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  1. it shouldn't be a problem, remember Chansiri saying our ticket money contributes basically nothing.
  2. I never mentioned anything about just posting stuff as for your opinion that Francis was a crap manager it's just that, your opinion, in my opinion you are wrong. I'm not saying he didn't leave the club in a worse state than when he inherited it as most managers do, but he gave us the most entertaining side that I have watched in 47 years. Give me those days anytime compared to us winning the 3rd division (or whatever it was) playoff after finishing 5th in the league, 26 points behind the champions and calling that success. As for Lee Bullen, lovely bloke but can't understand this obsession that he played in every position for us, he was a bang average defender at best and just happened to play all over the park when we were short. I can't really comment on his coaching ability but he's not exactly pulling up trees is he.
  3. so by that logic you must think Dave Jones is a messiah for finishing a division above where he took over. ps, did Trevor used to pinch your dinner money at break time?
  4. if you want to show him the amazing fans, then take him to an away game not bloody Hillsborough.
  5. they may have well said, football is going to get the season finished so everybody can get their payout and see sky happy and oh, b*llocks to the fans.
  6. especially at Hillsborough, who was the last player to come through the ranks to play at a high standard?
  7. another promising youngster who never seemed to force his way in to the first team regularly. we seem to get so many promising players but they never seem to make the grade, are they just not good enough or is there something wrong with the system at Hillsborough?
  8. the government has just announced extending furloughing for another 4 months till October, surely they are not going to let football start very soon if the country is going to remain on hold.
  9. been going since 73 so do remember, the excitement of watching the odd foreigner coming to Hillsborough as an opposition player. The first one I remember for Wednesday was Ante Mirocevic in about 1982. I also remember half of the team coming from the local area or from our own academy, people who genuinely played for the shirt. This is the perfect time to try and do something about it all, but as usual sod all will get done.
  10. they are the full seasons programmes bound together in a book, I believe they used to be given to the directors each season.
  11. I was going to say that the standard of football would be much worse, but I doubt it can be.
  12. are you interested in any of these programmes?
  13. so, under Ashley they went up as champions twice in a few years, I have never seen Wednesday do that in 47 years
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