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  1. we had 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats in the reverse fixtures this season, so why can't we do it again?
  2. 'Good that fox is back' That is something I thought I would never hear a few weeks ago with the amount of stick he was receiving.
  3. yes, I was there. good 3-3 draw and I believe we did Rotherham 5-0 the week after. just a few more weeks before my favourite ever away game at Blackburn.
  4. correct, it is a drop ball but not an uncontested drop ball for Chelsea.
  5. ok fair enough but why is the drop ball uncontested?
  6. if we are 2-0 up with 5 mins to go, then no.
  7. Been on quite a few mainly in the 70s and 80s, Grimsby 1-0 with Curran scoring a header in a 1-0 win, losing 3-2 at Bradford, winning 2-0 at Cardiff around 82/83, Man Utd 2-1 new years day 85 with varadi getting both, Man City in 83/84 with varadi scoring twice again, Forest losing 3-2 (I think), Bristol Rovers 3-3 at Eastville around 1982, Aston Villa 1-1 around 85, Wrexham lost 4-0 around 79ish, Tranmere 1-1 in the fa cup 2nd round 1978, Ipswich 1-1 around 84, probably a few more. Strangely the only game I didn't celebrate was at Grimsby, no trouble apart from a few choice words at Forest and Man City.
  8. he keeps quiet and everybody slags him off, he releases a statement and people slag him off, not exactly sure what some people want from him.
  9. sorry Torres but I have been lucky enough to watch Wednesday in the top flight from 1984-2000, I would much rather us win the FA Cup than get promotion to the premier league.
  10. If Bruce had done well at Villa then why would he be coming here, why would any manager come here if they were doing well with their prospective clubs? We were only going to attract somebody out of work or another foreign manager we have never heard of. Bruce is about the best option of managers available, as for Bullen, lovely chap but management material? nah
  11. anyway, back on topic, any news on who is picking the team for tomorrow?
  12. I know, that's why I edited it but I was too late before you replied.
  13. apologies, I read it wrong but I knew what you meant
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