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  1. I knew what you meant, I was just being pedantic, I thought it's what you had to do on here
  2. not that i'm aware of, they have been threatened a couple of times but ended up with a fine.
  3. L**ds started on -15 and got in to the playoffs, Bournemouth started on -17 and stayed up.
  4. With our manager and squad, we might be the first team to finish the season with minus points.
  5. not sure but is that when the season officially ends?
  6. I used to buy and sell shirts for a living, very lucrative business, pity it dried up. big daves leading the way at £225
  7. I didn't realise how out of touch I am with football, I don't recognise 1 single player on that first page.
  8. Day 38 of the 3 day trial, are we trying to beat Huddersfields unbeaten streak?
  9. just imagine getting a 9 point deduction now, Warnock would have just sent us down.
  10. being absolutely shiiite for 5 months, will have sent us down
  11. hardly ever injured, always gave 100%, that's all I ever asked for in a player. He's not blessed with talent or speed of others but he always gave everything for the team. people go on about his goalscoring record but let's face it, if he scored 20 a season he wouldn't be here anymore. Going to miss the big lad and maybe a few fans will when we don't have that option anymore.
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