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  1. That’s purely hypothetical in my opinion. The PL won’t fail. It’ll come back with a bang when all this is over. Football will be more popular than ever especially the PL.
  2. I heard someone on the radio (I think it was 5Live) saying that the current economic situation due to the pandemic was showing how ludicrous footballers salaries are in the top divisions and that the time is ripe to “fix” this. I couldn’t agree more but I believe any “fix” shouldn’t be applied to the lower divisions. I believe that top footballers should be paid a premium salary but not to tge levels they are on now. My questions to you all. Do you think top footballers’ salaries will be addressed? What would be a reasonable and sensible weekly salary for a top player?
  3. Hold onto your glass for dear life!!! Fvvck me! I’ve been absolutely bladdered in there. It was half price for women but some of the women in their could put more away than the men.
  4. I get notifications for replies to my posts - that’s why I looked. Anyway, I’m out.
  5. You keep thinking like that pal. I’m out.
  6. I’m out. You’re either crackers or a hater.
  7. No, it isn’t a delusional game; I believe Palmer is the best right at the club - Hutchinson and Iorfa aren’t better; they are makeshift fullbacks and Kieran Lee isn’t a fullback as has been proved - he’s the best midfielder in the club when fit and on form - people asserting Lee is a fullback need their bumps felt. You are absolutely right that there are better fullbacks than Palmer in the leagu (that’s one thing we can agree upon) but we don’t have the money available to buy them right now.
  8. Hunt - left Buxton- retired Hutchison - not enough games at fullback to make comparison Iorfa - spectacular at right back on his day but scary when not and has too many scary days.
  9. No we’re not. That line is always trotted out - it always sounds like a line spat out by a petulant toff (such as Jacob Rees-Mogg) to me. Most people want more but understand the situation we’re in.
  10. I heard him say “I might miss chances but I’m getting into the good positions to have those chances” in reply to that criticism and he was absolutely correct. The difference between a good forward and a great forward (like Bright) is the ability to make a chance for yourself by either fashioning it yourself or getting into the right position to get on the end of it.
  11. He had a great understanding with Waddle also.
  12. Oh yeah - it’s a swap; I forgot that. I’d swap Hirst for Rhodes.
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