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  1. So as a first-timer, I enjoyed my first season (I’m addicted) and got a bit lucky... ...but what happens now the season has finished? When does the old season click over to the new season? Is there anything that we need to do or should be doing during the closed season? Will we be presented with some stats or info? Thanks Shandy p.s. I fvvcking love this game!!!
  2. ...and he was for a time - from about ‘88 to ‘91? The thing is that, due to various things, he didn’t keep that “world’s best” level of performance throughout the latter part of his career. I honestly believe he could have been the best ever.
  3. Pulsar, it’s really encouraging that you have the confidence to talk about your struggles and steps forward to control your mental illness but, surely, you must realise that there is not just one mental illness and not all people can cope as well as others. It looks like Gazza struggles to cope OR when he did/does “stumble”, everyone was able to see him do so.
  4. Gazza has acted despicably at times, no doubt and I appreciate where you’re coming from but it was quite obvious that Gazza was ill a long time before his well publicised terrible behaviour. There are well known accounts of manic and obsessive behaviour when he was playing at Newcastle and Tottenham where he would train each day all day with all age groups and have to be forced to go home and accounts of international tournaments where he just wouldn’t sleep for days. Nobody intervened to help. His illness must have been compounded by the hero worship, ridicule or disdain he met wherever he went. There are no excuses for Gazza’s bad behaviour but there are reasons.
  5. A bit harsh that. He was mentally ill - something that is now recognised and treated (to an extent) rather than ridiculed and the exploited. Gazza needed support and never got it. I see him as a tortured soul rather than a disappointing human being.
  6. Gazza had the skill, flair and ability to be the best ever. From 1988/89 he had a period of about three years where he was beyond compare until he got that major knee injury against Forest in the FA Cup Final (?). If only he had the support and right management - he was in football twenty years too early in that respect; the only support he got was from that Jimmy “Five Bellies” and that was just supporting him at the bar. The press, tv and football shamelessly milked Gazza for all they could.
  7. For us: Either Chris Waddle or David Hirst Best visiting player at Hillsborough: Gazza when he came and ripped us a new one
  8. Wherever it is, I just hope that Bruce makes the players run their nuts off and when they’re not running they're, on the weights. Plenty of clean carbs, shed loads of protein and gallons of water. I wouldn’t let them near a football - it should be all about conditioning.
  9. I’d be mightily p155ed off if I was held to a contract where I was set to earn between £1M to £2M over the next year. I’d be fvvcking fuming.
  10. What gets me is that the families of the 96 soles that tragically died are the families of football fans and those very same families are wanting Sheffield Wednesday to be prosecuted - a club loved by thousands of football fans in the very same way that Liverpool FC fans love their club. Could prosecution kill SWFC? I bet there would be a distinct possibility it could. Would the families of the 96 really want that?
  11. Isn’t he the guy that co-wrote Father Ted? He’s a bit old to be a footballer.
  12. To be fair, it would be a travesty if Shaw won. Both Preston goals, the Donny goal and the Gillingham goal are all better.
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