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  1. Great post mate I was unsure of some of the timelines regarding his career but I always remember him as being a class act and never really understood his move to Charlton and your right I can never remember him letting us down
  2. For the short period he played up front I can honestly say I’ve never seen a player as unplayable as Warhurst He was absolute lightening quick
  3. Very capable defender As mentioned very underrated Great time to be a Wednesdayite
  4. Listen to his interviews . He doesn’t give many He is very matter of fact and never gets over excited Tells you a lot…. Not all players will sign and wax lyrical about the fans although he has expressed appreciation. I would love him to sign but I won’t hold my breath The boys talented and I think he has a big future
  5. I get the argument for moving and it’s a reasonable one but for me Hillsborough is home Its a magical place
  6. Never as bad as some of the boo boys suggested His career after Wednesday really proved it Incidentally he would be great in Hunts role now
  7. ihiekwe and Henegan are used to playing in front of crowds of 5000 or less Suddenly it’s 26000. They will adjust . They will cope now that first game is out of the way
  8. Sturrock brought John Blackley in for that very reason. Worked a treat In fact he took Blackley everywhere with him
  9. I can see why we are favorite’s The team grew as the season went on last year and just fell at the final hurdle Moore has made some really astute additions I am always generally optimistic at the start of the season more out of hope than expectation But I think this year there is good reason to be optimistic. I think we could be in for a great season
  10. This I couldn’t make my mind up about Berahino there were glimpses of his potential in some games but the playoff games made my mind up His performance in the first leg against Sunderland for such a big game was so lightweight and lacking in fight it was unbelievable
  11. This is football its all about opinions and everybody’s is valid and interesting if you have an open mind I think we’re in for a great season. I also think we are much stronger Most of the signings are proven league 1 quality With Moore growing into the role and addressing not just the team but the culture and If we can start well I think we’re going to take some stopping and will without doubt be the team to beat.
  12. I suspected he was a good signing and I’m convinced after tonight A VERY focused individual Watch the brief training videos and photos of him. Then look at his interviews., you can discern it I like to keep my powder dry regarding going overboard with new signings but I’m going to stick my neck out…. He will be pivotal this season
  13. Hutchinson has been a very good player for Wednesday Very committed on the pitch and that’s what any fan wants to see from players wearing their teams shirt Hutchinson was good for Wednesday and Wednesday were good for him when it looked like he may be finished with the game For me … sometimes things just run their course. Could he have done a job next season? I’m sure he could but Hutchinson isn’t irreplaceable. I like the look of what is coming together and the signings we’ve made Personally I haven’t been as optimistic for a long time going into a new season
  14. Interesting point this I was privileged to meet him a couple of times and he always spoke fondly of Wednesday and his life at that time living at Rockley On a national level I don’t think he ever got much recognition for even being at Wednesday never mind the superb job he did here Saw several interviews on national media about his life in football it mentioned at length Leeds, Middlesbrough before moving on to how he struggled at Newcastle then his heroics with Ireland I remember Garth Crookes doing an interview with him and stating the “ then you went to Sheffield Wednesday” before moving quickly on Strange really as he was really proud of what he did at Wednesday and why wouldn’t he be. He had real bottle laying his reputation on the line to go to Hillsborough the state we were in at the time
  15. Great manager Great Personality Never forgot his working class roots Loved Big Jack. The worlds changed, sadly won’t see his like again
  16. Can’t wait The mid 80s were a fantastic time to be a Wednesday fan We were so competitive and feared no one So many happy memories of that period
  17. It’s vulgar It goes further than a match day ticket its indicative of a wider problem…. Football is being taken further away from the man on the street Its morally wrong. Ok it’s just my opinion but I wouldn’t pay it if I was loaded . We’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis and Fulhams answer is charge that To be fair I wouldn’t buy a season ticket at Fulham for that price Wednesday will be playing them next season
  18. Say what you want about Francis he had an eye for a player. Cantona ( ok hindsight is a wonderful thing) Shearer and Stam . Pretty good that
  19. Value for money wise Adam Reach hands down The most languid frustrating player I have seen Some said “ he’s got quality” I would agree with that but he had zero fight . A similar pattern has developed at West Brom
  20. Jakes videos have got better and better and it’s great that he takes the time to share them , which is obviously something he loves When I come on here I often look for these videos as they set out what’s been happening in just a few minutes and saves having to trawl through lots of threads The videos are excellent on merit. Keep em coming Jake lad!
  21. Darren Moore has without doubt grown into the role He is the only manager in years who has addressed the culture of the club Occasionally I’ve been frustrated with some of his decisions but slowly but surely he’s grown into the role more and more. Ive no doubt in my mind he will take us up this season .
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