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  1. Hughton May well see himself as a Premier League Manager now and that might be the reason we’re not attractive to him.
  2. Fvvck me! Some of our fans still can’t pronounce Nuhiu’s or Pelupessy’s names correctly; they’ll be screwed if Giovanni van Bronckhorst becomes our manager.
  3. Please stop! I don’t care what people think of Bruce! He’s gone. Some people will think it’s a good thing - it doesn’t mean they’re evil. Let it go.
  4. I think the more pertinent point here is not that Danny and Ruud were right or wrong but that Mr C has been dry bummed by Bruce good style.
  5. The soft embargo does not affect extending the contract of existing players. That would be forcing us to asset strip.
  6. I don’t believe Bullen wants to be manager but I wouldn’t be opposed to him being given a chance to prove himself if he fancies it (with the option of moving back onto the staff if he fails). I think we have churned over far too many managers in the last few seasons and I think that Bullen offers the stability that I think we need and, I’m guessing, that Mr C craves. Surely, Bullen has the contacts within football to assemble an effective management team that could support him?
  7. I can see it all now..... After 23 games as manager (10 caretaker, 13 permanent) and a 100% win rate in the 2019/20 season, Lee Bullen looks set to quit Sheffield Wednesday to join Hearts. “It’s news to me” he said. “I am just looking to get a few days off to walk the dog after this busy Christmas period.”
  8. I fvvcking love Gary Lineker. He is the best English striker that I have seen in my lifetime.
  9. I was thinking exactly the same. It’s not like we’re in dire straits. The deadwood has been cut out of the squad and the only real question mark player wise is Jordan Rhodes. If Bruce goes the a good English manager that knows this league is a must as the next appointment. Steady evolution not radical revolution.
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