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  1. Hutch seems to be less reckless but more effective since his return to the side - I have ceased taking a sharp intake of breath whenever I see him charging towards a player. Bruce likes a midfield beast; could Hutch be that beast? I hope so.
  2. shandypants


    So did I. Winnall was scoring regularly in our league in a lesser side. We should have altered subtly to play to Winnall’s strengths rather than spunking all our money on another forward.
  3. shandypants

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Westwood - 6 Palmer - 6 Lees - 7 Hector - 7 Fox - 6 Matias - 5 Bannan - 6 Hutch - 7 Boyd - 6 Reach - 5 Fletcher - 8 Joao - 6 Nuhiu - 6 Agnew - 7 Wigan came to spoil and although we had the better chances, it looked like 0-0 until the excellent substitution to bring on Joao. I would have given Fletcher MoM even if he didn’t score. He worked his socks off but needed a partnership with another forward earlier in the game. Well done Agnew for the substitution and the effective change in tactic but let’s ditch “one up front” for a strike pairing.
  4. shandypants


    As stated at the time:
  5. shandypants


    Some of us did - I did. I felt at the time we needed creativity rather than goal scoring prowess.
  6. shandypants


    We need Rhodes to start scoring - to get on a scoring run that fires Norwich to promotion. That is the only way we can hope to get any value from him IMHO.
  7. shandypants

    Neeskens Kebano

    It’s a “yes” from me.
  8. Whose army are we on the march with though? Agnew’s Or Bruce’s?
  9. shandypants

    Chairman’s statement

    No fan really wants their club to sell their valuable assets but that is the way forward now in football. It pains me to say this but we needs to sell to balance the books and, if possible, bring in new players to develop and sell on.
  10. shandypants

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Effectively, Agnew has been in charge for one game - he mentioned in last week’s post match interview that he’d only spent one day (Friday) with the players and that Bullen decided what the team should be for the Luton game. So Agnew has trained the team for a week and lost against the league’s form side. No need to panic.
  11. shandypants

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    The Star Breaking News: Joiner hits thumb nail with hammer while driving nail into floorboards!
  12. shandypants

    Bruce not at the cricket

  13. shandypants


    There’s some right highbrow stuff posted in Hector threads that gets missed. It must be soul-destroying when some “Classics” quip is made and no fvvcker responds.
  14. shandypants

    Now the dust has settled...

    Unbeaten to the end of the season and finishing Champions then deducted 50 points for breaching FFP meaning that we are relegated. Either that or 12th place is my best guess.
  15. Good question. Don’t you prefer to watch your football at 3pm on Saturdays - I do. Also, holding the matches at the traditional time allows most people to attend - although I would accept the fact that it won’t allow everyone to attend.