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  1. “Guwan Barry ya wee Fvvcking dancer!!!!”
  2. 1. Garry Monk does an interview where he doesn’t repeat the same thing over and over again 2. Jordan Rhodes scores a solitary goal and Chansiri gives him a 12 year contract even though Garry Monk had lined up a buyer. Rhodes negotiates a “thumbs up” bonus in place of a goal-scoring bonus 3. SAG impose a maximum limit of one person per stand for when crowds return to Hillsborough
  3. Who scored on Sunday and where was he when he scored?
  4. I don’t care what other clubs’ fans think. Remind me who scored on Sunday?
  5. I agree we need a refresh - absolutely; but given our current situation, I just can’t see wholesale changes happening.
  6. ... extending existing players’ contract has less of an impact on profit and sustainability/FFP so I think we ought to be prepared for a frustrating close season with some “unpopular choices” re-signing or extending existing contracts.
  7. ... but this is where your lack of appreciation for a centre-forward clouds your judgement Ian. A centre-forward can’t always be on the shoulder of the last defender because his game is to drop deep and bring in other players; it’s a striker’s job to be on the shoulder of the last defender. Not being in the area has nothing to do with Nuhiu’s lack of “tactical nouse” it’s more to do with the fact that he’s just been involved in the play outside the penalty area. Bring in another centre-forward and he’ll be the same. Connor Wickham for example, is he always on the shoulder of the last defender? No. Was he in the box for every cross put in there? No, he wasn’t.
  8. Hutchinson aside, is there a Jordan Henderson type player in the Football League that we could get our hands on because I think that’s the type of player you’re referring to.
  9. We’re not really playing to soak it up and hit hard of the counter attack though are we? It very much appears that we’re trying to play “front foot” football rather than counter attack.
  10. But then we defend more than we attack. The system can work with the players we have, we just need to take our chances.
  11. Iorfa. Can’t see us hanging onto him in the long term if he plays like that regularly.
  12. I know you’re referring to Nuhiu based upon the names given to him on here but the real donkey is Jordan “can’t be arsed now and in living off past success” Rhodes. That donkey you referred to scored today has scored more goals than Rhodes and has provided more assists yet we have fans that refer to Nuhiu as a donkey and sing the virtues of Rhodes (whatever the Fvvck they are).
  13. If we’re going to look at up value for money (I.e. goals per pound spent) then we keep Nuhiu and get rid of Rhodes.
  14. Of course I know what it means - stop being so condescending. Just because Palmer has played over 200 games in one position doesn’t mean he can’t excel in another - Paul Warhurst spring to mind? I think Palmer has been a roaring success since footy has returned. Also, in a 3-5-2, Murphy is playing as a winger not a wingback.
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