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Community Answers

  1. It’s like the Highbrow/Lowbrow question on Richard Osman’s House of Games
  2. I don’t care how much Rhodes cost. He was rubbish.
  3. I disagree wholeheartedly that Rhodes was coached incorrectly or poorly. His problem was his attitude and application. We have had players with less talent than him that have applied themselves tenfold more.
  4. This^^ I don’t want Moore to leave but I think you have to let any manager leave if they’ve had their head turned.
  5. Really? Trotting around like a fvvcking show pony? Berahino has been ten times the player for us that Rhodes was. I generally deplore slagging off Wednesday players but he brought the very worst out in me when he was with us. He barely looked like he was even going through the motions for us.
  6. Fvvck him. He doesn’t play SWFC now. In fact, he was a fvvcking wet lettuce for us.
  7. Also, our nickname used to be The Blades (before that other lot across the city existed) and we used to play at Bramall Lane (again, before that other lot across the city existed) although that was never owned by us - we just rented it for a season or two.
  8. We've always played in blue and white but there is a bit of uncertainty about how the blue and white was configured on the shirts - it could have been stripes (like it is now) or it could have been half blue and half white (like Blackburn Rovers) but, I think, most SWFC historians think it was blue and white hoops (like QPR).
  9. The megastore would become the football version of a "head" shop.
  10. Indeed, that’s two Wednesday players and the game they are playing is football. What do I win?
  11. I like it when the “Retained” list comes out - it feels like drawing a line through the season just finished and I start to look forward to the next season. Anyone else feel this way?
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