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  1. i really miss the way football was in the 1970s and 1980s, no messing around with tickets, calling in at the chippy on the way to an away match and always being full of fellow owls. finding a pub a few miles away from the ground and it still being full of owls, getting to the ground and finding on occasions that the away end was full, so you just went on the home end along with many other owls. on away games always tried to find anyone who had a portable transistor radio to keep you informed of scores, I remember being stood at a station (down south somewhere, maybe Gillingham) and a Wednesday fan going in to the station office and put the radio through the station loudspeaker, so everyone could hear the scores. the only real social media was the green un and Sheffield star during the week, as a 3rd division team you didn't get any airtime, sometimes you would turn up at a game and a new player would be there and you didn't have a clue who. you certainly weren't that bothered about what went off behinds the scenes at the club. As a fan who doesn't get to go much nowadays, the football coverage nowadays is a godsend, social media and owlstalk keeps you up to date on things.
  2. Dame Joan Cowley? whatever floats your boat mate
  3. didn't he have a brother called bobby? I seem to remember him scoring a hattrick against us, I think it was for Tranmere around 1977
  4. follow the phoenix club and wonder how places like Staveley miners welfare would cope with 10,000 of us turning up.
  5. Wednesday will only be allowed the Kop with Everton allowed 500 in the top of the leppings land end, south and north with be segregation
  6. I remember the 5-0 in the league at Hillsborough, I think Lineker got 2 maybe 3 and Neville Southall making a wonder save from a siggi jonsson free kick.
  7. Darlington away in the cup in the late 70s, it was a freezing cold night and snowing a blizzard. the 2 sets of fans were going at it like a war zone throwing concrete chunks at each other. Darlington won with an injury time winner from ex Wednesday player Ronnie Ferguson. On the way home we broke down on the A1, the old marina we were in didn't really have much in the way of heating so we stood there for what seemed hours freezing before some other wednesdayites came to our rescue an dropped us off at home.
  8. I must admit when Carl Shutt equalised in the 87 semi final, I thought that we were going to go on and beat them, until that volley from Graeme Sharp.
  9. I have to agree with that, Everton were arguably one of the best teams in England maybe even Europe at the time. after the 3 1-1 draws I really believed we were going to turn them over at Hillsborough.
  10. one of my first memories of the league cup was v Everton in 1977. As an 8 year old used to watching Wednesday struggle in the old 3rd division in front of 8,000-12,000 fans, to get first division Everton was a big deal. over 36,000 turned out to watch Everton beat us 3-1 with tommy tynan scoring the equaliser for Wednesday, Everton played a full side with the likes of Martin Dobson, Andy King, Mick 'the legend' Lyons, Bob Latchford, Bruce Rioch and Duncan Mckenzie. I can't actually remember Wednesday beating Everton in the cup, the Cup final was before my time, but I remember the 3 1-1 draws in 1988 followed by the 5-0 half time drubbing in the 4th game and the 2-1 semi final defeat at villa park in 1986. can anyone remember us beating them in the cup?
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