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  1. As long as it’s fair and balanced and not a vehicle for someone to promote their media career then go for it.
  2. Where is Waddle mentioned apart from in your post? I can’t see him mentioned anywhere else.
  3. RIP Johnny. Get your All Stars team up and running up there.
  4. Top place. Over 21s only. Men couldn’t get in unless they were with a woman. You had to be dressed proper smart.
  5. I didn’t miss him. He does my head in.
  6. He’ll not get n the side at this rate.
  7. I voted him as MOM earlier in the other thread. Easiest choice really. He was a brilliant.
  8. I’ve just checked it out on the website. I’m having one of the those.
  9. I love the Greasy Vera’s one. Ultimate kudos for that! My God, I spent some time there. Me and my mates genuinely had an account there. We were always straightening up for last week and getting something “on the tab” to be paid next week. A Vera’s special, cup of tea and a wagon wheel - fvvck me, that’d straighten you out after a night on the p155 in town. There was a real mix of people that hung out at Greasy V’s. Lads and lasses on their way home, prozzies, pimps, dealers, coppers, Yardies, taxi drivers, students, etc. All having a laugh and getting things on the tab for this week and paying for last week’s stuff. For the life for me though, I can’t remember the guys name (and I saw him every week for years). Cheers DeeJayOne. You’ve made my day.
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