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    I don’t think Swarbrook is bent - I think he’s just weak. The Villa players and Bruce were in his ear constantly and it appeared he complied with their demands. He also appeared to suffer from temporary blindness around the time of a few heavy challenges and blatant dives from Villa players- it’s a medical condition.
  2. There you go Neil. That’s the opening post from a thread about Boyd. I heard fans in the ground complaining about Boyd and Fox and there were the usual suspects having a go about Nuhiu. I will admit that there were also fans being positive and also fans lamenting our back luck.
  3. ‘Kin’ell ! That’s rich coming from you.
  4. I disagree. Today was the first time for a long time that I couldn’t see the obvious substitution.
  5. ... but who does Jos take off? Everyone of our players were magnificent today. The referee must have had a claret and blue top on under his shirt.
  6. Villa had about 5 minutes of the game until their second equaliser on 68(?) minutes. After that, it was level pegging at best for Villa. The worse piece of play for us was their first goal when we left them unchallenged down our left channel from their free kick. They then had two great finishes and a penalty that the ref loved giving as it allowed Villa to get clear.
  7. ... can fvcckk right off; because if you do, you’re a full weight fvcckktard!
  8. Long term Jos....

    I hope he’s here long term. Anyone that could stop us losing and give us more steel like Jos has obviously knows his stuff.
  9. Glenn loovens please retire

    A bit harsh that Tink
  10. I think Zidane was better than Messi is; and as I mentioned earlier, I think Maradona and Ronaldinho were better players than Messi is. I don’t think Messi can be considered a better player than them until he has played in team with ordinary players and still won something.
  11. Jacob Butterfield

  12. You’re fvcckking nicked for impersonating a grammar police officer!
  13. Tinpot pre walkout music

    Smack My Biittcch Up would be better. I’d love if all our fans would sing “Chase ma biittcch’up, smack ma biittcch’up” as the team walked out.