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  1. shandypants

    Preslav Borukov

    Only on OwlsTalk can thread go from a question to despair based on pure speculation in about 15 posts.
  2. shandypants

    Big Atdhe haters

    It’s a myth I witnessed then. He was booed against Oxford I think. I was there when it happened.
  3. shandypants

    Preslav Borukov

    I’m sure that we’ll not just let him walk away.
  4. No matter how much I look at the tattoo, my eyes always find their way back to his nipples. I feel dirty.
  5. shandypants

    What’s happening here then?

    We’re going back to the simplistic Owl badge. Has no one heard?!
  6. shandypants

    Big Atdhe haters

    By my calculations, in his first four seasons with us, David Hirst (the greatest SWFC striker I have seen) scored 35 goals in 130 games - near to 1 goal in every 4 games. At the time, I heard some people refer to Hirst as “The Boy Wonder”, some refer to him as having potential or others refer to him as being useless. Hirst then went on to score 68 goals in the next 128 games (better than 1 goal in every two games) and the doubters and those that did not believe in him disappeared (and quite rightly so). Obviously, it’s unfair to compare Nuhiu with Hirst as the latter was far superior then to what the former is now but my point here is that players can change; Hirst found his mojo under Big Ron’s management and continued under Trevor Francis - maybe Jos Luhukay is Nuhiu’s “Big Ron”. I would also say that forwards bring more to games than just goals and those that rate strikers purely on their goal scoring records know little about football in my opinion. Hirst terrorised defenders and made (although not necessarily assisted) goals for teammates. Nuhiu is obviously different to Hirst in style but he too contributes significantly other than scoring and has done in every season he’s played with us with his “back to goal” “hold up” play, “fast feet” and aerial presence; I would hazard a guess that Nuhiu’s assist rate is relatively high also. I really wish we could put the Nuhiu debate to bed and that all Wednesdayites could support him. In our current FFFP situation, we need an in-form Nuhiu more than ever. For the record: I always believed in Hirst and I have and always will believe in Nuhiu.
  7. shandypants

    Big Atdhe haters

    I think I got off with her in Roxy’s once or twice.
  8. shandypants

    Matias wants to stay..

    He has the potential to be a class player. He has to find a way to keep injury free though.
  9. Waddle was bang on. In my opinion, modern footballers are athletes first and footballers second - they’re so robotic at times it drives me crazy. There aren’t any Waddles, Hoddles or Gazzas anymore and there’s definitely far too few players such as Bannan and Forestieri. The 1990 and 1996 England tournament squads were the best in recent history for me as they contained flair players but played to the strengths of the English game.
  10. shandypants

    New Kit

    It needs blue and white striped sleeves to be perfect.
  11. Excellent as always Dunsby
  12. shandypants


    This. He would be able to make sorties forward into the heart of midfield.
  13. Ian Wright - always scored against us Paul Gascogne - most naturally talented player I’ve seen play at Hillsborough Gary Lineker - most natural striker I’ve seen play and my favourite non-Wednesday player.
  14. It resembled the Celtic shirt. I don’t want to be associated with either of the Glasgow giants. We’re a non-political, non-religious club; anyone that thinks we have a link to Rangers or Celtic can fvcck right off!
  15. Jos said we won’t be a couple of weeks ago. He said something along the lines of “those players go to the Premier League and other top European Leagues”.