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  1. Brian Laws?

    A mixed time a Burnley and then a mixed time at Scunny (I think) but what has Megson or Karanka done or many of the other names mentioned? At least Laws and Megson know the club and understand the fans expectations.
  2. Brian Laws?

    I didn’t know he’d had health problems. Nothing sinister I hope?
  3. Brian Laws?

    If not Laws then Megson. Even if it’s to then end of the season. We need someone that not only knows English football but also our fans.
  4. Brian Laws?

    - Had us playing great football with lesser quality players than we have now - Respected by his players - Understands the fans and refused to put his name against the ridiculous and terrible legal action - Has kept a close eye on us and talks sense when a pundit for RS - Knows exactly what our rivalry with the pigs is all about - that famous celebration running down the wing springs to mind - Sets up to attack rather than defend - Unfairly sacked (IMO) - Highest finish in Championship before Chansiri and Carlos arrived I’d love him to get another chance
  5. You either haven’t fully read @TrickyTrev‘s post or you don’t understand irony.
  6. If I were the Wednesday Chairman, I’d pimp that motherfvcckker up like a West Coast rapper’s tour bus !
  7. How can I? They haven’t applied yet. We’ve been in worse states than this and still had decent managers applying for the hot seat at Hillsborough. DC isn’t afraid to pay the wages so it leads that decent managers will apply.
  8. Will he bring Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs as his back room staff when he joins?
  9. No you didn’t; you defected to the Popular Front didn’t you?
  10. I have no respect for people that arse kiss
  11. I think I’ve more or less summed up below what is generally discussed amongst our fans. Please amend, append or delete as you see fit. My questions: 1. Why do we have no aggressive ball winning midfielders other than Hutchinson? 2. Would you have bought Sam Hutchinson if he hadn’t been here when you arrived? 3. You have said previously that we have players with “pace of mind” but why is there no physical pace in the squad? 4. Why is there no right-footed option for right winger/right midfield other than playing Lee there out of position? 5. Why do we constantly “tuck in” our wingers and rely on fullbacks to overlap and provide width? 6. Why do our players refuse the obvious forward pass and select the safe option of passing sideways or backwards instead? 7. How would you describe our style of play/tactics? E.g. counter attack, pressing, direct, possession... 8. You have claimed that some players are nervous - why don’t you drop them out of the team for a while? 9. Do you realise that you are losing your connection with the fans by putting the emphasis on them to improve the players moral? 10. Why are you alone unable to lift the players moral? 11. What style of football, formation and/or tactic will allow Jordan Rhodes to score consistently like he did for Huddersfield Town and why aren’t we employing the same? 12. Why have we no central midfielder that naturally occupies advanced positions and runs beyond the forwards other than Kieran Lee? 13. Would you have bought Kieran Lee if he hadn’t been here when you arrived? 14. Many fans, if not all, believe that in the last season and a half, we have moved away from a confident, expressive, expansive and attractive style used in your first season to an over-cautious, defence-minded and “safety first” style that is more about stopping the opposition winning than enabling us to win; do you agree? 15. You come across as very defensive, aggressive and angry at times in your interviews; do you realise this and, if you do, is there a reason that you exhibit that type of behaviour?
  12. Yes. The football is dreadful and I want Carlos gone if it doesn’t improve; I want stripes and the simplistic owl badge back and I want to feel that connection with the club again; however; going to the game is much more an event than watching the game for me - it’s as much about spending time with my mates. Sheffield Wednesday is the one thing we all have in common. So I will renew but for reasons other than supporting Carlos and Mr Chansiri. We (the collective “We”) have seen off managers and straightened out chairman before, we can do it again. Sheffield Wednesday will still be around a long time after Carlos and Chansiri have gone.