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  1. Start at home to Lincoln Away at Cheltenham Boxing Day at Home to Port Vale finish Away at Peterborough
  2. The undefeated king of the slums, is he from Liverpool?
  3. also, there'll be a commotion when we get promotion, so score Wednesday score.
  4. We hate Nottingham Forest We hate Sunderland too, and Chelsea We hate Sheffield United but Wednesday we love you.
  5. I think mines Villa Park, been around 7 times
  6. ok, he was a c**t for what he did in the first place.
  7. If I remember correctly, it was a really boring game.
  8. I'd say the Sheffield Wednesday ladies team
  9. knowing Wednesday we will win at Wycombe then lose at Fleetwood.
  10. same here, when we scored there were Wednesday fans celebrating everywhere, quite a few around us.
  11. for fans reaction, it has to be this Jemson goal.
  12. for fans reaction, it has to be this Jemson goal.
  13. Chris Brass's freakish own goal - YouTube
  14. Trevor Francis got Wednesday playing the most entertaining football since I started going in 1973.
  15. formed in 1993 and Wednesday have gone downhill ever since.
  16. the game that changed the face of football in Sheffield for the following 20 years
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