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  1. Panic stations with Plymouth 3-0 down? Think we can actually let our blood pressure rest. Not often we get to do that as a Wednesday fan.
  2. Darren, please get Bannan, Luongo and Gregory off that pitch. Wednesday have broken me too many times before. Protect them at all costs.
  3. Bannan has been absolutely quality, no doubt. But has Johnson been our most important player this year? Plays 90 mins week in week out, rarely has a poor game no matter where he plays. With our injury crisis at the centre of defence, it's hard to imagine where we'd be if he hadn't stepped in and adequately filled the void. Then when we started getting players back and he was shifted wide again, he was often our biggest threat with his crossing. Signing of the season, player of the year for me!
  4. Stunning goal, but was that the game where it wasn't even the best goal of the game? McGinn hitting with a postage stamp effort rocketed into top corner. My favourite from Reach is against West Brom.
  5. Out of those 3 who could hit a rocket with their left feet, who has the best show reel of goals?
  6. A highly rated player, who was heavily criticised, scores a hatrick and gets the fans optimistic. That's where I was drawing comparison. Obviously Berahino is a much lower risk signing, where if he does produce it's a fantastic move by Moore. If not, it's never going to be the huge mistake that Rhodes turned out to be.
  7. I really hope we can keep him playing like he did yesterday. I remember when we all got excited after the Rhodes hatrick, thinking we were gonna see what we bought him for. I really hope it's not the case again here, Berahino has the pedigree to fire us to promotion if he continues to apply himself.
  8. I'd dread to think we're we'd be without Palmer and Johnson this season. Both always available, always work hard and will play anywhere they are required. Palmer has done it year after year. In the championship he was found out at times, but how many Championship players can you think of who could put in the shift he does across so many positions? In league one, he's an absolute asset to the club. I sincerely hope he stays here and transitions into coaching here at the end of his career. He bleeds blue and white.
  9. Got to admit it, I was wrong about this lad. Losing Corbeanu and signing Laing looked like a huge step down. But it's a genius move. Corbeanu has a big big future, and I wish we got to see more of him. But he was a luxury. Mendez Laing, in terms of ability is probably worse, but his work ethic, application and most importantly his decision making is far greater. He's an experienced lad, and knows how to get the job done. Well done Darren Moore. Sign him up long term.
  10. He's useless, absolutely useless. Worst defender I've seen in a long time. All of our best players get injured, so stop bloody praising him! Let him carry on being rubbish and he just might stay fit. Keep up the "poor" performances please Jordan.
  11. To be fair to Dunkley, even if he's been arrogant and seen himself above the rules, then he's just like those who set out the rules in the first place. And surely Hillsborough is his place of work so the rules don't apply.
  12. And let's not forget Pompey had an injury crisis with 2 or 3 missing.
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