heard Lyons knows he is actually very softly spoken

No fuss just cracked on with the job in hand

He led without saying a word

I find calling players “ warriors” a bit cringeworthy but if ever that term fitted a player it was Lyons


Dunkley? He’s doing great and he is definitely leading by example. Let’s hope he keeps it up


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1 hour ago, trotter said:

No one that ever saw Lyon’s play could possibly compare Dunks to him. Lyons was in a class of his own as a leader and only Pearson came anywhere close in my lifetime. 

I was too young to remember much of Don Megson but in all my time following Wednesday no one (not even Pearson) has shown the leadership qualities that Mick Lyons did.


Right now we need someone just like him (maybe not in terms of ability, but general attitude and leadership). Based on the last few games could Dunks be that man?

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I loved Mike Lyons. He was over 30 when he joined us and had all the experience in the world from over a decade at Everton. It’s not really a fair comparison between him and Dunkley. Very different personalities I would say. But I do think there’s something about Dunkley for sure. He came here on crutches, looked bang average even earlier this season. Now he’s a one man army. Dead happy for him and us. But he isn’t anything like a new Mike Lyons. 

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Dunkley, on current form keeps Iorfa out of the squad, if/when he returns. Dunkley is a leader, and when given that role has been more commanding this season than Iorfa. When he partners him, Iorfa is the main man and Dunkley looks a shadow of the player he is now. It's like you take that responsibility away from him, you stifle him. 

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Lyons was a very important player for us in the old second division. If Dunkley maintains his current standards he'll be equally important in the third tier that we're currently in and hopefully the next level too. Safe to say that I like what I see in Dunkley however best time for comparisons will be in a couple of years time really. 

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