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  1. Denis leman, remember him being announced as Denis lemon at both cambridge and oxford.
  2. surely no neutral fan is still watching this.
  3. I thought we couldn't possibly start the second half as bad as the first, looks like I was wrong.
  4. honestly think we are lucky to have 0, offering absolutely bugger all
  5. beat Derby on Friday and we move up to 20th
  6. sky reporter said Boro had 20 attempts, my William Hill account said 3 on target and 4 off target.
  7. so MM sold us to a successful businessman who was willing to plough millions in to our club, I seem to remember most posters on here wetting themselves at having a new chairman willing to throw money at us. How on earth can MM be blamed for not knowing that DC was pig headed and would want to do everything his own way whilst being extremely badly advise by others.
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