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  1. Fans sound brilliant today. Team doesn't deserve the level of support they get for their performances.
  2. Great start from Wednesday from what I've seen so far. Cambridge look World class but we are clinging on. Cambridge are world class right, it's not just us making them look like that?
  3. We're a better team when he plays. Always puts in a solid performance and works hard. Just look at the results when he plays.
  4. Dennis makes me feel things I've never felt towards another man. Good player.
  5. That's how you respond to a bad performance. Well done lad.
  6. Results haven't been great recently, but I don't think we've been bad. We've not been great either, but we've dropped points we should have won, it being our own fault as opposed to the opponent earning it. Plus we've had a goal ruled out for offside and multiple penalties turned down. Wigan are top, but a win tonight puts us 4 points behind them. Complete new squad, new manager and new system, I think after a few positive results fans got carried away thinking it was going to be a breeze. It's a difficult league and we'll have ups and downs. But get behind the lads, we know they are good enough for promotion.
  7. Disappointing performance from AJ, no movement and repeatedly fell for the same faint and job. But it was really good to see a good fight, with professional boxers. The boxing drama series with Yourubers needs it's own brand as it's tarnishing real boxing. Separate it from boxing, like WWE is separate from UFC.
  8. AJ may be dressed like Ali, but certainly doesn't move like him. Head still waiting to get hit with that left every time.
  9. Happy to see Brown back in the squad. Where is Gibson though? I thought he was highly rated.
  10. 433 Hunt, Iorfa, Dunkley, Palmer Adeniran, Hutchinson, Bannan Berahino, Gregory, Shodipo That's what I'd expect.
  11. Where's Gibson too? Surprised he's had no involvement at all so far.
  12. Strong team. Strong bench. Good players not even involved. Are we sure this is actually Wednesday? And where is Gibson?
  13. Squad looks strong today, some great options on the bench. Hopefully Dennis is just rested. I'd cry if he's injured.
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