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  1. I like the modern classic ‘everyone knows…how big this club is’…
  2. I absolutely love the fact that it’s only 8 seconds after the restart! There were a few highlights last season but that third goal is probably the top of the list.
  3. It’s a good job we’ve got you and @Owl66 trading insults and making bets at the moment because there is foôk all going on transfers wise at the moment! The way things had started I though spendageddon was about to kick off but now even the rumours have dried up.
  4. I know a bloke who in his youth played both tennis and Football to a reasonable standard (semi pro lower league football and played for County at tennis/ became a club tennis coach eventually). He always said he had to be fitter for the football than the tennis. He reckoned a good tennis player as long as they had a reasonable level of base fitness could rock up and give a good account of themselves because you had plenty of time to get your breath back and rallys weren’t really very long. If a footballer was unfit you’d be blowing our of arsè after 20 mins and were pretty much out of the game. But, he did think tennis was more strenuous to play because matches could go on for ages and you had to concentrate more intensely. in any event, as has been said Tennis is a garbage sport IMO. About as good to watch as Golf.
  5. Nice one. A move to Reading will definitely keep Sam fit ready for his return to Hilsborough in Jan
  6. It’s my fault. I posted that he looked like a bargain at £200k. I guess Hull saw it and reacted accordingly. Sorry DC
  7. I love modern football. It’s such a joy to see Neymar demanding his hundreds of millions. I would however absolutely love for him to sign here and watch him get kicked from pillar to post away at Accrington
  8. My copy has just arrived! Am going to save for my holiday in three weeks time. Haven’t been excited about reading a book for a ages
  9. There were a few games last season where he was MoM. The problem was he always looked terrified on the ball and his injury record isn’t the best. I think he’ll do Ok at Shrewsbury if he stays fit.
  10. So, what is clear from the above that the key to financial success is for us to relocate to Scandinavia, ideally Denmark. Surely in the modern world this must be possible? Maybe declare the district of Hillsborough as part of Copenhagen or something? Come on DC. Let’s make this happen!
  11. Agreed. I think having him on board will be important in giving the CBs a chance to develop their own leadership skills.
  12. I can’t see it happening. We would need to be offered top dollar to sell and although Gregory was terrific it was only in League One. I think he’d be of interest to the type of Championship team who might expect to find themselves in a scrap to stay up. And those teams would struggle to spend £1mill or so on a player with no resale value. That said football is a crazy business and stranger things have happened….
  13. Personally I think Stockdale will add a lot of leadership and organisation at the back. I’d still like a leader in the CBs of course, but a good experienced keeper can make a massive difference to how a set of defenders operate.
  14. We are in excellent shape right now IMO. We aren’t even out of June yet and are within three or four players of being where we need to be. We were six points short last year of going up. Are we six points better with the squad as it stands now? I’d say so. Obviously the winning post for autos is finishing above 22 other teams. Normally 90 points would do it. A fraction under two points a game. Derby, Barnsley and Peterborough have replaced Rotherham, Wigan and Sunderland. God knows what Derby will do but Barnsley and Peterborough are both reasonable sides but I think the five subs rule will really favour sides like us with bigger squads. Surely we can do it this season? Top two from day one right through to the end! UTO!
  15. I do sometimes wonder what DC actually thinks about how it has gone since he bought us. I wonder how conversations go at the Chansiri family get togethers. Relative: ‘Hi Dejphon. How’s it going with that football club you own?’ Dej: ’Not too bad, not too bad. I’ve got the run rate of losses down from £500k per week to just a few million a year now. And we are super excited about the chance of getting back to the second tier from the third this year’ Relative: ’………oh’ (walks away). Dej: (silently cries while trying to force a smile)
  16. So, nowt to do with jîzz then? That’s a disappointment
  17. Streaming is the future. So yes Sky will lose and a streaming platform will win (eventually). Netflix are struggling a bit with lost subscribers and Football would give them a unique product? Might be a few more seasons but Sky will eventually lose the rights IMO.
  18. Yes indeed it is all about opinions. .as it goes I expected us to get to playoffs last season but didn’t think we’d win them but do expect us to go up this season. I think we have a top two squad this season and even a few hiccups won’t stop us this time around. The big thing that will give us the edge this season in 5 subs. A big squad with a decent amount of quality will see us through. Maybe that’s damming Moore with faint praise but he’s got the squad together (albeit with what must be the biggest budget in the league) so fair play.
  19. So many to chose from! But I’m expecting Vaulks to have a great season. I’m actually most excited about having long throws back on the menu! I love a long throw
  20. Hopefully the film will need lots of middle aged overweight men as extras
  21. Being one of the best two side over the course of the season is the thing that get you up. Not which managers ‘school’ each other. We beat Wigan twice this season so I guess Moore ‘schooled’ Richardson. But so what. They went up and we didn’t. I’m sure there are managers with better tactical ability than DM. But DM is learning/ improving and the other sides of managing a team (recruitment, man management, injury management etc) seem to be real strengths.
  22. Blimey. A bit of a mention of the book on Owlstalk and sales are rocketing! Once you sell the film rights Owlstalk readers better be in the boss seat for ‘extras’ parts!
  23. I had frustrations in the first half of last season but once DM got the team playing to its potential we were excellent. He never lost the dressing room and the team kept grafting for him to the end. The bloke has clearly seen where we needed improvement and got it sorted ASAP. I genuinely fully expect us to go up in the autos and probably top. And I think a lot of that will be down to how Darren manages us. Let the good times roll!
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