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  1. Almost every thread turns into a discussion about our formation The fact that this happens suggests we haven’t got one We are not even close to identifying what it is
  2. I’ve backed Moore Desperate for him to succeed But that comment from a senior pro spells the end for Moore Dunkley knows what the fans are like as he interacts with them often on social media and he is an articulate guy He knows without doubt the damage that comment would inflict on Moore For me Moore has to go he just has to
  3. I disagree with you on the first but if it come across that way it wasn’t intended Im desperate for Moore to do well But agree with you entirely on the second bit
  4. I’m not bashing Moore I like the guy and want him to succeed as much as anyone Every game I’m hoping this is the one where it clicksIve never once in any thread stated I wanted him sacked I am addressing the thread Yes I think it could work but not if he has to defend too much. I have acknowledged the game has moved on and that he may have to get behind the ball and keep shape etc but what appears to be asked of him goes beyond that perhaps
  5. Ok bud I know your explaining to me what’s happened to make Corbeaunu have to do defensive duties but it’s like trying to do the Rubik’s cube this Ultmately over a quarter of the season has gone, nobody has the foggiest idea what our formation is and the only player who may get us off our seats and give us some enjoyment is not being picked because he can’t defend I understand footballs moved on but I’ve got to be honest I must be thick because it’s moved on to something I don’t understand anymore But I do appreciate you explaining what’s happened
  6. Thanks mate Yeah I don’t doubt it happened. I’ve heard similar its just nuts. We are hopeless and the football is dreadful to watch and maybe our best striker is not starting because he can’t defend You couldn’t make this up
  7. “Defensive qualities keeping him out” IF that’s true and it very well could be it says everything you need to know about Moore and modern tactics Emphasis on defence Football has lost its joy Curran flitted between the wing and centre forward Corbanau is of that ilk in how he may develop
  8. Moore is exposed Previous managers like Luhukay Monk and Pulis etc could hide a little behind the mess they inherited but Moore has had a blank canvas so it’s all on him no excuses
  9. We were all delighted when he signed his new contract Hes been terrible since
  10. Kavanagh was immense when he signed. Got him a bit late in his career but your absolutely right The difference he made to the team at the time was huge. Exactly the type we need
  11. “We wanted to win the game” It suggests their are games we don’t want to win
  12. Whatever you think of Mandaric he would be perfect in this situation If ever there was a guy who knew the right moment to pull the trigger it was him
  13. Bannan…. A fantastic signing A great player in the right team . I’m a big fan But make no mistake He is no leader of men. He is never a captain in a million years
  14. I’ve tried to explain how I feel about Wednesday managers trotting out the expression DNA and Philosophy . It does my head in in 5 seconds you described how I feel and you never spoke a word
  15. Yeah that’s a fair point mate ive got to admit I have a bee in my bonnet with these modern day tactics they drive me insane. Especially when we are 13 or so games in and still nobody knows what formation we play But like I say…. You make a fair point mate
  16. If the team had any balance to it he wouldn’t need to track back You accommodate players like Corbeanu imagine Terry Curran tracking back
  17. Brilliant post mate Thanks for taking the time to write it It’s sometimes mentioned that we look back on times with rose tinted glasses but I don’t accept it with this era True the football wasn’t free flowing in fact it was difficult to watch at first Big Jack stated in an interview some years later “ it took me time to figure it out” But figure it out he did The guy was so down to earth but yet a HUGE character. Saying it how it was , talking to fans in the local pubs, he had the respect of everyone , Choosing Wednesday bottom of the 3rd when he had just walked out on Middlesbrough after doing a brilliant job he could have taken his pick of jobs. Football from a different era? Yes But boy I wish it was back There’s no characters in the game anymore Clipboard managers who talk a good un but are weak and hamstrung by contracts ( oh Jack didn’t bother with those by the way). Charltons sheer presence got us out of the mess we were in. We may have achieved more under Atkinson and Wilkinson . But nobody put their reputation on the line for Wednesday more than Big Jack We all have opinions but in my lifetime Jack Charlton, everything considered, is Wednesdays greatest manager
  18. Amazing isn’t it we offloaded players in the summer who had no fight and were mentally fragile and replaced them with a new squad of players that are mentally fragile and seem to lack fight Morepork’s post could have been written and applied at any point over the last 4/5 years. Ive stopped trying to get my head around it all
  19. This We haven’t had a plan or anything that resembles a plan for donkeys years
  20. System, Game Plan, There is none Its simply change the personnel move their positions and call it a system or a game plan I think today Moore has tried to make us think he’s a tactical magician saying he only had 48hrs to change the system Crackers innit Manager after manager saying the same things overthinking it Football really isn’t this complicated
  21. Laws is bang on This is the point in the season that your finding a rhythm which builds momentum We still don’t have a clue what the best 11 is
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