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  1. Fabien Delph is a player that can play in a midfield two and get stuck in. Danny Wilson is 5’ 6” and must have been around 60kg when he played and he dominated midfield; I wonder how heavy Graham Hyde was when he played in our midfield.
  2. Don’t quote me on this but I think Vardy was released by us because he had the wrong attitude - there was no doubt about his talent. He then found himself in amateur football leading to semi-pro football; he realised the opportunity he’s missed and turned himself around (albeit under licence for an offence when at Stocksbridge Park Steels). Ian Wright spent significant time trialing at some southern clubs as a youth but was passed over; there’s the famous story of Chris Waddle getting wide interest from league clubs but getting no takers (and having to work in a sausage factory and play semi-professional) until he was about 20 years old before Newcastle “gambled” on him; I think that Mark Bright was similar in terms of interest but no takers. My point is here is that professional football is littered with instances of successful players being released or not taken on by clubs as youths. Every club will have not kept or not recruited players they should have - Sheffield United decided to take Alex Sabella instead of Diego Maradona for heavens sake.
  3. Lovely pass wasn’t it sir? Oh yes! Suits you sir! Oooh! Laid on a plate sir, wasn’t it! Suits you! Kevin de Britney! Ooh!
  4. Fox. There’s no question to ask. He won us the game with his contributions at both ends of the pitch.
  5. Look at this clip of his goal on Twitter. Is there anyone that enjoys scoring as much as Winnall? He scores and tries to keep it calm to acknowledge Reach but you can see something fizzing behind his eyes and then when Reach grabs him, Winnall’s reaction is primal.
  6. No; Brian Laws has us playing the best most exciting football since Big Ron and he hasn’t been surpassed as yet. Plus Laws did it with lesser players than Carlos.
  7. Dawson, Fox, Hutchinson, Nuhiu and Fletcher are match day regulars and should be considered for new contracts. Out of those five, I think the toughest decision is whether to retain Hutchinson and Fletcher given their injury records. Contracts for the other three.
  8. You’re embarrassing yourself again. Do you have any self awareness?
  9. You pay your money so it’s your choice but I must admit that I’ve never left before the end of the match. We were rubbish but isn’t that the time that the players need our support the most?
  10. I don’t know whether it’s a natural tendency or it’s instruction but I think Bannan sits too deep at times; I think he does most of his best work when he’s more advanced - not Kieran Lee territory but on the edge of the final third where he can orchestrate our attacks. For the record. I think Bannan and Lee are the best two players of the last 20 years and could have easily fitted in the early 90s squad.
  11. Actually, it’s a stopped clock that is right twice a day. A broken clock could be correct once, twice or more times a day or never right depending on how it is broken. If you’re going to make a fool of yourself criticising Nuhiu then at least state your proverb correctly.
  12. There are 14 idiots (13 + SwintOwl). See above for working out.
  13. No. It’s Tony Christie not Art Garfunkel
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