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  1. matt68owls

    Bang Average League

    have Leeds handed back the championship trophy to Utd yet?
  2. matt68owls

    the Bbc, they say...

    that would be the brilliant again
  3. matt68owls

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    excellent result, poor first half but got the result we needed to put us in the top 6
  4. matt68owls

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    just keep hold of the ball for the last 30 seconds
  5. matt68owls

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    can't keep a bloody clean sheet
  6. matt68owls

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    at least a little more positive this half
  7. matt68owls

    Soccer am

    I switched Soccer AM on for the first time in years this morning, saw Jimmy Bullard and switched it straight back off.
  8. matt68owls

    #OnThisDay in 1977

    he was the manager when I started following Wednesday, I was disappointed when he was sacked and even more pissed off when he took Richard Walden to Newport close after for just £2,500.
  9. matt68owls

    Wearing another teams top.

    You should have tried S2, plenty of tail tugging tuggers down there
  10. get in, we needed that
  11. matt68owls

    Non paying customers

    at the moment I am a non paying customer due to my circumstances, but after being a season ticket holder for 20+ years and following us home and away regularly since 1973, should I be discarded and forgot about? Don't they think people like me will return when circumstances change? don't alienate ANY of the fanbase, it will come back to bite you.
  12. matt68owls

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    no Hirsty?
  13. matt68owls


    does he still frequent Owlstalk?