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  1. You're my You're my favorite waste of time You're my You're my favorite waste of time Here I am I'm playin' day dreamin' fool again You're my favorite game And you are the one Whose got my head in the clouds above You're the one that I love And you're my Wednesday , you're my favorite waste of time You're my Said you're my favorite waste of time
  2. i like this idea When I was a young boy My father took me into the city To see a poo football team He said, "Son, when you grow up Would you be the saviour of the broken The beaten and the damned?"
  3. collapsed on the pitch and was given cpr and defibs on the pitch, horrific scenes.
  4. When Leeds got in to trouble financially, it was for overspending to play in the champions league and the top of the premiership, we've got in to a mess for 1 crap performance at Wembley, just sums Wednesday up.
  5. Stop panicking, those golden elephants are worth 20m each.
  6. I wonder of Chansiri gives a throw what the trust think.
  7. knowing our luck, Chansiri will be bought out by Paxo
  8. Lincoln is a decent day out, may not have Blackpool but we have Fleetwood and maybe Morecambe instead.
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