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  1. It’s not at dislike of Megson; it’s a dislike of how he’s constantly obsessed about by a certain few on here.
  2. It still rankles me somewhat that they set up their training ground at Shirecliffe - cheeky barstewards.
  3. Not so. Hillsborough was chosen over Bramall Lane for Euro ‘96 and the last World Cup bid. The reason Hillsborough was chosen for the last World Cup bid related to the fact that there is plenty of space for a fan park and camp site in Hillsborough Park. Link this with the fact that Hillsborough Park successfully accommodates Tramlines on a yearly basis (thus can demonstrate it can host large crowds), Hillsborough Corner is nearby, and that there is an actual tramline almost next to the ground that can take you to the heart of the city, Kelham Island, West Street/Division Street, the Universiti
  4. Moore looks pleased. Williams looks like he’s photobombing. Smith looks like he’s just discovered that Darren Moore is his girlfriend’s Dad.
  5. "I just want to give Sheffield Wednesday every ounce and every inch I have". What is he? About 6'3" and about 16 stone? That's a lot of inches and a lot of ounces! He's a fvvcking unit!
  6. Chansiri confused Darren Moore with Darren Ferguson? Has Moore left?
  7. I like Thompson and Bullen - they've both had a good stint at the club. Maybe they'll stay and return to their previous roles, but, history tells us that, at some point, a new manager will come in and Thompson and Bullen will be out. I'd like them to stay but don't be surprised if they leave the club.
  8. The problem we have is that we "leave the back door open" when we play attacking football. Maybe Moore will choose to handle our defending first.
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