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  1. He was a poor mans Lee Chapman
  2. good 1-1 result for Huddersfield at Chelsea tonight, means Swansea need a 10 goal swing at the weekend to avoid relegation
  3. matt68owls

    ffs Wednesday

    semi final v Brighton in 1983, convinced we were going to Wembley, never been so disappointed leaving a match since. 3-3 v derby, so angry that I launched my radio 50 foot across the works depot, never worked again for some reason. 1993 cup final, for obvious reasons. losing 1-0 to West Brom in approx. 2008/2009 on a Tuesday night, they scored a last minute winner, nothing match for us but they went up that season, I felt really angry for some reason, I felt like we had been really cheated. being 3-1 up with 15 mins to go at Arsenal in 2000, thought we were finally going to win at Highbury and give us a chance in the last game V Leicester of stopping up, but no, FFS wednesday
  4. matt68owls

    Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    looks like murrays tears was worse than we thought
  5. I went to the 1-1 draw in 1976, I remember the Wednesday fans counting the Wednesday coaches as they arrived, got to about 42 if I remember right and the away end was already full as they arrived.
  6. matt68owls


  7. matt68owls

    Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    utd finished just before us and they kicked off at 8
  8. matt68owls

    Places you've not sat and why

    Anybody on here old enough to have stood on the lower north stand before it changed in the early 60s?
  9. This was easter 1980, my favourite game was just after. The 2-1 at Ewood park. 12k wednesday fans on a Tuesday night, what an atmosphere leaving the ground.
  10. matt68owls

    Shirt prices

    As it's our 150th anniversary, expect a £150 package to buy all 3 together
  11. came up as 1-1, came on here, posted and went back, still 0-1