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  1. I started going in 1973 and I am struggling to remember anytime we came from 3-0 down to get a result.
  2. so George Robledo is either South American or Chilean. Harkes is Either North American or American, so therefore the first American. simples
  3. Tracey Bateman, fizz knows how I remember that
  4. is it the first stages of moving to a new ground?
  5. Have Rochester Raging Rhinos finished? they seemed to have a decent little fanbase.
  6. what a signing he was, couldn't believe it when we signed him from Everton and he certainly didn't disappoint when he got here. One of my memories was seeing him chin john Burridge at Wolves and getting sent off after Burridge drop kicked pearson in a challenge. pissed it down all night, bannister missed 2 penalties and we lost 1-0.
  7. and 6 weeks later winning 2-1 at Old Trafford, with Varadi getting both goals
  8. bang £200 on qpr @4/1 and guarantee yourself a grand back either way, you could even win both bets as well.
  9. I have seen them all bar Megson and my vote goes for Irish. A little mention to Ian Bailey who looked like a real prospect before breaking his leg in a 2-0 win at Bolton just before the 83 semi final, never really recovered from his injury.
  10. Oh yes, it was one of those games where the atmosphere was electric, there is not many games I have been to where the away fans went crazy for the last few minutes and long after the game, the place was bouncing with fans hanging from the stations, the noise was amazing, on a par with blackburn 1980 and Newcastle 1984.
  11. the game and dive that probably cost us promotion that season as we missed out by 1 point to Norwich. Absolutely belting 2nd goal by bannister from the edge of the area. the usual crush getting out of the away end going down the tight path with Rotherham fans chucking things at you.
  12. we had 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats in the reverse fixtures this season, so why can't we do it again?
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