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  1. Surprised and delighted with an unchanged team. Keeping Windass as an impact sub works for me at the moment. Hope we play with the same intensity as last week!
  2. Oxford is a lovely place. My wife did her teacher training there. It’s all bikes, punting on the river, Japanese tourists and cozy oldie world pubs. In footballing terms however fûck Oxford! Who the fûck do you think you are? Bôllox to them doing the double over us! Time for back to back wins for us and for us to put them to the sword!
  3. 100% agree. If this isn’t a clear sign that Red Bull are about to buy us and then spend tens and tens of million making us into world beaters I don’t know what is! Spendageddon, HMSPTL. It’s all about to kick off soon! What a time to be a Wednesdayite!
  4. Looking at how NML performed against Plymouth and how many players before seemed to up there game as deals came to and end I think super short term contracts is the way forward. One month at a time will keep everyone on there toes. Maybe over time we can move to weekly with the ultimate aim of daily or even 90 min contracts. It’s the future.
  5. Oh no! Looks like it’s a nasty thumb sprain from overdoing the thumbs up! Ironically it now looks like, it’s strapped into a permanent thumbs up! I never think Rhodes got enough credit for managing to sustain a solid thumbs up season after season without once picking up a thumb strain. Hopefully our new Jordan can emulate this and give us plenty of thumbs up for the duration of his time with us!
  6. I’d definitely start the same team if there are no injuries. I’d be using Windass as an impact sub for a couple of games more rather than risking a break down from over playing him too soon. Storey for Johnson is tempting but on balance I’d prefer to give Storey 30 mins rather than chuck him straight in. Id be amazed if we do keep the same side though. It’s not the DM way plus the fact we are away might tempt him into setting up a bit differently.
  7. We needed a Centre Back. We have signed a Centre Back. What’s not to like?
  8. I’ve had loads of tickets from parking at the football. Usually it’s missing seeing the parking restriction sign or something similar. Nowadays if I need to park close I just cough up the money for the Hillsborough Park car park. In my experience the only way you will get out of paying is on technicalities like wrong number plate, incorrect addresses and stuff like that. Really scrutinise the ticket and see if the issuer has messed anything up. If not cough up and forget about it.
  9. Welcome aboard Jordan! He’s got all the skills we need. Can hold the badge on the shirt while clenching his fist, can do that slightly odd staring at the floor and then raising his head thing that only footballers do and, most exciting can do a cracking ‘thumbs up’. I’ve missed seeing a Jordan doing a thumbs up! Oh, and he’s a CB. Which we do actually need Whats not to like!?
  10. I’m not surprised at all. The 100 people are basically a random selection who fill in an online questionnaire and have one minute to answer. For someone to know we’d won the FA cup and then remember it in one minute you’d think they would either have to be from Sheffield (and a football fan) or a huge football geek. Chances of the 100 containing one of those people who managed to get round to us in one min? Probably not that high. But it is still a bit depressing.
  11. If we sign some much needed players it’s a clear sign that we are about to be bought by Red Bull and DC will be acting to get the squad in good order to maximise the price of the club. If we don’t then it’s a sign that Red Bull are going to buy us imminently and DC doesn’t want to incur any costs before cashing in. Either way, it’s a sign!!
  12. Some belting goals to choose from! Looks like the voting broadly follows the size of the fan base…
  13. Could we be purchased by an entity like Red Bull and be moved out of Sheffield? We are always held back by being in a two team city. Why not move us out? With large towns without a league club including Dudley and Maidstone the world is our oyster? ‘Red Bull Dudley Wednesday’ has a nice ring to it…
  14. I think most of the crowd expected us to be garbage but the fact we were so attacking and aggressive seemed to really spur the crowd on. Sure there will always be a few moaners at every game but when the team gives people something to cheer, they cheer!
  15. It was a terrific goal made all the more enjoyable because of its timing just as we all collectively groaned and we’re just starting to expect the worst. Personally I enjoyed Mendez-Laing’s goal just as much. After watching Harris balloon those types of chances out for a throw in week in week out last season is was a joy to see someone make a terrific run and then pick there spot and finish it. For me we should be scoring a minimum of 4 goals every match with a minimum of two crackers plus at least one from a defender. Maybe a Bannan hat trick would be nice now and again as well.
  16. Looks like it’s got some good volume too! Nice
  17. Indeed. Hopefully DMs cautious approach will pay dividends in the second half of the season and the players will last the course. We also need some of our fringe players to step up when called on. Byers is one that springs to mind. Sow managed to make an impact having been right on the fringes so fingers crossed some of the other lads can do the business.
  18. Player management is going be unbelievably important to us this season. We simultaneously need Luongo and Windass to play every game to get us into the top six and be protected from being over played so they don’t break down again. Moore has seemed to have been on the cautious side of player management in the first half of the season so fingers crossed that will pay dividends in the second half. For me our ‘fringe’ players like Byers really need to show there worth if we are going to get what we need out of this run of games.
  19. The bloke is right. Trouble is our promotion winning ‘spine’ this season features three players with big injury problems. Good player management is going to be the most important factor in how our season pans out.
  20. They certainly looked a shadow of the team that bullied us to two 3-0 defeats. We were good and they were poor. Mind you, it’s a good job Windass got the goal when he did or it could have all ended in tears!
  21. The backpass decision was definitely a mistake on the part of the ref, but let’s face it to give it a a free kick would have been controversial and the ref would have had to be absolutely certain to give it our way. Other than that I don’t remember him making any other errors which puts him pretty high up the list of refs for this season!
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