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  1. R.I.P Ritchie, behind some of the most exciting football we have played over the last 50 years, excellent coach.
  2. was the manager of the most exciting Wednesday team I have seen in 47 years, the only manager in that time that got us in to Europe and to an FA cup final.
  3. not much to be honest, I half expected somebody to maybe come out with something factual.
  4. 8 pages of f**k all, seems like a normal Owlstalk thread.
  5. The Rotherham 2-2 draw killed us, thanks to the cheating tw*at Tony Towner.
  6. Big Dave and Bannan could be a ventriloquist and dummy combination.
  7. just 2 goals from the new year to the end of the season, makes monks team look like Roy of the Rovers.
  8. don't worry, out coaches will soon knock that 100% effort out of him so he fits right in.
  9. The 2-1 win at Maine road was another good day out with Varadi scoring twice in the 2-1 win, we were sat in the stands opposite where the Wednesday fans were stood, it was really odd at the away end was half enpty at the start of the game, they all started pouring in just before half time. a bit hairy leaving the ground though.
  10. they bet us in the fa cup but we drew 2-2 with Liverpool in the QF of the League cup in front of the biggest crowd I was ever in at Hillsborough of 49,357. we lost the replay at Anfield in front of about 10-11.000 Wednesday fans, singing we'll be back again next year. The following year we won 2-0 with the fans singing, 'we said we'd be back and we are', absolutely brilliant season.
  11. excellent season, a hard working side who never gave up. I saw Wednesday score 6 for the first time v Swansea, 2 excellent results v Newcastle, a good cup run ended by Liverpool but we threw the title away in the last 3 games. as for Liverpool and Man Utd being untouchable, we won 2-0 at Anfield and 2-1 at Old Trafford the following season
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