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  1. Should our next manager be BAME/LGBT?

    It’s an interesting theory but I don’t know how that would stack up against appointments of first time football managers. There’s no way to judge their true ability but the vast majority are white. I’m interested by this phenomenon. I would always want Wednesday to have the best manager and not appoint based on tokenism but I believe that the Rooney rule isn’t true tokenism - it always allows you to appoint the best coach irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity and sexuality.
  2. Should our next manager be BAME/LGBT?

    The Rooney Rule isn’t for enlightened people like yoursel then; it’s for sports coach recruiters that that have (maybe purely innocent) misconceptions about non-white, non-heterosexual or female people.
  3. #boycottthekit

  4. #boycottthekit

  5. Should our next manager be BAME/LGBT?

    I don’t think we should positively discriminate in our appointment. We should have a positive discrimination element to our first cut of candidates to interview. That’s what the Rooney rule states. I agree with that.
  6. Geoff boycott theory

    Genuinely 'd at that.
  7. Geoff boycott theory

    Are you advocating that Carlos defends his wicket at all cost and only puts the bad ball away or beat up (allegedly) his long-term girlfriend?
  8. Julian Nagelsmann

    Fvvcck it! It pains me to admit this and I'll possibly (probably) get pelters for saying it but the brightest young(ish) manager around at the moment is managing the pigs. I feel nauseous.
  9. No not Carlos - it’s me! I loved Carlos in his first season; lost faith for most of last season but gained it back in the last 10 league games only to have it smashed to bits in the play-offs against Huddersfield. This season I’m all over the fvcckking place! Ive kept my counsell this season over Carlos but, fvcckk it! Ive had enough. Carlos is the biggest mind fvcckk around. Get rid.
  10. We always end a teams bad run

    No we don’t
  11. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Obviously, you’re not versed on the subtleties of the game. I wouldn’t necessarily states Jones is World Class or better than Hutch for that matter but he is a good player.
  12. Hutchinson vs Jones

    If it’s a straight choice then it’s Jones’s place to lose at the moment. There’s pros and cons to each: Jones is more measured and less likely to detriment his game by being “carded” but he isn’t necessarily going to chance the game for the better; Hutch is very dynamic and can really positively affect the game but he can be rash at times which results in yellow and, at times, red cards which render him somewhat ineffective. However, there’s no reason why we can’t play them together though. Jones could sit, Hutch could “Beast”, Bannan and Lee could do what they like