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  1. Generally, 4 or 5 injuries and/or losses in form to our first team regulars and we’re screwed plus there are some positions where just one injury and/or loss of form means a system change. I think all of our players worked hard and tried their best today but we need a significant shake up in the next few transfer windows if we are serious about promotion. Either that or incredible good luck with player form and injury.
  2. Many in this thread think that Beattie will improve individual players technically but, in truth, player’s technical improvement will be negligible - they already posses those attributes. Beattie (and any other coach for that matter) will work on attacking shape, patterns and strategy.
  3. A quick look at Soccer Base shows that Keiren Westwood has made 488 senior appearances over his career. League 451 FA Cup 12 League Cup 8 Other 17 (I wonder what “Other” is) So 488 including “Other” games and 471 without. So, unless there is some unexpected turn of events, our fine first choice keeper will break the 500 game threshold this season. What a professional. What an achievement.
  4. I wonder how many more he could have scored or who he could be playing for if he applied himself correctly.
  5. I don’t rate him. He’s more concerned with throwing himself on the floor than trying to score a goal or contribute to general play.
  6. Nuhiu is the obvious player to drop for Luongo but how can you drop Nuhiu after his performance against Leeds? I say that Luongo has to bide his time and take his opportunity when it comes (as does Tom Lees)
  7. I think they worked as a front pair to bring other players into attack but if they partner each other again, we need Luongo or Lee playing also so that they can run beyond them and create some penetration in the box (ooh err missus).
  8. I don think we’re the type of team that would suit Gayle. He suits a team like Preston where they spoil and look to “steal” free kicks around the penalty area for set piece opportunities.
  9. ... but, equally, if their keeper is three inches to his right when the ball hits his back then we win.
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