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  1. Send out Bullen every other press conference then. That’ll mix things up.
  2. shandypants

    Another formation thread : back to basics

    I was using your theory of Natural Drift Snoots old bean. I’d horse-whip the blighter to make him play further up the pitch but it seems that young Bannan wants to play it front of those defender chaps.
  3. shandypants

    Another formation thread : back to basics

    I’d change that slightly to: Dawson Baker Lees Hutchinson Thornily Bannan Lee Reach Forestieri Hooper Nuhiu
  4. shandypants

    Another formation thread : back to basics

    When everyone is fit, I would go with 3-4-3 or more like 3-4-1-2. The team would be: Westwood Lees Hutch Pudil Palmer Lee Bannan Reach Forestieri Hooper Nuhiu I am assuming that Westwood will have returned to his normal self. I haven’t seen enough of Baker yet for him to oust Palmer but he looks to have the potential to. Hutch to advance into midfield to support Bannan when Lee makes his forward runs.
  5. What a fella and well done to young Cameron. Keep it up sunshine.
  6. shandypants

    Lopsided wing play

    Hmmm. I’m not so sure. We went 3-4-3 for a while yesterday with Reach on the right, Forestieri on the left and Fletcher down the middle. The only real success we had then was when Reach and FF swapped over for a minute or two and Reach put that exquisite cross into the back post that Fletcher didn’t take. I’d much rather see players on their natural foot than on the other wing.
  7. I would “+10” this post if I could.
  8. Did you go yesterday? Fletcher was isolated as was Nuhiu against Wigan until Joao came on. If Forestieri plays as part of a front two then he needs to get closer to his strike partner.
  9. No, unfortunately not. Joao has a groin injury - they can be really difficult to get back quickly from.
  10. shandypants

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I don’t think you can play the “thats what a Wednesday fan does” card unfortunately (sorry - not meant as a dig at you). I attend because I enjoy the experience and can afford to, not through some sense of duty. I have had a season ticket every year since the age of 18 (I’m 49 now) and attended before then but I enjoy going even if we lose. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Owls but for me (and countless others) it’s as much about spending time with friends, having a pint, a chinwag and the banter. I am lucky as I have had the same group of friends in my time as a season ticket holder. The minute I stop enjoying attending matches is the point I stop going. My guess is that many fans that can afford to attend have mates that can’t and that is affecting their enjoyment at games and, in turn, keeping them away also. The recent pricing strategy and policy is short sighted in my opinion.
  11. shandypants

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    The club ought to take note of posts and threads like this. It’s pure gold in terms of market information as opposed to surveys that produce the result that you wish to see.
  12. I don’t disagree. I was more commenting on how Fletcher can play not how he applies himself in that role.
  13. I’m sick of hearing and reading about this. This whole affair has tainted my opinion of Hirst Snr and Nigel Pearson and I’m gutted about that as they are heroes of mine particularly Hirst who is (probably was) my favourite player. George Hirst can go and fvcck himself as far as I’m concerned - I wouldn’t be upset if his career went backwards.
  14. I don’t think we necessarily need pace rather a pairing up front that will “Hunt as a pack”. The problem with Forestieri up front is that he’s very often miles away from his strike partner and/or doing his own thing (which is fantastic don’t get me wrong). I think Fletcher has the game to work off another big centre-forward. He reminds me a bit of Duncan Ferguson - a player equally as good with his back to goal or facing it.
  15. Joao is injured hence the question I posed about a Nuhiu/Fletcher partnership.