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  1. Then we can’t really complain when players sign for Wednesday are earning thousands and couldn’t give a damn We would do exactly the same I don’t disagree with the comment. It reflects what’s happening not just in football but life in general. Money money money. Gone are the days when players had a connection with clubs it’s all about money and it’s very very sad
  2. Warne handles that interview brilliantly Knows he is a young lad with huge pressure because of his dad and Warne helps him out by taking some of the blame when he didn’t have to Ive no gripe with GH and hope he makes a living from the game however I just don’t get the hype and never have and despite what Warne says in that interview I think he knows he doesn’t cut the mustard
  3. It’s grim In a previous thread I mentioned we need to move on from looking backwards and quit the obsession with ex players I want to retract that now After reading that I would be straight on the blower getting Larry May and Ian Cranson in
  4. Who knows I don’t claim to be a football scout But I don’t agree with holding onto players for fears we will get someone worse Thats what bad recruitment does . Stops you being brave enough to move on I understand the skepticism. I have little faith in what is brought in being better than what we have Sad innit
  5. True Mcgovern never got over his injury though But your right you don’t have to be young to be ambitious. We can all dream
  6. I remember when we got relegated fro Div 1 under Atkinson Any of that team could have left straight away and signed for a first division club According to Atkinson (as per 150 year anniversary) he told the players “your not going anywhere... We owe these people ( the fans) “ How football has changed I wonder if any of the current crop would like to stay because they feel they owe the fans? Would you want any to stay? I wouldn’t Hutchinson has been a good servant but it’s time to go with the rest of them You can’
  7. Agree Turner bought some terrible players but he also got it right on occasion Whelan Brunt and McGovern were exactly what we need this time round Players looking to make a name for themselves
  8. A very very good good player sadly not for us signed years too late as usual
  9. What do people want? Honestly if it was up to some we would be changing manager every two minutes. We complain about instability at the club citing all the managers we’ve had this season If it was up to some we would have had 20 managers this season Paul Warne gives an interview that nobody really understands but we think he MIGHT be a Wednesday fan and is gutted we are relegated Suddenly..... Despite never being mentioned as a contender during our previous searches for managers this season he’s now a top bloke who we would like here Yep he has had a full
  10. Oddly enough running the thing so closely yesterday means I’m more disappointed than I thought I would be Id accepted relegation weeks ago but then for albeit a few moments yesterday we were staying up How that happened I don’t know but it has made it all feel worse Absolutely deserve to go don though
  11. Like it or loath it FFP is the rules and we broke the rules Cheating in doing so We deserve everything we’ve got
  12. I agree but that’s the key “ off to a flyer” I know this is off topic but this is where pay on the gate prices are killing us If the club gets on a roll in league 1 ( ok it’s if) but IF we did that is the time to capitalize. Are we MASSIVE like we claim. No not with our record over 20 years BUT in league one? Wednesday on a roll? Stadium and potential we have? Yes I believe we are massive. Massive at the side of clubs with followings of 5000 or less Thats where you capitalize on pay on the gate “ on a roll” is what we need to generate it will also help with rec
  13. This option is always the best way but the uptake and appetite for it is always so low it never has an impact it has a massive advantage too... you don’t have to watch fans embarrass themselves or engage in violence that has been so apparent with the ESL protests Funny isn’t it... Ask a fan to boycott a game and they won’t consider it due to “ loyalty” Stir them up into a frenzy to break the peaceful protest law and they can’t wait to jump on board
  14. I have a lot of respect for Barry Bannan He comes in for criticism sometimes but very rarely for lack of effort. In general he is a favorite of most . I think he really cares and I know relegation is raw for him but......he is our leader our captain where is he? ok he probably can’t say anything to take away the disappointment but where is the leadership. Just say a few words
  15. Match day prices have and will continue to lose us a generation of fans Ive banged this drum since Chansiri came here Pay on the gate prices were utterly disgraceful in the championship playing half decent teams Bring on the likes of Cambridge.....
  16. I agree with this Our best player without doubt So much ability but just does influence or stamp his authority on games enough from so deep He should be much further forward looking for that killer pass
  17. I’m depressed enough without having to endure a head scratching statement
  18. Emotions may be high at the moment I understand that Be nice to hear from the captain
  19. Really hope I’m wrong but you can see how this plays out “We can’t sign players if you want a refund”
  20. Absolutely this Never even thought about losing that day Sometimes your confident but you have that little niggle of what if? Not this game....I have never been to a match in my life where I was just so confident we would win
  21. Great post Another thread mentioned writing an open letter to the players. I can’t see the point to be honest BUT... If a letter was done this should be in it. The bit about your dad is so telling and says everything really. PS. Hope your dads settled mate
  22. We are that used to almost every player taking the club for a ride that every misdemeanor riles us And like I said earlier that interview was disappointing But Wallace in no way took our club for a ride He was a top player with a great mentality It’s been mentioned he didn’t step up in some games but don’t mistake having a poor game as bottling it. Wallace never bottled it due to his mentality Wallace was great for us I wish we had his sort now Oh..... and if we were now doing well we would never give that podcast a second thought
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