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  1. I absolutely support taking a knee and I agree that it has nothing to do with politics but I don’t think we can assume that everyone that boos is a racist. I believe the booing is driven by a narrative promoted and driven by racist organisations that taking a knee is supporting a Marxist organisation which the original BLM organisation was. BLM and taking a knee no longer means this as it has moved into the public domain and consciousness as a non-political strap line and action to highlight racial injustice, however, that doesn’t support the insidious narrative being peddled.
  2. But he’s implying that taking a knee is kowtowing (or was it “grovelling” that he said) to left wing extremists when taking a knee clearly isn’t and means something completely different. I wasn’t being literal in my accusation towards him; I was attempting to make him realise that things aren’t as someone always assumes.
  3. To be fair mate, I don’t think many sports people identify with any left-wing poliitics. I believe they are doing it to highlight racial injustice. You sound quite prejudiced if I’m honest - maybe even a right wing extremist. Maybe you’re not but I’m making the assumption that you are a right wing extremist in the same way you’re making your mind up about people taking a knee.
  4. Can you answer my question please mate? Why were fans booing players for taking a knee?
  5. Fancy asking Sterling if he’s justified his starting place. What a stupid question.
  6. Kane looks like he’s going through the motions to me.
  7. Right, here’s my twopene’th: I feel we are missing overlapping play from our fullbacks. We are giving the forwards the ball and expecting them to do everything without support.
  8. He has no end product though; particularly when he has a responsibility to create chances.
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