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  1. I think that anyone that can’t penetrate the box in the first half needs pulling off at halftime.
  2. I hope Monk can get a tune out of Rhodes because we paid top dollar for him and he’s paid well. However, Rhodes’ performances have given me the impression that he is just going through the motions and turning up to pick up his wage. He fvvcking infuriates me.
  3. Prutton is one of the better pundits/journalists in my opinion. He doesn’t “kiss arse” but neither does he say things just to be controversial. He’s quite balanced.
  4. I used to work in Bradford alongside dozens of Leeds fans. They absolutely loved Monk and we’re devastated when he left.
  5. I wish there was a “post of the day” option because this post would get it.
  6. ...because the “smallest” club Monk has managed is Swansea. He will have a good grasp of big players’ mentality. The Cowleys were unproven in this aspect.
  7. Tom Lees: “I’m injured” SWFC Doctor: “What’s your injury?” Tom Lees: “What injury did Hooper and Forestieri have when they spent months in Barcelona?” SWFC Doctor: “Hooper hip and Forestieri knee” Tom Lees: “It’s my hip and knee - they really hurt”
  8. I don’t have any particular choice but I’m not questioning your choice in terms of who they are, I’m questioning the criteria that you put for for selecting the manager. Our criteria should be based around promotion from the Championship. When did did we start looking good? When Bruce joined us - a manager with promotion from the Championship on his CV.
  9. ...after six games with numerous teams either on the same points or just one or two points fewer.
  10. FFS! They’re managing Lincoln! People only really notice them because they’re brothers. Lincoln have just three points more than we do. It’s not like they’re tearing up League 1. Get an experienced manager in. It’s daft gambling on relatively new managers.
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